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Mary – Valencia, California:

When it comes to my health, I want the best care possible. And as a recent breast cancer survivor, I’ve learned that I need to be pro-active in choosing my course of medical care. So when it came to the various choices I had regarding the removal of my ovarian cyst, I found the best care was placing myself in the hands of Dr. Parker. His clinical expertise, matched with his patient-friendly manner, made my decision effortless. Dr. Parker has the ability to explain the complex in simple terms and is sincerely concerned for my long-term health and well-being. His staff takes that extra step to make you feel comfortable the moment you walk through the door. I only wish that I could have Dr. Parker attend to all my medical needs! He truly is one of the BEST!

T. – Toronto, Canada:

I was first diagnosed with fibroid in 2007 with fibroid size approx 4.5 cm. My gynaecologist in Toronto told me my only options were abdominal myomectomy or watchful waiting. He told me there were no other options. He recommended watchful waiting so I listened. Every year the fibroid grew and I went back to him. But he said the same thing even when my fibroid grew to 13 cm and there were multiple of them. I got worried and started seeking other gynaecologists for second and third opinions. My second and third gynaecologist told me my fibroid was too big that excess bleeding is going to be a problem when performing myomectomy, and I am at high risk of hysterectomy. My fourth gynaecologist told me he cannot perform myomectomy without me using Lupron for 4 months prior to surgery. At this moment, I cannot wait any longer because the fibroid has grown to 20 cm and caused urinary obstruction affecting my kidney. As prolonged obstruction will cause kidney damage, I need immediate surgery and began to do lots of research and that’s when I found Dr. Parker.

I read his patients’ review and his background, watched video of him performing surgery, and decided to email Dr. Parker with questions. I was asked to get an MRI and after mailing MRI cd to Dr. Parker, I had a phone consultation him. Not only can he perform the surgery right away without pre-treatment with Lupron, he was confident that I would not have access bleeding which end up with hysterectomy. He was reassuring that hysterectomy from myomectomy was very rare. He can also perform myomectomy with bikini line incision which I was told by other gynaecologists vertical incision is the only way because of my huge fibroid size. I decided to fly from Toronto to Santa Monica to see Dr. Parker.

Dr. Parker is very patient, thorough and he welcomes questions. Believe me, I had lots of questions. He answered all my questions and listened to my concerns. He did not rush me like most doctors did. As this was my first ever surgery in my life, I was really scared, but Dr. Parker put my mind at ease by reviewing the MRI images with me, explaining the procedures- what to expect from the surgery and recovery. His experience, knowledge, skills, expertise and caring demeanour immediately instilled confidence in me, and I knew I was in good hands.

Surgery went well. Dr. Parker came to check on me every mornings after the surgery and called me to make sure I was fine. I was also impressed with Dr. Parker’s staff and the nurses at St. John’s Medical Center. I received great care and were all very helpful and friendly. I’m at 3 weeks post-surgery and I feel great. My recovery was fast. I can walk in the mall in less than a week after my surgery although I got tired easily after much walking. People told me it doesn’t seem like I just had abdominal surgery because I’m looking great. All thanks to Dr. Parker’s exceptional surgical skills and exceptional care. I wish Dr. Parker can be my doctor in all my medical needs. I am very grateful to Dr. Parker and thankful that I found him. I highly recommend him to women with gynaecological needs even if you have to travel far to see him. It’s worth the travel because you want the best when it comes to your health, and he is the best!! A truly gifted physician and surgeon who cares about his patients.

G. – Los Angeles, California:

When I went for my annual exam and my gynecologist told me she felt a fibroid, I was alarmed. I had no idea what that meant. A subsequent ultrasound proved that I did indeed have a fibroid, but the doctor was not around to discuss the results with me at that time. I anxiously awaited her call, searching the internet for what this might mean. Finally, my phone rang, but it was not my doctor. It was someone from her office saying that the doctor wanted me to schedule another ultrasound for six months later to see if the fibroid had grown. I asked what this could mean, and she said, “Well, it could be cancer.” Of course, I flipped out. At 36, I couldn’t believe I had heard those words. Livid that my doctor herself didn’t deliver this news, I asked the woman to have my doctor call me back. When I spoke to my doctor, she confirmed what the other woman had said: “If the fibroid grows at a fast rate, the worry is that it is cancer.” The idea of waiting six months to learn my fate seemed like torture. I knew I wanted a second opinion, so I started searching online, and thankfully, I found the fibroid expert, Dr. Parker.

First thing out of his mouth was, “It’s not cancer.” He showed me studies and statistics — proving how common fibroids are, and how likely it was that my fibroid was not dangerous. Since then, he has monitored my fibroid (which has remained the same size). The peace of mind Dr. Parker gave me was and is priceless. As you can see from my experience, there are irresponsible doctors out there, who can alter your life and state of mind without a second thought. Dr. Parker is definitely one of the good ones. If you are lucky enough to be able to see him, one word of advice: GO.

C. – Los Angeles, California:

Having sought treatment for fibroids from a handful of doctors, I repeatedly was given only one option: hysterectomy. Not only were the doctors reluctant to discuss other options, they often were not willing to listen to what was important to me.

By the time I met with Dr Parker, the fibroids were causing (almost) constant bloating/pressure along with painful periods. The bloating and pain had become so severe that I was regularly missing work and having to “rearrange” my life based on how I felt at any given time.

I appreciated Dr Parker taking the time to do what others did not – he discussed options (other than hysterectomy) and answered questions.

Post-myomectomy, the bloating and pain are gone. More importantly, my overall quality of life has changed quite dramatically. Words cannot express how much better I feel now than previously.

I’m fortunate to have found Dr Parker when I did.

Elizabeth T – Los Angeles, California:

For several years I had lived with a gradually growing endometriotic cyst on my ovary. After seeing 3 other surgeons, I was referred to Dr. Parker as the top expert in the field. Even at my first interaction with his office, I was impressed how professional, organized, mentally sharp, and of course, very friendly all his colleagues were. I knew that the practice is well run and no errors would occur. When I met Dr. Parker himself, he immediately put me at ease with his remarkable clarity of explanations and warmth of personality. He shared my desire to preserve as much of my ovary as possible, and I felt that I could really trust his judgment if something unexpected happened while I was unconscious during the surgery (in view of the hundreds of surgeries that he had performed, I did not doubt his technical expertise for a second). Dr. Parker also identified the source of my occasional painful sex moments as a large degenerating fibroid (other doctors advised to “just turn another way”), so I decided to remove it as well.

In a few weeks I had my surgery. We started early in the morning and in the afternoon I was already home. The cyst and the fibroid were gone, I virtually lost no blood, and close to 90% of my ovary was saved. I could see 3 small flat cuts on my belly and one right in my belly-button, all stitched up like in plastic surgery, to leave no trace, and covered with Band-Aid-type patches. The scars healed quickly and beautifully — they look like small scratches now and, I am sure, soon will be gone completely. I had very little pain throughout the entire experience — just took two prescription pills the very first night, had some sensitivity inside my belly for about a week when laughing or coughing, and that’s about it. Probably the worst part was simply laying on my back for the first 2-3 days, except for short trips to bathroom and about. My back and shoulders desperately needed massaging. After 3 days I was already comfortably sitting at my computer desk for hours and moved around with ease. A week later, still somewhat careful and tender, I was already in my high heels out for dinner and movie. Now, few weeks later, everything is completely healed and pains that occasionally bothered me are permanently gone. I cannot thank Dr. Parker enough! I could not have imagined a better experience and outcome.

Shawana R.- Las Vegas, NV

I discovered I had a fibroid 10 years ago when it was picked up on an ultrasound. At that time the doctor I was seeing was treating a cyst, and due to the size of the fibroid (small), he did not go into details about the fibroid and the fact that it would grow. Well it did. While lying on my stomach on the floor in my home 4 years ago I felt something hard in my stomach area. Realizing that it might be the fibroid, I did my own research to discover information about: what exactly a fibroid was, the symptoms, treatment options, and stories of how fibroids grow in women (some very large). I was comforted to know that they were non-cancerous, but due to the size, I researched for the best doctors in Vegas who could remove mine.

The first doctor I went to had me to do another ultrasound and I found out that I had multiple fibroids with the largest being pedunculated (which explained why I felt something hard in my belly area). Though the doctor seemed very skilled and had robotic assisted laparoscopic technology experience, due to the size of the fibroid she could not guarantee she could save my uterus and suggested that I have a full incision (top of my navel to the bottom) to make sure she could get all of the fibroids out. Of course, I did not go back to her. The following doctors were no better, with the last one worse than the others. He not only suggested to cut me horizontally but also vertically (in an upside down T shape) to ensure he could get out all the fibroids. He seemed intimidated by the size of the largest fibroid and said that he could not guarantee to save my uterus but also added that other doctors who say they can save your uterus are liars and cannot. Of course, he was the liar. It was My Body My Life and a part of my life was to have children of my own and I surely was not going to trust him or any of the doctors in Vegas.

So I started to research out of state for doctors with the skill, expertise, experience, and the reputation of removing large fibroids successfully while keeping the uterus (By this time, I was having heavy bleeding during my periods, was back and forth anemic, had occasional paralyzing cramps; I felt uncomfortable and looked and felt pregnant due to the largest fibroid being 17cm). I needed a second opinion and tumbled onto Dr. Parker’s website and read his bio, information about fibroids, treatments, saw the videos of surgeries of him removing large fibroids, and read the patient comments. Finally I was satisfied that I found the right doctor!

I had an abdominal myomectomy through a bikini incision on March 6, 2013 and am doing great! I’m so glad that I waited to have surgery and found Dr. Parker. He IS a doctor with skill, expertise, experience, and a great reputation that patients with large, multiple, and or any size fibroid can go to and be assured that they will be taken care of and have their surgery done right while keeping their uterus (if you like).

I have a bright future ahead of me and it is even brighter now knowing that I can still have children someday :-).

Thank You Dr. Parker!!!

Michelle S.—Los Angeles, California:

Last month I had my second abdominal myomectomy with Dr. Parker. The first one was seven years ago. Unfortunately my fibroids grew back to a point where a second surgery was necessary. Though I do believe I am more of an exception than a rule in this regard. I was suffering from heavy bleeding, leaving me in a severely anemic state, and also had to visit the ER for a catheterization after one of the larger fibroids caused a urinary retention.

Dr. Parker discussed all the options with me. I wanted to try the laparoscopic procedure to remove the largest fibroid that was causing the urinary retentions, but Dr. Parker felt that would only solve some of my issues. The heavy bleeding was caused by smaller fibroids inside the cavity and they were putting my health at risk with the anemia.

I trust Dr. Parker and he felt that the only way to remove all the fibroids was with an abdominal myomectomy. And I knew he was right. He had my overall health as his main focus and didn’t want me to do a procedure that would only solve “half” of my issues.

I am happy to say that I am 3 weeks into my recovery and feel great!

I have spent the last 6 years as a pharmaceutical representative. I know and have worked with many doctors and you will not find a more caring doctor than William Parker. I would trust him with my life. And I have. Twice. He will look at each case and determine what is best for the patient. He is a leader in this field and takes the time to discuss all the options with you. He is patient, kind, understanding and a superior surgeon.

I have found in my years in the health care industry that the staff in an office is a direct reflection of the physicians they represent. And I guarantee this is the nicest staff you will ever come across. Everyone who works in Dr. Parker’s office is sweet and kind and knowledgeable.

Surgery is hard enough, so knowing that you are in the best hands possible with Dr. Parker helps alleviate a lot of the worry. He will take great care of you.

C. – San Francisco, California:

After being diagnosed with a large degenerating fibroid that was growing on the outside of my uterus and causing a variety of symptoms, my gynecologist informed me that the findings called for a hysterectomy at a minimum. This was depressing news for me. As a result, I searched the internet for information about this condition and treatment options. I found Dr. Parker’s website to be excellent – well organized, very educational and comprehensive. I was glad to read about minimally invasive surgery options to remove fibroids and was hoping this could be a possibility for me. (If possible, I wanted to keep my uterus.) Furthermore, I found the positive accounts of other patients very reassuring. I realized I had found a true expert in the field.

Initially, I consulted two experienced surgeons at fibroid centers in my area, hoping to take care of the problem closer to home. After being told by one of them that my only option was a partial hysterectomy and by the other, that myomectomy was possible, but with a more invasive approach, due to the size and location of the fibroid, I decided to visit Dr. Parker to ask his opinion.

I’m so glad I did! Dr. Parker is an excellent doctor. He is attentive, “down-to-earth”, caring and compassionate. I did not feel rushed during the visit. Dr. Parker took time to answer all my questions, he drew diagrams and explained MRI images … He is also very thorough. He explained the need for another test, to be as certain as possible that we were not dealing with a malignant growth. In the end, Dr. Parker saw no problem in performing a laparoscopic myomectomy in my case. He was not worried about the risk of extensive bleeding during surgery, or the possibility of other complications due to size and location of the fibroid – concerns that had been voiced by the other surgeons I had consulted. It became clear to me that Dr. Parker is highly skilled, has a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience, and that I would be in excellent hands! I had a few more questions before the surgery and Dr. Parker did not mind my e-mailing him directly. He always replied within a few hours, on one occasion even while he was on vacation.

My surgery went very well. I did not have much need for pain medication, only the day of and the day after surgery. I am surprised how quickly and smoothly I have recovered. The degenerating fibroid had brought along a lot of symptoms that I had gotten used to over many months, and I have been very happy to feel the positive difference in overall energy, well-being and even clarity of mind since the surgery.

I highly recommend Dr. Parker. Travelling the extra distance to have him perform my surgery was well worth it for me. Unfortunately, I have suffered the consequences of poor medical care in the past, and as a result, I seek the best providers possible – especially when it comes to surgery!

If you have any doubts about the treatment options you have been given by your doctor, I would urge you to consult with Dr. Parker. You won’t regret it!

