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C.D. – Los Angeles, California:

Dr. William Parker is, in my opinion, the best in his field. He was able to give my husband and me hope after I had given up completely. I had a fibroid that measured (14 x 13 x 10 cm). It was discovered in 2010 and the surgeon that found it performed a myomectomy to remove it. I discovered six months later that the surgeon did not remove the fibroid (in fact the surgeon would not even see me again). It appears that I had surgery for no reason and became very depressed and discouraged. My husband and I proceeded to visit other gynecologists and fertility specialist who gave me several different diagnoses. All of the five out of six doctors recommended that I have a hysterectomy. This was devastating news because my husband and I want to conceive a child.

Then we met Dr. Parker who studied my case carefully and gave us the wonderful news that he could remove this huge fibroid without removing or damaging my uterus. The news was incredible because Dr. Parker was able to do what six other doctors could or would not do. He took all the time necessary to meet with my husband and me, to ask questions and to discuss the different options available. Dr. Parker was the only doctor that ruled out cancer as one of the first steps. He never made us feel rushed and encouraged us to ask questions.

Dr. Parker performed another abdominal myomectomy in April 2012 (two years after my first one). This time, Dr. Parker removed it! Due to his many years of experience, Dr. Parker was able to detach the fibroid without damaging the other organs that it was attached to. While in the hospital, Dr. Parker checked on me and visited me daily. I now have a new lease on life and I have regained my will. I am so happy to have found Dr. Parker. He is so caring, gentle and compassionate. I had never experienced anyone in the medical field like him. He continues to be my gynecologist because I cannot see another doctor after the life-changing experience that I have lived. If you are reading this and feel that there is no hope for you, I would like you to know that you have come to the right place. Don’t give up. My husband and I thank Dr. Parker for bringing a smile back to my face and the excitement to live life again fibroid free.

Jennifer H – Los Angeles, California:

A little about myself, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease when I turned 40. I had been very healthy throughout my life up until that point. I had been referred to a doctor from my mother’s friend, and when the doctor diagnosed me, he told me that I needed to have a certain radiation treatment. I asked the doctor if there was any other option, and he told me no, there was no other option. At the time I was not in my right mind, and was an emotional and physical wreck. This doctor was voted one of the top 10 doctors in Los Angeles. It turns out afterwards when I decided to see a specialist who specialized in this disease, he told me he would not have taken that route and that I might not have needed the radiation. I was stunned. This top-rated doctor told me I had no other options, when apparently I did have other options. I still to this day am so angry at myself for not getting a second opinion. My advice. Always get a second opinion. Always go with your gut feeling.

Several years later on a routine ob/gyn appointment, I was told I had a fibroid in my uterus. I had no idea what a fibroid was, and not only that, I didn’t have any symptoms — yet. I was shocked, scared, but I knew I wanted it out. I was very uneasy about the fact of a tumor sitting in my uterus. That began my journey. I knew from my past experience that this time I would explore every possible option available, read as much information I could, before I could come to hopefully as best an educated decision as I could. Well, it has been a very long journey. I have seen specialist after specialist. I have had a MRI, seen a radiologist and explored the option of UFE, and for the last several years have had ultrasounds done two to three times a year. The fibroid grew and grew. My stomach looked lopsided. I had a big bulge in my stomach. Eventually my clothes did not fit. The bloating was horrible. Around my menstral cycle, it would feel like I had a bowling ball in my stomach. The worst part though was the heavy bleeding. It was a nightmare and embarassing. I would pray that I would get my period on the weekends so that I could stay at home. My life revolved around my fibroid and period. I became anemic. The pressure from the fibroid on my bladder made me constantly feel like I had to urinate, even after I had just gone. I have been living in complete misery for years. The surgeon who had been monitoring the fibroid by doing the ultrasounds told me that he could remove the fibroid, but that the only way he could do it was by a hysterectomy because it was so large. Not only that, he was always in a rush. My gut feeling was no, there was no way unless it was medically necessary would I get a hysterectomy. I thank God I did not have a hysterectomy.

Finally, in tears, I went to see my primary care doctor and told him that I was miserable and that I did’t know what to do. He said he wanted me to go see Dr. William Parker. He specialized in fibroids. Well, I wasn’t overly excited. I really thought it was going to be more of the same that I had experienced so far. But I made an appointment. As my appointment was approaching I thought I better find out a little about this doctor. So I decided to Google Dr. Parker. I read every single review and article I could find on him. Now I was getting excited. I just had this hope that maybe he could do something for me. I went to my appointment, met him.

Dr. Parker told me that he could do a myomectomy on me and that I did not need a hysterectomy. I was so impressed by him that I knew I wanted him to do the surgery. Amazingly, they had had an opening the following month, and I jumped on it. My surgery was less than two hours, and I went home the same day. The first two days I was very sore, but that was the worst of it. I am one month post-op. I feel great. Honestly, I can’t even believe that I lived how I was living for that long. My stomach is flat again. I am no longer suffering. If you are considering having surgery with Dr. Parker, I will tell you that you will not find a better doctor. He is brilliant. I could not recommend him more highly.

Dr. Parker has changed my life, and I couldn’t thank him enough.

F.E. – Valencia, California:

Dr. Parker got me through my fibroid removal with piece of mind.

I have had a chronic illness of bladder for the past 16 years which subsequently caused constant pain, Anxiety and Depression. Then I encountered more pain from my fibroids and I was told that I needed a hysterectomy. I was fearful of more pain and long recovery from the hysterectomy, so I researched for someone who can take them out with a less invasive way, as well as understanding my other physical and mental issues. Dr. Parker’s name came up, and when I read about him, I told my husband this is my doctor. Unfortunately, he was not covered under our insurance. But I was so sure about him that I had my husband change his work insurance, so I can be seen by Dr. Parker which took a whole year. But it paid off by 100 fold. When I met Dr. Parker, I knew that I made the right decision.

Dr. Parker is a skilled and knowledgeable Doctor/Surgeon, who has a complete package to offer his patients. His warmth, kindness, understanding and compassion puts him in a complete package as a healer.

He understood my medical issues completely and told me that I was not a candidate for hysterectomy and because of my Interstitial Cystithis, it was best to do the least invasive method which was Laparoscopic Myomectomy. I was elated, and my anxiety dissipated.

After surgery he came to see me in the hospital, and he kept in touch with me by email after I went home.

His positive energy and being a great human being first and great doctor second allowed me to heal and recover quickly.

If anyone wants a doctor that is a complete and real deal, look no further.

K.-Orange County, California

At age 48 I experienced skipped periods, heavy periods, bloating and abdominal tenderness. My gynecologist ordered transvaginal ultrasounds every 6 months, a biopsy and CA-125 blood work.

I am a retired nurse and I planned to avoid surgery and deal with the slightly uncomfortable fibroid symptoms. I hoped for menopause and naturally shrinking fibroids. I had no periods for a year and then a heavy period. Ultrasound showed fibroid 5.7cm. I was lightheaded with exercise. Blood work showed I was anemic and my primary doctor ordered iron for a few months. My mom had just died from ovarian cancer and that was a red flag in the mix. My gynecologist recommended a hysterectomy. She said I was done having children and better safe than sorry.

I decided to continue following with ultrasounds. Another year without a period and then again a heavy period. Gynecologist strongly advised hysterectomy because fibroid 6.8cm and boarders not clearly defined. Second opinion, saw a specialist, another biopsy and a MRI. He suggested hysterectomy because of possibility biopsy unable to rule out cancer completely. I tell my story because I don’t think my history is all that unusual. I believed that a hysterectomy was a last option and fibroids fluctuate. I needed more information so I searched the internet and found Dr. Parker.

In October 2011, at age 54, I met with Dr. Parker. Thank heaven. Finally a doctor who understands all there is to know about fibroids. He is knowledgeable, experienced, reassuring, informed and he had a plan that he patiently explained. We sat in his office and he showed me the MRI and he discussed his knowledge about fibroids. He showed me studies and the meaning of various blood tests etc. He didn’t minimize my concerns and he put me at ease. He gave me an exam. He called me at home to reassure and explain blood work results. A doctor did my transvaginal ultrasound and then that same doctor did another ultrasound 3 months later. Dr. Parker again called me to say my fibroid was unchanged and NO SURGERY would be necessary.

I last saw Dr. Parker at the end of 2013 and my fibroid is 3cm and I am fine. It is very reassuring to continue to see Dr. Parker. I am grateful for his expertise and I have recommended Dr. Parker to my sister. I am thankful for his care and compassion.

Linda -Los Angeles, California:

If you are the slightest bit hesitant about relieving your horrible periods and being a sane person again, DON’T BE.  Dr. Parker’s real love of people touched me and calmed all of my nerves.

I had a large fibroid which my Gynocologist said she could remove through surgery, but that I may want a second opinion to see whether it could be removed laparoscopically. She didn’t know if it could be treated that way, but explained that her way would involve a lot of down time.  And I  have dogs (two big ones)  who demand lots of attention and walks.

Dr. Parker is one of the most honorable Doctors I have encountered. He treated me as a human being.  There was no shortage of time for discussing all my possible courses of action to treat my fibroid,  including the valid one of “doing nothing.”   He listened with interest and compassion about  my life.  I am 48 and still keeping the option of carrying a child open. He is a true listener.  We discussed many possible courses of action, and he wrote them all down for me to take home and consider. Then we had a fun hearted anatomy lesson, with painterly medical  pictures and a screening of the procedure. He did ask if I was up for viewing the film first!  I was an interested student and wondered if I had a teacher like Dr. Parker maybe I would have gone to medical school!

I left after the initial meeting thinking, this is great, I have lots of options.  I felt in control of my decision and my body!    I waited close to another year, before I decided enough is enough. There is no need to deal with all this hassle and not feeling great. I don’t need to be this tough soldier.  A day after the procedure, maybe two, I called the office to see if I could do yoga. They said not to, but I could walk as much as I wanted.  The point being that I felt good enough to want to do yoga two days later…

If you believe that you are a woman and that your heavier periods are just part of the aging process, DON’T.  My periods were so heavy. And my life had to be orchestrated around them. Go and meet this gem of a Doctor. A Doctor who gives Doctor’s a good name. A real Healer and Caretaker.  As I said upon leaving a follow up visit, happy doctor, happy patient and he may have responded, happy patient, happy doctor.

D.O. – Reno, Nevada:

For the past 2.5 years I had suffered with unbearable menstrual bleeding due to just one 7.5 cm fibroid. All of the doctors I had seen locally attempted to treat my symptoms hormonally, which either wouldn’t work, or would give me horrific migraines. Towards the end I was on 3 birth control pills a day and an injection of Depot Lupron. After 5 months of non-stop bleeding and 2 blood transfusions later I was sent to a gyno-oncologist who told me it was possibly a leiomyosarcoma and that the safest course of action would be a hysterectomy. I still have not had children, and couldn’t believe that without any direction I was to believe I might have cancer, and truly did not feel that a hysterectomy was the answer.

For days I poured over anything I could read on the subject of fibroids, trying to educate myself as much as I could, and Dr. Parker’s name kept coming up. As soon as I could, I went for a consult, and it was the best decision I could have made. He was by far the most confident and knowledgeable doctor I had been to. After years of hearing “I don’t know” when I had questions about what I was experiencing, Dr. Parker had answers. He was very thorough and explained everything from start to finish. Not only was he confident that I did not have a malignancy, but he said my tumor was the smallest he had seen in years, while my other docs exclaimed at how huge it was! I wish more doctors would take a page out of his book!

