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A. G. – Manitoba, Canada:

Dr. Parker is without a doubt one in a million. He saved me from a life altering procedure that I would likely not have recovered fully from and could have changed my life forever.

In December of 2011, I began to experience unusual heavy bleeding, which was not associated with my period. After an exam by my physician who could find nothing, I was referred to an Obg/Gyn. It was that visit which eventually led me to finding Dr. Parker, who saved me from major surgery and months, if not years of recovery.

The Obg/Gyn., had discovered a 9cm mass coming off of my cervix into my vaginal cavity. Simply put, she had never seen anything like it. Within 2 days, I was scheduled for an ultrasound. During the ultra sound, the technician had to call in a radiologist because she had also never seen anything like it. Again, the Radiologist was utterly perplexed by what he saw. And the next day, I was scheduled for a biopsy of the mass with my Obg/Gyn. During the biopsy, she called in a cervical oncologist to make sure it was not cancerous. As well, this doctor had never seen anything like this before. Thankfully, the biopsy came back as a fibroid, and I was relieved…but only for a short time. My Obg. indicated that because of the size and because it seemed to be growing off my cervix outside the uterus, removal of it vaginally was unlikely-It was too large and highly vascularized. The concern was with removal of the fibroid vaginally it would cause me to bleed profusely and I would need an emergency hysterectomy.

As a result, all the conversations at that time discussed radical hysterectomy. These conversations included several Obg/Gyn doctors in the city all, whom gave the same answer…. It’s too big and it’s safest to do a hysterectomy. Let me add that on MRI, my uterus itself was perfectly healthy with the exception of this one fibroid growing in a VERY unusual place.

It was a conversation with my cousin from Vancouver who also had a fibroid issue that directed me to first contact Dr. Parker. She had been told the same thing (and this included from the head of obg/Gyn in Canada)– that removing her fibroids would require her to undergo a hysterectomy. She found Dr. Parker, flew down to LA and he removed her fibroids without performing a hysterectomy. She couldn’t say enough good things about Dr. Parker. I was finally given hope!

After the biopsy and an MRI, we emailed Dr. Parker. He was quick to respond to the email and after a late night conversation on the phone we discussed my diagnosis. During that conversation, he was kind and concerned and said that he felt he could likely help but needed to see the MRI results and we overnighted them to him. Within, 2 days, he was again on the phone to me, discussing what he saw and that he felt it would be quite easy to remove the fibroid vaginally, without any need to do a hysterectomy. At home, we were looking at the possibility of waiting 2-3 more weeks before we would even see a doctor again. Dr. Parker had me booked in for surgery in 5 days. Our flight and hotel was booked and we were on a plane to LA two days later!

I won’t go into the gory details, of the bleeding, discharge, and position this mass took over the next 2-3 days, but I simply couldn’t wait 3 weeks to even see a doctor here and I wasn’t going to have my uterus removed unnecessarily.

It was at this point, that my angels took over. From Nonya at Dr. Parker’s, to all his staff, I was treated with kindness and care. I was treated with dignity at all times and upon first meeting Dr. Parker, his gentle demeanor and reassuring words put me at ease. He described the surgery and I felt he knew exactly what needed to be done and I was where I needed to be.

My mother was able to travel with me leaving my husband and two children home waiting for word on how I was doing during the days I was there, Dr. Parker took the time to update them regularly. He was also so kind to my mother who was incredibly worried about me. Always ensuring her that he’d take the best care of me and everything would be okay.

What was supposed to be a radical hysterectomy, with many hours of surgery and a 6-8 week recovery period with many possible side effects and complications, became a relatively simple 45 minute outpatient procedure, with only a few stitches and a very short recovery. I was on my feet walking out of the hospital within an hour and within 3 days, felt almost back to normal.

Dr. Parker told me that had they performed a hysterectomy, the damage it would have caused me would have been significant and would have likely led to many complications, infection and an extended recovery.

In a short sentence…Dr. Parker saved my life. I may not have died, but I would have never have been the same had I let the doctors in here do what they wanted to do. And NO ONE here ever gave me hope that this massive fibroid could be removed fairly simply. Dr. Parker was able to remove the fibroid vaginally. His skill and expertise, coupled with his caring and gentle demeanor are what first led me to see him and ultimately allowed me to walk away from this health issue, complete and intact.


DKS – Thailand:

After being diagnosed with a very large uterine fibroid that was causing severe complications and after consulting with three top international specialists, I was referred to Dr. Parker. Previously, three gynecologists had all recommended hysterectomies. Fortunately, I was referred to Dr. Parker by a top gynecologist and was told Dr. Parker is the best – he will be able to address your health condition while respecting your wishes. She was not exaggerating. Dr. Parker is an outstanding and exceptionally caring gynecologist/surgeon and physician. From my first appointment, he took the time to explain to me all of the different options available and listened to my concerns. At a time when every other doctor had told me I would need to have my uterus and fibroid removed, he told me he would be able to remove the large fibroid laparoscopically while leaving my uterus intact – it was what everyone else had told me was impossible. Dr. Parker took the time to walk me through every step of the way in preparation for surgery, answering all of my questions patiently and on the actual day of surgery, he was able to make me feel relaxed, confident, and at ease. The surgery was successful in every way and I am forever grateful to Dr. Parker for giving me my health and quality of life back, and very importantly, for respecting my desire to keep my uterus. I cannot recommend Dr. Parker enough for any woman who finds herself needing a gynecologist and surgeon who will listen to her concerns and still offer the highest quality of surgical care possible. Dr. Parker’s expertise and exceptional skills as a surgeon and his true care for the welfare and wellbeing of his patients are exemplary. I can recommend him wholeheartedly and unconditionally.


If you’re frustrated from having a fibroid tumor you are not alone. Hang in there ladies, I am a 43 year old woman who has not yet had a child and know first hand how fibroids can raise havoc in your body and fears about compromising your fertility. My 7cm fibroid caused me to bleed so profusely during my cycles that I became anemic and in addition to feeling fatigued I gained weight, always felt bloated, and experienced pain/discomfort during sex.

I did extensive research for seven months, interviewed five OBGYN’s, regularly got Mayan abdominal massages, got acupuncture, and even checked myself into a wellness facility for two weeks in an attempt to heal myself naturally but my symptoms only magnified during my search for solutions. I was completely disheartened by the amount of time, energy, and money I had spent when finally a friend referred me to Dr. Parker.

I had to wait a month to see him but it was such a relieve when we finally met and I immediately knew that he was the right doctor for me. Not only is he the the only doctor I found that offered laproscopic surgery for a fibroid of my size (7cm) but he was also the most comforting and informative physician that took the time to thoughtfully answer each questions on my long list. Other doctors made me feel like I was cattle and expressed no compassion towards my frustrating circumstances. I had tears in my eyes from discovering my fibroid had grown when I asked one doctor if it was possible to heal myself naturally he laughed and said “honey if you heal yourself naturally come back to me so we can make millions from your idea.” Shame on him for his lack of manners! Anyway, the doctors I spoke with told me that my only options were to have a regular myomectomy – which is basically a c-section, or to inject Lupron – which mimics menopause in the body and temporarily shrinks the fibroid. Some women can live perfectly fine with a fibroid but time was proving I was certainly not one of them and I simply refused to trust any doctor I didn’t feel comfortable with so I was relentless with my quest to find what was right for me. I am SO proud of myself for this!

I’m now one month into recovery from my laporascoptic myomectomy performed by Dr. Parker and I feel GREAT! The scars are slivers the size of a dime and the experience went much smoother than I had hoped. This was my first operation so I felt uneasy up until the morning of surgery but Dr. Parker and his staff’s warm yet professional manners put me at ease. The facility at UCLA was incredibly clean and organized. They made sure I was comfortable and addressed all of my concerns. I had non-stop attention throughout my overnight stay and the staff was truly delightful

Dr. Parker not only knows what he’s doing but it’s evident that he truly cares about his patients. From our first meeting all the way through to my follow-up appointment he was respectful of my experience and my concerns. He’s a straightforward and friendly physician that is passionate about what he does. He’s out of network with my insurance but I figured out my finances so I could have his extensive expertise in handling something as sacred as my fertility. I’m so happy I found him and I think it’s wonderful that he trains other doctors his methods. I highly recommend Dr. Parker and his staff to anyone seeking a minimally invasive solution.

Ladies, I cannot express to you how grateful I am to have harmony back in my body! In just one month I already feel my body healthier and I even lost 10 lbs since the surgery. I feel elated that I still have the option to have a child! The only other advice I have for you other than to hurry up and book with him so you can move on with your life is to prepare your body by eating super healthy and avoiding alcohol for as long as possible before the surgery. I have healed exceptionally well because of this. Good luck to you!



For months I had been having unusual discomfort associated with my period. After pressing the issue, my OB finally ordered an ultrasound and found a couple enormous fibroids. She then said that the only way to rid myself from them was to get a hysterectomy. I’m only 32 years old with no kids and this wasn’t an option I was willing to entertain. I sought an opinion with a second OB who told me that there were other options but she wasn’t a specialist and referred me to Dr. Parker. From the minute I stepped into his office I was put at ease. He assured me my fibroids could be removed without affecting my fertility and that my quality of life would vastly improve. I’m now 6 weeks post-op and I feel so much better! If you have fibroids go see Dr. Parker and his team. He’s the best there is!


Piece of cake.  I had a 3-pound, pedunculated fibroid removed via abdominal myomectomy.  This is my very FIRST surgery, and needless to say I was terrified not only of the surgery, but the anesthesia (being put under completely) the recovery time and the pain.   I did my research and I knew what I was going to be up against.  Yes you do have pain, limited mobility and feel you did 1000 sit up ‘s but it’s really not that bad.   However, I am completely convinced that my positive experience was a direct result of the phenomenal care and expertise of Dr. William Parker.

All the positive reviews you will read about Dr. Parker are 100% accurate.   He was the 3rd doctor I consulted with regarding my fibroid and when I left his office I knew he would be the doctor I would wholeheartedly trust to handle my surgery.  Why?  Bottom line he cares.  He cares about you as a person and as a patient.  I loved that he really took his time to discuss my fibroid treatment in detail.  As we sat in his office, I felt absolutely no rush to end my visit, even though he had other clients waiting.  He offered up a wealth of information including a detailed review of my MRI, my surgical options, pros and cons, and what to expect after surgery.   Also for those not faint of heart he provided me with a YouTube link to one of his abdominal myomectomy surgeries so I could see first hand exactly what is going to take place.

The day of surgery I was obviously nervous but as I made my way through the check in process and met the entire staff, and I knew I was in good hands.  The UCLA Santa Monica Facility is very nice and well run.  Before I knew it, surgery was over, I was in post op and being prepped to transferred to my room.  I was in no pain and had minimal to no side effects from the anesthesia, just a little groggy.  I stayed in the hospital for 2 days and Dr. Parker visited me every morning and called me every afternoon to check in (keep your phone within reach!)  This formality was so comforting. He also has strict post op monitoring instructions for the nurses so several times a day and night your vitals will be taken.