RS – Maryland:

Dr. Parker and his staff were amazing. They helped a 2 year nightmare come to a final end. I was diagnosed with 3 uterine fibroid tumors 2 years ago and the biggest tumor was 10 cm. I refused to get surgery and decided to go the holistic route. I immediately changed my diet and became a vegan, took herbs and even did a 17 day water fast in efforts to shrink the fibroid tumors. The fibroid tumors did not shrink, however, they grew at a rapid pace. During my 2 yr fight I saw a number of doctors in my area who prescribed countless ultrasounds and each doctor recommended surgery. For various reasons, I did not feel comfortable with any of those doctors operating on me. After thorough research on the internet I found Dr. Parker, who specialized in performing surgeries with tumors as big as mine or bigger. My consult was scheduled and afterward he prescribed an MRI. None of the 5 doctors in my area ever recommended an MRI. A week after my MRI my surgery was scheduled and I flew across country to have the surgery done. The surgery was a success and Dr. Parker removed 18 fibroid tumors! This was a surprise to me, because I was always told I had 3 tumors. He was more than I could ask for in a doctor. He put my mind at ease. Not only did Dr. Parker visit me every day I was in the hospital, but he also called every day to check on me too! If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing except, maybe getting the procedure done sooner!

S.T. – Phoenix, AZ:

I knew my ordeal was over at my first appointment with Dr. William Parker.  We looked at my pelvic MRI images on his computer and he explained about the fibroids and the reasons for the symptoms including the painful heavy periods, anemia and potential infertility. He pointed out the multiple smaller fibroids in addition to the bigger ones that were mentioned on the MRI report. He recommended abdominal myomectomy to remove all the fibroids. He put the important information together and it all finally made sense.  He answered all my questions thoroughly and patiently He is such a nice person and very smart! I just wish someone pointed him out to me at the very moment I was diagnosed with fibroid. It could have saved me a lot of stress, time and energy.  I thank the HERS foundation for guiding me to Dr. Parker finally.  That same day I saw Dr. Parker, I set up the appointment for the surgery to be done about 3months later.  I cannot begin to explain the sense of relief I felt from that day on.

Three days before the surgery, I had the pre-op appointment at Dr. Parker’s office. He went over the surgery plan with me. I felt very lucky that I was in safe hands. I also received papers with very helpful and well organized information. It included things to expect after the surgery that Dr. Parker mentioned, and some tips about shopping to do before the surgery. It was a very helpful reference!

On the day of the surgery, from the moment I arrived at the UCLA Medical Center at Santa Monica, I noticed how all the different personnel and nurses knew their job and parts they played and how it all synced perfectly; it was impressive how smooth everything went. I was a bit anxious being in a hospital environment and anticipating my surgery. But Dr. Parker came to see me before the surgery and he put me at ease.  Post-surgery, I did not feel much pain from the actual surgery area thanks to the ON-Q device that Dr. Parker put on the incision area. The next morning, Dr. Parker showed me pictures of all the fibroids that were removed – there were 9 fibroids! He continued to visit me every morning and called at the end of the day to check on how my day went while I stayed at the hospital for 3.5days.  He was very thoughtful and caring.  There were several people I met from the time I registered to the time I left the hospital, and everyone was very helpful.

One the 5th day after the surgery, I went back to Dr. Parker’s office for suture removal.  He removed all the tapes, ON-Q catheter and suture, and replaced the Steri-Strips. He was gentle and the procedure was painless and quick. Talking to him about the new symptoms I felt after leaving the hospital – particularly the period-like bleeding, he put me at ease once again. He answered all the questions I had in mind. After I got back to my hotel, I tried to show the result to my mother since the wound covers were removed.  It was amazing how we could not instantly locate the exact incision area. My mother was looking close to the general area that had Steri-Strips and her first reaction was “where is it?”   Even after we located the incision area, it looked like a thin skin fold; there were no bruises and it was very clean. The incision location was also perfect – it was a horizontal incision low in the bikini area.  It was a great work! Dr. Parker is awesome 🙂

Barbara – Beverly Hills, California:

Before I found Dr. Parker, I was a patient of one of the most well known female gynecologists in Beverly Hills. She told me I had but a few options, and recommended that I just ‘leave them there, they’ll shrink when you go through menopause.” But the constant UTI’s and pain were just too uncomfortable, and when I pushed her for relief, and to tell me all the options, she offered only the services she provided, including hysterectomy.

I was conflicted, the pain was bad, but were these really the only choices? I couldn’t believe in this day and age that there wasn’t a better weapon against fibroids.

After a few minutes of Internet research, I found Dr. Parker and his breakthrough laproscopic myomectomy. Being the daughter of an obgyn, I researched him and his record. I was impressed, and stunned, why hadn’t my own obgyn told me about this option? When I called her, she simply said, ‘well, I don’t perform that surgery”

So I’m now on a mission to let every woman know about Dr. Parker’s breakthrough surgical techniques. Because of him, the fibroids are out, my parts are intact, and the quality of my life has drastically improved.

I want to thank Dr. Parker for his care and concern about women and that he advanced treatment with this procedure. Not only is he a brilliant surgeon, but he also has a gift to be able to communicate in easy to understand terms. And I’m proud to say that he’s now my doctor.

E.T. – Canada:

When my 12cm fibroid became symptomatic with heavy and lengthy menstrual bleeding, I consulted six of the top gynecologists in Canada (three in Vancouver and three in Toronto). Without exception, each of them stated that my fibroid could not be removed successfully and that my only surgical option was a hysterectomy. I wanted to keep my uterus intact and was devestated by this diagnosis.

Somehow I found the courage to persevere. I refused to accept a hysterectomy as inevitable and decided to look to the U.S. for further gynecological expertise. I was referred to Dr. Parker and my husband and I flew down from Vancouver for a consultation with him. We were very nervous. Dr. Parker met with us, examined me, and reviewed all of my medical reports and images. In all of the many appointments with gynecologists, he was the only one who bothered to take the time to show us the MRI images and explain clearly and in detail exactly what the images revealed. He discussed all of the available treatment options and the advantages and disadvantages of each course of action. He took his time, thoroughly answering all of our questions and, believe me, we had a lot of questions! Contrary to what I had been told, he assured me that there was no reason why the fibroid could not be removed by a myomectomy. He was right. I had an abdominal myomectomy in September 2008 and I am now fibroid-free.

I can’t express the extent of my gratitude to Dr. Parker or say enough good things about him. He is an exceptional physician. Not only is he a highly competent and skilled surgeon with tremendous expertise, he is also attentive, empathetic, and considerate. I always felt that I was getting the best of care with Dr. Parker. I would recommend him strongly and without the slightest hestitation. I only wish I could find a gynecologist of his calibre in Canada.

Kim – Los Angeles, California:

I have been a patient of Dr. Parker for more than 20 years. During that time, I underwent several surgeries for treatment of fibroids. All were very successful, and left me feeling healthier and stronger than before. In each case, Dr. Parker always presented me with every conceivable treatment option, of which surgery was only one. He never failed to demonstrate patience and concern as I went throught the decision making process. I have the utmost confidence in both his judgment and his ability as a surgeon and will always be grateful for his exceptional care.

Michele – Durango, Colorado:

I was told that I had a gigantic 20 cm fibroid! The gynecologist in Colorado that I went to told me that I would need to have a hysterectomy. I was devastated! I had a second opinion and was told that there must be a surgeon who could help me but it would not be in the small town of Durango, CO. So we started doing lots of research to find someone talented and experienced with removing large fibroids. I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Parker who eased my mind and assured me that my fibroid could be removed safely with a bikini incision and with keeping all of my organs in tact. I was thrilled!

I immediately felt at ease once I sat in Dr. Parker’s office and I knew that I had made the right decision to fly out to CA and have the surgery with him. Dr. Parker and his staff are warm, friendly and very skilled at what they do. The surgery went extremely well. It was shorter than they had anticipated and there was very minimal blood loss. The fibroid weighed 5 pounds! I am so grateful to Dr. Parker! Dr. Parker kept in contact with me through the healing process to make sure that I was doing well. His kind manner and extremely talented skills will never be forgotten. Now a year later I am healthy, very active and running my own dance program for toddlers! I feel like I have my life back. Thank you Dr. Parker!

Kate – Los Angeles, California:

My experience with Dr. Bill Parker was nothing less than extra-ordinary. I approach all aspects of my life from a very natural, holistic approach. I found Dr. Bill to be incredibly open and receptive to all of the outside work I was doing in terms of shrinking my fibroid, and although there was definitely evidence of progress, I really appreciated going forward with my laparoscopic surgery. His care and respect for the feminine systems are refreshingly authentic, resonate, and grace-filled. I absolutely could not have chosen a better doctor to take care of my special needs, and I am so very grateful for my experience.

FM – Kauai, Hawaii:


I wanted to share with you the name of a physician who has made such a difference in my life, Dr. William Parker.

I was diagnosed with fibroids back in 2004. My fibroids were asymptomatic and treatment was not recommended.

Growth was monitored with annual sonograms. In 2008 a period of rapid growth occurred and I started having symptoms. A hysterectomy was recommended. Books were read. Holistic treatments were sought. Second opinions were obtained. At the time I wanted to avoid a hysterectomy at all costs. I looked into alternative types of treatments that would allow the removal of the fibroids only and leave my uterus intact. During this quest for the best solution for my situation my husband discovered Dr. William Parker. Keep in mind that we live on a remote Hawaiian island and Dr. Parker is on the west coast. Traveling across the ocean just to get a consultation was cost prohibitive to say the least! However, Dr. Parker was willing to review my medical files and consult with me via telephone and e-mail (other mainland physicians refused this level of service and quickly eliminated themselves from being my physician). I was immediately impressed with Dr. Parker’s professionalism and compassion. His staff was also courteous and helpful. Only you can determine the best course of action for your fibroid treatment. However, I implore you to meet with Dr. Parker prior to making any final choices. He is an expert in the field and very knowledgeable of all the options for fibroid treatment. I am grateful to him for the care I received and recommend him wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Wendy – Ely, NV:

Dr. Parker performed a laparascopic supracervical hysterectomy (uterus removal only). I chose this option because I had a huge fibroid pressing on my urethra causing 6 years of urinary problems – felt like I had to urinate all the time, even after urinating! Keeping me up at nights and even worse were the times when I had a full bladder but couldn’t get urine out. I had been to many doctors and no one could figure out the problem. The fibroid was found on MRI. The first gynecologist wanted to remove everything, including the cervix & ovaries due to my age being almost 50, and put me on an Estrogen patch. I researched online and in books, and decided I only wanted to remove my uterus. I am so happy I found Dr. Parker. He is the best doctor ever! I loved him immediately! He is so nice to talk to and on top of that, he is very skilled surgeon. It’s been a couple of months now since my surgery, and I’m doing great!

K – Los Angeles, California:

Best Decision, Best Doctor EVER!!

My ordeal began over five years ago when I started to frequent the bathroom much more often than normal. It was soon discovered that I had a small pedunculated fibroid. Instead of rushing into any type of surgery we decided to take the “wait and watch” route.

In follow-up checks, my relatively small fibroid was continuing to grow but strangely enough and to my excitement my symptom had disappeared. Being that it was now not symptomatic, we continued to just wait and monitor it.

Time went on and my health insurance changed as did my doctor. In seeing my new doctor, I was strongly advised to leave the fibroid alone and not consider surgery. I was told removing it would cause much more damage and more complications than leaving it there. I was also told that the surgery could have a negative impact on trying to get pregnant, as removing it could cause damage to my uterus. I do not have any children yet but plan to, so hearing this scared me even more. I sincerely believed this doctor and therefore was now extremely afraid of surgery.

I still continued to have it checked and knew it had to be growing because not only did I feel it but I saw it protruding from my belly. My doctor was still insistent on leaving it alone and told me it wasn’t any bigger. (Never was an MRI suggested to truly gauge the size).

This fibroid was now looming over me daily. Each morning laying in bed I’d see this large bump, I knew it couldn’t just stay in there, this wasn’t right and was causing me nothing but grief and anxiety! The stress of this was increasing, my need to frequent the bathroom returned but now being so terrified of this surgery, I was frozen! So I just continued to suffer feeling I had no option.

…But…it couldn’t stay in there much longer. As my belly started to grow and grow I knew something had to be done.

I started researching on the internet hoping to find an answer, the right answer, my answer and thankfully I DID! I came across Dr. Parker’s website and in an instant knew…here is my answer! Not even having met him yet, I already felt such a sense of relief in just knowing there is a doctor/surgeon out there who is such an expert in this field. I called immediately. Once my required MRI was completed, I scheduled my appointment and met with Dr. Parker. To my dismay, my fibroid grew to 20cm! Dr. Parker was not concerned nor shaken by the size. In fact, he even said he could possibly remove it laparoscopically. I decided to have it removed abdominally but WOW, to say you can possibly remove such a large mass laparoscopically speaks such volumes to Dr. Parker’s immense skill and ability! He exudes such confidence and made me feel so comfortable, so at ease, so relaxed.

This fibroid, this surgery that I feared for so many years, I now was eager to tackle and get rid of once and for all!…and this is because of the wonderful doctor I had before me! He gave me such strength. I knew all was going to be fine in his capable and skilled hands.

Surgery went without a hitch. Of course the morning of, I was a little anxious but when Dr. Parker came to see me before going in, his calming spirit quickly put me in a relaxed state of mind. My hospital stay was only two nights and was very pleasant, as were all of the nurses/staff. Dr. Parker saw me each morning and called each night.

Recovery has gone great. I am just amazed at the low level of discomfort I experienced after having a nearly “Five Pound” fibroid removed! Because Dr. Parker cares so much and wants to keep his patients as comfortable as possible, he places a pain pump (that stays in for about five days) which automatically releases an anesthetic directly into the incision site to manage, control, nearly eliminate pain. It’s awesome! I never had the need to take any pain meds. My first week post-op I was already moving about on my own with little trouble. I attribute this to Dr. Parker’s remarkable and gentle surgical skills. Amazing. Simply Amazing! I feel fantastic and I’m finally fibroid free!!

Dr. Parker really is unlike any other. He genuinely cares about his patients and restoring their lives. He truly is a blessing! To be in his care is an honor!