I was lucky enough to have surgery scheduled rather quickly. My next step was to convince my insurance company to cover the surgery as I did not have out of network benefits at all. Dr. Parker’s office was SO helpful in getting in touch with the insurance company on my behalf when I couldn’t get through to plead my case. Finally after collecting all the documentation from my other doctor and gynecologist visits, and many phone calls, I proved that it was necessary for me to have the surgery performed by Dr. Parker and they agreed to cover the surgery. My procedure was just over a month ago and I haven’t felt this good, and free, really, in almost 3 years.

I want to stress that you do have choices, and do not need to be limited to doctors that want to just give you an unwanted hysterectomy or simply just not give you the best care that you deserve.

I would recommend Dr. Parker to any woman experiencing gynecological issues, you could not be in better hands. I cannot fully express how grateful I am to him and the whole office staff there. Everyone I spoke to really went above and beyond, and I can’t thank them all enough!

Tina G:

Where do I begin when it comes to the amount of love and respect that I have toward Dr. Parker and his staff?

After loosing a little over 100 lbs and for the 1st time in my life, putting my health 1st before anything else I noticed that I had a couple very large lumps in my abdomen. At 1st I thought I had a hernia but after going to see 2 doctors and having an Ultra Sound, CT Scan and MRI it was clear I had 5-6 pretty large Fibroids. I just turned 39 and have yet to have children and was told by 1 doctor that surgery couldn’t be done laparoscopically. Due to the fear and possibility of not being able to have children in the near future I sought out other opinions and found myself at Dr. Parker¹s office. From the 1st appointment I had with him I instantly felt better and less fearful about the situation and the outcome. Everyone in Dr. Parker¹s office as amazing as well and do everything they can to make you feel at home and comfortable. After my 1st visit with Dr. Parker I scheduled my surgery for 2 months later in December. The whole process through UCLA and even down to the last minutes before surgery was actually pretty great. Again, everyone including Dr. Parker tried to make me feel as comfortable as possible. My surgery took a little more time than expected due to a very large fibroid that was in the back of my uterus but Dr Parker was able to remove it and I was able to go home the next day. Dr. Parker removed 5 fibroids that totaled almost 2 lbs. Recovery wasn¹t too bad and I looked forward to my follow up visits with Dr. Parker. I don¹t think I have ever met such a caring, compassionate and amazingly skilled doctor! I am truly grateful for everything he has done for me and am looking forward to continued healing and in a couple of months, my husband and I are going to try to start a family.

Thank you Dr. Parker, you are amazing and I am truly bummed that your wife won¹t let you do Surgeries during the day and Pap Smears at night..haha as I would love to have you as my regular OB/GYN but I understand, you are doing great work and any woman going through the same thing that I went through will be more than lucky to have you as a doctor. I know I am!

M.B. – New Jersey:

Dr. Parker is the best! I would have never done this surgery with someone else. I did a lot of research before and Dr. Parker was by far the best choice to have this surgery with.

I had 3 fibroids and Dr. Parker was able to get them out through laparoscope. I lost my baby at 22 weeks because of these fibroids and my wish was to be able to get pregnant again. I was very nervous about the surgery but Dr Parker was great and took very good care of me during the surgery to maintain my uterus for having children. And guess what, 7 months after the surgery I got pregnant on my own and I am 37 weeks pregnant right now thanks to him. I could have not asked for a better doctor. He always listened to my concerns, answered all my questions, answered my emails very fast and even called me next day after the surgery to make sure everything was ok. I am glad I flew across the country to have this surgery with him.

Thank you Dr. Parker!


Can’t get better than Dr. Parker, when it comes to expertise in removing fibroids and ovarian cysts. My medical history with ovarian cysts started when I was 14 years old. I had two surgeries that year, to remove ovarian cysts, and unfortunately also removed one of my ovary. For the next 20+ years, I was ok. However, early last year (I was 35) I went to see the oby/gyn because my menstrual cycle has been acting “different”. The Ob/gyn took ultrasound, and MRI, and concluded i needed a surgery to remove another growth on my ovary. She also said she will need to go thru my old incision (which was very long, from my belly button down to pubic area). I was very discouraged when she said that, because I did not want to have such a big incision again, and I was scared because I only have one ovary left which i wanted to preserve so that i may have kids one day! SO i decided to research online, and see if I can get a 2nd opinion. I AM SOOOO THANKFUL i found Dr. Parker! I read endless reviews by patients, that all raved about him. It gave me hope, and I knew I had to go see him!  I couldn’t see Dr. Parker initially, because he wasn’t contracted under my insurance. So i had to wait, until end of the year, when I can change insurance companies for the next calendar year. I changed my insurance company JUST so I could go see Dr. Parker. It was worth it!

From the first appointment with Dr. Parker, he made me feel so at ease and I can tell he is definitely an expert in his field! He showed my diagrams in textbooks, and drew me pictures to help me understand what’s going on. He always took his time, and was sooooo patient and caring, I never felt rushed. He even called me personally to keep me informed on the steps leading up to the surgery. I really felt like he cared about my health and well-being!

The day of the surgery, EVERY single staff I encountered was amazing! They were all sooo caring, and sooo attentive. Dr. Parker, his assistant, the anesthesiologist, and his nurse all came to see me before the surgery. My fiance who was by my side, he was very pleased with the care I received, and he said it made him feel more at ease with me going into surgery.

I could not have asked for better care by the staff. They all were truly fantastic. I was sooo happy that Dr. Parker was able to perform the surgery laparoscopically  and he saved my ovary! 

It is now 3 weeks post-surgery, and I feel great! I cannot wait to get married later this year, and start trying to have babies! I cannot express enough gratitude I have towards Dr. Parker, and for what he was able to do for me. I am just sooo grateful I found him, and I can only recommend anyone that has concerns about ovarian cysts to be sure to contact  Dr. Parker! He is by far THE best doctor/surgeon I have ever met! Thank-you Dr. Parker, for everything!

Attorney – Virgin Islands (British):

I am a 33 year old woman with no children but do hope to have children one day. In 2007, while in law school, I fell ill and was extremely weak and dizzy. After many checks the doctors determined that I was anemic (due to heavy menstrual cycles accompanied by clots) and advised that I use a lot of iron supplements. By 2010, I began to gain weight around my abdominal area, but I reckoned that this was simply normal weight gain as a result of reduced physical activity. To my dismay, during my regular yearly exam, my General Practitioner informed me that she suspected I had fibroids and requested an ultrasound to authenticate the same.

I then began consultations with a local gynecologist who reviewed my case and determined my situation was not so dire (6 fibroids largest approximately 4.8 cm) and advised that it was better to adopt the “watch and wait approach”. Two years were spent “watching and waiting”; by this time the fibroids grew and another one showed up on the ultrasound. My abdomen size increased and the gynecologist decided an abdominal myomectomy would be the ideal solution. However, he expressed skepticism to proceed with the abdominal myomectomy because one of the fibroids was in close proximity to my tubes. And moreover since I did not want an abdominal incision, a laparoscopic surgery would be best but he (the gynecologist) does not perform this type of surgery.

Three years later (2013), I was still living with fibroids, I was getting heavier periods, constant urination from  bladder pressure caused by the fibroids, discomfort in my pelvic area during ovulation, lower back pain, discomfort during menstruation and congratulatory messages from well meaning individuals who perceived, from the appearance of my abdomen, that I was an expectant mother. I grew tired of all this and sought the opinion of two other gynecologists, one in neighboring Puerto Rico and the other locally. Still unsatisfied and disillusioned, while busy at work one day, I asked a friend to search for the best laparoscopic surgeon in the United States. In a matter of minutes she called back and said “I think I found him”. She gave me the name Dr. William Parker. I sat for hours reading and researching about Dr. Parker and was very impressed by what I read. Dr. Parker’s CV was phenomenal, his patient reviews excellent and his website was very informative. Further, I surmised that not only does this doctor have extensive experience in this type of surgery, but was held in such high regard by his peers that he was chosen to impart his knowledge to the students of the prestigious UCLA. I thought to myself that surely he must be better than the other gynecologist whom I had consulted. I made the call and upon Dr. Parker’s request I did an MRI (the first and only doctor to request same). I made an appointment and flew from the British Virgin Islands to California to meet with Dr. Parker.

Meeting with Dr. Parker was really comfortable. Although he is an extremely accomplished surgeon, Dr. Parker spoke to us (my friend and I) as though we were his old friends, people he knew and loved for years and was excited to see once again. It was easy to forget that this was actually a doctor-patient meeting. Dr. Parker reviewed my MRI with me, wrote down all the options that were available to me, ruled out those that were not recommended for my particular case, answered the myriad of questions I asked and simply allayed all my fears. It was evident that his knowledge on the subject matter was very extensive. After this meeting, he allowed me time to choose the option I felt most comfortable with and to make the necessary appointment when I was ready. After much consideration, I made the long trip back to California to have the abdominal myomectomy. Although initially I disapproved of the abdominal myomectomy, I decided to take that option mainly because Dr. Parker discovered a smaller fibroid that went undetected by the other gynecologist and could not be removed laparoscopically.

On Nov 10, 2014, I had my abdominal myomectomy at the UCLA, Santa Monica Health Center. Dr. Parker removed, to my horror, a total of 17 fibroids without complication. I had no pain from the incision itself, thanks to the ON-Q pump Dr Parker left in place a few days post op. While in hospital he visited everyday and called every evening to ensure I was fine. And for the one morning that he had another engagement, he told me before hand that he would not be able to come to see me that morning but would call, which he did. Dr. Parker is simply extraordinary at what he does. This is a very well known fact by all those who work with him. Even while in hospital one nurse was curious as to how I found Dr. Parker, she said he is the one doctor that gets patients from all around the world. This truth is a testament to the caliber of the man, and most importantly, the caliber of the surgeon Dr. Parker is. He even quelled my mother’s fears, he didn’t have to but nevertheless he did; he genuinely understood the worrisome mental state as a parent and assured her of this since in his words “he is a parent too”. From him, she received the confidence, and was convinced, that I will be given the best care.

Although still in recovery (3 weeks post op), I feel great, I have no need for medication, my incision is barely noticeable (thanks to Dr. Parker’s suturing technique) and most importantly, I am fibroid free. I could not have asked for a better surgeon and a more caring doctor. For me, it doesn’t matter the distance, covering it to have Dr. Parker as my surgeon was well worth it and I would certainly do it again if necessary. I have no regrets about making that long trip and do intend to make another trip to California for a post op appointment. I will forever be grateful to GOD that such a talented surgeon exists, that he accepted me as a patient and that he is my surgeon.

To those women suffering with fibroids, I would recommend that, before making a life altering decision, seek out the expertise of Dr. William Parker. He has proven to be the best gynecologist I have consulted regarding fibroids- and trust me, I’ve seen a few.

Thank you Dr. Parker and team!!!!! FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!!!!!!!

Jackie – Los Angeles, California:

This letter comes with deep appreciation for Dr. Parker. He is named as the best in his field for many reasons! I suffered from a large fibroid approx 13cm and interviewed with several of the leading surgeons in Los Angeles. Dr. Parker hands down has the most experience and for me I found him to be the most compassionate. I never once felt as though he was in a rush, he thoroughly answered all of my questions which essentially helped me to overcome the fear of having a laparoscopic myomectomy. Gone are the days were you need the bikini cut, the laparoscopic technique carries a faster recovery time and less scarring. I wrestled with trying to make a decision between laparoscopic myomectomy with Dr. Parker and the new approach of Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) with another leading doctor in the field. UFE is a procedure whereby a long tube called a catheter delivers small, microscopic beads that block the fibroids’ blood supply, causing it to dissolve/decay. I decided against UFE after doing extensive research on potential side effects for those with large fibroids–ie. surgery is usually required at some point in the future to remove the decayed fibroid as it becomes a mass of scar tissue.