I waited to write this review, as I wanted to be at least 5-6 weeks post op so I could give you overall idea of the whole process.  What to expect:  You will go home with a catheter, which is inserted right near your incision area.  It’s basically a localized pain drip system that literally takes the pain away.  I did not need oral pain meds until about 2 days post op.  And that was only once a day.  This system is miraculous!  Since your whole core is compromised you will learn to use your arms to hoist yourself up instead of your stomach muscles.  You will be constipated which is always a side affect of surgery, but just follow Dr. Parkers regimen and you will be fine.  You will feel numbness around the incision and tenderness on your stomach. I heard the numbness lasts for quite a while but nothing to be concerned about.  A thick like cord will form under the incision, which I was told was collagen 2, that forms around foreign bodies (inside stiches).  It’s hard and bulky which kind of freaked me out but again Dr. Parker explained that this collagen 2 will dissipate and be replaced with another collagen that is thin and flexible and flat.  It has gone down tremendously since the operation however I hear it will take about 4-6 months to disappear completely.  I started walking around the day of surgery.  It was slow and you walk a bit bent over like and 90 year old but after the 1st week my pace picked up as well as my overall mobility.  The first week I only took pain medication at night right before I went to sleep.  And if you are like me that you can’t sleep on your back I managed to sleep on my side by propping a pillow between my legs, which really seemed to help the discomfort.  By week two I was able to do everything on my own, the pain was pretty much gone and my energy level was back.  I would only get tired early evening.  By week three I was not taking any more pain medication and I felt just a bit of tenderness around the incision but other than that I would say I was pretty much back to normal.  The doctor and I agreed that although I was feeling great I would not start my full blow exercise routine until week 6 to let the insides heal.    In my 4th week I began walking (not running) the trails and also walking the stairs and lightweight training for my arms.  My 5th week is coming to an end, and people ask me, how I’m doing.  I have to stop and remember that they are talking about my surgery and recovery.  It’s seems as though I’ve completely forgotten I ever had it.  That’s how far I’ve come in 5 weeks!

P.S. – Los Angeles, California:

My relatively harmless fibroids had grown quadruple in less than a year. I was told by my OBGYN that I needed a myomectomy. This would be my first real surgery.  I was on a quest to find the best doctor. I had family members who had done this surgery before, so I had seen the complications and didn’t want to take any chances. I had a consultation with Dr Parker, he patiently explained the surgery to me (It took 35 to 40 min.) as opposed to other doctors who have 15 min visitation time. They either assumes you don’t understand because you are not a doctor or they just have to get to the next patient. Naturally I had made my decision half way through the consultation.

I was told that I had 5 fibroids. The largest one was the size of a grapefruit; my stomach was comparable to a 4m pregnant woman. Despite the MRI, it turned out I had 10 fibroids. Dr Parker removed all of them, including the smallest one (1 mm diameter!) The entire surgery took only 1.5 hours. Dr Parker’s attention & care towards his patients is remarkable. There were many post-op check-ups & calls to make sure everything is fine.  My experience both with the Dr Parker & UCLA hospital was outstanding. My family and I have been to many “famous private” hospitals in the US and Europe, UCLA was as good if not better. After going through this procedure I wouldn’t have done this operation with anyone other than Dr Parker.

Dee – Los Angeles/Philadelphia:

Dr. Parker is an amazing and talented surgeon, who cares about his patients. I developed fibroids in my twenties. Fearful of surgery in such a delicate area, I opted to “wait and see”. By 2013, my largest fibroid had grown to be 10.8cm and almost 2lbs. It was so large that it caused my uterus to deviate to one side. It became a profound source of anxiety and a huge (literally and figuratively) mental, physical, and emotional burden. Finally, I consulted with a robotic surgeon this year and was scheduled for robotic myomectomy in April. That surgeon offered me a 5hr surgery, during which he could only guarantee removing 1, possibly 2 fibroids. He also stated that a blood transfusion was likely. After a few days of a nagging gut feeling that this wasn’t the right option for me, I did more research and found Dr. Parker. When I met with Dr. Parker, he was patient, down-to-earth, humble, and personable. He took the time to answer my questions in a way that exhibited his experience and expertise. Long story short, I had a laparoscopic myomectomy on June 5, 2014. Dr. Parker removed 3 fibroids and a right paraovarian cyst during a 3hr surgery without the necessity of a blood transfusion. Three weeks later-I have no restrictions, I am flying home in 2 days to see my family, and returning to work the following week! In conclusion, I am relieved and thankful that Dr. Parker is there to help women like me.

Lana – Kuwait:

I had a big fibroid attached to my uterus, and I saw several doctors and they all recommended that I do an open stomach surgery to take it out. They refused doing laparoscopy surgery for some reason. I researched online and found Dr. Parker, I made an appointment with him and Dr. Parker said I don’t have to take it out at this time, but if I would like to he will be able to remove it by a laparoscopy. I choose to remove it so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Dr. parker sat with me and answered all my questions. I had the procedure done and everything went very smooth. I have very little scaring from this surgery. I can’t describe how comfortable I felt with Dr. parker, he is truly one of the best doctors I have met. I will always recommend anyone to him.


As a 34-year-old woman, hearing your doctor diagnose uterine fibroids and then inform you that your sole option is a hysterectomy, especially when you haven’t yet had children, can leave you feeling rather hopeless. I had what turned out to be a total of five fibroids (four larger ones and one very small one) and thanks to the skill of Dr Parker, they were not only removed successfully without hysterectomy, but he performed the surgery laparoscopically, even after I had been told by my regular doctor that both myomectomy and laparoscopic surgery were an impossibility. I am so grateful that my personal support system agreed with my desire for a second opinion and that careful research by a trusted friend led me to Dr Parker.

As a patient, you could not ask for better care. From first contact with Dr Parker’s office, I felt like I mattered. Any questions or concerns I had were addressed. Each detail was covered. By the time I had my telephone consult with Dr Parker (I live on the opposite side of the country, and yet I was treated like I was sitting right there in his office), my discouragement and fear had been replaced with relief. Dr Parker’s skill and knowledge are not the only benefits of choosing to be under his care. There is warmth, compassion, concern and a reassuring confidence that put me immediately at ease. When that call ended, I knew I had put myself into the best possible hands.

I am seven days post-op and, if anything, I am more certain of my decision to have Dr Parker provide my care. While no one looks forward to surgery, I could not have asked for it to go any better. My surgery was out-patient. My discomfort has been minimal. My care has exceeded anything I could have imagined. What began six months ago as a terrifying ordeal has ended a glowing success. I would urge any woman who has received similarly alarming news in regard to fibroids to contact Dr Parker. So many doctors remain undereducated and unaware of the progress made in this specialty field. Don’t allow a lack of knowledge to determine the outcome when hysterectomy may not the sole option available. Dr Parker is an outstanding physician and a gifted surgeon, and I would recommend him without a single reservation.

Catherine – Los Angeles, California:

Dr. Parker is the most wonderful doctor I’ve ever met. After seeing several doctors who recommended I have a hysterectomy, I found Dr. Parker through his informative website.

During my initial consultation, Dr. Parker was very patient and willing to listen to all of my concerns. He was very knowledgeable and thorough in his explanation of treatment options, including options that didn’t involve him.

After reviewing my MRI, Dr Parker told me he could remove my 9cm fibroid laparscopicaly. I was elated!

Dr. Parker performed a laparoscopic myomectomy to remove 10 fibroids, leaving me with my uterus intact. The nurses at the hospital told me he was world-renowned for his surgical skills. During my recovery, it became apparent that his reputation is well deserved.

It was the most do-able surgery I could have ever imagined. I was back to work in 3 weeks with minimal pain. Dr. Parker was personable, available, and so kind during the whole process.

I feel so lucky to have found him. I only wish we could clone him to help women all over the world who suffer from fibroids. I am forever grateful to Dr. Parker and his wonderful staff.

Jodie – Marina del Rey, California:

EVER-GRATEFUL and BEYOND FORTUNATE am I to have been referred to Dr. Parker!

Of course, prior to my initial visit, I did my homework. Dr. Parker’s credentials are unparalleled! His vast knowledge of uterine fibroids and available treatments, along with his extensive experience and expertise in the surgical field are undeniable. In addition, his continued passion for research on the subject in conjunction with the multiple awards he’s been granted, led me to feel quite confident in my choice of physicians. And so, without hesitation, I called for an appointment….BEST DECISION EVER!

From my informative initial consultation to my post-surgery follow ups, I felt assured and informed every step of the way. Dr. Parker patiently answered my countless questions, shared diagrams and articles to further support those answers, went over my MRI results in-depth and even gave me a “high-five” before I was rolled back for my laparoscopic myomectomy! My grapefruit-sized mass had no chance against him! Surgery was a success…and he even phoned me the next morning to check-in!

Today I am 6 weeks post-surgery. I feel fantastic! My scars are very minimal. My energy has been restored and my mind is at ease. I am back to fully engaging in an active life. And, my jeans can button again….no more pain or bulging belly!!!! HOORAY!

Ladies, I encourage you to be proactive in your healthcare! Seek the healing hands of Dr. Parker! He is truly an expert in his field and I whole-heartedly recommend him!

Elizabeth – Los Angeles, California:

Dr. Parker is a specialist; his colleagues call him “The Fibroid Guru”, and with good reason. One gynecologist wanted to cut me open from the outside to remove my fibroids, which has a six-to-eight week recovery. The hysteroscopic myomectomy, which Dr. Parker performs, has a one-to-three day recovery. I had difficulty getting an appointment to see Dr. Parker, but I didn’t give up because I had read his webpage and I knew I needed to see him.

Dr. Parker is lovely. He listens. He presents options based on your preferences and inclinations coupled with his knowledge and expertise. He will not advocate or promote or push a specific treatment. The choice is yours, and you are even required to go home and sleep on it before making a decision.

My hysteroscopic myomectomy was even better than I had imagined. Every person at the medical center was so very nice and caring. Dr. Parker talked to me before surgery and to my mother after and to me again the next day. I had four fibroids removed, more than what showed on the MRI. My “big” one was actually bigger than we had thought. I needed painkillers when I woke from surgery, but then only one dose of Tylenol in the evening, and I woke up the next morning feeling right as rain. I couldn’t believe it!

My life is so much better. I want to cry sometimes when I think about how lucky I was to find Dr. Parker and about the road I had to travel to get there. I feel like God and the Universe must have been holding me in Their hands. I want to cry sometimes for all the women who don’t know about Dr. Parker and the care he offers, women who end up having unnecessarily invasive procedures because they trusted doctors who themselves didn’t know better or were too egocentric to do the best for their patients. I wish I could tell every woman in the world about Dr. Parker. Every woman deserves the best option and the best care possible.

VC – Northern Virginia:

Dr. William Parker is a doctor that is truly skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate in what he does I would have never felt comfortable going to my own obgyn doctor.

It took me 4 years of research to finally get enough nerve to make the decision to have my fibroids taken out after a 7 year “wait and see period. My journey to find the best doctor for fibroid surgery took me to Dr parkers website. Reading through the website and blogs my instincts was telling me that he was the right doctor for me. Although I was not convinced, I waited another year or two and in that time,

I decided to join a yahoo Forum on women with fibroids. Upon Reading several posts on the forum I was encouraged and inspired in knowing that I was not alone. Then one day Dr parker name was mentioned on the forum to respond to a question posted. I couldn’t believe this was the same dr. I had researched two years prior before joining the forum.

I was excited to know that Dr. Parker was reading the forums, and that he took time out of his busy schedule respond to the many questions.

In short, this is when I made my decision to fly 3000 miles to Santa Monica to see Dr. Parker. I met with Dr. Parker for apx an hour discussing my many options, not once did he mention having a hysterectomy unlike my own doctor and the many other doctors before; I finally felt comfortable and convinced to enlist him as my doctor. I knew I was making the right decision.

I chose to have the myomectomy and the rest is history. Dr Parker took out 11 fibroids weighing in at 3lbs. I no longer look six months pregnant!

Thank you Dr. Parker for all that you do. Your compassion, knowledge and expertise as a surgeon is refreshing. You are truly a gifted surgeon.