Thank You Dr. Parker for giving me my life back. This huge weight both literally and mentally has been lifted and I can breathe free again! You are my hero!!

C.D. – Denver, Colorado:

“Fibroids? What’s that?” I asked my gynecology nurse practionier. “Oh, it’s just a fibroid – it’s nothing to worry about.” Well, guess what – it apparently was something to worry about…

Over time I had noticed a large lump on my abdomen and started experiencing slightly heavier periods. My gynecologist ordered an ultrasound and discovered multiple fibroids. He then placed me on Provera supposedly to turn off further menstruation and referred me to a surgeon. Unfortunately, it took nearly four months to get in to see the first of several surgeons. During that time the Provera, which was supposed to have stopped my cycles so as to prevent heavy bleeding did just the opposite. I ended up with non-stop extremely heavy bleeding everyday with fist sized blood clots. It was terrifying to say the least.

When I finally had my appointment with the surgeon I was told my uterus was comparable to a 22 week pregnancy and there were “too many fibroids to count.” The surgeon explained I would have to have at least 4 blood transfusions and a minimum of two surgeries, and even then there was no guarantee I would be able to keep my uterus. I began looking for another surgeon for a second opinion and during this time I had collected my medical records from both the surgeon and my regular gynecologist and found other “phantom” Doctors had been consulted on my case without my knowledge. My records were full of comments such as, “Forget about it – keeping the uterus is out of the question”, “She should have a hysterectomy”, “Patient appeared paralyzed regarding surgery decision”, and “If does not utilize donor eggs/IVF, then total abdominal hysterectomy only.”, and finally, “that boat has already sailed”.

I found another surgeon for a second opinion on my case. This Doctor ordered an MRI and was able to at least tell me about the number and sizes of the fibroids. Unfortunately, he continually explained that he did not truly know if my tumors were cancerous or not and wanted to perform a surgery right away. He stated his method would be a large vertical incision during a minimum six hour long surgery in which I more than likely would lose the uterus anyway, or be left with “a non-functional piece of salami” for a uterus.

After seeing several Doctors I was frustrated and at my wits end. I started searching the internet for information on fibroids and came across Dr. Parker’s website I decided to forward a copy of my MRI to Dr. Parker not even sure I would ever receive a response. A few days later, I received a phone call from Dr. Parker’s office stating he would like to take me as a patient and I scheduled a phone consultation. The phone consultation was incredible – I had a list of over 20 questions I had sent to Dr. Parker before our phone call and he took the time to answer every single one of them and not once seemed rushed or impatient with me. I knew that this was the Doctor to perform my surgery even though I had never met him face to face. I immediately booked a surgery.

My family truly thought traveling from Denver to Los Angeles to have a surgery was absolutely crazy, and there were many unfounded fears and irrational arguments but in the end it was the best decision I have ever made. Dr. Parker repaired my enlarged 21 week sized uterus with multiple subserosal and intramural fibroids including one endometrial polyp — and I still have my uterus, and I didn’t have to have a single unit of blood during surgery.

Dr. Parker was truly amazing. He checked in on me twice a day while in the hospital. He called me every evening to see how I was feeling. I was out of the hospital within three days and was able to walk, go out to restaurants, and walk the beach. I would highly recommend Dr. Parker. He definitely goes above and beyond. Dr. Parker put sunshine back into my life, a spring in my step and a smile on my face and I feel like I have my life back again. Words just can’t describe how thankful and blessed I am to have found Dr. Parker.

If you are like me and are frustrated, scared, confused, and just feeling hopeless about your fibroid situation take it from me: there is hope and miracles do happen. Be strong and don’t be afraid – get a second opinion from Dr. Parker!

CG – Los Angeles, CA:

I saw my gynecologist in the spring of 2012 because of my inability to urinate if I had waited too long. Too long being anything between 20 minutes and one hour. Car trips were a nightmare.

After an MRI she saw the reason, a fibroid the size of a softball was sitting on my bladder. I have known her for over a decade and trusted her opinion. She said the ONLY surgeon to see for laparoscopic surgery on my fibroid was Dr. William Parker.

I met with Dr. Parker and was put immediately at ease. He took the time to go over all of my MRI films and explained everything to me in depth. I decided to go ahead with the surgery and booked it the following month.

Dr. Parker removed my large fibroid along with two smaller ones. I was home that afternoon. I was very sore the first couple of days but within a week was feeling much better. I was now able to sleep without having to urinate every hour through the night.

His follow-up care was also incredible. I can’t recommend him highly enough. I feel so lucky to have had him as my surgeon.

Asha – San Antonio, Texas:

Dr. Parker was my sixth opinion. After suffering for three years with painful cramps, menstrual blood clots and prolonged bleeding I was exhausted. My hemoglobin dropped to 3.9. By then  I had visited five doctors to see if there was any way they could remove the fibroid that was responsible  for the bleeding. Every doctor I visited would not even look at ultrasound images. They would just hand me an information brochure about Da Vinci robotic Hysterectomy. They suggested hysterectomy is the best treatment as it is easier to take out the uterus than to remove a single fibroid .  Nice explanation from a doctor.

Many doctors are looking for guinea pigs and some patients like me don’t want to end up as guinea pigs in the hands of unskilled surgeons. So my option was to look for a doctor who could study the images and then help me make a decision. I even consulted an UFE (Interventional Radiologist ) specialist prior to seeing Dr. Parker. I was not convinced when he said the UFE procedure could cause flu like symptoms , pain , cramping  and  it takes a long time for the body to expel the fibroid.  I felt there got to be a way out and my quick internet search helped me find Dr Parker. I had a 6cm fibroid in the endometrial cavity (submucosal). 

When I first called Dr. Parker’s assistant to schedule for a consultation  she refused to give me an appointment. She  mentioned that Dr Parker needs a pelvic MRI and screens his patients.  I just mailed the MRI disk and ten days later I got an email with the time for consultation.  Dr Parker emailed me the images of the fibroid in the endometrial cavity and answered my questions. Towards the end of the conversation I requested him for the next consultation which was basically for the surgery (hysteroscopic myomectomy using a resectoscope). My surgery was scheduled and the surgery was done. My recovery was quick.  Six hours after the surgery my bleeding and pain stopped and I was moving around.  The doctor also kept my husband and son informed prior to and after the surgery.  He is very kind and follows up with his patients.  He is very experienced doctor who works with cutting edge technologies, equipment and tools and also makes the patient aware of the limitations and benefits of different types of surgical procedures

Dr Parker is doctor who truly takes care of his patients.  


I give Dr. Parker all the stars, the highest recommendation. 

Dr. Parker successfully removed 55 fibroids from my uterus after I was told nothing could be done. He removed the big ones, but he also plucked out all the little ones too, leaving nothing to grow back. 

Before surgery, I looked like I was 5 or 6 months pregnant, I had to pee all the time and it was painful to exercise and sometimes it was just painful. After surgery, my uterus went back to an almost normal size, my stomach is soft and flat. I have no pain, I pee a normal number of times a day and I can run and play basketball like I used to. 

He even made the scar look nice. 

I would have been satisfied with just great results, but as an added bonus, Dr. Parker is also an amazing person. He answered every single question I had, even the repeats, with respect and kindness. He explained things in a way that made sense and didn’t make me feel rushed. He took pictures during the surgery (I assume someone else took them) so he could show me what happened and explain it all afterward. 

I wish Dr. Parker could be my doctor for everything.

If you’ve been told that you’re fibroids are untreatable, that you can’t carry a baby, that you’ll just have to live with it until they shrink at menopause (I was told all these things), definitely see Dr. Parker before you give up. 

C – Nevada:

I suffered from extremely heavy bleeding from many, many fibroids, the largest ones being of grapefruit and apple sizes. Not only did this make my monthly period a life restriction (never being far from a restroom and always having to wear black pants for constant fear of the inevitable leaks) but it made me look 4 months pregnant. My ob-gyn had only 1 solution, a full hysterectomy. This was not the way I wanted to go and I couldn’t believe that there was no alternative. Despite pressing questions on alternative options I was consistently told “hysterectomy is the only way”. At this point I took to the internet to do my own research and thankfully I found the wonderful Dr Parker. He carefully and thoroughly explained that there were options and went through all of them. A laparoscopic myomectomy was the best option for me and I was in and out of the facility within 5 hours, which was an important aspect to me.

I was given lots of great tips, compiled by Dr Parker and fellow previous patients, for what to take on the day and these alone showed the close attention to detail as they were so well thought out.

At the follow up appointments Dr Parker was again so caring and thorough and took as much time as I needed. There’s never any sense of being rushed. In fact for one appointment I had to wait a little time, but not too much!, but was informed by his, wonderful, office staff that he was still with another patient. Usually in such cases you might feel inclined to be annoyed at having to wait but I could only think that at one point I was that new patient talking through my issues and being grateful for Dr Parker’s full, unhurried time and attention. He’s worth the wait! Moral of my tale, don’t believe that there are no alternatives other than a full hysterectomy for your fibroid troubles. If it’s all your ob-gyn knows how can they offer alternatives? Talk to Dr Parker, he’ll tell you openly and honestly of the options and if you choose to go with him, you couldn’t be in better, skilled hands! 

K. Barnes – Los Angeles, California:

I didn’t even know that I had a fibroid until I got pregnant with my first child and it grew to 7in diameter from the pregnancy hormones. Unfortunately I lost my baby from pre-eclampsia when I was 27 weeks pre-natal. I was left with a fibroid that was big enough for strangers to continually ask me when I was due. This was troubling from what I had experienced so I started researching and found Dr. Parker online and was grateful that he was a specialist and that he was in my vicinity. Even though the fibroid was huge, Dr.Parker was able to perform the minimally invasive (laparoscopic) myomectomy surgery. I was so happy that I wouldn’t have to have the abdominal surgery! This was the best news I had heard in a long time. I was in and out of the hospital the same day! Even though the fibroid was 1.5 pounds, my recovery time was quick and he was very helpful in his instructions and knowledge. His skills and experience are unmatched!

Julie B.:

Dr. Parker is hands down one of the he best Dr’s I have seen. I went to several gynecologist in Orange County that assured me I needed a hysterectomy to remove my 15cm fibroid. I was not going to accept that for an answer and searched the internet for a Dr. that specialized in fibroids. I found Dr. Parker and was very impressed with him at my consultation.  He was very knowledgeable and confident in explaining the procedure and aftercare. I scheduled my surgery but started hemorrhaging prior to my surgery date.  Dr. Parker saw me and scheduled immediate emergency surgery. Surgery and aftercare went very well even though it was not a planned surgery. Dr. Parker was able to remove the large fibroid through my c-section scar which looks better than before.  I am so thankful I found such an experienced specialist that was able to remove my fibroid without a hysterectomy or blood transfusion even though I had been hemorrhaging for 3 days prior to surgery.  Dr Parker is  amazing he was a life saver for me! I am forever grateful! If you are able to schedule your surgery with him I would definitely recommend to do so you will be very happy and fibroid free!


I had great experience with Dr Parker.  He cares and really knows his stuff.  From talking to him he continually studies up on fibroids and is very involved in cutting edge advances in this field.  I like a doctor who is interested in what he does and not just doing the same old stuff on autopilot.   His website is also a wealth of information.  I had Laparoscopic surgery on a 10cm fibroid, and a couple smaller ones.  Recovery was super fast and I wasn’t that uncomfortable during the 2 week recovery phase.  I took very little pain pills, a few days only.  I now have no attention on my body and rarely need an afternoon nap anymore.  My case was not severe but I just didn’t feel great in general physically.  Now I just feel myself and get a lot of work done each day.  Sex is better, less discomfort, and periods are lighter.  The scars are really small and fading.

L. – Los Angeles, California:

Don’t be scared by fibroids. Dr. Parker is there to rescue.

I was constipated for a long time, yet I thought it was because I did not have enough fiber in my diet. I had frequent urination for a long time, yet I thought it was simply because I drank a lot of coffee. As these symptoms got worse, I finally decided to see my family doctor. She ordered ultrasound. A few days later, I got a phone call saying I have a 10.2cm fibroid.

There was nothing prepared me for this news. I was shocked. As reality kicked in, I got panic and started internet searching to understand what fibroid is and find the best surgeon in the field. Dr. Parker’s website popped out, and it has all the information I was trying to find, including a video of a laparoscopic myomectomy that he performed. I remember watching the video and telling myself that I want him to be my surgeon.

I sent my ultrasound results along with the screening form to his office. Shortly, I received a call saying he would take me as a new patient. After obtaining the MRI result, I scheduled a second opinion consultation with him (since I was in a different medical network at that time). Instead of reading the conclusion directly from the report, he went through the image with me. He pointed out that in addition to the big fibroid I have two other smaller fibroids. He explained that fibroid growth may not be linear by showing me a case study. One controversial process is morcellation. He explained why the FDA’s analysis which concluded that morcellation has 1/352 chance of spreading uterine cancer is flawed. (It is because they used the wrong key words in the literature search.) He offered me six treatment options, and discussed in depth with me. I decided to go with the minimally invasive laparoscopic myomectomy. He answered all of my questions and concerns. I was impressed with his professionalism, knowledge and experience, but it is his warmth and genuine heart that impressed me the most. He really cares about me as a patient.

Fast forward to the day of my surgery at Santa Monica UCLA surgery center, Dr. Parker visited me in the outpatient pre-op room, his confident smile and firm handshake calmed me down. I knew I was in good hands. The surgery went really well. I decided to stay overnight in the hospital. The nurses were so friendly and professional. They really took good care of me. I was able to walk to the bathroom and walk a few rounds by myself. The next morning, Dr. Parker visited me again. He examined me and gave me before and after pictures before I checked out. At day 2, I was able to walk a few blocks in the neighborhood. I highly recommend reading “Dr. Parker’s discharge instructions and suggestions after laparoscopic surgery”. I found it very helpful in terms of shopping for supply before the surgery, and very reassuring after the surgery. I went back to work 17 days after the surgery. Now, 5 months post-surgery, I feel great and energetic. I’m on the way to a full recovery. Thank you Dr. Parker and your crews. I don’t wish anyone to have fibroids. But if you do, Dr. Parker is the one to go with.