On the day of surgery, Dr. Parker greeted my mother (who flew in for support) with such kindness. Post surgery he visited me in the hospital first thing in the following morning and called me the day after that to see how I was feeling. In addition to prescribing pain medications, he also provides a list of holistic remedies to help speed recovery time and lessen pain naturally. I appreciated his insight in combining Western with alternative medicine. He also has a very caring and efficient team that work in his office, and made sure that all of my needs were met.

My best advice to anyone suffering from fibroids is to take your time and research who is the most experienced in the field, you will come to find that Dr. Parker is in a league of his own.

Y. – Encinitas, California:

My fibroids had grown over the years and my quality of life was getting worse due to the negative symptoms I was experiencing: heavy menstrual bleeding and consequently became anemic, rectal pressure, pain, and frequent urination. My uterus was so enlarged due to the number, size, and location of my fibroids. That’s when I realized something needed to be done. I was very skeptical about the recommendations from the doctors I had seen. Two gynecologists suggested a hysterectomy to solve my problems. I was devastated and refused to go with the treatment. However, I was determined to find an experienced surgeon so I did my own research until one day I stumbled upon Dr. Parker’s website where a tremendous amount of information was available that I could actually understand. I also read his book “A Gynecologist’s Second Opinion” and became more informed. I met with Dr. Parker and was very impressed with his knowledge, compassion, and friendliness. During our consultation, he listened carefully to my story and took the time to explain and answer my questions thoroughly. I felt confident and secure after talking to him about my condition. Dr. Parker is genuinely interested and cares about his patients. Without any hesitation, I chose him to perform my abdominal myomectomy operation and he removed 17 fibroids in one and a half hours. My ovaries and uterus remain intact. I was amazed to see myself walking the very next day after the surgery. I felt so relieved knowing that my fibroids were all gone! It was like a new energy was flowing in my body. After 4 weeks, I was active again. My quick recovery as well as the successful result prove that Dr. Parker is an extremely skilled surgeon. Today, my quality of life has improved tremendously. I truly admire Dr. Parker and thank God for people like him that have the commitment and passion he brings to the medical profession. Dr. Parker holds a special place in my heart. I will never forget him…

TG – Sacramento, California:

Dr. Parker is an amazing physician, surgeon, and all around person. If you have made it to this page, it’s for a reason.

In the summer 2013, I went to my routine annual. I was sent to have an ultra sound and diagnosed with a fibroid. At that time I was told not to worry. January 2014 I found out I was pregnant and also had a miscarriage a few weeks later. I am a pretty positive person and I was trying to figure out a solution. I met with my OBGYN for a follow up after my D&C. I was optimistic because I had done research and fibroids could be removed etc. Unfortunately his opinion due to the size of the fibroid was a hysterectomy. I was crushed. My first time being pregnant and then having a miscarriage was a challenge in itself, but then hearing the word hysterectomy was awful. I immediately called my mother when I got to my car who was silent then said we’ll figure this out.

I got online and did a search. I had to keep my options open so I had a list of doctors. March 2014, I flew from Sacramento, CA and met Dr. Parker. He is seriously in a league of his own. We set up a plan and I was scheduled to have surgery at the end of August. My fibroid measured almost as big as a 5 month pregnancy, and because of where it was positioned, an abdominal myomectomy was the plan. Although laparoscopic surgery was an option, having Dr. Parker be able to use his hands and for me to have a better chance at getting pregnant in the future was my choice. I called my mom and told her I found my doctor and my search had ended.

I had to get my iron level up for surgery. After the miscarriage I experienced clotting and bleeding that I had never experienced before. I took iron daily and added in a spinach smoothie to my diet. I got back to my workout routine and was trying to get as healthy as I could before surgery. I was nervous, especially because people only tell you how horrible their experiences are. I was definitely anxious but when I saw Dr. Parker Friday before my Monday surgery I was calm again. All I remember was going in and waking up to friendly faces. Everything went great. I have never had surgery and was expecting the worst but it was not bad at all. I was walking that evening and was discharged two days later. My mom is a nurse and Dr Parker and his expertise impresses her. She was nervous for me because she had a hysterectomy due to fibroids years back and she recalled her experience. She raved on how great I was doing and walking soon after. I know everyone is different but I hardly took pain medication. I know this is due to the technology and expertise of Dr.Parker.

Dr Parker is a blessing. His staff at the office is just as sweet as he is. As I mentioned before if you’ve made it to this page continue to be your own advocate and make the call to his office. It will be the best decision you’ve made.

Suzie – Phoenix, Arizona:

With a huge and fast growing fibroid that enlarged my uterus to a size of 22-week pregnancy, the increasingly severe bulk symptoms affected significantly the quality of my life, mentally and physically alike. Of all the specialists I consulted with, most of them recommended hysterectomy. Only a couple of them offered myomectomy, yet they couldn’t tell me the likelihood of a successful surgery. They did all agree that vertical incision was the only incision type for me.

Fortunately, I found Dr. Parker through Yahoo Uterine Fibroids Group, where he is highly recommended by other patients. As a result, not only did Dr. Parker perform a successful myomectomy on me, but he did it with a bikini-line incision to enable faster healing – which NONE of the other 9 doctors I consulted with thought was possible!

I can’t thank Dr. Parker enough for fixing my problem. Also, I’d like to thank him and his team for maintaining an informative website, as well as for writing up the very educational book, “A Gynecologist’s Second Opinion”. I learned and benefited greatly from reading these materials in the long quest for treatment options. I am glad to know that this book has been translated into different languages to help women abroad as well.

After suffering for more than 1 year, I truly appreciate a doctor who respects my wishes and, most importantly, is capable of providing a treatment option I need.”

M. – California:

I am 44 years old. I had an abdominal myomectomy procedure (through an 11 cm bikini incision) done by Dr. Parker six weeks ago.

I have been recovering very well: I work, run, drive long distances, and don’t get tired easily as I used to before the surgery. Most of all, I don’t have any of the symptoms I had before the surgery!

A small fibroid grew over the last eight years into 13 large and small, total 3 pounds, the size of over 5 months pregnancy.

My first surgical consultation was with Dr. K. She recommended a hysterectomy. Even with myomectomy, she said, it is possible that she might have to remove part or all of my uterus while I was under anesthesia. Hearing that made me scared and sad about what I might have to cope with afterwards.

But because I was determined not to lose my organ, I kept searching for a surgeon in whom I could place my confidence not to remove my uterus. I found Dr. Parker while I was reading his online Kindle book, “Fibroids: A Gynecologist’s Second Opinion.”  The book was sufficient for me to learn everything I need to know about my fibroid, its treatment, and the outcome of a surgery. I became confident that I would not need to lose my organ, and I knew Dr. Parker could help me.  And the search was over when I finally met him.

Dr. Parker is not only gifted in what he does but he is also kind and friendly, a man of humility with empathy.  I would confidently recommend Dr. Parker to anyone with a fibroid of any size, especially those who were recommended to remove the organ.

Joy C. – Los Angeles:

I had been told nine years ago that I should remove my large fibroids after the birth of my son, but it would be major surgery with a six week recovery. I worked & had a baby at the time so I figured, I’d just deal with them. I had another child, and they didn’t affect that pregnancy and continued to ignore them.

By age 46, my uterus had grown to the size of one with a 6-7 month fetus. Frankly I was tired of having a bloated protruding belly, and having strangers ask me if I was expecting ( I was even asked this at my grandmother’s funeral). I was also fed up with having to make frequent bathroom trips, long periods and just feeling exhausted in the middle of the day.

I went to see my gynecologist, who I had known since college and was shocked when he said that my best option was to have a hysterectomy as my tumors were now too large to safely remove. He told me that since I was done having children, I really didn’t need my uterus any longer. He also suggested that while he was doing the hysterectomy, I could have my ovaries removed to avoid any risk of ovarian cancer (keep in mind, this does not run in my family). Something didn’t sit right with me about how flippant he was about my body. I took a BRACA test, tested negative & decided to get another opinion.

My friend referred me to another gynecologist, who she could not stop raving about. She seemed super impressed that he had delivered a major celebrity’s babies. When I went to see him, he also told me that I should have a hysterectomy because fibroids were large, could return. He talked about the fact that there can be adhesion, & I was of an age where I “no longer needed my uterus.” After I left his office, he continued to make follow up calls to schedule my hysterectomy, which also made me feel like I had just walked into a showroom to look at a new BMW instead of a doctor’s office.

I started researching about women who had gotten hysterectomies and some of the complications – regrets – that had followed. I also felt both doctors — although admired — were telling me to do something that was easiest for them, but not necessarily best for myself. As I continued my search, I found Dr. Parker online. I really liked what I saw on his website and scheduled an appointment. After meeting Dr. Parker, I was immediately put at ease. He was very calm and presented as much information as possible for me to understand my choices. He repeated that it was not mandatory that I have this surgery, but my choice and no one else’s. Even though, I didn’t know anyone who had gone to Dr. Parker for surgery, I felt confident in his ability and in him.

I decided to have a laparoscopic myomectomy. I had my surgery 3 weeks ago, & I feel fantastic. I left the hospital and only took ibuprofen on two occasions since I didn’t have a lot of pain. I was able to start working

again at home by the fourth day after surgery. My abdomen is so much smaller, & I am very happy that I chose to do this & that I chose Dr. Parker. He is an extremely skilled and compassionate surgeon. I feel he understands women as well as their concerns and is truly interested in helping them.

D – San Francisco, California:

I am a 52 year old living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I was first diagnosed with a large fibroid in 2009, at which time my doctor recommended “watchful waiting”.  By 2011 the “thing” had doubled in size to about 18cm, and I was alarmed when my doctor said I needed a hysterectomy.  After consulting with a number of doctors at Kaiser – my HMO insurance at the time – who all recommended hysterectomy, I started researching an out of network option.

In 2012 I finally found Dr. Parker.  He took my preferences seriously, and did not hesitate to recommend a myomectomy, assuring me that my uterus and ovaries would be left intact.  Also, he was respectful, confident, and genuinely humble, unlike the other surgeons I had met. I started lengthy negotiations with Kaiser in an attempt to  get out of network coverage for the procedure. This failed – a long and frustrating story in itself. 
In early 2013, I changed jobs, signed up for a PPO insurance policy, and three months later flew to Santa Monica for the procedure.  By this time the fibroid was almost 4 pounds and 22cm; very awkward and unsightly on my 5-foot frame.  It turned out to be too large and vascular for a laparoscopic procedure, and Dr Parker removed it through a bikini incision.  Because of Dr. Parker’s surgical skill, I did not need a transfusion, recovered without a hitch, and was able to get on the plane back to the Bay Area a week later.

It’s been about eight weeks since my surgery, and I’m so grateful to Dr. Parker for his ability and willingness to do what other surgeons had dismissed as not worth the risk for a woman past child bearing age.  I can now fit into all of my “pre-fibroid” clothes, and am free from fibroid-induced worry.

This has been an eye-opening experience; an example of how blindly intransigent the medical establishment can be, and how rare practitioners like Dr. Parker are.  Hopefully he will be able to teach medical students at UCLA his approach and techniques, so that women in this country will have more choices in the future.

PG, India:

After a thorough Internet research, I found Dr. Parker and I feel blessed that I did. He is one of the most seasoned, warm doctor I have met. I went to Dr. Parker when I was told that I have huge fibroid and surgery is the only way out due the size. None of the doctors that I consulted before Dr. Parker explained to me what fibroids are, what implications they have on pregnancy and should I get it removed now or later?

Dr. Parker was so patient with me, he explained everything about fibroids, answered all my questions, showed all the relevant research related to fibroid for my awareness. Also, all the prior doctors said surgery is required as the size of the fibroid seem to be large as appearing the ultra sound, Dr. Parker was the only one who clarified apart from the size, the location of fibroid that determines whether surgery is needed or not and MRI provides the best result to identify the size and the location of fibroids.