GS – Los Angeles. California:

After suffering for many years with a benign uterine fibroid that had been progressively getting larger, I decided that I no longer could deal with the toll that it took on my daily life.  I had excessive and prolonged bleeding with my periods, and a large protrusion of my lower abdomen.  My regular gyn had been following it for years and we figured it would shrink as I approached menopause, but it didn’t.  Because the fibroid was in the wall of the uterus the only thing my gyn would offer me was to do an open abdominal hysterectomy (or removal of my uterus) leaving my fallopian tubes and ovaries intact.  After having done research over the years I knew I wanted to try and keep my uterus for a variety of reasons.  I started to go outside my circle of physicians to find a surgeon who could offer me a procedure to remove just the fibroid and leave my uterus intact.  I met and spoke to several other surgeons and all I was offered was either a hysterectomy done open (as my original gyn offered) or a hysterectomy done laproscopically.  None of them offered to do a myomectomy and remove just the fibroid as they said that removing the whole uterus was safer and had less risk then removing just the fibroid.  After suffering a while longer I was then resolved to finally having my uterus removed and scheduled surgery with one of these doctors to do a hysterectomy done laproscopically.  One night a couple weeks before my scheduled surgery while still doing some research, I came upon Dr. Parker.  After reading on his website I learned that it was possible to remove a larger fibroid from the wall of the uterus and to do it laproscopically to boot!  I knew I needed to meet with him right away and I canceled the surgery that I was scheduled for and made an appointment with him.

From the minute I met Dr. Parker I knew I was in the right place.  The skill level and knowledge about gynecological surgery and fibroid surgery in general is not the same for all gynecologists.  I realized that the reason the other surgeons didn’t offer me a myomectomy and told me that a hysterectomy was safer and the only surgery I could have was because that was all they were capable of doing.  In the hands of a skilled surgeon, doing a myomectomy is not impossible and in fact is safer and has less risks then having a hysterectomy.  I am happy to say I had the surgery several months ago and my life has changed!  I now have minimal bleeding and no large bulge in my tummy.  Not only is Dr. Parker an amazing surgeon and doctor he is a genuinely kind and special man who always took the time to see how I was and ask about my family.  He also sat with me and went over all my options and provided all the information I needed so that I could make the right treatment decision for me.  There are not many doctors out there like him, he is a true gem.

Claire E. – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:

I cannot emphasize enough how much I love Dr. Parker’s surgical competence! He is an outstanding doctor/surgeon with exceptional skills and expertise in fibroid removal. My story began four years ago when I was first diagnosed in 2010 with a large 11.7 cm uterine fibroid. The gynecologists I saw local in Vancouver, Canada immediately recommended a hysterectomy. They said because of the large size and the fibroid being inside the uterus wall, it made things very difficult to operate on.  They were also concerned about the amount of blood loss that I would incur from the surgery. They couldn’t guarantee that they would be able to save my uterus upon removal of the fibroid.

Although I was 41 years of age at that time and I wasn’t going to have any more children, I was completely against having my uterus removed. My thoughts were the less invasive surgery you have the better your chances of not having complications. I refused to let a few doctors tell me that this was the only way that I would get relief from heavy blood loss and looking like I was pregnant. I began searching out natural remedies like naturopathic care, acupuncture, herbal medicine and anything else I could get my hands on that offered a glimmer of hope.

Three and a half years later and having not much success in shrinking the fibroid and now looking like I was six months pregnant, I knew I needed to do something soon as the fibroid had ballooned out to 18cm and would continue to grow if I didn’t do anything about it. I was also extremely anemic from the large amount of blood loss each month. My life was like a roller coaster up for a few weeks and down with low energy for the other few weeks. Although I was feeling hopeless with my situation, I refused to give up. There had to be a way out of not having a radical surgery done.

Out of desperation, I headed once more to the internet to see what I could find out about fibroids and cures. I came across, Dr. Parker’s website. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I began reading the testimonials and watching the videos of the many women who had large fibroids like mine successfully removed by Dr. Parker.

The next day, I called Dr. Parker’s office to set up a phone consultation with him to see if he could possibly do an abdominal myomectomy for an 18cm fibroid. Dr. Parker’s staff were empathetic and explained in detail what I needed to do to prepare for the phone consultation.  I set up the appointment and a week or two later Dr. Parker called me.

I immediately felt at ease with this kind, compassionate man.  We discussed the size and type of surgery I was likely needing and he re-assured me that he had done many abdominal myomectomies on 18cm fibroids and larger. He answered all my questions. To his credit, Dr. Parker did suggest that I do my homework and see if there were any surgeons in Canada that could possibly do this operation.  I did my background research and did not have a lot of success with gynecologists willing to do an abdominal myomectomy on an 18 cm fibroid. After a few weeks of thinking it through, I knew I was making the right decision to choose Dr. Parker.

Three months later, I was in Dr. Parker’s office on a Friday for a pre-op appointment going over the surgery details before the Monday morning surgery. I was confident with my decision in choosing Dr. Parker as the surgeon.  Although I was nervous about the upcoming surgery, I was also very relieved to know that I was having one of the best surgeons in the country operating on me.

On the Monday morning, after the operation, I was told everything had gone exceptionally well with little blood loss. Dr. Parker had removed a 4lb fibroid. Dr. Parker had called my husband immediately following the surgery to let him know everything had gone well, as expected.

The care staff at the hospital were helpful during my stay both nights. Dr. Parker visited me in the mornings to check up on me and answered all my questions. I made a speedy recovery and was out of the hospital in two days.  I stayed down in LA for another week to recover and then I was able to travel back home.

Recovery has been very quick with each day getting better. It has been one month since I had my surgery and I feel fantastic. I seriously feel like I have won the lottery finding Dr. Parker and having the surgery done by him.

I would not hesitate recommending Dr. Parker to anyone that has fibroids looking for a less invasive surgery. He is the best in his field and an outstanding doctor. I only wish we had many more gynecological surgeons like Dr. Parker in Vancouver, Canada.

Thank you so much Dr. Parker!

Helen – Mesa, Arizona:

After years of non-stop bleeding and lower pelvic pressure Dr. Parker came to the rescue. His team made me feel welcomed and cared for as they treated and removed a 4cm fibroid from my uterus.

I had tried every remedy from hormone therapy to enzyme treatment and a strict holistic approach to reducing or eliminating the bleeding and fibroid but nothing worked.

I was told by my physician that I would need a hysterectomy. I decided to get a second opinion and am so glad I did. I did not want a hysterectomy unless there was no other option. The procedure was quick and the bleeding stopped within a few days and the pelvic pressure ceased immediately following surgery. Dr. Parker performed a non-invasive procedure called a hysteroscopic myomectomy. Watch how he does it online. What a miracle, you are in good hands as he has written many articles on fibroid removals and teaches this procedure at the UCLA Medical School. I had searched online for a doctor that understood my dilemma and had compassion and expertise on fibroids, am so thankful I found Dr. Parker.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired call Dr. Parker’s office today and set up a consultation. I believe if anyone can help you it will be him. Again, the whole process was explained to me and Dr. Parker was there the whole time encouraging me.

I once again have the energy to do all the things I love and a fresh outlook on life. What an honor to be in the care of such a professional and compassionate doctor! Words are not enough to convey my appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Parker for removing the fibroid that was causing me so much pain and heartache. You don’t have to suffer any longer! I highly recommend Dr. Parker and his professional staff, amazing results!

Kristin O. – Louisville, Kentucky:

I write this as I wait at the LAX airport for my flight home to Louisville, Ky.  This final leg of my two-year journey is with a grateful heart to the amazing team of doctors, Dr. Parker and Dr. Rosenman who worked together to truly give me a quality of life option in surgical care.

This is my story:

After noticing irregular spotting and a noticeable constant lower belly bloat, I decided to stop taking the birth control pills that were prescribed for me off and on for two years. I was actually taking YAZ to help with hormonal breakouts.  Both my OBGYN’s were taking YAZ and very happy with the results, and it did help with monthly breakouts.  However, I had never had symptomatic menses until the use of YAZ.   I was actually having heavy bleeding during my period, even after I had been taking this pill for over 6 months.  However it was the irregular bleeding that made me decide to stop taking this particular pill.  The first period after I stopped taking YAZ, I experienced massive flooding (severe heavy bleeding) for the first time in my life.  It was so scary; I had never experienced anything like it.

On the onset of this “flooding experience” I was 47 years of age with no former period or reproductive disorders.  My periods were inconsequential, and regular prior to taking YAZ.  However my OBGYN’s thought that more than likely my flooding experience was due to my age.

I had been experiencing pain and range of movement issues in my right hip for almost 6 months.  So I had an MRI of my right hip.  It was then that they found the 3-month size fibroid.  It was thought that the pressure from the fibroid itself could have been causing the nerve pain in my hip.

From April 2012 to April 2014 I experienced massive flooding every month approximately every 27-29 days apart.  This bleeding made even leaving the house, impossible at times.  I would lose at least 600 cc’s of measurable blood within 2.5 days and continue to have a heavy period for around 7-10 days of every month.

I have been teaching fitness since I was 18 years old.  I was of normal weight and very fit from regular exercise my whole adult life.  I ate almost 90% organic.  I had no lifestyle patterns that would set me up for estrogen dominance.

I have 3 grown healthy children.  My son was born via forceps (1 month over due), and two 9+ pound daughters that were born with broken collar bones.

Obviously I experienced some prolapse due to these deliveries.   Dr. Rosenman explained that it was the first forceps delivery that did the most damage, but ultimately I should have had C-sections with each one.

At the time of the diagnosis I was without insurance, not insurable for “pre existing” conditions.  My pre existing condition was noted when I applied for new insurance two years prior.  My condition:  was slight prolapse of the uterus, and prolapse in early stages of the rectum and bladder due to the difficult deliveries.  I had lived with this slight prolapse for 20+ years without major incident.  When I asked my OBGYN if the prolapse could be repaired she told me “if I didn’t want to have more children, it would be easier to perform a hysterectomy”.  This was before I was diagnosed with a fibroid!  This hysterectomy option was noted in my health history and my new insurance company rescinded my insurance because of a pre-existing “reproductive disorder”.

Now that I had a growing uterus my prolapse issues were getting more uncomfortable.  This benign and very common situation for women in their childbearing years was going untreated.  I refused to pay 50 grand out of pocket to have my uterus removed.  It seemed ludicrous that I would have an organ that was functioning but compromised with a common benign tumor taken out of my body.  Unfortunately, my age determined the viability of my organs, not my menses or lack of menopausal symptoms.   Even, with no signs of menopause and a period every 28 days, every doctor said it was “silly” for me to consider keeping my uterus.  Several doctors looked me straight in the eye and asked me why I would want to keep it.  “It’s only good for reproduction and getting cancer.”  Unbelievable.  Unfortunately, this is the philosophy and training of many good and well meaning OBGYN’s.

Because I had no insurance, for “pre existing” conditions, I had the time to research nutritional needs, supplementation and specialists in the field of laparoscopic myomectomy.  I was devoted to maintaining both my organs and my health through my suffering.

During my research, I read Dr. Stanly West’s book  “Hysterectomy Hoax”.  This book was eye opening and gave me hope.  I wrote to Dr. West and to my surprise he actually called me.  He told me that no doubt my tumor could be removed with a laparoscopic procedure, and referred me to his protégé, Dr. William Parker.  In turn Dr. Parker’s office referred me to his outstanding partner, Dr. Rosenman for my prolapse issues as well.

My job now was to “hang on” until January 1st 2014.   As soon as I was able to apply for new insurance I made sure Dr. Parker was IN MY NETWORK!!  To my amazement, Kentucky Health Access had Dr. Parker in network, and I was ecstatic.

During this two-year journey my uterus expanded to the size of 5-month pregnancy and the final months I was actually having back labor pains.  My uterus was pressing into my sacral nerves.  There were nights that I was unable to move because of the severe nerve pain in my back.  I recognized this pain, as I had it during the delivery of each of my children.  Literally the day before my surgery, I was unable to walk down the street or get into a vehicle after dinner.  I was sobbing and literally frozen in pain.

My surgery was on April 2, 2014.   It took Dr. Parker 2 hours to perform a laparoscopic myomectomy, removing a very large and impacted fibroid.  Dr. Rosenman also performed a laparoscopic rectocele, cystocele, repaired a herniated perineum, and tightened the ligaments of my uterus.  Amazing team.