I was fortunate to stumble across Dr. Parker’s website as I searched for information on fibroids. His website is a wealth of information with a focus to educate women on their medical options and teach them to be advocates for themselves.

Meeting with Dr. Parker was a very enlightening experience as he was able to shed light on my frustrating situation.  For the past few years, I had experienced heavy and persistent bleeding. I was told it was mostly due to a uterine fibroid. After an MRI, he was able to conclude that the fibroid was not the only cause of my bleeding, but that I had developed adenomyosis.  He explained that it would not behoove me to have a myomectomy because the adenomyosis (an issue with the inner lining of my uterus) would continue to cause irregular periods.  Dr. Parker took the time to thoroughly explain my condition and presented me with various options.   I chose to go the route of a laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy.  I would like to make it clear that Dr. Parker never talked me into a hysterectomy, but rather gave me my options.

Needles to say, the surgery went incredibly smooth with a quick recovery and minimal pain.  Dr. Parker is a gifted and accomplished surgeon. He takes his time explaining one’s condition and allows you to ask as many questions as you want. He is warm with a great bedside manner.  Additionally, my experience at Santa Monica UCLA was extremely positive.  The staff was friendly, efficient and professional. I was able to leave the hospital the same afternoon.  I feel blessed to have found such an incredibly knowledgeable and talented doctor.


Dr. Parker is phenomenal!  I couldn’t be more pleased with the entire experience.  He is attentive, cares about his patients and takes the time out to answer questions.  He analyzes your individual situation before giving recommendations.  His expertise and knowledge in the field put me at ease.  Dr. Parker was very informative and explained my fibroid procedure in great detail.  While in the hospital, he was also very attentive, checking on me every morning and contacting me every afternoon.

I highly recommend Dr Parker!


I needed to remove a large fibroid from my uterus in order to have a chance at pregnancy.  Prior to seeing doctor Parker I have been told by another physician that the only way to remove it is through a belly incision. Basically a very involved operation after which one is hospitalized for two weeks and the over all recovery lasts a few months.  I was never informed that there is another possibility. Before giving up I researched on line for other options and that’s when I found by chance Dr. Parker who does fibroid removal laparoscopically. I made an appointment right away.

From the first meeting I got a very comfortable feeling with Dr. Parker.  I knew that I was talking to a very experienced surgeon who I can fully trust.  He took time to explain everything to me in a very patient  manner. My fibroid qualified to be removed laparoscopically and I scheduled an operation.  I was nervous but Dr Parker and his staff were very nice and reassuring.  My operation went very well and I didn’t feel a thing !  The only recovery was from anesthesia which lasted a few hours and everything else was perfect without any pain afterwards!  I recommend this surgeon to any woman who is having problems with fibroids.  I think he is the best there is !!! Good person, honest and great at what he does! You don’t need to be butchered to have your fibroids removed, have it done with a great surgeon laparoscopically !


My story originates almost 10 years ago when I was told I had “multiple fibroids” after an abdominal ultrasound. I was just told to just live with them by my gynecologist since they weren’t really causing me any issues, so I did…for almost 10 years….until they grew to the point where my uterus was the size of a 4 1/2 month pregnancy. Thats when I started to get a little alarmed and went to my gynecologist to have something done about them. I was sent for an ultrasound where they again saw the numerous fibroids I had and one that was extremely large and irregular looking so they sent me for an MRI to have a closer look at it. The radiologist said it was just a degenerating fibroid, however my gynecologist felt it could be cancerous because of its appearance and recommended I have a hysterectomy. I was terrified at the possibility of having cancer and horrified at the thought of having my uterus removed even though I am 40, however I had never had children. I told my gynecologist I wanted to get a second opinion. If someone was going to cut me open, they were going to be the best in the field and I knew my gynecologist didnt fit the bill.

So I literally typed these words into google “best fibroid surgeon” and Dr. Parker’s name kept coming up over and over again. I read the numerous rave reviews about Dr. Parker from other women and then when I found his website with the plethora of helpful information I knew that Dr. Parker was the surgeon I was going to trust to remove my fibroids. Also, his philosopy on preserving a woman’s uterus really really sold me becuase that was so so important to me.

I immediately made an appointment with Dr. Parker. We went over all my symptoms, he read my radiology reports, and looked at my MRI and assured me he could perform my surgery with no problems. He also layed my cancer fears to rest by letting me know there was a 99% chance I didnt have cancer in one of my tumors and the blood test he gave me pre-op confirmed it.

I had an abdominal myomectomy with Dr. Parker on October 29th 2013 (I will never forget this date). Dr. Parker removed 18 fibroids from my body and I am eternally grateful to him. He gave me my body back free of these tumors and I cannot thank him enough. I am honored to write this review of Dr. Parker because he has done so much for me. My surgery went well, I lost minimal amounts of blood and he sewed me up so well that now (almost 3 months post op) my incision scar looks really good and its only going to get better.

So in closing, I want to urge any woman to not allow your gynecologist to talk you into getting a hysterectomy just because its an easier surgery for them to perform than a myomectory. GO SEE DR. PARKER. He has the skill, the knowledge, the expertise that your everyday gynecologist does not have. Not to mention, he is just a nice person and he wants to help women perserve their body parts.


I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Parker. In July I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. My doctor referred me to an oncologist for a second opinion – which needless to say had me concerned. I did not have a good experience with the doctor that she referred me to. The oncologist basically asked if I was willing to “take it all out” meaning hysterectomy. He said this to me prior to actually examining me. I never went back. Luckily, I have a friend who recommended Dr. Parker. Not only did I walk out of his office after meeting with him the first time completely relieved but also I knew exactly what was going on with me and what my options were. Surgery was the last option, however it turned out to be the best option. On December 30th I had a laparoscopic cystectomy. My surgery went great and my recovery went extremely well. I highly recommend Dr. Parker. He kept me well informed every step of the way and I felt completely confident that I was in good hands. His office staff was also great. Always very polite and friendly anytime I called or visited.


I am so thankful for Dr. Parker. After suffering for two years, I underwent a very successful abdominal myomectomy to remove a 16cm fibroid and two smaller ones (total four pounds) by Dr. Parker. The recovery has been almost painless; I only took Motrin twice after the surgery nothing stronger with his new surgical techniques. I was able to walk the night of the surgery and have been walking every day to help the recovery. Right now March 31th, I am in post-surgery week three. I am feeling great. Dr. Parker gave me a second life. He is phenomenal, both as a skilled surgeon and compassionate human being! I thank God to let me have the opportunity to find him.

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with a 13cm fibroid and two smaller ones. My gynecologist’s recommendation was a hysterectomy. I was totally afraid of any surgery at this time in my life even though I previously had two C-sections, so I tried to cure the fibroids naturally using natural remedies and diet. A year later, time wasted, the fibroids grew larger, and they were impacting my quality of life. I interviewed with two local doctors that still recommended performing a hysterectomy. After researching alternatives to hysterectomy, I was convinced a myomectomy would be the best solution removing only the fibroids. I am totally against removing the organs God gave me.

So, I started searching for the best doctor to perform a myomectomy. Dr. Parker’s website caught my attention. After watching his surgical recording on YouTube, his skill was like watching a classical piano concert. Compared to another doctor’s YouTube which looked like in a war, I felt so difficult. At this point, I knew I had to choose Dr. Parker no matter how far we had to travel. … In my pre-operation visit with Dr. Parker it confirmed my feelings about him from the phone consultation – his kindness, his caring for patients, his expertise, all in all, I was very confident in Dr. Parker. I knew I was in good hands and I was totally worry free. I highly recommend Dr. Parker to all women with fibroids. Thank you again Dr. William Parker and your team!!!

NP – Portland, Oregon:

I initially went to see the doctors with symptoms of heavy periods, abdominal pain, and fatigue. I was given ultrasounds and told everything was fine, nine months later I was in the emergency room and diagnosed with a large ovarian cyst and sent home for watchful waiting. Four weeks later, I was back for emergency surgery due to ovarian torsion.

It was not until three months after that surgery and still not feeling myself that I requested copies of my medical records and ultrasounds. I was very frustrated to see that a year ago the ultrasound showed a fibroid and it was growing. When I questioned my gynecologist she dismissed me, and said it should not be a problem; that I had three choices, take hormones to suppress the growth, hysterectomy, or watchful waiting. I initially chose watchful waiting while I did my research; I was only 45 years old, why have a hysterectomy and remove your uterus when it was healthy? The fibroid was the problem not the uterus. Initially I was told we only need to do ultrasounds every year to monitor, but when the ultrasound was performed and compared to previous images, it was noted the fibroid was growing fast and I should be checked every 6 months.

Once again I requested my medical records and found that at the rate the fibroid was growing I would be huge soon. It was evident, ‘watchful waiting’ meant either suffer through the symptoms or concede to the hysterectomy. Those options were not acceptable. I started researching my options and went for a second, third, and fourth opinion; I saw naturopaths, acupuncturist, dieticians, anything to slow the growth of the fibroid. With each visit I asked myself the same questions, do I feel this doctor would be able to remove the whole fibroid and do I trust them that when I wake up from the surgery that I would still have my uterus? When I answered no, I knew that I would not be having a surgery performed by that doctor. It became apparent that I would not find the right doctor in Portland, so I went to the internet to widen the search.

I found the website for Dr. Parker and was pleased to find that I was not being unreasonable, that having a fibroid does not mean you must have a hysterectomy. I loved the references to research that showed choices and studies for different types, sizes, and numbers of fibroids.  After researching my options I decided that based on the size of my fibroid, I preferred the choice of a myomectomy and I felt Dr. Parker had the expertise that I needed and made an appointment.

Upon meeting Dr. Parker I instantly felt at ease. He was the first doctor that actually had the MRI images in front of him while discussing my fibroid, other doctors did not. He was so patient in answering all of my long list of questions, he even encouraged more questions, another first. I knew that Dr. Parker would be the surgeon to remove the fibroid.

After discussions with Dr. Parker I decided to have the laparoscopic myomectomy. I read the concerns regarding the morcellation risks and with the MRI and blood tests decided that was the right choice for me.

The day of surgery, Dr. Parker came in, he was so positive and calm, which helped me to stay calm. After the surgery I knew instantly that I still had my uterus, Dr. Parker came in and confirmed that all went well. Since I had travelled from Portland, I decided to stay overnight in the hospital. It turned out to be a good call as I received excellent care from the nurses. The next morning, I had a visit from Dr. Parker before being discharged. I stayed a few days in California, had my post-op appointment with Dr. Parker and then drove back to Oregon.

I was pleasantly surprised with how well my recovery was progressing, after a few days I was only taking Advil. In comparison to the laparoscopic surgery where the right ovary was removed, the laparoscopic myomectomy performed by Dr. Parker was a far easier recovery. Which I entirely attribute to the skill and expertise of Dr. Parker. I am so happy that I had a choice other than hysterectomy, and I had the good fortune to find Dr. Parker; for which I am eternally grateful.

Life without fibroids is awesome. Two months later, I am back to normal cycles. I appreciate not having to schedule my day around bathroom visits for two weeks each month. I have so much more energy and can wear normal clothes again. My three years of accommodating the fibroid is over! Thank You Dr. Parker!

Michelle B.  – Los Angeles, California:

Dr. Parker is truly a Godsend physician. If you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable physician who is an expert in the removal of fibroids, Dr. Parker is the one for you. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with Dr. Parker.  He removed over a dozen fibroids from my uterus and I had no pain from the very first day of surgery and throughout my five week recovery.  To say that Dr. Parker is a great doctor is an understatement.  His knowledge on the subject of fibroids is unsurpassable. I am so glad that I researched and found Dr. Parker and even more grateful that he was available to perform my fibroid removal surgery.  If you have any doubt about a previous diagnosis from other doctors, please don’t hesitate to go and see Dr. Parker.  He is simply the best and I consider myself blessed to have found him.

J.M.D – Midwest:

Five months ago, my situation looked very bleak with no solution in sight, I was living with excruciating pain, heavy bleeding, chronic anemia and very poor quality of life resulting from multiple fibroids for 4 long years. I consulted with up to 5 OBGYN doctors in 2 different states and they all gave me one option—total hysterectomy, a couple of them looked me in the eye and said, ‘attempting myomectomy with these many fibroids could be fatal, there would be uncontrolled bleeding during surgery’. Of course I became very nervous, considering that this was going to be my second myomectomy- the first was a complete waste of time and money 4.5 years ago by another surgeon who left almost 70% of the fibroids behind after the surgery because they were too ‘’deeply embedded in the cavity’’ – his words!. I was undeterred and hoped that there’s got to be a doctor out there with a different opinion. I sought referrals from friends, family and searched the internet and one day, I found Dr. Parker’s website with his patient comments—after reading many of their stories, I was ready and willing to make the long travel to Santa Monica to know if my case would even be considered. I sent copies of my MRI and ultrasound to his office and with the help of his amazing staff, particularly Christina, I was able to finally see Dr. Parker. The moment I walked into his office and talked to him, I knew I had come to the right surgeon. He was very thorough at my initial consultation and was pretty confident about the prospects of success. I found Dr. Parker to be extremely kind and easy to talk to, also, his confidence about the procedure was pretty reassuring, he put me at ease and assured me that myomectomy isn’t ‘Rocket Science’ and that he would be able to remove every single one of my 32 monstrous fibroids! It was simply unbelievable, best news I’ve got in 4+ years! I had my surgery a few weeks later under his excellent expertise and care without a single drop of blood transfusion.

 Following my surgery, I received the best post op support possible; Dr. Parker and his residents called and visited with me at the hospital despite their very busy schedule. After I was discharged from the hospital, Dr. Parker continued to check on my progress via telephone and addressed every single question and concerns that I had. I still continue to benefit from the huge resource available on Dr. Parkers website for my post op care. I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon. I have made excellent progress in just 3 weeks and beginning to enjoy normal life again.