Post my MRI scan, Dr. Parker shared the reports with me and explained the implication of my fibroid basis the location and size. The way he explained the reports and the feasibility of the surgery, I got the confidence that I am in right hands. He suggested both types of surgeries laparoscopy or abdominal can be be performed and left the decision on us to choose based on the time we can devote to recovery. I have never seen a doctor being able to form a connection with a patient so well and taking them through the decision process related to the surgery.

We chose abdominal surgery as I had time at hand. The surgery went very well. Dr. Parker showed me the pictures of the fibroid taken during the surgery. He came and met me before and after the surgery and also called me regularly during my hospital stay. I felt completely taken care of. I would also like compliment Dr. Parker’s staff; they are extremely warm and helpful and really helped through the entire insurance procedure and made us feel at home whenever we visited Dr. Parker.

Within weeks, I recovered very well with my uterus intact and I give full credit to Dr. Parker for performing the surgery with such a precision and care.

My suggestion to everyone who has been diagnosed with fibroid is to please get a second opinion from Dr. Parker as the kind of clarity he would provide you I don’t think any doctor can provide. His work in this field is exemplary and his experience of handling fibroid surgery is overwhelming.

Thank you doctor.

Dr. Parker is truly the doctor and expert to go to for fibroids. He is compassionate and caring and his office staff are very nice as well.

K.L. – Denver, Colorado:

At age 40, I found Dr. Parker after struggling with fibroids for the previous 6+ years.  Following an urgent hysteroscopic myomectomy while abroad in France at age 34, I had several years of relief.  However, my symptoms ultimately returned with a vengeance and I had the same procedure last year—but this time an unsuccessful one—in my hometown of Denver.  When it became clear that my second surgery had failed, my Denver doctor told me that my only remaining viable option was a hysterectomy because of my fibroid placement and severe bleeding.  Not wanting to believe that removal of my entire uterus was the only answer, I embarked on a research campaign which ultimately led me to Dr. Parker’s website.  After reading many other stories similar to mine on his “patient comments” page, written by women who had laparoscopic fibroid surgery performed by Dr. Parker, I became hopeful that I could avoid a hysterectomy.  An MRI and consultation with Dr. Parker confirmed that my recent hysteroscopic myomectomy had failed, and in fact, could not have been successful, given the size and location of my largest fibroid.  But Dr. Parker was confident he could effectively remove my several fibroids (including the very large submucosal one) laparascopically.  So, I made arrangements to stay in the L.A. area for a week and had the surgery.  Now, four months later, I am thrilled to report that I couldn’t be happier that I found Dr. Parker.  I now have normal periods, my blood counts are back within normal range, I have returned to frequent and strenuous exercise, and I feel like I have my life back.  Although the several weeks following the surgery were tougher for me in terms of recovery and activity restrictions than I had anticipated, by the time I saw D. Parker for my post-op appointment 7 weeks after surgery, I was feeling great.  I unequivocally recommend Dr. Parker to any woman with fibroid issues, and I wish I had found him, and sought his opinion, much sooner.  It troubles me that there are not more doctors like Dr. Parker across the country who specialize in this area, and that many doctors seem all too quick to recommend a hysterectomy.  I am truly grateful to Dr. Parker and his caring staff. 

K.C. – Orange County, California:

I was identified to have an enlarged uterus due to adenomyosis which caused heavy menstrual bleeding in year 2011. The 3 gynecologists I had visited at that time all suggest open hysterectomy. After internet search, I found Dr. Parker’s website and really liked his philosophy of saving uterus from unnecessary hysterectomy. Since then I visited Dr. Parker annually. While I was  in “watchful wait” Dr. Parker prescribed me medicine to help control the heavy menstrual bleeding. Unfortunately, my uterus has grown fast within recent half year and therefore I decided to remove the uterus after consultation with Dr. Parker. He performed Laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy on me two weeks ago. The surgery removed my 22-week size uterus successfully through 3 small cuts. I didn’t need to use any pain medicine since I was discharged from surgery center. On top of Dr. Parker’s expertise on minimum invasive surgery he is also a very caring and gentle doctor, always replies my emails quickly, answers my questions patiently to relieve any concerns I had about the risks of the surgery. While my husband was in waiting area of the surgery center with other patients’ family members, he noticed that Dr. Parker was the only doctor who came down to the waiting area to update surgery results to the family members. I give all the credit to Dr. Parker’s meticulous and excellent surgical skills for my speedy recovery. Dr. Parker is the best doctor that I have ever met!  In fact he was voted the “Best Doctor”.

C.M. Hughes – Sacramento, California:

I was diagnosed with fibroids by my primary care physician in January 2014. The first thing I did was get on the internet and Dr. Parker’s “Fibroids A Gynecologist’s Second Opinion” popped up. I knew right away that he was the person to treat me, except I lived in NYC, knew my insurance wouldn’t be accepted, and I was not a candidate for private pay. Regardless, I kept Dr. Parker in the back of my mind. In September 2014, I got a pelvic ultrasound done, which revealed multiple fibroids, but ultimately I decided to live with my fibroids verses seek out other options. As an occupational therapist, I worked at two NYC hospitals and knew what the quality of care was like if you weren’t a VIP patient. So I decided to push off treatment.

In October 2015, needing a change, I moved to Sacramento. One of the first phone calls I made was to Dr. Parker’s office. UCLA still did not accept my insurance but I found out what insurances they did accept. By then my symptoms were becoming worse. During days 2-4 of my period, I was up every hour at night because of the excessive bleeding. At work I was constantly running to the bathroom during my period so I would not soil my clothes despite the fact that I always wore a super plus tampon and a pad. My periods now lasted 7-9 days but fortunately I had bad bleeding only 3 of those days. The fibroids were putting pressure on my bladder so I had to go to the bathroom frequently at all times. I continued to live with the symptoms knowing I wanted to consult with either Dr. Parker or someone like him – except there is no one else like him.

By May 2016, I accepted an amazing job opportunity at an institution that provided insurance which was accepted by UCLA. However, I decided to consult with a well regarded surgeon at UCSF in September 2016 because it was closer to where I lived and would make treatment easier. This surgeon used my pelvic ultrasound results from September 2014 as the basis for her consultation. She leaned towards a hysterectomy since I am 48, but was also willing to perform an abdominal myomecmtomy. She explained that the abdominal myomecmtomy was the more difficult surgery. I left her office not entirely convinced of her ability to perform the abdominal myomecmtomy and decided to pursue seeing Dr. Parker.    

In December 2016, I sent my pelvic MRI to Dr. Parker’s office and received a call a week later that I could schedule a consultation with him. It was one of the happiest days of my life in recent years. I liked that he required a recent pelvic MRI and when I saw the MRI pictures, it totally made sense to me why he required this. The fibroids were so clear and easily seen. He recommended a variety of treatment options and never pushed me towards surgery. He said we could easily preserve my uterus, which was important to me. I am not a big fan of surgery, but knew it was the best option (for me). I chose an abdominal myomecmtomy and in May 2017, I had 17 fibroids removed, the largest of which was 9cm. I spent 2 nights at UCLA Santa Monica and it was an amazing, A+, VIP experience. (I should make it clear that I am not a VIP patient – the staff at UCLA treats everyone with the utmost care and respect.) Throughout my career, I have worked in 8 different hospitals in NYC and CA and I can tell you that the experience I had as a patient with Dr. Parker, the anesthesiologist, and the UCLA Santa Monica staff was simply amazing.

I experienced minimal post operative pain and was up and walking the day of surgery. Dr. Parker manages post op pain extremely well through the use of the On Q pump. The whole surgical experience was well thought out from start to finish. I am now 2.5 weeks post op and I feel great! For me, the road to see Dr. Parker was a long one, but I am so glad I had the opportunity to be his patient and I am extremely grateful for his care. 

Amelia L. – Thousand Oaks, California:

I am so happy that my obgyn referred me to Dr. William Parker to remove my fibroids laproscopically I had consults with two other obgyns, my own mentioned that there was a chance she would have to make a vetical cut from my belly button down rather than a bikini line cut because of the size of the fibroids.  And another well respected and experienced obgyn advised me that she would not feel comfortable removing my fibroid laproscopically because of my small frame and the big size of the tumor, so she would have to make a bikini line cut.

When I had my consult with Dr. Parker he was very patient in answering all my questions and thorough in showing me my MRI and my options for shrinking the fibroid and surgery.  It was his birthday and he even offered me chocolates!  He does not push for any organ to be removed if it’s perfectly healthy and leaves it for you to decide.

The surgery ended up taking five hours rather than the estimated two and a half.  The fibroid had grown even bigger since the consult but he was able to remove everything from just four tiny cuts in my abdomen.  My fibroid was two pounds and sat on my bladder which made my stomach bulge, sent me running to the restroom all the time, and gave me back pains.  Boy was I glad to have that thing removed.  I had never had surgery before and recovering from surgery was a lot harder than I had expected.  It wasn’t even the pain from the incisions (I hardly felt that), what bothered me most was the bloating and gas  Throughout that time I was in touch with the doctor and he made some recommendations for over the counter remedies and even offered to see me sooner if it was really bothering me.  But sure enough at the two-week mark I was back to “normal”.  Jogging is my main form of exercise, it’s been six weeks now and I can almost run as fast and as much as I used to.  Now my stomach looks flatter than it has in years (I can wear my skinny dresses again) and I do not need to be worried about how much liquid I consume before going on long car rides. 

Just some tips.  Parking is expensive in the building but I have had very good luck parking by the meters on the street (mostly on Broadway), just read the no parking signs carefully, and be sure to sharpen your parallel parking skills. Also he is very popular, it took me a month to get a consult and three months to book the surgery.  So book early if you are in a hurry…Dr. Parker is very skilled and personable, he is the best!

Maria  – Columbus, Ohio:

I apologize for the long post, but I want to include as many details as possible. I am a healthy vibrant 48 year old woman who suffered from uterine fibroids for many years.  The fibroids started off really small and were not causing any problems so my physician in Ohio told me that we would just continue to monitor them.  Over the years, the fibroids grew in size and number.  I began experiencing very heavy periods.  At this point my OB-GYN referred me to a specialist here in OH.  They both recommended a hysterectomy.  I was apprehensive because I’d never had major surgery and I don’t even take any medications, aside from an inhaler that I use sparingly.  I wanted to try to find a natural remedy to my problem.  

The years went by and my bleeding increased to the point where I could not even take a car trip to the grocery store without bleeding all over myself.  Work was almost impossible.  Events and parties were interrupted or missed. I traveled around with extra clothing and an entire pack of sanitary pads.  Unbelievably to some, I was still against the hysterectomy.  I believe the uterus has many other vital functions for women than just childbirth.  Needless to say I became extremely anemic.  My hemoglobin ranged between 6 and 9.  I received iron infusions, but it was like putting water into a bucket with holes.  My abdomen looked like I was pregnant.  My uterus was the size of a 5 month pregnancy.  I reluctantly agreed to get a Depo-Provera injection to help with the bleeding—big mistake. My fibroids grew and I began bleeding EVERYDAY.  