Today, it is July 31st 2014.  I have had 4 periods about 26-28 days apart.  I noticed a heavy period my first cycle, but nothing close to “flooding”.  It lasted about 5 days.  The last three periods have been heavier the second day and regular the final 3-4 days.  My health has been restored, and the prolapse issues from traumatic deliveries 20 years prior have been repaired.  I feel fantastic.  I resumed teaching my hot yoga classes 2 weeks after surgery, and I started my personal practice 4 weeks after surgery.  Yes, my belly muscles and perineum were a bit tender, so I took it easy and modified my practice.

Today I am practicing at least 5 days a week, and enjoying a strong abdominal wall and a normal sized uterus.  Looking… and feeling much worse than being 5 months pregnant for so long was devastating.  I am so thankful for the Parker/Rosenman team.  Their skill set and knowledge gave me the basics back.  I am hoping that soon, every woman will have the right to retain her healthy organs, because this surgical training will be more the norm.    Also repairing damage from long and difficult deliveries after almost 25 years is an amazing feeling.

I will be forever grateful for the expertise, and for the kindness of both talented doctors and their staff.

I. M-S. – San Jose, California:

Dr. William Parker and staff are awesome!!!!

I was told by my OBGyn that a “full-hysterectomy” was needed to remove my large fibroids… Obviously, devastated by the news, I needed a second opinion.  I tried several Gynecologist’s in the bay area and never got a call back, etc.  During my search for alternative procedures for Fibroid removal, I found Dr. Parker.  What a blessing!!

He was understanding and patient answering all my questions.   His Knowledge and expertise made me confident in my decision to have my surgery in Southern California.   He was genuinely concerned for my well-being, before and after surgery, it was exactly what I needed to help me through that ordeal.

It’s been just over just over 7 months since my Fibroid removal, and I feel awesome!!  I would definitely recommend Dr, William Parker to anyone!!

L.L – Los Angeles, California:

Words can’t even express how grateful I am to Dr. Parker. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for nearly 2 years. We finally decided to get some help and was nearly mislead by a less experienced doctor. We discovered that I had two fibroids, one was of substantial size – 16cm. It had distorted my uterus which we suspect was the cause of the infertility. The original doctor suggested we do nothing to the fibroid and get pregnant aggressively with the help of IUI/IVF. There were obviously some concerns given the size of the fibroid. Even if we were able to get pregnant, we were also concerned that I wouldn’t be able to carry the baby to term. I was obsessed and wanted to make the best decision for myself. Google was my best friend and I read up on anything I can find about fibroids and that’s how I found Dr. Parker. Everywhere I saw his name, his patients raved about him. I needed a second opinion and I knew he was the doctor I needed to get it from.

After a visit with Dr. Parker and a visit with a fertility doctor that he recommended, we decided as a team that it was in my best interest to remove the fibroids. I was scared. I’ve never had such an invasive surgery and I’ve never spent the night at the hospital before. Dr. Parker’s office staff were incredible at securing all the necessary paperwork I needed for work, for my insurance, etc. They were quick, efficient and kept me posted every step of the way.

My surgery was a success! It had minimal impact on my uterus, which was so important to me. After only a few weeks, my uterus is located where it should be and nearly back to its normal size. During surgery, the nurse kept my family informed of the progress. Once the surgery was completed, Dr. Parker found my family and updated them himself. Even though the surgery was a bit more complicated given the location of the big fibroid (it was tucked away behind some organs), I had minimal blood loss and had responded well to the surgery. My recovery was amazingly quick. I was doing laps around the hospital floor the first night after surgery and I was off of pain medication once I was discharged from the hospital. Every day I was in the hospital, Dr. Parker would call to check up on me every night. In the morning, he and the assisting doctor would stop by my room to see how I was doing. Per the direction of Dr. Parker, the hospital staff was incredible as well. I had such a great experience and couldn’t have asked for a better, more caring and experienced doctor. Thank you to Dr. Parker, we are excited about the future and our family!

TF – Missouri:

I met Dr. Parker in October 2016 when I traveled to LA for a second opinion.  I had recently been diagnosed with a large pedunculated subserosal fibroid.  Being in my late forties, the gynecologist recommended a laparoscopic hysterectomy.  She referred me to a surgeon who agreed there was no reason to keep my uterus.

I had high expectations going into the initial consultation with Dr. Parker, having read many of his patients’ comments.  I was immediately struck by his warmth and quickly felt at ease.  He explained my diagnosis, outlined the range of treatment options, and reviewed what to expect from surgery.  Every question I asked (and there were many!) was answered thoughtfully and patiently.  We looked at my MRI, and he confirmed that my uterus was perfectly healthyI mentioned that the other surgeon had said I would be “crazy” to even consider abdominal myomectomy.  Dr. Parker replied that it didn’t matter what he or anyone else thought, that this was my decision to make.  Those words resonated with me, especially coming from a doctor with his level of expertise.

I flew back to Missouri and spent a few weeks weighing my options.  I had such a good feeling about Dr. Parker, but was daunted by the logistics of having surgery out-of-state.  After careful consideration, I decided that an abdominal myomectomy was the right choice for me.  The only question that remained was whether to find a surgeon locally or to return to LA.  At the consultation, Dr. Parker had assured me that my case was not complicated and that I could be treated close to home.  I went back to the local surgeon I had seen.  This time, he made it clear that laparoscopic hysterectomy wasn’t just the best option, but the only one he would consider.  The next day, I called Dr. Parker’s office to schedule an abdominal myomectomy.

I am now 2 weeks post-surgery and feeling remarkably well.  Dr. Parker removed a 15 cm fibroid with minimal blood loss.  Surgery went as planned, and I was under anesthesia for less than an hour.  I was able to travel home 8 days after surgery and am basically pain-free.

Dr. Parker is the type of physician everyone hopes to find.  He combines experience and expertise with a deep and genuine concern for his patients.  I feel incredibly fortunate and grateful to have been in his care.


It would not be an overstatement to say you are now reading one of the most important reviews in your life, forever affecting the quality of the rest of your life.  If you believe in karma, then you must have done something worthwhile to find Dr. William Parker. If you are contemplating myomectomy or hysterectomy, chose the former with Dr. Parker whenever possible.

Having consulted multiple doctors, I knew Dr. Parker was the needle in the hay stack I was looking for.  Within the first five minutes of my initial consultation, I knew he was a caring, detailed and highly skilled surgeon.  It was certainly reassuring when our consultation included professionally labeled diagrams of my fibroid locations, not just some doodling on back of a lab report.  When it came to options, I never felt like I was being skillfully nudged to opt for a hysterectomy.  My thought was if I can use it, why remove it.  Dr. Parker shared the same sentiment.  I also knew it would require some skillful hands to remove the smallest of fibroids.  Many surgeons often opt to cut the largest ones and neglect or do not possess the skill sets to remove the smaller ones.  I was completely sold when Dr. Parker pulled out his iPhone with images of what I like to call the fibroid lineup of usual suspects.  What impressed me was that even the tiniest of fibroids did not escape Dr. Parker’s scalpel.  During my stay in recovery, Dr. Parker always checked in on me regularly and always at the time he promised.  It was just uncanny.  From beginning to end, my experience with Dr. Parker and his staff was nothing short of pure joy and state of calm.

Every so often in life, you encounter perfection.  When you do, you don’t question it.  You just soak in the glory and appreciate it.  That in essence will be your experience if you are fortunate enough to be Dr. Parker’s patient. 

Jazz D. – Arizona:

I do not have the words to express my gratitude to Dr. William Parker but here goes…

I was diagnosed with a fibroid tumor and according to a few doctors in Arizona, it was impossible to remove the tumor without removing my uterus.  They stated that the fibroid was in a location that was too difficult to remove. I was very displeased to hear that a hysterectomy was my only option.  Plus, this information was coming from three female doctors. One of the doctors even refused to continue seeing me unless I was willing to have my uterus removed.  However, due to my stubborness and willingness  to keep my body part (uterus), I decided to research a doctors out-of-state for another option.

Afer nine months of heavy bleeding, low iron, dry hair, tiredness, just to name of few symptoms, I found Dr. William Parker.  My husband drove me from Arizona to Califonia to see Dr. William Parker.  We  were very excited about this appointment, I must say, and possibly my last hope to avoid a hysterectomy.  Prior to my appointment, I had sent him my MRI results, with a clear image of the tumor location.    He sat down with my husband and I to discuss my tumor and my options.  He advised us that he would be able to remove my tumor without compromosing my uterus. It sounded to good to be true. He answered all of our questions and we scheduled an appointment for surgery.  On the way back home to Arizona I became emotional as I believed this was a miracle come true.  I was very fortunate to have found a doctor that was confident in his in ability to remove a fibroid in which the doctors in Arizona stated that they were not able / unable to perform such a surgery. 

On the day of the surgery Dr. William Parker stopped by my hospital room to reassure me that everything would be ok.  Sure enough, everything went smoothly.  Actually, he informed my husband who was waiting in the lobby that the actual surgery took 20 minutes and went better than expected  I was very grateful with to have found such as brilliant, caring and confident doctor.  I hope there were more doctors with the characterics of Dr. Parker.  I am grateful for my experience with him and I would highly recommend him to anyone.  Lasty, my husband wanted me to say that Dr. William Parker is THE MAN!!  

Alice – San Francisco, California:

“Wonderful experience with a highly skilled and personable doctor :

I had a benign dermoid cyst on my ovary, so theoretically it is a very simple surgery, but because of some previous surgeries/issues, the surgeon would have to be very, very careful that ovarian tissue would be preserved when removing the cyst. I went to consultations with several gynecologists over the years, and most of them could not give me anything more than a probable favorable outcome, but still with an open surgery (i.e. I would spend months recovering from). When we were finally able to set an appointment with Dr. Parker, he assured us with his spotless surgical track record (not sure why other surgeons never brought theirs up…) and bonus!! while doing it laparoscopically (i.e. walking on day 0 and recovery within 2 weeks). Even though it’s not a terribly complicated surgery, Dr. Parker still requested the operative reports from my previous surgeries and ultrasounds I’d taken (not the reports, but the actual images themselves that we had to request from the hospital), so he could have an accurate idea of what the situation inside was like. Such thoroughness really stood out and impressed me when so many other surgeons were not so finely-detailed and didn’t even ask for any kind of report.

The place where Dr. Parker operates (UCLA Santa Monica) is supposedly the best on the west coast, and it definitely shows. The facility is top-notch (lightyears better than the previous 2 I’ve had surgery in, including Stanford), with super knowledgeable, accommodating, and patient staff, and pretty awesome little perks as well (e.g. the hospital shift they have you change into is pretty sturdy and has this ability to attach to a warm air hose so you’re not freezing as you wait). This translates to the operating room as well, because obviously better surgical equipment is more important than warm air hoses. You can tell the medical team that Dr. Parker has in the operating room also know what they’re doing, and they do their best to keep you informed so you know what to expect at all times, whether you’re in or out of consciousness. As Dr. Parker assured us, the surgery was successful!! Definitely a positive experience (best so far!) and highly highly highly recommend Dr. William Parker. ”

AL – Dallas, Texas:

Hello friends, I’m from Dallas TX. I was diagnosed uterine fibroids in Sep 2014 after I had prolong heavy bleeding with huge blood clots during my period. I started seeing gynecologists and tried to get different opinions. All ( five ) of gynecologists I have seen  have told me that hysterectomy would be the best option for me since I am 45 and don’t want any more child. One of gynecologists even asked not worry to loss an organ which I don’t need it anymore. 

The fibroid really had my life changed. I couldn’t concentrate at work during my period because of the heavy bleeding. The heavy bleeding made me so tired and even made me became anemic. I was really tired of wiping and changing pads frequently.  I couldn’t enjoy doing lots of activities I have enjoyed ( like Zumba dance, running..), I couldn’t enjoy going out or attend some kind of party because it made me so worried if any situation could happen. The prolong heavy bleeding just made my energy so low and even made my heart rate went fast. I started searching doctors online and looked up more information about fibroid.