Ladies, if you’re reading this, your search just ended.  Please, don’t delay, take advantage of Dr. Parker’s top notch experience and skills, he is a gift to us all. Don’t subject yourself to an unwanted hysterectomy, get a second opinion from Dr. Parker—I have my quality of life back, and I got to keep my precious uterus! It’s a win win situation. It doesn’t matter where you’re travelling from or who you are, you will receive an up to date and well informed expertise from Dr. Parker just as I did. It is so awesome not to constantly plan my life around my crazy pre myomectomy heavy cycle anymore.  I can’t thank Dr. Parker enough for his delightful care and essentially giving me back my quality of life! 


Dr. Parker is nothing short of brilliant and a true credit to his profession. During our consultation it was very clear that he was not only extremely knowledgeable but he was kind, considerate and happy to answer all my questions (which was appreciated)!  I also found his website and educational videos most helpful.

As a nutritionist who took the time to do much research hysterectomy was my last resort and the only option offered to me by numerous doctors both in the U.S. as well as Canada.

One of my Fibroids was 15 cm x 12cm which was causing unpleasant symptoms to say the least.

Exhausted after two and a half years of suffering I finally was booked for a hysterectomy when I was fortunate enough to be given Dr. Parkers information by Dr. Raman who is a radiologist at UCLA.

Three and a half weeks after laparoscopic surgery I already feel better than I have in much too long. This option was literally a dream come true. It took exceptional skill to deal with a fibroid this size in this way.  I could not be happier to say the least!!!!

Three days after surgery I found the pain manageable and was able to get off of pain-relievers.

I feel both, incredibly blessed and grateful for my personal outcome and really sad to the many women who underwent hysterectomy’s which might have been avoided ( if they too were lucky enough to came across Dr. Parker).

I will do everything I can to share this information with as many people as possible.

Thank you Dr. Parker I could not be happier!!!


I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am to have found Dr. Parker to be my surgeon in the removal of my 27(!) fibroids.  Before I describe my story, you need to know that I have always been the most diligent individual about my gynecological health.  Since I was 15, I went to every annual check-up without missing the one-year mark by a day, I never took birth control pills, and I got my periods on the dot every 26-28 days.  I wanted to make sure I was healthy so that when I decide to get pregnant, everything would be easy. Unfortunately, some things we simply cannot prevent.  About a year ago, I realized something was wrong when my periods were so heavy that they prevented me from essentially functioning on at least one of the days during the cycle I had numerous conversations with my OB/GYN at the time about it and each time he assured me that it was probably nothing and likely a result of flying between two cities too often. It was July 2015 when I called him the first time and I just had my annual check-up in February.  After doing some extensive research on my own, I naturally panicked reading about fibroids, endometriosis and other horrors. Despite my fears, my doctor did not think it was anything.  In November of 2015, my fiance finally convinced me to make an appointment with the doctor and do an ultrasound.  During the appointment, my doctor had to only feel my stomach with his hands before he got a worried look on his face and asked me how old I was.  “30,” I said with my heart dropping when I heard his tone.  He performed an ultrasound and promptly and coldly informed me that I have 4-5 fibroids and will need to monitor them to make sure they don’t grow bigger.  I felt like I got hit by a ton of bricks.  How could this be? I had a healthy diet, I exercised, and I protected that part of my body so carefully my whole life. And most importantly, I was getting married in less than a year and more than anything I wanted to be able to have kids. 

I went to five different doctors before I found Dr. Parker.  I was told my chances of getting pregnant could be slim to none, that I may need a hysteroctomy in the middle of my procedure, and that even if the uterus remains intact, the fibroids will inevitably grow back within a few months.  I tried all types of low estrogen diets, spent thousands of dollars on naturopath doctors, supplements, and tests.  Everything came back normal.  Except my uterus, of course.  I wanted to avoid surgery but after an MRI showed about 15 fibroids ranging in 1-9cm in size, I knew I had no choice. I was about to settle on a doctor who did not sound very optimistic when my fiance and I found Dr. Parker via a simple Google search. The information on his website and the reviews were so comforting that I had to meet with him.  

During my first appointment with Dr. Parker, I knew that I found “my doctor” who I could trust. He made me feel comfortable and assured that this was not the end and that if the surgery is done right, it will not hurt my chances of getting pregnant.  It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.  I trusted him completely right there and then.  When I arrived for surgery, Dr. Parker met with me to see if I had any questions and again assured me that everything will be ok.  You really don’t know how important it is to have a doctor who is this caring until you are in the hospital preparing for a surgery that everyone told you could take away your ability to have children.  When I woke up from the surgery, I was told there were 27 fibroids that were removed.  I wanted to cry but I also felt a sense of relief when I was told everything went well.  That night, after the general anesthesia wore off, Dr. Parker called me at the hospital to explain the surgery in details. During the entire recovery, Dr. Parker was always checking in on me and always available for any questions or concerns I had.  

I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for Dr. Parker.  I feel like I have my life back again.  I feel energy, my periods have gotten much better, and I cannot wait to try having kids later this year I was a step away from making the biggest mistake of my life and going with the wrong surgeon.  Dr. Parker is simply a gift to women suffering with this terrible ailment and I urge you to talk to him first before wasting your time and nerves meeting with doctors who do nothing except terrify women into thinking there are no options.  Thank you, Dr. Parker for your immense understanding, caring, and undeniable skills.  


It is truly a challenge to rate Dr. Parker high enough. His skill level, authentic concern for women’s health issues and compassion for his patients is unsurpassed.

A year ago it was discovered that I had a large fibroid that needed to be removed. I began my search for the best possible treatment and was met with resistance to any option other than a hysterectomy. I asked several doctors about removing just the fibroid and was told by three doctors that removing the fibroid wasn’t an option- ” it was too large, growing too fast, was likely cancerous, and a hysterectomy would be “easiest”.

Not one of the doctors explained the fibroid and its impact on my health the way Dr. Parker did. In fact, when I met with Dr. Parker, I found out that none of what I’d been told was true. First of all, the fibroid could be removed, and a hysterectomy was not only unnecessary, but in my case could have been dangerous. Secondly, it is incredibly unlikely that a fibroid is cancerous, and thirdly, the fibroid was not too large to be surgically removed without taking my uterus and cervix.

After challenging the insurance company through three denials for any treatment option other than a hysterectomy ( a surgery that I did not need for a benign tumor), I finally had the blessing of meeting with Dr. Parker.   He spent two hours consulting with me, discussing absolutely everything in detail; the fibroid itself, treatment options, and he was impressively knowledgeable answering all of my questions. I wasn’t rushed, and was shown diagrams to help me understand the situation, as well as reviewed my MRI with him- as he detailed all that we were seeing on the report.  After all information was presented, we made the decision schedule an open myomectomy ( with a small horizontal incision below the bikini line). I was absolutely confident I was in the care of the best doctor available for this surgery. After the surgery, (which was very difficult due to the position and size of the fibroid, and required a high surgical skill level), Dr. Parker called each night that I was recovering in the hospital, and stopped by in the mornings to see how I was doing and update me on my progress.

It is now 2 weeks after my surgery. I am recovering beautifully, feel well, and my incision looks fantastic. Today when I met with Dr. Parker we discussed the success of the surgery and how it has immediately solved the incontinence and retaining urine problems that I was having. The pain, cramps and pressure caused by the fibroid, that had become severe and almost unbearable, are gone- completely.  Dr. Parker is providing an incredibly valuable service to women, and I am so grateful for his skill, expertise and professionalism, as well as his very human and compassionate approach. After a year of suffering, I have my life back. And still have my uterus, too. Thank you Dr. Parker!

DJ – Los Angeles, California:

I am a 50-year old woman who had been suffering from extremely heavy menstrual bleeding, chronic bloatedness, abdominal discomfort, and frequent urination Because of my age, I had written off most of my symptoms to “aging” and figured that this is just how things would be until I went through menopause.  During my yearly physical however, my PCP told me that my uterus was enlarged and sent me for an ultrasound, which revealed a fast-growing, 10-11cm submucosal fibroid. After meeting with my gynecologist to discuss my options, she agreed that I could pursue Uterine Artery Embolization to help with the bleeding, but that due to the size of the fibroid I probably wouldn’t get the shrinkage I desired.  She then said that she did not recommend a myomectomy because of the large size and the amount of bleeding it would cause and that the only option left was a hysterectomy since I was past my childbearing years anyway

Losing a healthy uterus was not an option for me and since I didn’t know how long it would be until I reached menopause, I didn’t want to wait any longer for the fibroid to continue to grow and the periods to worsen. I just knew there had to be someone out there who would just remove my fibroid and not insist on a hysterectomy.  I decided to start my research online and in a short time I found Dr. Parker’s website.  I could not believe the plethora of information on his site as well as the amazing photos and videos!  I was so excited to read about his philosophy of “organ conservation” and with that, I just knew I had to call him.  After having an MRI and sending him the results, he reviewed it and not long thereafter my husband and I went into his office for a consultation.  His staff was very friendly and he was great! While showing us my MRI on his computer, he explained everything and gave us all of the options for my case and never suggested a hysterectomy.  He explained the various risks associated with each procedure and took all the time we needed to have our questions answered.  Although most doctors would have considered my fibroid very large, for Dr. Parker it was “medium-sized” and would be no problem to remove laparoscopically; so that is what we decided to do.         

My laparoscopic myomectomy went very well and I was able to go home the same day.  I had very little pain and, in fact, I never even took any of the pain meds that were prescribed to me – just Advil. After seeing my post-op report as well as photos that Dr. Parker took during the surgery, I was surprised at how little blood loss there was!  Dr. Parker is an amazing surgeon and a caring man who even called me at home the day after my surgery to check on me and see how I was doing.

If you have symptomatic uterine fibroids and want to know all of your options, Dr. Parker is the person to talk to.  He is a kind, compassionate doctor who really cares about his patients and is an expert in fibroid treatment with many years of experience. No matter what your age or the size of your fibroid, he will inform you of all the options available to you (including “watch and wait”) and will then let YOU make the final decision about your treatment.  It was a blessing to find Dr. Parker and I am so thankful that my fibroid is gone, my periods are normal again, and I am back to all of my regular activities.  Thank you Dr. Parker!

Marbeli Q. – Los Angeles, California:

Dr. William Parker is more than I could have hoped for in a doctor.  He maintains his professionalism while taking the time to be caring.  He is not only an outstanding doctor as a practitioner but also as a person. 

I was referred to Dr. Parker after being told I would need to have fibroid surgery if I wanted to have the chance of conceiving.  The entire experience, from the first phone conversation with his great staff to my last postoperative visit, was beyond impressive. 

As someone who hadn’t previously experienced major surgery, I walked into my initial consultation worried and anxious but his expertise put me at ease immediately I had done my research on abdominal surgery prior to my first visit and had a fairly large list of questions.  Dr. Parker is so thorough that all of my questions, prior to my asking, were answered in depth as he went over my images and reports.  He explained every thought concerning my condition and treatment in detail.  Dr. Parker was attentive to my concerns and showed interest in what I had to say.  He was focused on me as his patient.  I walked out of his office relaxed and fully confident that I was in the best hands possible.  I felt I no longer had to look elsewhere and scheduled my surgery before I left the office.  His friendly and most helpful staff made preparing for surgery as smooth as possible. 

Although my confidence in Dr. Parker allowed me to fully trust that everything would go well, I couldn’t help but feel nervous the morning of my surgery.  He came to speak to me when I was in the pre-op room and his pleasant demeanor and wonderful sense of humor quickly calmed me down.  He was warm and reassuring with my family, which eased their anxiety as well.  His bedside manner during my stay at the hospital was the same – positive, kind and personal.  During his daily visits he wasn’t rushed or distracted.  He was sympathetic and supportive; he cared about my well being as a whole. 

During my recovery at home I emailed Dr. Parker with some questions/concerns which he personally and very quickly responded.  He is the most attentive doctor I have ever met and genuinely takes an interest in his patient’s well being.

To any woman suffering with fibroids, I highly recommend you seek out the expertise of Dr. Parker. You will have the best treatment and care possible.

Nothing I can say really does justice to this amazing person.  Thank you so much Dr. Parker. You are simply the best!

Anonymous – Canada:

How I love Dr Parker; let me count the ways (this is going to be long but I believe all the detail is necessary for those trying to make decisions):

Background: I live in Canada and discovered a lump in my lower abdomen in 2004. Upon further investigation I learned that I had uterine fibroids. Someone who is seen as Toronto’s top gynecological surgeon performed the myomectomy. I woke up to find that I was cut vertically to about 3 inches above the bikini line and only one fibroid, the largest, had been removed. The Dr later informed that she felt this was the best approach as the fibroid was “right there” and that the vertical incision was the best to get me healed and back to work. We’d never discussed the procedure, the fact that I scar easily and wear tiny bikinis, or the fact that I had three months of full paid leave! In addition, studies I’ve read have confirmed over and over again that no one can predict which fibroids would become symptomatic in the future so leaving some behind is not wise.

Ten years later I felt heaviness in my lower abdomen and was experiencing heavy bleeding during periods and spotting in between periods. I had fibroids again. The MRI revealed about 13: one the size of a lemon, one the size of a lime and about 11 the size of grapes. I had the following feedback:

My GP: “A hysterectomy will be really cool! It’s so neat the way they just pluck the uterus out”! I had to say three times that I did not want a hysterectomy. Really?!

The original gynecologist:  She recommended a hysterectomy to which I was averse. Without even discussing my results, she spent the whole session lecturing to me about the ramifications of having children later in life. I wrote her a letter outlining how horrible I felt after and she was gracious enough to call and apologize and ask me to book a follow up. At the follow up, she could not find the ultrasound so I had to book another. I shared with her then that I’d had an MRI and she asked to see it. Her prognosis once she saw the MRI was that she could not touch my uterus as I had so many fibroids that if she even tried to remove them I would not have a uterus left! She did not believe in UAE as she’d seen countless errors and her only suggestion was a hysterectomy or to manage the bleeding with unproven and/or expensive drugs. She also warned me very sternly about doing UAE.