After searching the web I came across Dr. Parker’s website.  I read the ENTIRE site.  After viewing the videos and reading all the information I knew he was the Dr. for me.  I was so excited when he agreed to take my case!  I flew out for a face to face consultation and was impressed with Dr. Parker and his amazing staff!  Dr. Parker spoke to my husband and I in his office rather than an exam room.  He was very genuine and personable. It was well worth the trip.  If I could have had the surgery that very day I would have!  However, I had to wait about two months to get onto the schedule due to the holidays and high demand for Dr. Parker.  On the day of surgery the hospital staff was efficient. Not only did Dr. Parker speak with me before surgery, so did ALL members of the surgical team.  The procedure took approx. 3 hours, Dr. Parker removed 44 fibroids from my uterus!!! I was not aware there were so many!  I had several types of fibroids:  Intramural, Submucosal, and one pedunculated.  He texted the surgical pictures to me after viewing them with me at my bedside.  I was not in any pain, thanks to the On-Q pain pump.  On the day of surgery I slept a lot but was able to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom. On day two I walked the halls.  I had moderate bleeding. The pain consisted of sharp shooting pains on both sides of my abdomen.  Still I did not have IV pain meds, just Toradol tablets.  Bowel movements were slow to resume for a few days, but the stool softeners helped. Still I had no major pain!  Once out of the hospital, I did not take the narcotics, I only used Ibuprofen.  Dr. Parker recommended walking and doing normal activities, so that is exactly what I did.  I stayed in Santa Monica for several days because I wanted the post op exam to be done by Dr. Parker.  The nurse practitioner painlessly removed my pain pump and suture—yes it was ONE continuous suture!  The incision looks like a thin scratch.  During those days between surgery and my appointment with Dr. Parker, I was able to enjoy WALKING around Santa Monica and even attended a taping of the Price Is Right!!!! (I felt so guilty).  This was THE BEST decision I’ve ever made. It IS NOT too good to be true. The website is accurate and Dr. Parker is an internationally known, well-published sensation!  My only regrets are not finding him sooner and not being called on stage as a contestant on the Price Is Right!!  I hope this is helpful to you.  Best Wishes!  

 T.G. – Los Angeles, California:

I bled for six years. Not just normal period-bleeding, but multiple hand-sized clots, daily. Standing up after sitting for an hour or more was always an adventure. I was fortunate that my office was close to the bathroom.  

I wore overnight pads during the day to prevent overspill. I lined my bed with a plastic sheet and put down towels. No more biking, swimming, or running. No more skiing. It put me in the emergency room twice. I was without insurance at the time, and it cost me thousands. I received no treatment while I was there; they just waited for it to stop. They recommended a hysterectomy.

While I still had insurance, I had been to see a doctor about the bleeding. I had an ultrasound that showed a fibroid. The doctor told me that it would go away. His impatience at my prolonged and massive bleeding after an in-office biopsy made me somehow embarrassed that my uterus was malfunctioning. He told me that I had to have a hysterectomy.

I researched fibroid remedies, and had acupuncture. The bleeding stopped for several months, and I thought it was over, but it began again.  I went to Doctor Two, who, more kindly than the last, suggested a hysterectomy. 

Feeling very strongly that my uterus is not solely for having children, I went to Doctor Three, who when I asked her what could be done about the bleeding, said that I could wait for menopause, or elect to have my uterus removed.  Doctor Four told me that fibroids would shrink after menopause.   The bleeding would stop for a week or a month, but it always started up again, and when it did, it would go on for months. I had to be treated for severe anemia.   Finally, I found Dr. Parker’s website. It seemed too good to be true.

I made an appointment, but for a reason I still don’t understand, decided to see Doctor Five, first. I think I was just afraid of the idea of surgery.   Doctor Five did an in-office biopsy and an ultrasound, and told me that I had at least six fibroids, a large ovarian cyst, and greatly thickened endometrium with atypical cells that would turn into cancer.  

When the staff received the biopsy result, I was left a voicemail asking to call. “The doctor needs to discuss the results of your biopsy.” Couldn’t they have been a little less terrifying? The first appointment they could give me was in two weeks. I had to ask if the doctor could squeeze me in, somehow. Two weeks to find out if I had cancer?   I did not have cancer. She scheduled me for an MRI and a D&C to get a better sample of my badly thickened endometrium for a more exhaustive biopsy.

 After the D&C I was in pain and bled badly for three weeks. Finally, I took the progesterone that she gave me for the 10-day course, and it helped but did not stop the bleeding. I contacted her to see if I could start taking it again, and it was two weeks before she got back to me. By that time it had tapered off, after just over six weeks of heavy bleeding. When I was able to get another appointment, she told me that she had removed “a lot of material,” and it was not cancerous. I asked if she had cleared out the thickened endometrium, and she said that she had not. “Your uterus is very large,” she said disapprovingly. She recommended a hysterectomy.  

I had already made an appointment with an embolism specialist, so I went, looking for a way to keep my uterus. Doctor Six showed me my MRI, pointing out the fibroid, which she said was not the cause of the bleeding. She pointed out a shadow in the uterine cavity, identifying it as the thickened endometrium. She recommended removal of the uterus above the cervix. She said that she was an embolism doctor because she believed in minimally invasive surgery, but, “If I were you,” she said, “I’d have a hysterectomy.” Her mother, she said, had recently died of ovarian cancer, and she felt that pre-emptive removal was advised. 

Both doctors seemed to feel that the uterus, unless one plans to have babies, was a spare part.  I do not feel this way, and both expressed impatience with my reluctance to have it removed.   Dr. Five said, “Well, if you want to preserve your child-bearing ability…”  knowing that I was likely in menopause. 

Dr. Six scoffed at my concerns about the quality of life after a hysterectomy. “Well, if you’re going to go on the internet and read hysterectomy horror stories…” She actively discouraged me from seeking laparoscopic myomectomy. “That would be crazy,” she said.

I made my appointment with Dr. Parker, and provided his kind, helpful, and patient staff with the CD of the MRI.    Upon meeting him, I felt a sense of sureness, expertise, and experience that none of the other doctors projected. I felt comfortable with him immediately. I wasn’t nervous or anxious, even though after six doctors, I was a little doctor-shy.

He showed me my MRI and explained what everything was. He explained my other symptoms and told me that it was probably the thickened endometrium that was causing the bleeding. He showed me the fibroid and said that I had probably had it a long time, and that since it was not the cause of the bleeding, he didn’t recommend removal. He saw no signs of an ovarian cyst.

He wanted to do a D&C for the endometrium. Due to the fibroid’s enlargement of the uterus, he intended to use a longer instrument than usual, to get all the endometrium. “Heal for a few weeks,” he said, “and we’ll re-evaluate at that time.” He showed me a video of the instrument in action. He reassured me of its safety. He explained that along with the large fibroid at the top of my uterus, there seemed to be more within the endometrium, the thickness of which was masking the clarity of the image. If they were small fibroids, the D&C he planned would remove them as well.

At no point did I feel rushed. At no point did I feel that I was asking too many questions, or that he had anything other to do than to help me understand what my body was doing and what he could do to help. I was a partner in this, not a subject.   After our meeting, I felt huge relief. I had had enough of doctors considering my organ disposable, and there was nothing like that with Dr. Parker. His obvious knowledge and clear compassion set me at ease. He told me the D&C would take an hour, and that I could make my appointment at any time.   I put the surgery off for a week because I had further questions, but during that week, recalling our meeting, I realized that he had answered my questions before I had even articulated them to myself.

The staff at the surgery center was remarkable. It was the same center where Dr. Five had done my initial D&C, and they were lovely then, too. It couldn’t have been better. Everyone I encountered there was courteous, gentle, kind, and thoughtful and highly competent.   Dr. Parker met with me before surgery, obviously caring that I was reassured and comfortable.

After the hour-long surgery, I had no pain. There was some slight discomfort from the speculum, but nothing else. And only the faintest bleeding.   He told me that what had appeared to be thickened endometrium was a polyp that had filled my entire uterus. He had sectioned it, removed it, and trimmed the attachment point, and there had been no bleeding during surgery.

An hour later when I was cleared to stand up, I noticed a difference in my center of gravity. The polyp, while large, had not been heavy, but I no longer felt pressure in my abdomen. I have felt light and in balance ever since.   He saw me after the procedure, and told me that he expected no further bleeding, and if there was, that I should call him. I was home in another hour.  His office called me that afternoon. He called me himself the next day.

A few days later, his office called again with my biopsy results, and there was none of the mystery of Dr. Five’s staff: they told me straight out that the results were negative. No sign of cancer. At my follow-up visit, Dr. Parker reiterated that, and said that my uterus was perfectly healthy. No atypia, nothing. He said if the fibroid started bothering me that I should give him a call, but he felt that removal now was unnecessary.

 Some of the less-expected things that have occurred since the procedure:

  • The right side of my mouth was developing folds. Not the left, just the right. Those have faded by half. (The polyp was attached on the right side, for what it’s worth.)
  • I can run down stairs again, without feeling that I’m going to fall forward.
  • I’m sleeping better.
  • The chronic back pain in my lower left side was immediately 95% better, and has continued to improve. I’m at about 99%, three weeks after surgery.
  • I stand up straighter with no effort.
  • My face has color. I had forgotten that my cheeks are naturally pink.
  • Strangely, I can wear high heels again. For several years it was painful and awkward to wear even a two-inch heel. It’s suddenly easy to again wear three- and four-inch heels. Coincidence? Maybe. Or, maybe a result of the procedure restoring my natural center of gravity. 

All of this occurred the first week after the procedure. It was startling to not have to wear a pad after six years of wearing one 24 hours a day. I have more energy than I have had in years.   I feel like a new woman. My life is coming back to me. I can swim. I can bike. I can run.

To those who ask me why I look so much better, I tell them that I found a Jedi gynecologist.

Thank you, Dr. Parker. You don’t practice medicine: you’ve mastered it.

You saved me from such anguish. I’m profoundly grateful for your skill and compassion; for your largeness of spirit, and the genius that lets you see what others have not learned to see.


In 2012, I was diagnosed with Uterine Fibroids (one around 7cm, another one is about 5cm). My OB/GYN told me that I would not need to do anything since I was 35 so let’s wait until my menopause then the fibroids would shrink down so I would not go through any surgery or any treatments. I couldn’t handle the heavy period any more so last year, I went to two more OB/GYN to have second/third opinions and both recommended a hysterectomy. And that was not what I want. I was 37. I thought I might want a second child so hysterectomy was not my option.

I was so depressed and kept searching for the best Fibroid Surgeon and Dr Parker’s name popped on Google. I went to the second opinions site and educate myself about fibroids then I decided to contact his office for appointment. At the first meeting with Dr. Parker, he reviewed the MRI CD and he explained to me about my fibroids. He strongly recommended that abdominal myomectomy is best for me. Hysterectomy is unnecessary. At that moment, I felt like I was floating on the cloud 9.

I was so nervous on the morning before my surgery. But his team from anesthesiologist, RN, and nurses are so wonderful so that I felt that I was in good hands. The surgery procedure was about 2.5 hours and it was easy (no complication). I was able to walk and move around slowly on the first day. During the hospital stay, Dr Parker checked in everyday either physical or phone call to make sure I was fine. A week after surgery, I went back to work full time, and school full time. I was not tired or pain at all.

It is such a blessing that I found Dr. Parker. He is not only the best of the best surgeon/physician but he is very caring person. I am fibroid free now and I feel fantastic.

Thank you Dr. Parker.

SD, Maryland:

I am a 46 year old female with a long history of fibroids…to the point where my husband started calling them “my Broids and the Girls” in a way that would make one think that he was referring to a friend. I loath fibroids…

I have had two previous gynecological surgeries one in 2000 to remove a dermoid cyst and the second, a myomectomy, in 2008. Both were long recoveries and pain management presented a real challenge to a speedy recovery. Not to mention a nice 12cm long scar across my belly. After suffering from pain and heavy bleeding and embarrassing moments due to excessive bleeding from 2011-2013, I endeavored to find a surgeon who could/would perform a myomectomy and most importantly to me, had experience and knowledge in doing them as a practice rather than as an alternative to their standard surgery, a hysterectomy, for anyone over 40. I thought it would be easy… but unfortunately of the eight doctors that I researched and made appointments to review my situation and get recommendations, only two actually recommended myomectomy as a top option and performed them routinely. The other six stated that they could if I wanted but their records of routinely performing hysterectomies gave me pause. I had done this before with a very good surgeon but her expertise and knowledge was not in performing myomectomies and as a result she left me with fibroids. Yes, I know you grow new ones, but she admitted to me that she had left these…really.