After intense researching online, I found Dr. Parker, and it was so impressive how his website has covered all of information I need.  I also found there are many patients from out of states have seen Dr Parker so  I called Dr. Parker’s office and scheduled a consultation. I flew to Santa Monica with my husband on 10/21 ( I preferred to meet him in person). 

Dr. Parker reviewed the MRI with us ( he was the only doctor I have seen read MRI himself ) and assured me with great confidence that it’s not cancerous, and he can do hysteroscopy to remove  the fibroid in cavity because it has enough room. I felt so relieved after I met him because I know I have found the most knowledgable and experienced doctor who specialized in treating fibroids and I was confident about my next step.  Dr Parker was genuinely patient and caring, answering all questions we have during the consultation. I decide to have hysteroscopic  myomectomy so I took a week off from work and flew to Santa Monica with my husband.  I had a very successful hysteroscopic myomectomy on Nov 2. The surgery only took about an hour due to the size of fibroid in cavity. Dr Parker talked to my husband right after the procedure to let him know the surgery went very well. He is a very sincere and patient doctor with a very great manner.  We stayed at a hotel close to his office for a week. Dr Parker called me to check on me while I was staying at hotel. He is a very caring doctor. I recovered very fast and went to his office for a follow up a week after the procedure. I was doing very well after procedure. We flew back to Dallas TX after the follow up. 

I’m so thankful that I have found Dr Parker who has brought my life back.  I highly recommend Dr. Parker to anyone who has suffered from uterine fibroid. No distance is too far to travel, to have a brilliant gynecologist like Dr. Parker. I’m so glad that I had made a very great decision to fly to Santa Monica to see him and have him to do the procedure. Just like Dr Parker told me “you don’t need a hysterectomy”.  I thank all the reviews his patients have written, and they have helped me so much to decide to see him and to relive some of my stress while I was looking for a best doctor. I’m so thankful that I’m his patient and can share my experience to others. Thank you Dr Parker!!! You have brought my life back! 

Christina – Los Angeles, California:

This review is long overdue for Dr. William Parker, an amazing surgeon and physician.  I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids a little over a year ago after I experienced a period that lasted over 60 days.  The first doctor I met (not Dr. Parker) told me there were five fibroids, the largest of which was the size of a grapefruit.  At the time, I had no idea what a fibroid was, let alone imagining I had something the size of a grapefruit growing in me.  This first doctor was eager to perform surgery to have it removed and wanted to schedule something within a few weeks.  Needless to say, I slightly freaked out… I have never been pregnant and was deathly afraid of anything painful.  Paper cuts make me squeal.  Getting a flu shot makes me cringe.  So the thought of something gigantic growing in me that needed to be cut open via surgery akin to a c-section and removed gave me a minor panic attack.  I am the type who likes to ease into things and do my due diligence.  I proceeded to learn about fibroids, spoke with friends who were doctors, asked for referrals and ended up meeting with a fantastic OB/GYN at UCLA who trained under Dr. Parker.  She suggested I also meet with Dr. Parker to see if he would take me on as a patient given the size and scope of the fibroids since he was the “fibroid expert.”  After reading through Dr. Parker’s website I knew I had to meet him, even if it were just a consult to understand what was happening in my body.

Applying to see Dr. Parker reminded me of applying to Harvard.  Just kidding, the application is not as extensive, but in my mind… when his office called to schedule the appointment, I felt the same way I felt when I got into Harvard.  Yes, it was that exciting!


Dr. Parker requires an MRI scan before the initial meeting so he can really see what’s happening inside your uterus.  This helps him understand where the fibroids are located, how big they are, how many there are and the best approach to removing them.  Turns out, my MRI showed not just five, but over 15 fibroids growing mostly in the lining of my uterus causing my uterus to look the size of a grapefruit, but the fibroids themselves were more like kiwi, grapes or blueberries.  Yes, there was a mini fruit basket growing in me.  Dr. Parker mentioned that while there were 15 visible fibroids, there were likely more growing inside, but he would only know how many when he’s actually performing the surgery.  Given my case and location of the fibroids, Dr. Parker recommended an abdominal myomectomy… the surgery that cuts you open like a c-section.  He assured me that the procedure was very straight forward as he took out pages from a textbook and explained in great detail exactly what would happen and how the procedure worked.  He has been performing this surgery for decades and has seen it all.  15 fibroids, though scary to me, was not at all scary to him.  He could tell that I wanted to learn more, so he armed me with additional reading (homework) and details on what the full experience would entail.  

Dr. Parker is incredibly patient, has a great sense of humor and really is the “expert” when it comes to fibroids.  In every pre-op meeting I had with him, he gave me the time I needed, answered every question on my very long list of “Questions for Dr. Parker.”  In the end, I felt very comfortable with the procedure.  Most of my questions centered on pain management and recovery.  Did I mention I cringe when I get the flu shot?


My surgery was schedule for July 2016.  My family and I arrived bright and early (5am) to UCLA Santa Monica hospital, which is an amazing facility.  The staff and team members were so cordial, respectful and positive.  Check-in felt like I was checking into a hotel.  There are multiple people who come into the pre-op area to get you ready.  Every person was friendly, nice, made sure I was calm and comfortable.  I had a lot of questions for everyone.  Each time, someone came they mentioned “Oh, you’re Dr. Parker’s patient?  He’s fantastic. You’re in great hands.” Every step of the experience was meticulously planned and I was given the superstar treatment (I am not a celebrity, nor will I ever be).  I was told what was happening and when it would happen, exactly what I needed to feel comfortable.  Dr. Parker stopped by before hand to check on me and meet with my family.  He told them how long it would take and what to expect and answered their questions.  My family still talks about “that nice Dr. Parker” to this day.

I should mention, earlier in the year, I had two DVT blood clots and was put on a blood thinner.  It took three months for the clots to heal before I was cleared for fibroid surgery.  Due to my heavy periods and blood loss from the blood thinner, I was incredibly anemic.  However, I did not want to have a blood transfusion if I didn’t need it.  Dr. Parker kept open communication with my hematologist before surgery and monitored my iron and hemoglobin levels.  During the procedure, he had a cell saver available which is a machine that cleans and pumps your own blood back into you if you need it.  I don’t think he used the cell saver after all, but it was comforting to know it was available if I ever needed it.

I was also super nervous about having an allergic reaction to the anesthesia medication, so Dr. Parker worked with the anesthesiologist and team to make sure there was enough anti-nausea medication in the mix to prevent me from getting sick when I woke up.  It worked!  The anesthesia kicked in super fast. All I remember was getting rolled down a hallway and the next thing I remember was waking up feeling like I wanted to drink some water.  Three hours flew by just like that. 

During those three hours, Dr. Parker removed 24 fibroids (they looked like chicken tenders when I saw the photos) along with a few ovarian cysts and other goodness that was causing cramps.  He basically preserved my uterus, but cleaned it up so it was back in working order if and when I’m ready to have a child.


After staying in the post-op recovery area for a while, I was wheeled into my hospital room, my home away from home for the next three days. Everyone in the hospital was fantastic. There were times when I felt so embarrassed because they helped me use the restroom, removed the catheter, cleaned the sheets from bleeding and all the stuff that I was too weak to do for myself.  One nurse even gave my dad an extra pillow and blanket so he would be comfortable sitting in my room. 

Dr. Parker called every evening to check on me and visited in person every morning.  The care team would take me on walks through the hallways and everyone had something nice to say about Dr. Parker. He may be a world-class surgeon, but that comes second to being a world-class person.  He is so well respected by his colleagues and patients. That’s very unique and special. 


Okay, so let’s talk about pain.  Surprisingly, I didn’t feel very much pain the first day.  I think it was due to my best friend post-surgery, the ON-Q pump.  Dr. Parker describes this device on his website, but it’s a pump that is attached to you that automatically sprays local anesthetic on the incision area.  He described it like a water sprinkler… and every so often it releases pain medication.  You don’t need to touch it, but you have to be careful not to squish it.  The pump lasts for the first 3-4 days and afterwards, you can take regular Tylenol or prescription pain medication to help alleviate the pain.  I only took the prescription pain medication for a few days after the pump was removed.  After that, Tylenol was enough to cover any pain.

So the real difficulty post-surgery was my inability to get out of bed or move around on my own.  Walking every day after surgery really speeds up the recovery process.  I was able to walk around the shopping mall within a week post-surgery.  Within six weeks I was able to return to work.  I did have some leg pain, but Dr. Parker suggested I try physical therapy to resolve it and that worked really well.

All in all, the experience was much better than I envisioned and I owe it all to Dr. Parker who worked his fibroid treatment magic.  Granted, every time he told me something wouldn’t hurt, my natural reaction was “I don’t believe you,” but he was always right. 


In the time since my surgery, Dr. Parker has checked in to see how I’m doing and is quick to respond to any questions I have for him.  It’s been six months post-surgery.  The incision has healed.  My core/abdominal muscles are back and stronger than ever.  There is still some numbness around the incision area which I am told is normal.  I still have heavy periods, but I am hoping that will be resolved soon and am eager to update you when it is.

Thank you, thank you, Dr. Parker.  You’re “wicked awesome” and I can’t thank you enough for helping me through my fibroid adventure.


Dr. Parker performed abdominal myomectomy on me in June with great success. Last fall my gynecologist found I had numerous fibroids (largest one is ~10cm) and my size of uterus was about the size of a 12 week pregnancy. The fibroids caused very heavy bleeding and anemia. I consulted with two gynecologists with many years of practices in Austin. Both doctors suggested hysterectomy for my growing fibroid problem. I was told by the two doctors removing the fibroids is a much bigger, much more complicated surgery than hysterectomy and it did not work on my case.

Fortunately, I came across Dr. Parker’s website while I was researching online. Dr. Parker’s website is very informative on fibroid and fibroid research. I immediately contacted Dr. Parker’s office and mailed my MRI reports and CD to seek for a second opinion. Thankfully I was able to get an appointment quickly and it was the best thing ever. At the initial consultation, Dr. Parker showed me the fibroid MRI images and took time to explain all the treatment options on my case, what to expect and the advantages of each option. He also thoroughly answered any questions that I had. Dr. Parker made me feel comfortable right away. He is very knowledgeable and nice. I knew he was the doctor I would trust to actually do the surgery so I decided to go with abdominal myomectomy option.

Eight weeks later I flied back to LA. I had pre-op lab work and pre-surgery appointment with Dr. Parker on Friday. I had myomectomy the following Monday morning at 10:00 at UCLA medical center. Dr. Parker came into the pre-op room to see me before the surgery. The surgery went on very well and took about 1.5 hours. Dr. Parker removed 13 fibroids of various sizes with minimum blood loss. I stayed at UCLA medical center for two more days till Wednesday. I was able to walk to the bathroom the night of the surgery. Dr. Parker stopped by every morning and called me every afternoon. He is very kind and caring with incredible bedside manner. I was discharged the third day and was able to walk back to the apartment four blocks away from UCLA medical center. At day 5, I went back to Dr. Parker’s office and Dr. Parker removed the ON-Q pain pump. The nurse removed my suture at day 7. I stayed in Santa Monica for about 10 days after surgery. From the 3rd day I was out walking around the neighborhood every day and walking helped a lot on recovering. I felt better and stronger each day. I went back to work three weeks after surgery. My heavy bleeding/anemia problem is solved. Also my back pain which bothered me for years is also gone after the surgery! I just went back to Dr. Parker for 6 weeks post-op visit and everything goes well. My uterus size is back to normal. I even did a 3.5 mile hike at Santa Monica Mountains the day after the office visit!

Dr. Parker is the best doctor I ever experienced. His office staff are all very nice and helpful. I feel extremely fortunate to have met Dr. Parker to perform myomectomy on me. I highly recommend Dr. Parker to any women who are bothered by fibroids and look for a second opinion or treatments.