A UAE specialist: He has done more UAE procedures than any other that I ‘d even seen on the internet. I was amazed that specialists in the same city were not collaborating more! He was amazing and pleasant. Once he saw the MRI though, he looked upon me with sad eyes. He felt he could do the procedure, but felt that my uterus would be useless after as there were “just too many fibroids”. I decided against this option as no one could predict the extent of shrinkage and bulk was my issue. In addition, while this doctor came highly recommended by family members in his profession, I’d read that the risk of early menopause is exponentially higher for patients who had this procedure and had passed a certain age so I was unwilling to risk that

His gynecological colleague: He was so arrogant (and doctors wonder why viewers have flocked to Dr Oz!). Once he saw who the previous gynecologist was he advised that I’d already heard it from “the best in the city” (closing ranks much?!). He then advised that I should do the UAE without giving a reason why. I felt like getting answers from him was like squeezing water from a stone! 

During waiting and appointments, I did extensive research online and found Dr Parker. I am still distrustful of the internet but I’d watched videos of surgeries with patients with fibroids that caused them to look pregnant (though I felt bulk, my stomach was not distended) so began believing that what I wanted was possible. I sent a letter to Dr Parker and, to my surprise, he took me on as a patient.  Now I’d seen all his accolades so I expected arrogance. I hope he doesn’t mind me saying this but his demeanor was instead relaxingly and confidently avuncular. He let me share my frustrations, topped off by a good cry, then said “let it out… but from this point we will look forward, not back”. He then hit me with evidence of what I’d felt: my case was not that bad! While it was what I needed to hear, you can imagine that I had doubt after all my referrals. He pulled his phone and showed me pictures of former patients who had fibroids that were so big, they looked as if they were about to deliver! Next, in a very methodical way, he outlined my options with pros and cons and what he recommended. He even lauded the Canadians for cutting edge UAE studies then suggested that I read up on them. He was informed!! I went from being told that I had no options to a thorough outline of all options as he thought me “lucky” as I was not a bad case! He recommended the open myomectomy as he was as committed as I was to preserving my fertility and he felt that, since my biggest issue was bulk, and since he could not definitively predict which fibroid would act up, he wanted to get to them all (remember how only one was removed during my previous surgery!). He outlined where he was going to cut, committed to scar minimization and basically answered every question before I could ask. On a funny note, the only question I had was “has anyone died on your operating table”, acknowledging that when it’s your time, it’s your time. With the most serious expression and sincere tone he replied: I have been doing surgeries for over 40 years and I’ve never lost a patient so please ensure that your time is not on mine!” I howled with laughter! He also left all the options on the table saying that up to the pre-op I could decide on whether I wanted the open myomectomy or the laporoscopy.. I entered his office feeling defeated and left sailing.

He was prompt to answer all follow up questions and continued to remind me that, as my case was not severe, I was sitting in a great position of all options being open to me. While I waited for my surgery date, I decided to still keep an appointment with another gynecologist at a hospital in Toronto. She was amazing but her prognosis was the same: the surgery does not make sense, she’s evidenced unstoppable bleeding to warrant a hysterectomy in most cases and that at the end of it, if I would end up with a uterus, it would look like a baseball with all the scarring! She was gracious enough to admit that enough work had not been done in Toronto on this type of surgery. Without any irritation, Dr Parker calmly and patiently reassured me that her findings did not concur with his.  

The surgery went amazingly well and I have evidence of the fact that, unlike Toronto’s top surgeon’s remarks, I still had a uterus… and it did not look like a baseball! As per all the reviews, Dr Parker was amazing post op! I’m quite fit (and actually trained to prepare my body for surgery!) so did not feel as weak as some online patients’ accounts. I got quickly back to normal life but had to follow up as I’d felt strong enough to return to normal life. I kept consulting with Dr Parker and he kept assuring me that I was fine. The surgery went so well that I was given permission to fly 17 hours to South Africa but three weeks after surgery. I hate hospitals and surgery and all things sick but, I say, if you have to go through any of those, it’s best done with Dr Parker!


M.B. – Los Angeles, California:

Finding Dr. Parker was an absolute blessing and an answer to prayer.  He is an expert in his field and extremely knowledgeable, and he is also one of the most caring and compassionate doctors I have ever been to!  As I write this, I am about to turn 41.  My journey started in my early 30’s when I started having heavy periods.  I was diagnosed with a couple of small intramural and submucosal fibroids.  As the years went on, my periods were getting heavier and heavier and my ultrasounds were showing more and more fibroids ranging from tiny to 1-2 cm.  I resisted birth control for many years due to side effects, but I finally had to go on birth control, because I was getting anemic.  Even with birth control, I could not get my Hemoglobin above 10.5.  I was admittedly bad at taking iron, but my periods were out of control.  Huge clots, accidents, 7-10 days of heavy bleeding every 21-24 days.  I also tried Lysteda, diet changes, a few alternatives remedies, but nothing stopped the bleeding.  The alternative remedies helped other things, just not the bleeding!  I was desperate and running out of options.  AND, my Hemoglobin dropped to 8.4 and I felt terrible!  The most sick I have ever felt in my entire life.  I was 39 years old, still wanting the opportunity to get pregnant, but I literally felt like my insides were falling out of me.  I felt so sad and desperate and I didn’t know what to do.

I went back to my regular obgyn and while she sympathetically understood my desire to carry a pregnancy in my body, she didn’t know what to do either.  She was starting to suggest donating my eggs for a surrogate and having a hysterectomy.  This just didn’t sit well with me.  I obviously was not going to let myself bleed out and die from anemia, but I prayed about this long and hard and I knew that a hysterectomy at this point in my life was not the answer.  The acupuncturist I was seeing referred me to Dr. Parker as she had had a professional connection with him several years back.  When I met with Dr. Parker, I knew from day one that I had made the right decision.  First of all, he ordered a pelvic MRI, something my regular obgyn did not even mention.  The pelvic MRI not only showed that I had multiple fibroids, but it also showed exactly where they were and that I also have adenomyosis, a condition that also causes increased bleeding.  Dr. Parker spent an entire hour with me discussing my case and reviewing everything in detail to make sure I understood my condition and my options.  He never once made me feel like I was too old to think about wanting to get pregnant.  He is so smart and knowledgeable but also so kind and caring.  He is literally this brilliant surgeon and yet he makes you feel like he’s your friend.  I actually waited a year after the first time I met with him and went through a change of insurance so I could have this surgery with Dr. Parker

It was 100% the right decision.  He gave me different options, but based on my condition and goals, I ended up having a hysteroscopic myomectomy.  I was so terrified of going under anesthesia, I actually got teary as I was going into surgery.  But I will never forget, right before I went under, the last thing I remember is  Dr. Parker holding my hand and telling me that everything was going to be alright.  What kind of surgeon does that??  That is amazing to me!  And I am happy to report that I am doing great!  My bleeding has definitely reduced after the surgery and I feel so much better.  I do have to take a small dose of Lysteda during the first 24 hours to help keep the bleeding at bay, but overall I am doing great!  I am continuing to take my iron and I have not gotten anemic at all.  It has been 7 months since my surgery And, I don’t know if it was an added bonus, but I have little to no menstrual cramps since the surgery.  And I used to get terrible menstrual cramps before the surgery.  Thank you, Dr. Parker!!  You are awesome and a true blessing!


Over the years, I’ve been to many doctors who told me the only option with my fibroids was hysterectomy. I was persistent in trying to find a doctor who could give me another alternative as I wanted to remain whole. After years of research to find the best doctors, consultations with surgeons who offered minimally invasive fibroid surgery, etc, the answer was still the same – with fibroids as large as mine, hysterectomy was my only option. I finally came across Dr Parker’s name on a website forum. At my initial consultation with Dr Parker, he immediately told me I didn’t need a hysterectomy. It seemed too easy! His response was that if it wasn’t medically necessary, there was no need for him to give me one. It was hard to believe after years of coming to a dead end with so many other doctors. In addition, upon looking at my MRI, he determined that not only would a hysterectomy actually be harder to perform than a myomectomy, but incredibly, my myomectomy would be most easily done laparoscopically on an outpatient basis! A few months later, that is exactly what happened.

Dr Parker answered all my questions and concerns. As you come to find out, he is knowledgable in every facet of this type of surgery. He knows exactly what he is doing and has done it many times. Dr Parker is so confident in his work and what he does, it definitely puts you at ease. On the day of surgery, I was very nervous. He came in and immediately put me at ease with his confidence and energy. My husband, who hadn’t met him prior to that day, was also immediately put at ease when he met him. Right after my surgery, he found my husband to update him, which my husband was very grateful for.

The surgery was a complete success. I didn’t have to have a hysterectomy, and I am now fibroid free. What’s more, my fibroids, making my uterus the size of a 20+ week pregnancy, were unbelievably removed by a minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery and I was released the same day. I never would have imagined this was possible.

Dr Parker IS the one for this kind of surgery. He is the only one I found who could do what every other doctor was unable to do. I hope that eventually more doctors are able to do what he does, as he is a true trailblazer. Thank you Dr Parker!

Lindsay – New Jersey:

Choosing the right doctor is very important while at the same time can be very difficult. Be wise and make sure the doctor you choose is able to provide you with the care and attention you need. At 33 I learned the hard way, for me choosing the wrong doctor ended up with an additional surgery, and the removal of my right ovary, my appendix and lymph. This was very painful, not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

Unfortunately at 35 my problem reoccurred but… I was very fortunate to have been referred to Dr. William Parker. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been a patient of Dr. Parker’s. Not only did he give me the best doctor/patient care I have ever received, he was able to disarm all of my fears and anger I was carrying around from my prior experience. He understood I needed immediate care and fit me right into his busy schedule. And I am very grateful and happy to say that he saved my left (only) ovary with his expert surgical skills. Dr. Parker even diagnosed me with a rare bleeding disorder that I didn’t know I had. With that alone I consider him a life saver.

Dr. Parker has always been available to me and has always answered all of my questions with a comforting manor. And with that said, I am happy to be available to anyone who is looking for the right doctor. If you have any questions about Dr. Parker and want to hear first-hand how he is the best choice I have ever made. Feel free to email me and I will be happy to elaborate on how he always maintained his attentive care for me, right from the start with my initial consultation through to this day, five years later (even though I have moved 3,000 miles away), Dr. Parker still answers my emails and hands down he is the BEST doctor I have ever had!

Thank you Dr. Parker for giving me the best care I have ever had. It changed my life and I have thankfully been healthy ever since.

Astrid. S. – California:

I was advised by my previous obyn to do myomectomy to remove my uterine fibroid.  Before I agreed to do the surgery, I found out MRI report and my obgyn finding was different.  The person who wrote MRI report stated I did not have a fibroid.  On the other hand, my obgyn said I had a fibroid.  I asked my obgyn to send me for another MRI test, but he refused.  He said to me to just proceed with myomectomy.  Feeling uncomfortable, I decided to get a second opinion and I was glad I found Dr. Parker!

In order to be accepted by Dr. Parker, someone has to fill out a patient screen form and submit MRI CD, which I did.  On the first meeting with Dr. Parker, he explained to me that I did have a uterine fibroid for the size of 5 cm.  While my previous obgyn could not read MRI result and only rely on someone else report, Dr. Parker was different.  He was able to read MRI report and showed me the location of my uterine fibroid.   Most importantly, he would perform laparoscopy to remove my fibroid.

On the day of my surgery, I was very nervous since I never have any kind of open cut surgery in the past.  Dr. Parker came to see me and assured me that I would be fine.  His team was also very professional and gave me comfort because I knew I was in a good hand.  The surgery that took approximately three hours went well and I was back to my regular schedule after two weeks.  The incisions from surgery were small and they were below bikini lines. Dr. Parker work was done neatly.  Before this surgery, the fibroid caused some pain on my lower abdomen and constrained me from doing certain exercise movement.  Now, I no longer have pain or discomfort.  Thank you, Dr. Parker. You are very caring, gentle, and talented doctor. You are simply the best! 


Dr. Parker is such an amazing OBGYN Dr. and a gifted surgeon. It’s been a couple of years since I realized that I had fibroids. But, I was hesitated to see Dr. due to some horrible experience my friends had. Those stories made me believe that removing fibroids means to lost uterus, which is very hard for me to accept. The past two years, my fibroids had grown very large. I am skinny and not very tall. Those sizable fibroids made me look like a couple of months pregnant. Since there was not a lot of room in my abdomen for them to grow, they started to press the other organs nearby. They really affected my life and I knew I could not ignoring them anymore. Searching online for the best Dr. on fibroid, I found Dr. Parker’s information on rateMDs site. After I read through those patient comments, I was so impressed. I was fully convinced that he is THE Dr. I am looking for and he can remove my large fibroids without hurting my uterus. It is such big relief for me. I can tell that both of my family Dr. and MRI Dr. were very concerned about my fibroids after my MRI was done because my fibroids were pretty large. Surprised to them, even I haven’t met Dr. Parker yet, I was very confident that Dr. Parker can take out those large fibroids successfully without removing uterus based on the patient comments I’ve read. I told my family Dr. that I found the best OBGYN Dr. and I should be OK.

First office visit was pretty relaxed experience even the topic was not suppose to be that way. Like many of his patients have said, Dr. Parker is very confident, patient, knowledgeable and friendly. He first confirmed with me that those are indeed fibroids and they are not life threatening. Then he reviewed the MRI with me, described my situation, laid out all the possible solutions. Among all the wonderful characteristics Dr. Parker has, a very impressive one is that he cares about what the patient needs and what is good for the patient. For him, Myomectomy is an option even for very large fibroids. In my situation, I had two very large ones, a medium one and some very small ones. Dr. Parker ruled out the Hysterectomy immediately. he suggested me to do either Laparoscopic or Abdominal Myomectomy and explained in detail on the pros and cons of them. Eventually, I decided to do Laparoscopic Myomectomy. I think, in my situation, that will be more challenging and complicated for the Dr. as I had multiple large fibroids and the Dr. needs to operate through instruments without touching the uterus directly.