One meeting with Dr. Parker and I knew that it would be wise on my part to select him as my gynecological surgeon for my myomectomy. The fact that he was in California and I in Maryland presented a minor challenge but post surgery I will tell anyone, it was worth the expense of staying at a hotel after surgery, going to an unfamiliar hospital and having my third surgery.

I had my surgery on 25 June 2013, and although there were some setbacks with low blood count, nausea and vomiting post surgery I would still choose Dr. Parker. Just before the surgery, one of his clinic staff mentioned that she had the surgery and that he was very attentive to his patients, even visiting her every day in hospital. My initial thought was, well what kind of a boss would he be if he didn’t visit his own staff post surgery. Do you really think I am falling for a surgeon visiting me everyday? My husband and I even laughed it off as we went to my pre-op lab visit. I had expectations for the surgery given my previous experiences and then I had hopes given my current condition. Dr. Parker easily exceeded my expectations and did an “Awesome” job removing 42 fibroids, little blood loss, and minimal scarring. He did visit me everyday and his resident visited separately even though he told her she did not have to do so.

I should emphasize the scar thing since I had a major scar line on my belly from the previous two surgeries, I thought that like many African American women I just keloid a lot resulting in this ugly scar. Wrong! I could not see it myself until today (most of the swelling has gone down). My husband who saw the scar right after surgery and everyday since mentioned to me that I was not going to be able to tell where Dr. Parker had cut me. He was right! Just two weeks post surgery, there is a small 2cm long scratch on my belly. Shut-up! Yes, he got rid of the previous scarring and pretty much left no sign that I just had a major surgery two weeks ago. I am on ibuprofen and walking a mile everyday. I have pain on occasion but nothing to write home about. I am so looking forward to living my life and truly enjoying my forties, fibroid free, my husband and I have made many plans already.

Finally, if you are suffering from fibroids and want other options, I would recommend that you contact Dr. Parker. The office staff are friendly albeit a lot slower than what I am accustomed to but the results that he is capable of delivering are well… “Awesome”! Do your research, have your questions, he loves answering them and decide for yourself. Thank you Dr. Parker, you have changed my life for the better, indeed.

Anita – Virginia:

I am truly grateful to Dr. Parker, not only for the second opinion (actually, fifth) that he provided me but also for the “second chance” that he gave my uterus after three local gynecologists recommended hysterectomy and a fourth suggested another procedure in which I did not have full confidence. My holistic perspective on health and wellness has helped me appreciate the energetic relationships among the organs and the value in keeping one’s organs whenever possible. Dr. Parker gave me that option, and I’ll never regret flying all the way from Virginia first to consult with him and then for the procedure. I felt very comfortable with him from day one!

In thoroughness, Dr. Parker is several steps ahead of others in his profession. After receiving the devastating news from the other gynecologists, their diagnoses based on ultrasound results alone, Dr. Parker’s taking the time to request and consider my MRI and help me explore alternatives was a much-appreciated relief that far exceeded my expectations. Also admirable was his thoroughness in patient care after the abdominal myomectomy.

My 23 fibroids, some large, and others not showing up on my ultrasound scans, are now gone! Just one day after the procedure, I was able to walk around in my hospital ward and was feeling only minimal discomfort. Dr. Parker has truly done what I had regarded as impossible! My only regret is that he was my “fifth stop” (he came to my attention only after extensive research) – but to other women experiencing fibroids, I am pleased to recommend that he be their first.

Hue – San Diego, California:

I’m a petite, patient with a large fibroid of approx. 14cm. I have consulted with 2 other OBGYNs and was informed that I needed to have the fibroid removed as soon as possible before trying to start a family. After an extensive research on fibroids, I found Dr. Parker’s website and read his profile and reviews. I forwarded my MRI report to doctor and was able to secure an appointment to see him. During the consultation, we went over the details from my MRI report. Dr. Parker was very honest about the treatment and options. He did not insist to schedule the surgery immediately and allowed me time to thoroughly think about the options. I opted for an abdominal myomectomy due to the large fibroid mass. I was admitted to UCLA Hospital, Santa Monica for my procedure in March 2017. With a perfect incision on my bikini line, Dr.Parker removed a large fibroid that weigh nearly 3.6 pound, which is a size of a 5 month pregnancy. What was supposed to be a 1.5 hour surgery was reduced to an hour with minimal blood loss and no blood transfusion needed. Pre-op doctor reassured me that blood transfusion was unnecessary. The major surgery is difficult and produced tremendous anxiety and stress for me. However, the personal attention, kindness and support shown by Dr. Parker, his staff and the UCLA Hospital staffs helped me overcome the fears.

I recall waking up and saying out loud that I’m still alive. Doctor responded in a soft-tone, “You’re doing just fine and the operation went very well.” I was pushed to the recovery room and was able to gently walk that evening after the surgery. One of my biggest fear post-op was the increasing pain. I was informed by my aunt who had a similar surgery that the pain was the worst feeling ever. However, I felt very little pain during the first 5 days post-op because of the local anesthesia (Q-on Pump) used by doctor during the suture. I was hospitalized for 2 nights and was discharged on the 3rd day. During my hospitalization, Dr. Parker called every evening and visited every morning to follow up with my condition. Regardless of his busy schedule as a surgeon and clinical professor, Dr. Parker made time to visit me daily at the hospital. Doctor made me feel valuable and that my needs are important during this vulnerable time of my life. Dr. Parker has a special gift and he is an extraordinary human being!

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the outcome and is recovering very well. Although I’m still in the healing process and occasionally, felt pinching and numbness in the incision area, the issues should eventually resolved within time. I have continued to follow doctor’s post-op instructions and are walking daily and eating wholesome food for a speedy recovery. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Parker to anyone experiencing fibroid issues and can vouch that his abilities are unmatched! He is the best fibroid surgeon!

I’m sad to say that I will no longer see Dr. Parker and his staff on a regular basis for my gynecology care. However, I promised that when I’m pregnant and have my first born, I will forward photos to Dr. Parker as a token of appreciation that he has made a difference in my life.

Dr. Parker, you make my every day life better and I sincerely thank you for the utmost care.

SJ – Los Angeles, California:

A few years ago, I learned that I had several fibroids during a regular ob/gyn appointment. I hoped that the fibroids would eventually stop growing, but the fibroids continued to cause great discomfort and a negative impact on my quality of life.  My regular ob/gyn recommended fibroid removal and she referred me to Dr. Parker as he is the expert on fibroid removal on the West Coast.  

This was my first major surgery and I was very nervous about the entire process.  Dr. Parker made me (and my family) feel at ease and was caring and attentive.  During my consultations, he explained the surgery in great detail — he showed me diagrams, we reviewed my MRI together, talked about possible causes, and went over the risks and expectations of the surgery.  Dr. Parker is very patient and I deeply appreciated that he was willing to spend as much time as needed to answer all my questions.  He does not try to rush you out of his office like other doctors.  Given my numerous fibroids, I was certain that Dr. Parker was the right gynecologist and surgeon for me — he’s an expert in the field, conducts and publishes studies on fibroids, had done this surgery a countless number of times and teaches others about this procedure. Furthermore, he is very caring, personable and inspires confidence.

Also, the staff in both Dr. Parker’s office and the UCLA medical center was excellent. They helped me navigate insurance claims, set up the surgery date and provided all the medical leave information I needed to send to my employer. 

Dr. Parker removed approximately 20 fibroids and the surgery was a great success!  I did not lose any blood and Dr. Parker did an amazing job with the suturing.  Dr. Parker uses a suturing technique that is used by plastic surgeons.  (Four months after the surgery, I’m happy to say that my scar is very minimal.)  Dr. Parker’s post-surgery care was also excellent — he spoke with my family immediately after the surgery, visited me each morning after the surgery and also called me in the evenings at the hospital.  

I highly recommend Dr. Parker to any woman who is considering fibroid removal.   He is an incredible individual and I’m so thankful for his expertise! 

Svetlana – San Diego, California:

I wish there were more doctors like Dr. Parker! I have been previously told by three gynecologists that the only option for my multiple fibroids (including the bigger one of 10 cm) is to have a hysterectomy. The first gynecologist had made the assumption that it might be cancerous because the bigger fibroid had doubled in size within one year.

The second gynecologist was recommended to me by a friend who was helped for her for infertility. That doctor is considered a top rated physician and she assured me that the only option for me was, again, to have a hysterectomy. I scheduled a laparoscopic surgery with the possibility of an open abdominal surgery if she was not able to reach the biggest fibroid during the laparoscopy.

While waiting for the surgery, a great tragedy happened. My father passed away and I had to urgently leave to Russia. I had to cancel the scheduled MRI prior to the surgery and I had it done in Russia. The third opinion shocked me even more – the local Russian surgeon who reviewed the MRI results said that I have to have a surgery immediately and that there is a great possibility of cancer. I decided that if I need a surgery I would have it only in the U.S.  My thoroughness and a desire to save the organ that I was born with, drove me to research even more.

I was so lucky to find Dr. Parker’s website. After reading all the information and watching a video of his surgery, I decided to schedule a consultation with him. They say that the first impression is very important in order to make your decision about a doctor. I immediately felt trust toward Dr. Parker from his competence, confidence and composure. He assured me after reviewing my MRI results that all tumors were benign. He gave me a few options: watchful waiting, laparoscopic myomectomy or uterine artery embolization. He answered all my questions exhaustively and beyond. He devoted as much time as I needed without rushing. I left Dr. Parker’s office very inspired and confident that he is the only doctor I will have as my surgeon.

I cancelled my previously scheduled surgery and scheduled it with Dr. Parker. Yes, I had to wait a few more months but I was willing to do so just to have it with him. I will never regret that decision. The surgery went perfectly and the staff in the hospital was very friendly and caring. The doctor reviewed the procedure with my husband and me before the surgery. The nurses kept my husband updated during the whole process and the doctor went over the details with my husband personally after the procedure. Instead of three fibroids, that were initially planned to be removed, the doctor removed five. He called me the next day to make sure that I was fine and has continued to monitor my progress. I cannot express enough how much gratefulness I have toward Dr. Parker. He is a gifted doctor from God. I have already recommended him to my friend who has fibroids and I would especially recommend Dr. Parker to women who still want to have children and who were told that it would be impossible because there is only the option of having a hysterectomy.  Dr. William Parker will change your life for the better!

M.C. – Orange County, California:

Dr Parker is everything that his many great reviews say he is and more. I am beyond grateful to have had him as my surgeon for an open myomectomy. This was my first surgery ever, I was beyond anxious (truly beyond anxious), yet Dr Parker continued to put my mind at ease with his confident yet calm demeanor. He was very informative every step of the way. He Responded to my emails of various questions and concerns very promptly both before and after my surgery.

He was patient in my decision making process which I appreciated as I felt a bit rushed to make a decision by my previous physician who originally diagnosed my fibroid. His staff in office and the team at the hospital were all really amazing as well. I’m two weeks post surgery and I feel much better then expected. Dr Parker is an expert at incision closure (my scar is super low and looks great already). He also used a pain pump for post surgery, which was not offered to me by my other physician, which I truly believe helped me feel less pain in those dreaded five days after surgery. I am so glad I did not have to take too many pain meds, as I don’t do well with them, I really think this pump helped with that. I would recommend Dr Parker to anyone dealing with fibroids. Just the wealth of knowledge I received from sitting with him during consultation helped me to feel empowered and in control of my health. Thank you Dr Parker.