I have recently been under Dr. Parker’s care for my myomectomy. After first getting an inconclusive consultation with a reputable gynecologist, I decided to take a more comprehensive route by getting a second opinion with Dr. Parker. As opposed to my first consult, even from the first meeting I had with Dr. Parker, he was able to thoroughly educate me about the specifics of my fibroid and the risks vs benefits of having a myomectomy. He had previously studied my MRI and adeptly identified the location of the fibroid with respect to my uterus, something with which my gynecologist had great difficulty. He showed me that he was familiar with such cases as mine, and was able to safely excise the fibroid from my body through this sensitive procedure. With Dr. Parker everything was explained clearly and organized from start to end of my care. His office staff and whole practice is meticulously run in order to deliver a personalized and safe patient experience. My procedure and recovery have gone extremely smooth due to the type of care he was able to deliver. My experience with Dr. Parker has been nothing but pleasant, and I sincerely wish for anyone faced with a fibroid to be able to experience such fabulous care as I did.

Thank you again for everything Dr. Parker.

S – Charlotte, North Carolina:

Dr. Parker is a wonderful doctor and was willing to take my case after four other doctors said no to removing my fibroids because they were too big. After looking at my options including reading a few books on hysterectomies I decided that was not the route I wanted to go. During this time it just so happened I came across Dr. Parker’s website a second opinion. After reading through the reviews such as you are now doing. I made an appointment and within three months I was fibroid free. I am still healing, but I have no regrets, it was the right decision for me. I hope this helps.

Sarah – Santa Rosa, California:

In the summer of 2012 I walked into Dr Parkers office after a two year healing quest for relief from the dull heavy pain and exhaustion I had been experiencing. During a scan in sept 2010 I had been diagnosed with a uterine fibroid about the size of a grapefruit. My local doctor said I would need a hysterectomy. That was a no go for me. Next I went to a very renowned Dr in the city who said he could do a partial hysterecomy, which didn’t sound encouraging either. That’s when I searched out and tried all the natural and self healing techniques I could find. Starting with forgiveness and unblocking emotions, adding hormone therapy, onto acupuncture, exercises, and complete diet change with Chinese herbs. After two years, more pain, and more exhaustion, and not enough improvement shown in the tests, I felt I needed to re-examine my medical options.

My distinguished Chinese medicine doctor recommended Dr Parker as groundbreaking doctor in the field of fibroids, and the first to do laproscopic surgery. I called Dr Parkers office and was impressed by the kind and accommodating staff. Dr Parker walked into his sunny beautiful office overlooking Santa Monica. He was friendly and professional and completely put me to ease. Right away he got down to business and reviewed my MRI , he then mapped out all the medical options which were available for me. This is stuff I had spent hours and days trying to learn about online. He had a clear understanding of each and happily discussed them all (embolization, focused ultrasound..). I do not feel like he had an agenda. When he said with confidence he could do a laparoscopic myomectomy, I felt such a sense of relief, and renewed hope. I decided it was time to take my life back and do the surgery with Dr Parker. It is now more than two months post-op and I cannot say enough about the quality of care I received form Dr Parker and his wonderful staff. On the morning of my surgery Dr Parker was excited and ready to go very early. It would be one of the first on the newest robotic assisted machines. Once again he put me to ease. After the surgery he called me every day for the next three days. He said that because my fibroid was decomposing it was a more difficult procedure, but it didn’t seem to throw him off a bit. Every encounter I had with Dr Parker made me feel he had a real sense of care and concern for me as a person.

What a long painful road, but with Dr Parker it had a wonderful outcome. I’ve healed without setbacks. I’m feeling pain free and have renewed energy, I can hardly believe it.

Saint Paul, Minnesota:

Though I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota, I came to know Dr. Parker in 2014 after learning I had an 8cm fibroid that was causing me to hemorrhage and feel trapped in a struggle with anemia, fatigue and depression. Had it not been for the FDA’s Safety Communication five months earlier discouraging the use of power morcellation in removing fibroids, I might never have found my way to Dr. Parker’s pleasant Santa Monica office and into his exceptional care.

As a thirty-five year-old mother of two school-aged children, I was desperate for relief from my fibroid symptoms so that I could support my children through their own medical challenges. At a time when I needed compassionate care and minimally invasive treatment options to get back on my feet quickly, I was disheartened to find doctors who seemed rushed, ill-informed and under-confident in providing the care I needed. Both of the highly recommended surgeons I met with in my area cited the flawed FDA analysis that I might have a 1-in-350 chance of spreading an undetected uterine cancer if I decided to have the fibroid removed laparoscopically.

The first OBGYN I saw said he would be willing to attempt a myomectomy, but expressed a strong preference for a hysterectomy by removing my uterus, fibroid, and cervix through my vagina using a scissor and scalpel. When I asked in shock if such a radical-sounding procedure would require removing my fallopian tubes and ovaries, he replied that he could “take” those as well, if I wanted. The second OBGYN I saw agreed that due to the cancer risk – again citing the FDA’s flawed analysis – a hysterectomy was the safest option, but suggested she could remove the fibroid through a navel incision with a scalpel – a procedure she admitted (after I asked) she had done only once.

What a relief to find Dr. Parker after entering the words “fibroid” and “cancer” into a Google search. His website is a gift to women like me, filled with reassuring information supported by well-designed peer-reviewed studies, all of which calmed my fears about having a sarcoma. As impressed as I am with Dr. Parker’s research and clinical expertise, what impresses me more is his kindness and willingness to be an ally for women. Not only did he (and his website) reassure me that my chances of having a sarcoma were small (more like 1-in-1,500) and that he could remove my fibroid laparoscopically, he reassured me that it is both reasonable and wise for me to want to keep my uterus.

Working with Dr. Parker has been a pleasure. He started all of our appointments on-time, allowed plenty of time for discussion and questions and treated my husband and me with warmth and respect. My husband said it felt great for a doctor, especially a surgeon in high demand, to feel so present during appointments and at no point make us feel rushed. Dr. Parker and his staff made every effort to help us feel at ease before, during and after the surgery. He spoke with my husband immediately after the surgery and reported that everything had gone perfectly. I had minimal blood loss and no complications.

At my post-op appointment he shared with us that during the surgery he found a small paratubal cyst and a few small spots of endometriosis. He removed the cyst and sent it to pathology along with the fibroid (both of which were benign) and cauterized the endometriosis. I felt as if I’d had a gynecologic tune up. At the end of the appointment he walked us out and offered a heartfelt goodbye that made it clear this man loves what he does and realizes the difference his empathic care makes in the lives of his patients.

Now, eleven weeks after surgery, I’m full of gratitude to have steadily improving health, to have energy again to do the things I love, and to have my uterus. Not only has Dr. Parker helped me heal from having a fibroid, he’s helped me heal from the experience of finding a surgeon to remove it.

Kari – Corona, California:

When I found out about my fibroid it was 16 cm. The first year we were just keeping an eye on it and the following year I went for my check up they said they would look into a surgeon for me. At the time, I had Kaiser insurance, I went and had an MRI and my fibroid had grown to 22 cm. I saw one Dr. at Kaiser and he said because of the size of the fibroid he would have to do a vertical cut and recommended me to never get pregnant after surgery. We went and saw another Dr. at Kaiser and she would work with the other Dr. on most surgeries and she agreed with what he was saying. My mom went with me to these opinion and we were not very happy about what they were saying.

She had a co worker who went to Dr. Parker in Santa Monica UCLA center and she had nothing but high remarks to say about him. She had a laparoscopic surgery done and is now pregnant. So my mom and I went on his website and we reading all the reviews about him and decided to make an appointment. Dr. Parker was able to do an abdominal insertion and take out the fibroid, which by that time was 23 cm and 5 pounds. He said surgery went very well and that I should have no problem getting pregnant when ready. I am 3 weeks out of surgery and I feel great. I thought the recovery would be a lot worse then what it is, I can thank Dr. Parker for that.


I’m so very happy, 4 weeks after my abdominal myomectomy
that I chose Dr. Parker as my surgeon. It truly was one of the
smartest decisions of my entire life!

After being extremely dissatisfied with what seemed to be the
general consensus that I needed to have my uterus out, and
being terrified of having any type of surgery, I set out to find a
doctor on my own. And although it seemed a bit strange to
discover one on the internet, after doing lots of research,
reading (and re-reading) all of the glowing reviews on Dr.
Parker’s website (and several others), I decided to set up an
EVER DONE. If you are skeptical or undecided, I’m telling you
that you will not find a more qualified surgeon or a kinder
human being.

Although I am 53 years old and did not need to preserve my
uterus for childbirth, I wanted to preserve my ‘original
equipment’, which is what Dr. Parker advocates through his
work. I had a large, cantaloupe-sized fibroid removed from the
wall of my uterus, a surgery that only took 40 minutes for Dr.
Parker to perform. He’s been doing these surgeries for 40
years, so the confidence and experience combined with the fact
that he uses the latest technologies made everything that much
easier for me.

Throughout the entire process Dr. Parker could not have
improved a thing. He is so skilled and experienced and he really
does listen to your every concern and question. The amount of
time he takes with you as a patient made me feel like I was his
only patient. I’ve never met such a down to earth, caring, gentle
and intelligent doctor. He also has a wonderful sense of humor
and the best bedside manner I’ve personally ever experienced.
But what keeps coming back to me is his lack of ego. I think
many surgeons of his stature can have very large egos and will
talk down to you as if you are a child and they are telling you
what is best for you. This is NOT the case with Dr. Parker.
Upon our first meeting, he took as much time as my husband
and I needed to explain all of my options and to answer every
question. He even had drawings and talked about medical
studies in a manner that instantly put my husband and I at
ease. He never pushed for one option or acted as if he knew
what was best for me, but truly listened to and seemed to value
all of my input as well as concerns.

After deciding on surgery, I scheduled for about 2 ½ months out.
It was difficult to wait that long, but I had a feeling that it would
be worth it, and it was. The morning of my surgery, he came in
to speak to me when I was in pre-op and was so calming,
confident and pleasant that it took my level of stress right down.
The entire process at the hospital couldn’t have been better, and
I was able to leave the next day after the surgery. Although I
was taken care of extremely well according to Dr. Parker’s very
explicit instructions to the nursing staff, I explained to Dr.
Parker when he visited me the following morning that I thought
I would get more sleep and eat better (I am vegan and gluten
free) at home. This, to me, was just another example of Dr.
Parker actually listening to me and taking into consideration
my very individual needs. After examining me and making sure
everything was on the right track, he agreed to let me go. Since
then, the wonderful care and attention has continued and the
healing process has been going along beautifully. My primary
care naturopath, could not believe how minimal my incision is
only 4 weeks out and even asked for Dr. Parker’s name so she
could refer her other patients. I could not be happier with the
decision I made and am looking forward to living my life fibroid

K.V. – Los Angeles, California:

I came to see Dr. Parker in 2012 after 3 years of heavy menstrual bleeding. I am not one to go to the doctor. I believe in self-healing through natural foods, cleansing and healthy living. I loathe taking any kind of drug. I have never taken birth control pills and it would take something severe for me to even consider taking an ibuprofen. I have always had heavy periods and bad cramping for my entire life, but the last three years were horrific. Not only were my periods heavy, the bleeding would start without warning and flow uncontrollably. Many periods lasted for a month or longer, leaving me absolutely drained of energy. By the time I got to Dr. Parker I was severely anemic and had gotten to the point where I was almost afraid to leave my house for fear of sudden bleeding.

I had seen several doctors, the most recent one at UCLA. Adenomyosis was the diagnosis. The doctor at UCLA wanted to do a total hysterectomy because she said I also had a cyst on one ovary. Even though I am in my late forties I was totally opposed to the idea of losing my ovaries and started researching alternatives. I discovered that a laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy would leave not only the ovaries, but also the cervix. I asked the UCLA doctor if she could perform this procedure and she told me my uterus was too large to do anything laparoscopically and she would have to open me up if I wanted to keep my ovaries and cervix.

