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Degenerating Fibroid

Do degenerated fibroids need to be removed? Is there harm to having necrotic tissue in the body?

What Size are My Fibroids?

Gynecologists and ultrasound reports usually describe the size of fibroids using centimeters (cm), a measurement unfamiliar to most Americans.  Often, a comparison to fruits or common objects can help to understand the size.  We also compare the size to weeks or months of pregnancy, since many women are familiar with this measurement.  The following measurements […]

Un-Watchful Waiting

Over the years, a number of women have come to my office with extreme symptoms due to uterine fibroids. Some of these women had fibroids that were very large (the size of a full-term pregnancy), some had severe bleeding that caused a very low blood count (hemoglobin of 4- 6, when 12 is normal), and […]

Risk of Fibroid “Recurrence” Following Myomectomy

(Excerpted from I prefer to have a myomectomy, but I only want to be cut on one time and since I have to have an abdominal myomectomy I thought it would be best to go ahead and do the hysterectomy since there is a very good chance the fibroids will return. This is an interesting […]

Fibroids and Fertility

Fibroids only interfere with fertility if they bulge into, or are very near, the uterine cavity. If not, pregnancy is possible.

Will Birth Control Pills Stop Bleeding From Fibroids?

Dr. Parker, Thank you for writing your book.  I ordered it and read it cover to cover in 2 days.  It was so informative and well written!  I have made an appointment to see you. I read your website and did not see any articles about treating fibroids with birth control pills as an option.  […]

Hysterectomy Consent for Fibroid Surgery

no hysterectomy consent for fibroid surgery

Laparoscopy for Large Fibroids

level of expertise and experience which will determine the largest size and the number of fibroids they are comfortable removing

Fibroids after Menopause

If fibroids shrink by 50% after menopause, what would be an approximate shrinkage of the 20-22 week uterus with multiple fibroids

Endometriosis – do I need a hysterectomy, do I need my ovaries out?

My ob/gyn strongly suggested that I start thinking about having a hysterectomy as well as having my ovaries removed.


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Fibroid Doctor William H. Parker

Dr. William H. Parker is a board-certified Fellow in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Dr. Parker is an internationally recognized expert in fibroid surgery and research. Based in San Diego, California, he is considered one of the best fibroid surgeons for abdominal and laparoscopic myomectomy in the United States and abroad. He has been chosen for Best Doctors in America and Top Doctors every year beginning in the late 90's.

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