I was in the process of IVF and found out that I had many fibroids with some of them as large as 10 cm. I was being recommended to have them removed first as they could cause problems with the pregnancy. My goal was to have the fibroids removed while keeping my fertility. Before finding Dr. Parker, I had seen 3 different local doctors for opinions. None of them was able to give me the answers and the confidence result that I was looking for. One of them even said that I might lose my uterus after the surgery.

Without giving up, my husband and I started looking for more opinions about fibroids on the internet. That’s how we found Dr. Parker. We looked at his website, Fibroids: A Gynecologist’s Second Opinion. It has a lot of useful information, including Fertility with Myomectomy, which is what I was interested to know more about. I then called a fertility doctor that I know. I asked him for more information about Dr. Parker and he also highly recommended Dr. Parker. I mailed my MRI to Dr. Parker and had a phone consultation with him. Dr. Parker clearly explained to me how he could help me and gave us the confidence of success. I had a very successful abdominal myomectomy surgery and all my fibroids had been removed. I was able to walk next day after the surgery. It has been 3 months since the surgery and I am very happy with the results. Dr. Parker saved me and gave me a hope for the future.

Lynn M. – Lompoc, California:

Dr. Parker is an expert when it comes to fibroids. He is a skilled OB/GYN, surgeon and researcher. He has offered women a tremendous resource on his website, and I’m grateful for what he is doing to help women with fibroids by offering options based on years of his dedicated study and tremendous skill. He truly is an amazing doctor and person.

I had a 13 cm subserosal fibroid on the left side of my uterus. I found Dr. Parker as I was doing an internet search on fibroid treatment/options. I found his website and was immediately impressed with the amount of information on his website. I contacted his front office (everyone in his office is fantastic) and asked what I needed to do to get a consultation and potentially become a new patient. His assistants provided a form for me to fill out. It was also requested that I get an MRI, which is far more precise than an ultrasound, prior to the consultation.

I was amazed how much time Dr. Parker spent with me at my first consultation. He pulled up my MRI results and explained in great detail my situation. He then spent quite a bit of time discussing fibroids and related research. I brought in a list of questions and Dr. Parker patiently and thoroughly answered every question I had. He then discussed my options. I was expecting to hear that I would need an abdominal myomectomy, since the fibroid was large and since I’m trying to preserve my fertility. Dr. Parker told me I had several options: I could leave it (and still get pregnant and carry to term), I could have it removed laparoscopically or I could have it removed abdominally. I was not expecting to hear that I could leave it (and was hoping he would say laparoscopy was an option)! He then discussed considerations related to each option. I asked his opinion and he said it really was up to me to determine what was best for me. Initially, I was hoping he would steer me in a certain direction, but now I am grateful that he provided me all the information I needed to make my own decision. What a professional! I left the consultation feeling very relieved. I really appreciated that Dr. Parker was calm, confident and reassuring. I knew I had made the right choice coming to him.

I decided to have the fibroid removed laparoscopically and made an appointment (note: his calendar for surgery fills up quickly). At the pre-surgery consultation, Dr. Parker talked me through the procedure, recovery and then answered the multitude of questions I brought with me. Again, he was very patient and thorough with me. I was extremely impressed by this as I know he has many patients and is very busy. I had never had surgery before, so I was nervous. I told Dr. Parker this and he continued to reassure me. I remember back to the morning of surgery– I saw him in the preparation room and said “Dr. Parker, I’m nervous.” With a calm, warm smile he said “I’m not.” I knew I was absolutely in good hands.

My surgery ended up being a little more complicated and lengthy than expected. Instead of one large fibroid, it was about eight fibroids all ‘bundled’ up together to look like one large fibroid (on the MRI and ultrasounds). Dr. Parker said that instead of “pealing” out one large fibroid, each one had to be individually “pealed” out. The surgery was an hour longer than planned because of this. I had very little blood loss though. When I heard that it was a challenging surgery, I was even more grateful that I found such a skilled surgeon as Dr. Parker!

My mom came along with me (since my boyfriend is deployed to Afghanistan), and Dr. Parker called my mom twice after the surgery to let her know he was done and how things went. I was up and walking around and going to the bathroom within an hour or so of surgery. I stayed in the recovery room a couple more hours and then left that afternoon. I live near Santa Barbara, so we stayed in a Santa Monica hotel a couple nights before driving home. Dr. Parker called me the morning after surgery to see how I was doing and then told me about the surgery.

My recovery went very well. I was quite sore, but nothing terribly painful. I was more so exhausted from the general anesthesia. I was off any sort of painkiller four days after the surgery and was feeling almost 100% about 12 days after surgery. At the two-week post-op appointment I felt great and Dr. Parker said everything was healing very well. I’m four weeks post-surgery and the three (small) scars are healing very nicely. I’ve started running again and I feel great! No more shooting pains down my left leg, no more pelvic pressure, no more getting up several times during the night to use the bathroom, no more constant feeling of having to urinate when I go running. The discomfort and related stress of the fibroid are a distant memory….

Dr. Parker is an amazing OB/GYN, surgeon and person! I’m so grateful I found his website and found him! You truly will be in good hands with Dr. Parker.

Thank you, Dr. Parker, for what you did for me and what you are doing for women!

Donna G. – Southern California:

I was suffering from extremely heavy menstrual cycles for many years, I am 49 years old. My primary care Doctor always told me it was because I was in peri-menapause and that it would go away in time. I finally went for ultra-sounds and MRI’s and they noted I had fibroids, again the doctors told me to monitor it every 6 months and see how large they would get. Well needless to say my bleeding continued and was getting worse. I was also very anemic so my quality of life was not what I was used to. I was referred to a highly regarded OB/GYN and he recommended an in office Myomectomy procedure which I had. 2 cycles later my bleeding was worse than ever and he indicated my only alternative was to have a Hysterectomy. I suffered for 2 more years.

I relocated to Southern California for my job and my OB/GYN recommended I go see Dr Parker to evaluate my condition. I looked Dr Parker up and due to his outstanding credentials, education and experience my decision to see him was easy. After reviewing my history and also performing his own tests and evaluations Dr Parker was very confident in his diagnosis and his recommendations for next steps. I felt very comfortable and confident in Dr Parker. I was scheduled for a Hysteroscopic Myomectomy and Endometrial Ablation. All through the process he kept my partner Sally well informed of my status.

Dr Parker’s organized attentive office staff made the entire process very easy. The procedure was a success, my cycles are very light, my energy level is back to normal and my quality of life has improved tremendously! Dr Parker is one of the most genuinely caring Medical Professionals I have ever encountered and would highly recommend him!



By the time I met Dr. Parker, I was a wreck. The first doctor I saw after finding a mass in my abdomen ran some tests and told me he was confident it was a uterine fibroid (to my extreme relief and with resulting celebration) and referred me to a gynecological oncologist to confirm it. The oncologist, however, told me that she was concerned that my “fibroid” was in fact a cancerous tumor called a sarcoma and that there was no way to confirm this prior to surgery. She told me that I’d have to have a hysterectomy via a vertical incision (and that a myomectomy was out of the question, even if the tumor was not cancerous, as it was a very bloody surgery and my tumor was so large there would be nothing left of my uterus. I then spoke to two of the best gynecological oncologists in the country. Both also recommended hysterectomy and consideration of the removal of my ovaries as well, and both said that there was no good way to determine if the tumor was cancerous or not prior to surgery. My initial consultations with these doctors felt too rushed and harried (and in two cases repeatedly interrupted by staff) to really address my concerns. I felt the incredible time pressure that these doctors were under. And I felt under incredible pressure myself, having to make decisions that would affect my sexual functioning, my health, my life, and needing to do so as soon as possible. I desperately did not want a hysterectomy but was told there was no other option.

A few days before my surgery was scheduled, my boyfriend found Dr. Parker’s website and called and got me an appointment. I expected another rushed and interrupted 15 minute conversation. Instead, Dr. Parker spoke with me for over an hour. He was so kind, knowledgeable and compassionate that for the first time I felt I had a physician who was truly an ally. He reviewed on his computer with me the scan results and explained what he saw and what his surgical approach would be. Dr. Parker answered all my questions and gave me time to think about my options. In addition, he told me about a test that could determine if the tumor was a sarcoma or not. I had this test done, and when the results came back negative, scheduled a myomectomy with Dr. Parker.

In surgery four fibroids were removed, with a large tumor mass (one football-sized, one softball sized, one “plum” and one “grape.”) I did not need a vertical incision and I lost very little blood. I did not need a hysterectomy. The pathology report showed no sign of cancer. My recovery was uneventful and today I feel great.

It is difficult for me to put into words how very grateful I am that Dr. Parker took the time to explain everything to me, and that he saved my uterus. I am involved in medical research, and I believe that Dr. Parker’s approach will be the standard approach…in about 15 years, when everyone else catches up. For those women out there who may be reading this, I want to acknowledge your courage in getting this far and considering your options when you have likely been told, perhaps even by more than one doctor, that you need a hysterectomy. It’s not frivolous or silly to want to keep your sexual organs. If an otherwise healthy organ can be repaired instead of removed..why wouldn’t it be?

G.E.- Los Angeles, California:

Dr. Bill Parker did an amazing job removing a fibroid with a minimally invasive procedure, sparing me an extensive abdominal surgery and recovery period. I was able to come home the same day and return to work two days later. My original gynecologist told me that my only option was major abdominal surgery. When I went for a second opinion, the gynecologist, who is excellent, told me that only doctor who could possibly perform a less invasive surgery would be Dr. Parker. I have never met a more competent, smart, kind and careful physician. I am very grateful that I was able to find Dr.Parker for my surgery.

Naomi Y. – Santa Monica, California:

I have been a patient of Dr. Parker’s since 2004. I had been spotting on and off for an entire year. During that year I saw two other doctors to help decipher why my body was doing this. I had many exams, two ultrasounds and even an endometrial biopsy. No one could tell me what was going on. In fact I was told everything looked good and it was just some ‘breakthrough’ bleeding. I was confused. On the referral of a friend who assured me I was not crazy and constantly spotting was not normal, I made an appointment with Dr. Parker. During my initial exam he immediately saw and solved the mystery. I had a large uterine polyp. He took the time to carefully explain to me in his office what this meant, how it caused the spotting and used diagrams to illustrate how it could all be remedied with a hysteroscopic surgery (removal of the polyp with a small telescope). Dr. Parker addressed all my curiosities and concerns while reassuring me this was easily resolvable. It was exciting to finally have answers and solid knowledgeable direction. The entire surgical experience (including recovery) was smooth, just as he said it would be. I have been touting Dr. Parker’s compassionate expertise around town ever since.

This year during my routine pap smear, another polyp was discovered. Due to my newest polyp’s location and size, it was able to be removed during an in-office procedure. Although, I was not the most brave patient, once again I felt at completely at ease in Dr. Parker’s care, he made the experience as pleasant and efficient as possible. I left his office happy I was again polyp free and tremendously grateful for the consistent high level of care I receive from him and his entire staff.

I am appreciative for all that Dr. Parker has helped me with and that he has chosen to share his knowledgeable skills and talent with his patients, fellow colleagues and the medical field in general. However, beyond his immense expertise lies a gentleman with compassion and a genuine willingness to help and heal – and that truly makes all the difference.