That is when I found Dr. Parker’s website. Not only is it full of detailed information about a range of conditions and procedures, it also includes detailed info on the potential risks and complications of certain procedures citing scientific studies, as well as Dr. Parker’s own results from 35 years as a gynecological surgeon. If that wasn’t enough, I absolutely knew I was in the right place when I read his extensive resume and saw all of his publications, lectures and awards.

In our first appointment, Dr. Parker was thorough and patient explaining all of my options and answering all of my questions. You know you are in the presence of a real expert when they’re humble and treat all of your concerns with respect. I ended up opting for the laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy. The procedure took about two hours. I was in recovery by 3:30pm, fully awake by 4:30pm and in the car on the way home by 5:30pm. It turns out it was not a cyst on the ovary, only a small amount of endometriosis which Dr. Parker removed, leaving my ovary intact. I had little pain from the surgery, except for the gas which was uncomfortable and took a few days to get rid of. Two weeks later and I was feeling fantastic.

Dr. Parker is the best, a true expert in his field. If you have to have any type of gynecological surgery Dr. Parker is the doctor to go to.

D. – Los Angeles, California:

Dear Dr. Parker,

I am absolutely humbled by your skill as a physician.

The past two years have caused my wife and I to experience the range of emotions from self pity to anger to hope. We’ve questioned whether children would be a possibility or even if she would survive the last surgery or any future surgeries.

Several physicians opined that we should consider adoption or surrogacy, but face reality that we would not have a chance to create our own children on our terms with God’s blessing.

With many unanswered questions and fear, we came to you. Your insight has been impeccable. Your ability to chart the course up to and through this surgery was nothing short of remarkable and my wife and I are eternally grateful.

As a concerned husband and future father, I thank you, Tammie, Cynthia, Dr. Childs and the St. Johns Team of professionals.

Although we have a little recovery ahead of us, I am hopeful and optimistic about our future as parents.

Thank you.

Patty V. – San Diego, California:

I had an abdominal myomectomy to remove one fibroid of approximately 5 pounds and 28 cm long in October 2013. The surgery took less than two hours and went very well. I did not have the need for pain medication. Dr. Parker came to check on me every morning after the surgery and called in the evening to see how I was feeling. I was home two days after the surgery. I had a fast recovery. I was able to walk for almost 2 miles the day the sutures were removed and within two weeks, I resumed yoga. My abdomen is back to its normal size and the incision barely noticeable.

I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids almost five years ago. I did not have any symptoms, but slowly my stomach started to bulge until I looked six months pregnant. I tried Acupuncture and other holistic approaches without success. I researched online and found Dr. Parker’s e-book “Fibroids a Gynecologist Second Opinion.” I read the book the same night and in the morning scheduled an appointment. At the time of my first appointment, Dr. Parker presented me with every available treatment option and took the time to explain all I needed to know about the surgery. I knew from the start, I was in good hands. For the pre-op tests, all techs and nurses at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica said “you have the best surgeon.” To call Dr. Parker wonderful is an understatement. Dr. Parker is kind, compassionate and dedicated to his field of practice; he is truly gifted in what he does. Dr. Parker cares about his patients, has a great bedside manner and a wonderful sense of humor. Dr. Parker is a capable beyond words, instills that all-important confidence, and gives great hugs. His office staff is extremely professional, and caring. As a new patient, their goal seemed to be first and foremost let me know that I would be getting the best care possible. They work well as a team, and guide you through the necessary steps to get you to and through surgery. Infinite love and gratitude to Dr. Parker and his staff.

Sara – Michigan:

Dr. William Parker is an AMAZING Doctor!

Dr. Parker answered all of my many questions on our phone consultation and at my pre-op appointment! He was very confident and reassuring!

My gynecologist in Michigan was recommending that I go to an Oncologist Gynecologist to have a complete hysterectomy. The timed MRI test showed that there was a large blood supply inside of the baseball size fibroid in the muscular wall of my uterus. A large blood supply inside of a fibroid is rare and a concern for Sarcoma. I researched as much as possible then made my decision (not out of fear). My primary physician said “you cannot have a myomectomy because there won’t be anything left of your uterus if they remove a fibroid of that size”. I continued to research.

My research included Dr. Parkers website ( ) among other reputable sites. Dr. Parker’s web-site was most helpful and informative. After all of my research and prayer I confidently chose Dr. Parker. After discussing the situation with Dr. Parker on our phone consult I decided to go forward with an abdominal myomectomy because of the increased risk of Sarcoma. Dr. Parker assured me that it most likely was not Sarcoma because only one of the eight indicators he looks at indicated the possibility of cancer. He was correct! Dr. Parker is a very smart, kind, caring, extremely capable surgeon/doctor! He is the only doctor I would consider going to for a myomectomy. He is the BEST!

We drove through 9 states to get to Santa Monica for my surgery. I would definitely do it all over again! Dr. Parker called me and visited me every day that I was in the hospital following my surgery to make sure everything was well. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! If it wasn’t for Dr. Parker I would have had a complete hysterectomy and all of my healthy parts would have been removed unnecessarily! I would most likely be on hormone replacement therapy right now! Thank God I’m not. I am now four months post surgery and I feel great! The heavy bleeding has now returned to normal. The pressure on my lower back is gone and I am sleeping so much better! Please do not hesitate, call Dr. Parker’s office A.S.A.P.!!!


My experience with Dr. Parker was great from the start. I found Dr. Parker online while researching physicians who specialize in fibroid removal surgery. Once I watched a youtube video of Dr. Parker I decided to do a consult with him.

On the day of the consult he thoroughly explained fibroids, what causes them, and the different ways of treating them. Preserving my fertility was of utmost importance to me and Dr. Parker was very reassuring and caring. After my consult, exam, and other tests it was determined that surgery was needed. I was very nervous but Dr. Parker made me feel at ease. His bedside manner was great!!! I had a wonderful recovery (only took a few ibuprofen) and I was up moving around the same night! I must say that I had a great experience overrall. If you have fibroids and are looking for a physician Dr. Parker is the best!

Michelle – Thousand Oaks, California:

With an enlarged uterus, the size of an eight-month pregnancy, I knew I had to identify a doctor who would not be intimated to perform a myomectomy. After being told numerous times that a myomectomy was not possible I began an extensive research, which led me to Dr. Parker. It was the best decision I have ever made. While preserving my uterus, Dr. Parker successfully removed all of my fibroids, which weighed 7 ½ pounds.

Even though I had what seemed like an impossible situation; Dr. Parker’s wealth of knowledge and calm demeanor rekindled my hope. I knew I was in capable hands. My chronic fear of surgery/hospital was minimized because of his remarkable ability to make one feel relaxed and comfortable.

Prior to surgery, Dr. Parker was attentive, thorough and reassuring. The operation went smoothly without any post-operative pain. I recovered quickly and did not experience the major discomfort anticipated. His gentle bedside manners, sincerity and professional expertise can be any patient’s dream. I am forever grateful

If you are reading my review and your health challenge is fibroid, I highly recommend Dr. Parker. He is also the author of a “gynecologist’s second opinion” which is very informative and provides practical guidelines regarding women’s health-care options.

Victoria – Pasadena, California:

I sought the opinion of Dr. Parker after being told by a radiologist that my fibroids were so severe that I should have a hysterectomy and hire a surrogate to have my baby. During my first consultation, Dr. Parker thoroughly reviewed my MRI, explained the various treatment options available, then confidently told me that he could remove my fibroids thereby preserving my fertility so that I could attempt to have a baby. He explained in great detail what I could expect from surgery and answered all my questions thus setting my mind at ease. He was a partner in to me in my care and was available to me before, during, and after surgery.

My surgery was a success and 18 months later I got pregnant with my son. Dr Parker is thoughtful, insightful, and genuinely cares about the health of his patients. He has remained an advisor to me since my surgery and I value his opinion when it comes to my health. Any woman who is in need of fibroid treatment could not be in better hands.

AS – East Coast:

I am 40 years old and I have no kids. I used to have a fibroid that over the years grew to be 9 cm wide. According to other gyn I had seen before Dr. Parker, there was a good chance I’d lose my uterus in case of a surgery to remove the fibroid, but I disagreed. I got onto the internet and found Dr. Parker’s website The website educated me on what fibroids are and made me want to go see Dr. Parker (I lived in Los Angeles at the time) and get his opinion on my case. I have to say Dr. Parker is an amazing individual. From my first visit one year ago, I realized he was going to be the only one I’d trust with my fibroid. He took the time to thoroughly explain to me and my husband what a fibroid is, what were my options and what we could do. We decided to wait some, but in the last year the symptoms got worse, so I contacted Dr. Parker again. In the meanwhile I had moved to the East Coast, but I did not find any gyn that gave me as much confidence as Dr. Parker, so I decided to go back to LA to get my surgery done with him. Dr. Parker was unbelievably helpful. He was always available over the email (I would get answers to my questions within hours, literally), and helped me through the whole pre-op procedures long distance. I arrived in Los Angeles a couple of days before the surgery, got my pre-op with him and did the surgery at about 3 pm on a Wed. afternoon. I was out of the hospital at about 10 pm that night. Dr. Parker and his staff were available for any questions or concerns I had in the days after the surgery and did not make me feel unwelcome, ever, even if I called for two days in a row with a different concern I wanted to express (I am far from brave!) This was by far the best care I could possibly imagine, and even more. Thanks Dr. Parker!

Claudia – North Hollywood, Calidornia:

I found Dr. Parker’s website after praying and googling for ‘alternative fibroid surgery’. This was after I had been living with a single submucosal fibroid for nearly 10 years. When first diagnosed, the fibroid was the size of a golf ball and I was told I could ‘wait and see’ or have a hysterectomy, I didn’t see a Gynecologist for five years after that. The fibroid had grown to large grapefruit size by the time I found Dr. Parker. Over the years I tried many things to manage heavy menstrual bleeding and extremely painful cramps with vitamins, herbs, natural supplements, acupuncture, special diets, and fasting. I also researched different treatment options such as uterine artery embolization, MRI guided ultrasound, radiofrequency ablation, laser surgery, medication or hormone therapy, but none seemed like a good option for me. I didn’t want to have invasive surgery and wanted to keep the uterus, but I had to do something, as I was anemic, tired, and worn out.

After my first visit with Dr. Parker, I was in tears from relief. He is a caring and attentive Doctor; he took the time to answer all my questions, explained the MRI and all my options, and showed me pictures and videos to illustrate them. His office is staffed with caring and sweet professionals who make you feel welcome.

I decided on laparoscopic myomectomy that same day and started the process of scheduling the procedure. It was easy and again all my questions were carefully answered, and I never felt rushed or pressured. I had the procedure 6 weeks ago without complication and with minimal bleeding. No blood transfusion was needed, despite my having been anemic! I went home just a few hours after the procedure, the recovery was quick and easy, and I returned to work before reaching the two week post surgery mark. Physical activities are so easy now, I have an abundance of energy, and all the symptoms of bloating, abdominal pressure, frequent urination, lower back pain, and mental fatigue from scheduling life around excessive menstrual bleeding are gone.

Dr. Parker is a true healer, a highly skilled surgeon, a humble and compassionate human being with a huge heart. I highly recommend him to anyone with fibroids or considering gynecological surgery!


I had my ab myomectomy done by Dr. Parker in August of 2011. He removed 27 fibroids from my uterus and also removed the cyst on my right ovary which was actually an endometriosis. At that time, my uterus was about 5 month pregnancy and the biggest fibroid was about 7cm. Now I am healing well and ready to go back to work. I heard about Dr. Parker on Yahoo Uterine Fibroid Group. He is recommended by the people in the group and some of them were his clients before.

I was diagnosed with fibroids and a right ovary cyst in Jan, 2010. I have been trying conservative approach of Chinese herbs and QiGong for a year and a half. However, I didn’t see obvious improvement. Then I heard about MRI-guided Focused Ultrasound(MRgFUS) or called High Intensive Fucosed Ultrasound (HIFU). It appealed to me because it is noninvasive. I went on a MRgFUS in May, 2011. The outcome was disappointing. MRgFUS only treated 4 of my fibroids and the successful killing rate of the 4 fibroids varied from 33% to 60% due to the time constraints or the high intensity of the fibroids. Apparently MRgFUS was not suitable for my case. I wish I had known this earlier instead of wasting a lot of money on MRgFUS.