My surgery last 4.5 hrs, one hour longer than originally planned. Dr. Parker had successfully removed my large fibroids (13 cm, 8 cm and 4 cm), total around 2 pounds! And he did it even without any blood transfusion! After the surgery, my husband took me home and I recovered fast after that. I went back to my extremely busy working schedule two weeks after the surgery. In one of the post-surgery visit, Dr. Parker joked with me saying that I recovered even faster than him since that 4.5 hour surgery made him pretty tired afterwards. I know my situation must be very challenging and complicated for Laparoscopic Myomectomy approach due to the number, size and position of the fibroids. I believe that it is very hard for me to find another Dr. who not only has the superb skill but also is willing to do this kind of surgery. Dr. Parker is really amazing! Now I only have 4 tiny scars on my belly and the big bumps are gone. My life gets back to normal. I felt so great!!

Other than amazing surgical skills, Dr. Parker is very compassion and considerate. Dr. Parker came and talked to me before the surgery and called me the next morning after the surgery. His whole team is great, very friendly and professional. So does the UCLA medical center. The nurse called me the next morning also just to make sure that I was OK. Considering some reports indicate that 80% women before the age of 50 in US are affected by these benign tumors, it is so fortunate that we can seek the healing hands of Dr. Parker! He indeed is the best.

Tiff B.:

It was almost two years ago, when I started experiencing heavy bleeding in between my
menstrual cycle and, at times, having my periods last two weeks. Also, the discomfort and
pressure on my bladder made my daily life unpleasant. Having a mother, who had a total
hysterectomy during her early 30s, I was very fearful with my fibroid diagnosis and my need for

I knew I had to do something or things would get worse quickly, even though my fear at times
was debilitating. I started looking for a specialist, for a second opinion and I found Dr. William
H. Parker!

During my initial appointment, I noticed his passion, care and thoroughness in explaining my
medical records, as well as, my options. The visual aids he used really helped me to understand all the medical jargon. Dr. Parker empathized and provided reassurance, when I advised him of my mother’s medical history and my fear of requiring a hysterectomy. It was during this visit I knew I wanted him to perform my myomectomy surgery. His office staff and UCLA surgical team is also very professional, accommodating and equally passionate about their duties.

Dr. Parker, is truly an amazing doctor! Every step of the way of my surgery, from pre-op to
leaving UCLA Medical Center, he assured me I was going to be fine. Even when I left the
hospital and experienced an allergic reaction to the pain medication, Dr. Parker offered to meet
me at ER. Since I did not want to go back to the hospital, he called every two hours to check
my condition. Simply stated, Dr. William H. Parker is the BEST!

Jill Z:

I highly recommend Dr. Parker as not only an excellent fibroid surgeon, but a caring guide through a difficult process.

As I approach my third menstrual cycle since my Abdominal Myomectomy
by Dr. Parker, I see I truly was given a second chance at life. Let me begin by saying I am a holistic practitioner and the last thing I ever wanted was to do a western surgery. I tried for years to heal my body on my own, through herbs, diet, acupuncture, therapy; anything to try and repair my womb naturally. Nothing worked. By the time I began to accept this fact, the fibroids were so big and numerous that the other doctors I went to were telling me I needed a hysterectomy. This news in fact made me hysterical, I was not willing to lose my uterus.

I experienced 7 years in struggle. Two of those years were spent bouncing around in the Western medical system with doctors who saw me as a clinical case and had trouble relating to my emotions. To them, it seemed reasonable, logical and the only choice to remove my uterus. I was finding my worst nightmares and ideas of the western medical world coming true.

Then one day I got a phone call from my Mom. She said, “Honey, I went back to the website of Dr. Parker. Do you remember the doctor you saw 7 years ago when you had this diagnosed? He told you to wait because the fibroids were so small. He said to come back if they became a problem? There are so many success stories on his website. I really believe he can help.” I did remember Dr. Parker, but at the time of my searching for help, he did not accept insurance, so I did not go to him. By the time my Mom called, I had given up hope, it was only by the strength of my loved ones I actually went to see him.

I went into his office guarded and resigned to hear what all the other doctors had said, hysterectomy. But instead I was met with a miracle! Dr. Parker not only told me he could help me, he told me he could keep my womb intact and I would be able someday to have children. That I would, in fact, have a healthy uterus again post surgery. The double miracle was now his office accepted insurance!!!

His manner was so knowledgeable, gentle, calm and reassuring. He was understanding and actually listened to me. He answered all my questions and concerns with actual experience to back it up. I was a real person to him, not just a case on an ultrasound. In addition to that, he is an expert, if not the expert in his field. What had been a terrifying prospect, having surgery, was Dr. Parker’s world every day for 40 years. He took this ominous experience and made it simple and easy without diminishing my feelings.

The surgery went simply and the scar is minimal. Dr. Parker took pictures of the 17 fibroids I had in my uterus. It was unbelievable to me that I had lived with those inside me and that he was able to remove them so deftly. My friend commented he must be a true artist, I agree. So many surgeons would not even dream of attempting such a difficult case, Dr. Parker took it in stride, he didn’t even blink, nor did he even question his ability to do it. He made it seem as simple as weeding a garden.

The combination of Dr. Parker’s kind manner, his skill as a surgeon, and his visible joy in his work, is in my experience a rare find. I could not have asked for a better doctor or a better surgery. I leave this experience feeling like he was more than a doctor, he was an advocate for my health and wholeness as a woman.

My days of lying on the floor in pain during my period are over. My terrible PMS has subsided greatly. My need to schedule 2 weeks of my life “around my period,” is over. My abdomen is soft and starting to look normal. I am still amazed. It was difficult to know how much of my everyday world was revolving around the fibroids till they were gone. I am free now and I feel like I can begin living my life again. Thank you Dr. Parker and team. I am forever grateful.

Michelle – Kansas:

I read everyone’s comments, so therefore all the things I want to say have been already said for me.

I can add in that my Laparoscopic Myomectomy surgery was a success, I recovered very quickly, and began to go places on the second day after the surgery.

Dr. Parker is a very skilled surgeon. He did my surgery in such a setting that I only lost 25cc of my blood.

He is a very good doctor and I can’t say how good he is because it would take up lots of time, just that if your local doctor tells you to have a hysterectomy done just because you have some fibroids or ovary cysts, you must get a second opinion, and Dr. Parker is the one you should go to for a second opinion. 

I am willing to drive 1370 miles each way just to get a second opinion from this doctor. I ended up having a surgery under his care!! 

I feel much better about myself, even though Dr. Parker told me that I did not need to do anything about my fibroids and cysts except to watch and wait until menopause, but I felt like foreign objects lived inside my body and I decided to get rid of them so I don’t have to worry about them any more.  I am thankful that I did the surgery.  Thank you Dr. Parker for everything you have done for me.


Diagnosis: Pedunculated fibroid
I was fortunate to be referred to Dr. Parker through my Gynecologist. This referral saved me a lot of time in researching the right surgeon.
I took an appointment with him during which he was very helpful in explaining in details:

  • The several options to treat my 12cm pedunculated fibroid
  • He engaged/guided me in the process of eliminating the non-relevant options and landed on the laparoscopic myomectomy as the best choice.
  • He also spent time explaining the side effect of the “Morcellator” (= tool used to cut down the size of the fibroid). Cons: spreading malignant cells in the blood in case the fibroid is to be of any malignant nature. For that he ordered a blood test that may predict if the fibroid is of malignant nature.
  • He spent a lot of time explaining how to prepare for the surgery and what to expected post surgery. From food to type of activities and recovery phase. I think all the process is well covered with personal explanations and handouts.

PS: I’m the type who asks a lot of questions but Dr. Parker has it all anticipated/covered 😉 Waiting List: It is worth mentioning that the waiting list at Dr. Parker’s practice works! I put my name on the list and sure enough Regina contacted me to be operated on 2 weeks earlier than scheduled.

Surgery Day:
I must say that I’m an independent single woman who didn’t want anybody to engage in my experience. I can’t deny that I was a bit scared, but guess what Dr. Parker’s team went the extra mile:

  • I was treated compassionately; everybody was genuinely caring at Santa Monica outpatient surgery center. I remember the nurse aid holding my hand when I was awakening from the anesthesia confused about what happened to me!
  • Everybody explained what he/she is going to do and the why?
  • Pain control was the best! I received a cocktail (meds) before rolling me into the operating room that helped in controlling the pain after the surgery.
  • Being a control freak, sometimes it is good to let it GO ☺ The best thing that happened to me was what the anesthesiologist gave me as medications. It made me forget the time between rolling me into the operating room and getting me ready. Which means I don’t remember anything about the operating room, like:
  • The operating room itself and how emotionally taxing that might be (please note that I’m a nurse! Believe me caring for patients seems to be very different than being a patient ☹ it was my first time ever!
  • The insertion of a foley and even the remove of it (tube to drain pipi out when asleep)
  • The intubation itself (tube to be inserted in the lungs to assist with respiration when under anesthesia)
  • Hint: Get the nurses to insert a big gauge of IV line before you go into the operating room to save yourself bruises.
  • I stayed in for the night after the surgery when I received the best care from the nurses. They were very helpful and treated me like a family member.

Recovery Period:
I think the recovery phase is a reflection of how well the surgeon did his job. I think Dr. Parker is an excellent surgeon because after the surgery I was doing very well to a point where I was wondering if he really operated on me 😉

  • Pain level wise: was very manageable. Didn’t need the pain medication after the 3rd day.
  • Went back to work the 5th day after surgery.
  • I pretty much felt in a better shape than before the surgery from a well being perspective. My energy level went back to normal.
  • I suggest that you load your fridge for 4 days in advance with food because certainly you won’t be in the mood of cooking or going out to eat.

Last but not least, I wish you (reader) having a smooth experience same as mine. I can’t thank Dr. Parker and his team enough for the excellent care that they provided me. Dr. Parker, Your SPECIAL care is greatly appreciated!

H.R. – Los Angeles, CA:

I am not the type of person to drop letters into the “suggestion” box. I am also not the type of person to narrate Yelp reviews detailing my latest experiences with the local dry cleaner or pizza parlor. I am, however, the type of person who strongly believes that health care professionals who deliver highly experienced and top-notch care to their patients should not toil away in obscurity.

Put quite simply, Dr. Parker saved my ovary.

I was recently the victim of a serious car accident that resulted in a number of injuries, several of which still cause me lingering pain and side effects. To my utter disbelief and consternation, the first physician I consulted in the immediate aftermath of my accident quickly and erroneously determined that one my ovaries had to be removed.

I went to Dr. Parker for a second opinion. What I received beyond a mere second set of trained eyes was the calm and expert treatment, diagnosis, and care of a doctor I would want any of my loved ones to receive. After measured and calculated consideration, Dr. Parker reasonably determined that my ovary could be saved and outlined the steps to how this outcome could happen. And it did.

I am not suggesting that Dr. Parker can magically reverse the natural effects of every trauma or make the clock of inevitability tick backwards. I’m also not suggesting that the mere appointment of Dr. Parker as your physician will ward off every disease or injury you may have the misfortune of experiencing. I’m simply stating that Dr. Parker is a world-class physician with a reassuring level of experience, proficiency, and patient manner. I wholeheartedly and without any reservation recommend him and his staff.


On Sept 13th 2015 I had a laparoscopic myomectomy with Dr. William Parker to remove 3 fibroids, the largest fibroid being close to 11.5 cm. I am writing this review because I feel like a new woman and could not be happier with my surgery and the results. Dr. Parker is a supremely skilled surgeon with great people skills. I work in the medical profession and did my due diligence to find the best possible surgeon out there. Nobody comes close. I repeat, nobody comes close to having his skill set !!!! Watch his videos, read his reviews! You are in the best possible hands!

Prior to my surgery, I had become so symptomatic with bladder issues that I was visiting the bathroom 20 plus times a day, and even had experienced incontinence several times during work. My sleep was disrupted every hour or so with visits to the bathroom. I was a mess. I firmly recommend not delaying the procedure if you are symptomatic and suffering. I wish I had decided to do this procedure a couple of years earlier when the biggest fibroid was still around 6 cm. At that time my sleep was disrupted about 4-5 times during the night due to the fibroid pressing on my bladder. Being 48 at the time, my hope was to make it to menopause at which time fibroids are likely to start shrinking. Instead, mine ended up growing and my bladder issues worsened as my waistline grew. Post surgery, I am 8 lbs lighter and have no bladder issues. My figure is back to what it looked like in my thirties. In talking to other women who have had hysterectomies and laparoscopic myomectomies, I have discovered that all of them wish they had done their procedures much earlier. I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Parker and his staff. I encourage you to become Dr. Parker’s patient if you are suffering from fibroids and on this site.


I came to Dr. Parker following a diagnosis of a very large mass that my gynecologist believed to be a uterine sarcoma. I consulted with doctors in my area who insisted that the only way to extract the mass was by way of a hysterectomy involving a very large incision. Being only thirty years old and desiring children in the future, I was terrified at the thought of losing my ability to have a baby and being diagnosed with cancer at such a young age. When my gynecologist continued to pressure me to undergo the hysterectomy as soon as possible, I decided to do my own research and came across Dr. Parker’s website. I spent countless hours reviewing the information on his site; everything from his videos to his research and his credentials. It was then that I decided to give Dr. Parker a call. All my fears were put to rest as soon as I had my initial consultation. Dr. Parker was thorough, well informed, listened to all my concerns, and encouraged my questions…truly professional in every way. Whereas other doctors I had seen were in awe at the size of my abdomen, Dr. Parker treated me with respect and never made me feel stupid for having gone undiagnosed for so long. He allowed me the opportunity to be part of my treatment plan and we worked together to put together a timeline for surgery that worked for me. Thanks to Dr. Parker’s expertise I was able to put my anxiety to rest and I was able to wait a few months to have the myomectomy.