Then I met with Dr. Parker for a consultation. Before the consultation, I had wished for a minimal invasive surgery. But Dr. Parker looked my MRI and because I want to have kids soon, he recommended open ab myomectomy. The rest was smooth. The surgery went well. He checked in on me each morning after the surgery to make sure I was OK. During the whole process, Dr Parker was patient and was explaining to me and my husband details of each options and risks of surgery, etc. He listened to our needs and concerns and answered our questions with scientific data. He never dismissed our question or rushed us like other doctors. I would recommend Dr. Parker to persons whoever needs a doctor for their fibroids.

Perla – Saudi Arabia:

I was diagnosed with severe anemia (Hemoglobin 5.6). Investigating the causes of the anemia, it was discovered that I had a uterine fibroid. My gynecologist recommended making surgery the next week. I refused surgery, my anemia was responding to iron treatment, and at that time, the fibroid was not giving me any important symptoms. I did agree to receive an injection to reduce the influence of hormones and help stop the growing of the fibroid. It was too much for me, I was so upset with the side effects of that injection ( Zoladex) that I never come back to see that Dr.

I read several books and found several pages in the internet, the best and more complete was by the well recognized Dr. William Parker in Santa Monica, California. The fibroid was growing, my symptoms were getting worse and the iron treatment was not being effective to keep my hemoglobin in normal levels. My health was quickly deteriorating; the fibroid was degenerating and starting to produce episodes of severe pain that send me to emergency room a couple of times. I realized that at that point, surgery was a reasonable option.

My husband was very supportive to provide for whatever alternative I decided. Since I live so far away from Santa Monica, I was afraid to make the long trip; it comforted me to know that woman travel from the all parts of the World to be treated by Dr Parker.

I visited a Dr, considered the best surgeon in the best local hospital here in Al Khobar. The only alternative offered to me locally was an Abdominal Myomectomy (remove the fibroid thru an abdominal incision similar to c-section) with risk of Hysterectomy.

After I made an MRI, I email Dr. Parker for the first time and ask for a telephone consultation. I send him by Fedex the CD containing the MRI, a few days later we have a telephone consultation where he explained to me the best alternatives for my case. He answers all my questions. He told me that based in my condition; it was possible to make a laparoscopic myomectomy, a surgery that will allow me to leave the hospital the same day and to have a fast recovery. My only concern was that in a laparoscopic myomectomy required in general anesthesia, which scare me.

On July 8th I arrived to Los Angeles after 32 hours trip from my house in Saudi Arabia. I meet Dr Parker, he talk to me as if he knew me from a long time, he made the examination and then we talk in his office. I did have question about anesthesia and how I will feel after surgery and when my symptoms will improve. He told me that even so I decided for abdominal myomectomy, I will be under sedation so I will not be aware of what is going on. I thought that if that was the case, it was ok with me go under general anesthesia and received the benefits of the laparoscopic surgery.

The next Monday, I went to Saint John Health Center in Santa Monica. Saint John’s is a modern and nice hospital. In pre-operation, three friendly nurses, helping me to change my clothing, put on a kind of snuggy with warm air, and a nurse put in the IV. Then came Dr. Parker, he was dressed as the surgeon in the movies, he was smiling and very confident as always. The anesthesiologist, a nice looking young lady, also came. Dr. Parker told her that I was afraid of the anesthesia. I ask her to never let me know that she was going to put me to sleep; she told me “I don’t have to, I will give you something that you will like it”.

After my laparoscopic myomectomy, my husband Todd told me everything was fine, he told me that the Dr. Parker showed him some amazing pictures of the surgery and confirmed that the surgery went good as expected. I did not experience pain, the nurse promptly give me a painkiller as soon I express the least discomfort. The nurse told me that Dr. Parker also helped her with her endometriosis problem, that he is the best gynecologist she knew that that he wrote a book call A Gynecologist’s Second Opinion.

At 3:00 pm, I arrived to the apartment we were rented a few streets from the Hospital. I was able to walk and go up the stairs, but my husband help me to go out the car. I started to feel tired and very dizzy from the painkillers. The next morning I awake feeling very good, just a little tired. I even email Dr. Parker to tell him how great I was feeling and how blessed I was to found him and order his book online. Dr. Parker call me in the morning, he told me that do not over-do even so I feel great. I followed his recommendation and rest most of that day. I keep receiving calls from his office to check in my progress the next days.

Friday morning I was able to walk in the shopping mall. Saturday, I was feeling a little uncomfortable for the gases. My husband found in internet that drinking hot tea with lemon helps with the symptoms of gases after a laparoscopic surgery, I drink some, and the next day I feel much better. The Monday, I was complete fine. That afternoon, I visit Dr. Parker; he removed the tapes that cover the incisions to reveal four small incisions, two like 0.5 cm, and one to the right like 1cm long, the fourth in the belly button that does not show at all. They are so small and insignificant that does not deserve further comments. He gave me a set of nice pictures showing the process of the surgery, also I ask him to sign my copy of his book, I save it as a treasure.

I come back to Saudi Arabia two days later, exactly 10 days after the surgery. I am happy all is over, and I am already feel complete recover. If I knew, one year ago, how I am feeling today, I would made the surgery as soon my fibroid was discovered and save all that suffering. I will not doubt to travel to Santa Monica if I have a new health condition. It is such a blessing to have Dr. William Parker.

Paula – Bishop, California:

Dr Parker was very professional and gave me confidence in his abilities and his knowledge of the latest surgical techniques. He was easy to talk to, explained all the options thoroughly and didn’t rush me for any decisions. Emails were answered quickly and when I decided on surgery, everything was comprehensively explained to me. The surgery went very well, pain management was excellent and recovery was swift and without problem. I’m glad I made the effort to travel the 500 miles round trip to see him.


M.G. – Los Angeles, California:

About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with fibroids during my regular yearly exam. My belly was very large but I had no other symptoms and having just gone through some very stressful life changes I assumed I had put on a lot of weight. My doctor at the time said the only option was hysterectomy and I got hysterical to be honest. I was 36 years old with no children and while my doctor said this was the only solution, I did not agree. Something in my gut told me this was not right. I went to another doctor and got a second opinion. She too said I should have surgery at some point but that it was possible my surgery would potentially turn into a hysterectomy. She was not confident that she could perform a myomectomy and wanted me to know what the potential outcomes were. This still did not sit right with me so for the next year I sought out natural ways to deal with the bulkiness of my fibroids. I tried Chinese medicine and acupuncture, changed my diet to a fully vegan non-soy diet and while these things certainly helped me get healthy, they only seemed to have a minimal effect on my fibroids. During my next yearly check up my doctor said that the fibroids appeared to have shrunk but that hysterectomy would be my only option and she did not want to perform surgery on me. I left her office devastated. As soon as I got home I jumped online and searched ‘worlds top fibroid specialist’ because at this point I felt as though I needed to find the best, and let me tell you- I did! I found Dr. Parker and as far as I am concerned, he saved my life.

I met Dr. Parker just before the New Year and he reviewed my records and examined me. He told me that I certainly did not need a hysterectomy and that he had operated on women with fibroids bigger than mine, which was a relief because I did look 9 months pregnant! He sent me to get an MRI and said we would circle back to discuss details once he was able to review the MRI. A few days after my scans, Dr. Parker called to let me know that he was no longer quite sure if I had fibroids or not, that my MRI showed something abnormal and it could be a degenerated fibroid or perhaps a sarcoma. Dr. Parker referred me to a surgical oncologist, Dr. Leland Foshag, and told me that no matter what the outcome, he would remain with me through my entire course of treatment. I was truly touched to find a Doctor who genuinely cared.

I saw Dr. Foshag one day before New Years Eve and he examined me and reviewed my MRI with me. I finally got to see what was going on inside of me and it was pretty bizarre to say the least. To make a long story a little shorter, we scheduled surgery for February 9th and Dr.’s Parker and Foshag would work together the whole time to insure that I got the best care possible- and I did!

The Doctors weren’t quite sure what they would find once we got into surgery and what they did find is that I had Cotyledonoid Leiomyoma, an extremely rare type of fibroid, weighing in at about 7 pounds! I literally gave birth! And I had the dream team of Doctors on my side! When I woke up, out of all the worst-case scenarios that could have been, I was blessed and relieved to find that although what I had was rare and large, I was OK! And Dr. Parker made sure that my fertility remained intact, which was so important to me! After surgery I was in the hospital for about a week and Dr. Parker took time out of his busy schedule to check in on me every morning. I have never felt more secure and honestly cared for by a Doctor in my life.

When I found Dr. Parker I was at my wits end and I had almost given up hope. I will never be able to properly express my gratitude to Dr. Parker for giving me back my life and providing me with care that went so far above and beyond anything I could have imagined.

Heather – New Orleans, Louisiana:

I appreciate that Dr. Parker took a careful but not alarmist approach in diagnosing and ultimately surgically removing my uterine fibroids. After an ultrasound revealed at least one large fibroid that was causing me some but not great discomfort, he talked me through pros and cons and ultimately advised a watchful waiting approach. He shared relevant, current research with me, and, as a researcher myself, I appreciated that he didn’t place undue weight on individual statistics and clearly explained what the research did and didn’t establish. When a subsequent MRI revealed more detailed information than the ultrasound about the size and locations of several fibroids, Dr. Parker modified his recommendation, and I chose to have an endoscopic myomectomy. The surgery was completely successful, the care I received at the hospital was excellent, and recovery took the predicted time of approximately 5 days. Given where the fibroids were in my uterus, it looks likely that their removal will help my chances of getting pregnant, which I hope to try for in this coming year. I really appreciated Dr. Parker’s friendly professionalism and his competence. It’s nice to really trust your doctor!

S.Q. – Los Angeles, California:

When I was first diagnosed with fibroids, the doctor said to me: “you have fibroids, the recommended treatment is a hysterectomy and I can do it Friday.” I think it was a Tuesday then. At the time I was speechless; later, I was furious! How dare a doctor be so cavalier about such a radical surgery?

I researched fibroids, found out they are rarely cancerous and since I didn’t have any symptoms, I decided to do nothing. Years passed and my fibroids grew.

I found Dr. William Parker in a roundabout way; read his book and finally made an appointment. My first visit was unhurried and informative. I was really excited that Dr. Parker might be able to do a laparoscopic myomectomy. When he told me I wasn’t a candidate, I was disappointed. However, I wanted this huge fibroid out of me, so I decided on surgery, an abdominal myomectomy.

Since this was my first surgery, my biggest fear was the post operative pain. Dr. Parker was patient and reassuring while he explained how the On-Q Pump worked, how the pain would be less than what I imagined (friends helped me imagine horrible pain). Dr. Parker took out one HUGE fibroid (18 cm+) and a couple little ones weighing a total of 5.4 lbs!

Now, I’m seven weeks post surgery and I can honestly say I never had pain; I was sore, but nothing more. At the hospital, nurses kept asking me, “On a scale from 1 to 10, what’s your pain level?” I always answered “1,” even a few hours after surgery. The On-Q Pump is the greatest invention!

I went back to work less than two weeks after surgery. Co-workers couldn’t believe how great I looked; especially after they saw the pictures Dr. Parker took during the surgery!

I highly recommend Dr. William Parker to anyone who is living with fibroids and thinking about surgery. I believe that when it comes to your health, you must go with the best, the most highly skilled, the doctor who is not afraid to answer your questions fully and honestly–and that’s Dr. Parker.

I am in his debt. I’m ready to start exercising again and I feel great! I’m looking forward getting a six-pack and shopping for new clothes! My only regret is that I didn’t find Dr. Parker earlier.

Thank you Dr. Parker!



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