I am currently two and a half months post surgery and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Parker successfully extracted a six-pound fibroid leaving only a barely visible scar along my bikini line and leaving my uterus intact. Dr. Parker kept me informed through every step of the process and went above and beyond what I ever expected from a doctor. He truly is the best, most caring doctor you will encounter in the area of fibroids. I would sincerely encourage every woman who has been diagnosed with a uterine mass to seek Dr. Parker’s opinion.

K.K. – Modesto, California:

I had been experiencing irregular bleeding for 3 months and eventually went to my gynecologist, a respected ob/gyn in the Central Valley of California. After examination and ultrasound, he told me that I had a large fibroid which was causing the bleeding and that the only option was hysterectomy. I scheduled the hysterectomy. Several weeks before surgery, I was doing some online research about fibroids and stumbled upon Dr. Parker’s thorough website.

I showed my father, a surgeon, Dr. Parker’s website, and he encouraged me to fly down to see him. It seemed such a bother, but I trust my father. So off I flew to Southern California without much hope. Instead, I found a wonderful, patient, caring surgeon who performed various tests all within the several hours of my appointment. At the end of the two hours, he sat me down in his office, drew some simple graphs on paper, and showed me that not only were my fibroids not causing the irregular bleeding, but I certainly didn’t need hysterectomy! The bleeding was caused by hormone fluctuations (I’m 47 years old), not the fibroids. He put me on a low dose continuous birth control pill for the bleeding and I’ve been perfectly fine since.

At my recent check-up, Dr. Parker told me that my fibroids hadn’t grown and I was perfectly healthy. I’ll remain on the pill through menopause and probably never have to undergo any gynecologic surgery whatsoever. I can’t tell you how relieved I’ve been since finding Dr. Parker. Instead of radical surgery to remove all my reproductive organs, I’m healthy and happy with everything intact. How thankful I am for Dr. Parker’s intelligence, extensive research, and skill as a surgeon…to know when to perform surgery and when it’s completely unnecessary!

V.S. – Los Angeles, California:

I’ve never undergone any sort of surgery before and the thought of having to go through an open stomach surgery to remove a 3cm fibroid in my uterus was more frightening to me than learning that I have a fibroid I never knew about. With an ultrasound I was diagnosed with this fibroid about 6 months ago by one of the top fertility doctors in L.A. who also advised me to have the abdominal myomectomy first in order to increase my fertility. Because this surgery sounded extreme to me I needed a second opinion.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to search too hard to find Dr. Parker, he was referred by a friend. When I went to his website I was amazed at how much information there is in great detail about fibroids and the different levels of treatment available.

What’s mind-boggling is that the other fertility doctor didn’t even bother to discuss other options. At the time I didn’t ask all the right questions, but he could’ve easily mentioned other options. In fact, he was quick to point out his next available date for the surgery.

Dr. Parker’s website answered all my questions and concerns. When we finally met, not only was he very easy to talk with, he was especially compassionate, thoughtful and thorough throughout his examination and process. I was relieved when he confirmed that I didn’t need to undergo an abdominal myomectomy. Instead, he advised that a hysteroscopic surgery, a much less invasive procedure, was appropriate for my situation. He even suggested doing an MRI for a more accurate reading of the fibroid. When I did the MRI, Dr. Parker found another smaller fibroid, however that didn’t change the level of surgery I needed fortunately. I had the surgery about 2 months ago and am now fibroid free and looking forward to family planning.

My whole experience with Dr. Parker was simply OUTSTANDING! Look no further.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Dr. Parker! I’m forever grateful.

Isabella C. – Edmonton, Canada:

Dr. Parker gave me my health back- I give him an A+++

I had many large fibroids and was condemned to hysterectomy. I was offered no options. My ordeal lasted for 7 years. During this time, I searched for alternative therapies and alternative surgeries to hysterectomy. I wanted to keep my uterus intact; I only wanted the fibroids out. After all, if you have a brain tumor, the surgeon won’t remove the brain together with the tumor; why then the uterus should be treated differently?

The alternative therapies didn’t work as expected; the alternative surgeries were not largely available in Canada. The more my fibroids grew, the more depressed I grew. I was sick, miserable and at the end of the rope.

If I could only find somebody who understands a woman’s needs, who is compassionate and cares and listens and treats you with respect and gives you comprehensive answers and has the knowledge, skill, experience and courage to perform more than a hysterectomy…

My wish list was long; my standards high. I was praying for a miracle…

Then I came across Dr. Parker’s website; I read his patients’ reviews and his background, watched a video of him performing a myomectomy and everything came together :”Bingo!” I said “this is the doctor I was looking for”.

From that moment on, I didn’t lose a second: I called his office to schedule an appointment over the phone. I mailed my MRI and a letter describing my condition together with a list of questions. Within a month I had the phone conversation with Dr. Parker. He had reviewed my MRI and “Yes” he could perform a laparoscopic myomectomy and save my uterus. “No” I didn’t need a hysterectomy. That’s all I needed to know. I decided during that conversation that I would have the surgery performed by Dr. Parker.

We went over details like my frame size, my anemia and other medical concerns; he gave me advices on how to prepare for surgery. Nonya from the office made all the arrangements for my surgery.

Another month later I was flying from Edmonton, AB to Santa Monica. I met Dr. Parker one day prior to my surgery at my pre-op appointment. It was “trust at first sight”. Dr. Parker reviewed my MRI with me; he drew diagrams explaining what a laparoscopic myomectomy is and how he may do it. He then performed an examination. It was that examination that revealed the fact that the size of my fibroids was way bigger than what the MRI showed 6 months ago. Dr. Parker kindly explained to me that a laparoscopic myomectomy was no longer a viable option for my current condition. We both agreed that an abdominal myomectomy is the best approach and he explained this procedure to me.

The myomectomy implied overnight hospital stay at UCLA; I wasn’t prepared for that, but Dr. Parker made all the arrangements for my overnight hospital stay and put my mind at ease. Dr. Parker was the last person I heard before falling asleep and the first person to hear while waking up. He was there holding my hand- I felt safe. The surgery went well: only the fibroids were removed, my uterus was preserved, I had minimal blood loss (less than a cup), no blood transfusion was necessary, I was up on my feet to transfer to the hospital bed after I woke up from anesthesia and by the next day I left the hospital for a 2 night stay at “Serenity”, an excellent post-op care facility. Dr . Parker came to check on me every morning after the surgery and called me in the evening to make sure I was fine. One week after the surgery I was on the plane, flying back home to Edmonton.

The staff from Dr. Parker’s office, the nurses at the hospital and the post-op care facility made my stay in Santa Monica an enjoyable experience. Despite having surgery and the pain associated with that, I had a blast! I met a group of wonderful, caring and compassionate people who managed to put a smile on my face, even when I was close to tears.

Six months after the surgery I ‘m feeling great: I have more energy than I had in ages, the pain is gone, my mind is not foggy anymore, I can rest at night and enjoy life again. The only reminder of my ordeal is a thread-thin, skin-colored bikini scar.

Thank you very much, Dr. Parker and God bless you!


I feel the one of the most important attributes in a doctor, in addition to skill and professionalism, is the compassion in taking time to understand the wants and needs of a patient as a person, even if those wants aren’t ideal, at least there’s a certainty that the doctor is listening. Having never reared a child before, when I found out I had a fibroid and should have my uterus removed at the age of twenty seven I was thrown in a psychological, physical and emotional warfare between what I wanted and would possibly never have. After seeing many doctors, who were adamant there was no other option besides a hysterectomy, I continued to seek alternative opinions. Without fail several opinions later I was left with the same outcome. They had to get out the fibroid with my uterus and they had to get it out quick!

One doctor even gave me a minute to decide whether I wanted to have the fibroid shrunk or have a hysterectomy the same week I just found out about the fibroid. Imagine having one minute to make a choice that will change the rest of your entire life. Thanks for the minute, doc! I disagreed to have surgery and opted for the lupron depot shots to shrink it, which I stopped in three months because I found (whether accurate or not I did not investigate) that it could make one sterile and this defeated the entire purpose of saving my uterus. Another time a nurse even encouraged that I’d be ok with a hysterectomy since she got hers out too. She was in her late forties, early fifties. She must have been told it’d save her the hassle of future problems. I don’t know. What I do know is that everyone seemed to care what they thought I needed and not once asked me what I wanted or if I was even comfortable with the idea.—as if the choice was easy.

Naturally it would seem I was dodging the inevitable. And in a sense I was but not for the reasons everyone thought. I wasn’t afraid. I empowered myself by the extensive research and knowledge I gained about my condition and doctors who performed surgeries for my condition. Something inside of me said this was right to question their quick opinions, because assuming a hysterectomy was the only possibility for me (since my fibroid was so large it filled the entire cavity of my belly I appeared 6 months pregnant) was just that—an assumption, which wasn’t acceptable to me.

Some doctors and people will try to invoke fear that causes you to make rash decisions. But I say it’s your body and you have the right to know ALL there is to know about your condition. This is your right. No one could offer me this right or even seem to care, just that the surgery needed to be done. But I did have the right! It was after all my body they were going to cut open. It was my life on the table. I stopped for a moment to collect myself. I refused their hasty reactions. Luckily my fibroid hadn’t caused me any severe pain or bleeding in the five years it metastasized, thus giving me the luxury of researching and choosing who I wanted to perform this delicate surgery. But time was of the essence.

I grew exhausted from my constant research. It seemed I was down to my last straw when I found Dr. Parker’s website. I’ll admit I overlooked his website once because the procedure didn’t seem to fit my condition, but I was looking at the wrong one. The more I browsed his site, I found Dr. Parker to be skilled in an array of surgical procedures for fibroids of the uterus. Immediately what drew me was that he seemed to have such empathy for the patient, a sincere compassion, and I didn’t feel force fed some myth about my condition or pressure of what had to be done just because he was qualified to do so. These things I not only desired but desperately needed in a doctor who valued a “second opinion” (which coincidentally is the title of his book; he was actually my fourth or fifth opinion, but nevertheless I’ve made my point). I wanted to know more.

I emailed him right away. After sympathizing with much of my concerns, he concluded he could not agree nor disagree with the other doctors’ options that lay before me at the time without the proper medical tests (which I found astonishing since these tests were not offered to me when others doctors were quick to decided a hysterectomy was best n the first place). This made me more confident in Dr. Parker and he officially gained my trust as I knew he would not proceed with the surgery unless he was absolutely certain about everything: especially about me. This is not to say these other doctors didn’t care, but that upon meeting Dr. Parker it was evident he was determined to get it right and rightly informed me of ALL options: where my fibroid was located in connection to my uterus, what the proper procedure would be, how I felt personally, answered any questions my my mother had and so forth. His sensitivity to my situation made me comfortable and ready for anything–even if it so happened I needed a hysterectomy–I trusted him wholly with my body.

Trust is key–especially in a doctor-patient relationship–and Dr. Parker earned my trust with his compassion to recognize how essential it was for me to know all aspects of my condition and what would happen pre and post surgery. I want to say that I was lucky. Most aren’t when it comes to getting what they want. My fibroid was pedunculated, stalk type (meaning it hung just off the skin of my uterus). This meant the uterus could go undamaged once the fibroid was removed. I was elated. My concerns were finally then quelled about having an unnecessary hysterectomy. However it could have been cancerous and Dr. Parker had to confirm this before proceeding. He took tremendous steps in making sure I got the proper test with the proper results to see to it that everything necessary was in place to go forth. He didn’t want me to be surprised if I ended up having a hysterectomy (to which he made certain he would wake me if it was the case and ask me personally). He made me feel absolutely carefree and I was unafraid. Afterward, he was very attentive to see that I made it through the surgery well and was good enough to go home in four days. We kept in constant communication after I returned home until my final visit where I was released to go back to work.

I must say what a difference it makes when you can put 100% trust in a doctor. For me this person is Dr. Parker. He is a breath of fresh air. He truly is someone I would vouch for regardless of how you think the outcome is going to be. It really is genuinely important that the doctor’s hands you put your life in is on your side and has your interest at heart. Dr. Parker had my interest at heart. And I highly recommend him for consult on second, third, fourth or fifth opinion even. Thank you, Dr. Parker and his staff, who were incredibly reflective of his kind attitude and persona, which made for an equally satisfying experience. To all potential patients seeking this type of surgery, removal of fibroid, uterus and the like—empower yourself through knowledge and education and don’t be afraid to ask questions—email Dr. Parker!

J.M. – Los Angeles, California:

I unequivocally recommend Dr. Parker for any woman considering surgery to remove her fibroids. My experience in his care was phenomenal. My first encounter with Dr. Parker was when I heard him speak at a nearby wellness center in Santa Monica, CA. There is where I first heard his wealth of information about the best options for treating fibroids. In a one on one consultation, he shed light on the best route for me, having two huge fibroids, approximately 8 centimeters each, which made me look like I was 3 months pregnant. He was able to remove them both with minimal invasive surgery. Two weeks after the surgery, I was back to my normal routine – working out at the gym. I’m really appreciative that I found Dr. Parker. I know I’m definitely healthier, due to his expertise and workmanship as a surgeon.

J.S.- Los Angeles, California:

Dr. Parker is one of the best doctors I have ever had.

I have had a uterine fibroid for about 10 years and continuously complained of painful bloating to my gynecologist. She said it can only be removed open cut or hysterectomy, but to wait till menopause and it would most likely go away or decrease in size. I just turned 48 and that could be another 5 to 10 years. We kept an eye on it as it grew larger every year.

I had my appendix out a few months ago and my surgeon said when I was in the operating room they thought I was pregnant. She said I had a fibroid the size of a four month old fetus. She recommended Dr. Parker to me and told me he is the best doctor for removing fibroids. My husband and I went to meet Dr. Parker and immediately loved him and his approach. I am very nervous when it comes to anything like this, but I felt so at ease and made the decision immediately to do the surgery. Dr. Parker was confident that he was able to remove my 9 cm fibroid laparoscopically. Surprisingly even the day of surgery i was very calm. The surgery and recovery went very smoothly.

It’s been six weeks since the surgery and now and I feel great, most of my bloating has dissipated. Dr. parker has a wonderful bed side manner and my husband and I felt we were in great hands. I highly recommend Dr. Parker!



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