Leslie – California:

I am a 53 yr old woman in excellent physical shape with a long history of fibroids. My fibroids were uncomfortable and made my stomach distend quite a bit on my very small frame. After being to many gynecologists to discuss my fibroids, the overall conclusion was to wait until menopause and they would shrink. I was so uncomfortable that I finally decided to let my gynecologist perform an abdominal supra-cervical hysterectomy. Every doctor including my own said that my fibroids were too large to remove laparoscopically. My brother-in-law is a top anesthesiologist in Denver and kept telling me that he sees and performs anesthesia on many cases like mine and I needed to find the right doctor. I cancelled my surgery and googled “best laparoscopic doctor in Los Angeles”. That is where I was fortunate to have found Dr .Parker. I had a laparoscopic supra-cervical hysterectomy 10 days ago and a very successful surgery. If you are looking for the BEST doctor and surgeon, you have now found him!!!!

Marydawn – Ft Myers, Florida:

I feel so blessed and very grateful for the extreme skill and wisdom of Dr. Parker. I was diagnosed with large uterine fibroids in 2005, and as my career took me from PA, to NJ, to NY, to NM and then to CA, I met with 8 gynecologists across all of these States. Each and every one of them immediately said “hysterectomy.” I continued my research, and I found Dr Parker’s book “A Gynecologist’ s Second Opinion.” I consulted with Dr Parker over a three year time period; my symptoms were uncomfortable but not debilitating, so I continued to “wait” for the fibroids to shrink. Dr Parker discussed all options with me, and I was so impressed with the time he took to explain my MRI results and explain the myomectomy approach. At age 49, the watchful waiting was not working, and largest of multiple fibroids had grown to 13 cm, with bladder pressure and severe belly extension. I looked like I was 6-7 months pregnant. I now live in Florida, but I developed such confidence in Dr Parker, that I was very willing to be a medical tourist in my own country , and travel from FL to CA for the surgery. I was thrilled that Dr Parker was willing to do a laparoscopic myomectomy, despite the size of the fibroids, because this is a time consuming procedure for a surgeon; but it was an excellent choice for me, the patient! I am 5 weeks post-op today, and I am so pleased with the outcome and results!! Like many of the other patients who left comments, I had immediate relief after the surgery; my recovery process tracked exactly the way Dr Parker explained it would be. Today I have fibroid symptom relief, tons of energy, can get back into normal–size clothes, and my uterus and ovaries are intact!! I want to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Parker and his staff. I encourage women to challenge the “hysterectomy” response and meet with Dr Parker.


What can I say about Dr. William Parker, he is the best! I was first diagnosed with fibroids around 2004. I was told by my gynecologist at the time that I had an enlarged uterus and need to go for an ultrasound. I was then diagnosed with fibroids. I like many women I had never even heard of fibroids and had no clue what they were. My doctor didn’t seem too worried and said they shrink at menopause so I didn’t know what to think she was the doctor. I didn’t have any symptoms other than an enlarged abdomen. Well, my fibroids continued to grow and in 2006 the largest one was 9cm and when I laid down flat it popped up like a baseball under my skin and I seemed to be having increased pressure on my bladder. Needless to say I was freaked out, scared and wondered what to do. Of course the doctor and others doctors I saw offered (2) options: wait till menopause or hysterectomy. I did not want to do either! It was affecting my life and it was all I could think about. I felt like there had to be some solution somewhere out there, that there had to be a doctor that could do something with doing a hysterectomy!

I was constantly on the web doing research and trying to find some answers when I found Dr. Parkers name and website “fibroidsecondopinion”. It had so much information and relieved a lot of my anxiety and fears. I set-up a consultation with Dr. Parker and took my brother for support. He was so thorough, he took the time to explain everything to me went over my MRI, all my questions & concerns. Both my brother and I were very impressed and immediately felt that he was the right doctor. Everything went like clockwork from there. His staff is very polite, organized, helpful, kind and in no time at all I was scheduled for surgery. Everything went well and St. John’s Hospital and staff were also great. I came out of surgery and had no pain at all. Dr. Parker had a pain pump on me the 1st week. I flew home the 2nd week and was back to work and at my desk job by the 3rd week.

I could not believe how well everything went. I felt great and was greatly relieved to be rid of my fibroids and still have my uterus. What a difference a great doctor and skilled surgeon can make and someone who knows what they are doing!! Thank You Dr. Parker!

This last year in 2010, I had an ultrasound done and the PA said I needed to go see a specialist they worked with right away as there were some cysts or something on my ovaries, they also wanted me to get some blood tests which was fine but they didn’t explain to me what they were to check for possible ovarian cancer and tumor markers. I about had a heart attack when I looked them up. The specialist of course said the cysts didn’t look good and he couldn’t be sure they were not cancerous without taking them out he said he could try to save one ovary but the one with a larger cyst with need taken out. He side he could do a hysterectomy at the same time if I wanted. I said I did not want that and left scared as I didn’t want to lose either my ovaries or my uterus if I didn’t have to.

I immediately came home and emailed Dr. Parker to get his opinion, he immediately responded back to me. He was so nice and kind and responded to all my concerns. He got a CD copy of my MRI and looked at it along with all my recent records and blood tests and explained everything to me. He relieved my fears about ovarian cancer and said to do a follow-up ultrasound in 3 to 4 months and he would check the ovaries. It was probably a hemorrhagic cyst with are common and usually go away in a few month. I just had my follow-up ultrasound and he again reviewed it for me and the cyst that was there prior is gone. Can you image if I didn’t have Dr. Parker, I would have had unnecessary surgery.

I just can’t thank Dr. Parker enough for all his time, help and what he has done for me and the great care I have received. It is rare to find such a doctor. I feel very blessed to have found him and really appreciate the fact he that he cares about my health. It is so nice to find a doctor that believes in giving good quality care and in preserving a women’s uterus and ovaries, when other doctors unfortunately think it is just easier to take them out and be done with it.

If you are having any fibroid or ovary problems please go see or contact Dr. Parker, he is the best, it’s your health and you deserve the best! I’m so glad I did. 🙂

Thanks you so much Dr. Parker.

JB – Los Angeles, California:

Dr. Parker is the best physician I received care from. I found out that I have a 8cm fibroid more than a year ago and have been trying to get pregnant without success. I have consulted four ob/gyns including one infertility specialty about my fibroid potentially causing infertility and pregnancy complications. Their consensus was that my fibroid was not likely to cause infertility but I can consider removing it because I had some bulky symptoms. They could find other causes for infertility. As time went on, I was more inclined to do a laparaosopic surgery and wanted it to be done by the best surgeon. I found Dr. Parker after searching on-line and consulted him. On my first visit, he reviewed my MRI images on a computer screen and showed me where the fibroid was. He even showed me how much of it is in the uterine muscle wall and most of all he pointed out that I had uterine septum which can potentially cause infertility and miscarriage. Other physicians I have consulted did not read the MRI carefully and missed my uterine septum. I have heard and thought that good surgeons can read MRI better than radiologists. He educated me on fibroid research study data and drew pictures of my fibroid. His consultation was so thorough. I was very thankful to Dr. Parker and felt assured to go for a laparoscopic myomectomy and uterine septum removal. By no surprise, Dr. Parker took great care of me and my surgery went really well. I could control my pain just with tylenol. I am so grateful to Dr.Parker. He was a caring, genuine and most of all skillful surgeon.

Teresa L. – Portland, Oregon:

I absolutely, without hesitation, recommend Dr. Parker.  His credentials, expertise, and demeanor are of the highest standards and you will be in great hands!

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with a uterine fibroid during a routine pelvic exam.  I had no symptoms but, over time, I noticed that my abdomen had enlarged and I was becoming more uncomfortable.  The fibroid, located toward the front of my uterus, was now positioned on top of my bladder.  An MRI showed the fibroid to be about 10 cm in diameter and, according to one doctor, the size of a 4 month pregnancy.  At the age of 56, I decided that it was time to take action.

My gynecologist suggested three alternatives:

  • – hysterectomy
  • – uterine fibroid embolization (shrinking of the fibroid by blocking its blood supply)
  • – myomectomy (removal of the fibroid)

My research took me to Dr. Parker’s website where I found, to my relief, all the information I was looking for in one location.  I printed the “Questions Everyone Should Ask Their Doctor Before Surgery” and used it to interview local specialists.  A highly respected surgeon I interviewed in Portland was directing me toward a hysterectomy as my best option until I mentioned that I intended to also consult with Dr. Parker.  He paused and said, “I would not hesitate to go to Dr. Parker.  I’ve heard him speak and he has an excellent reputation.”  When I interviewed Dr. Parker, it became immediately clear that a laparascopic myomectomy was my best choice, allowing me to finally be rid of the fibroid while keeping my uterus.  Although other doctors had described this procedure as more complicated than a hysterectomy, it seemed second nature to Dr. Parker.

My outpatient surgery was performed at the UCLA medical center in about two hours.  Because of my confidence in Dr. Parker, I felt at ease through the entire process and knew that I had made the right decision.  When I met the anesthesiologist the morning of the surgery, he was so warm and engaging, he made me feel even more at ease.   I healed very quickly, with minimal pain, and only three very small incisions.  Three days after the surgery, I took a three mile walk on the beach. 

Even though this was my first surgery, the entire experience was very positive and I am ecstatic with the outcome!

Michele D:

I’m 51 years old and have suffered from numerous fibroids for the past ten years which caused plenty of discomfort and heavy bleeding. I consulted with five different gynecologists and the only thing they consistently suggested was a hysterectomy which was the last thing I wanted to do. My largest fibroid spanned 13 x 16 centimeters. Doctors informed me that when going through menopause they shrink usually, but due to its massive size they said any shrinkage was unlikely. Many doctors told me that I was not a good candidate for laparoscopic surgery because my fibroid exceeded 8 centimeters and were not willing to do it. After doing my own research online I stumbled across Dr. Parker and felt incredibly lucky. I had laparoscopic surgery in April 2012 and it was super successful. He had incredibly advanced technology and was able to perform surgery that no other doctor attempted to try. I’m very grateful for Dr. Parker’s work and innovative perspective on medicine. I now feel like my body is balanced and the most functional it’s been in a very long time. Dr. Parker is not only incredibly professional, but also has a wonderful bedside manner and is very patient and helpful with all the questions I had. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Parker. Being put under his care was the best decision I’ve ever made.


I had a laparoscopic myomectomy done by Dr. Parker in December of 2009. Before I saw him I was scared and confused. Other Drs told me that there is no way to remove my 10 cm fibroid laparoscopically and they suggested to even remove my utures completely. So I researched to find an expert doctor and surgeon for removing fibroids and I found Dr. Parker. Dr parker is very knowledgeable about different options to remove fibroids. He is confident and sincere. He took time to explain all my options and told me with confidence that he can remove my large fibroid with laparoscopically. When I saw him next to set up my surgery date I mentioned to him about my back problem and so in the operating room he made sure I was put in a comfortable position. After I was out of the recovery room he came to visit. During my recovery at home every time I called his office he called me back soon. He did a great suturing job on my cuts. You can hardly see the scars. Dr. Parker is an excellent doctor and surgeon.

Cikmei – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:

I was diagnosed with fibroid in February 2012. Ultrasound showed the size of 13cm*11cm*11cm subserosal fibroid. Because a few doctors suggested hysterectomy, I started to do some research online. While many websites out there about fibroid nothing is as informative as Dr. Parker’s website. I gained so much understanding about fibroid, what is it exactly, how dangerous, how to deal with it and it’s treatments. My symptoms were: bloating, pressure on my bladder, and belly that getting bigger everyday.

I contacted Dr. Parker office to set a phone consultation, because I am living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. They asked me to send all my medical records. After a week or so I got a phone call from his assistant saying that I need to do MRI. MRI showed 17cm*13cm*13cm fibroid, this was in May 2012.

On the phone consultation I asked if laparoscopic myomectomy is possible for me. He said the position and the size of the fibroid also because of my small frame(5 ft) make it difficult, he needed to examine me personally to be sure, but chance is 95% have to be abdominal myomectomy. During our conversation I felt so at ease with Dr. Parker, that I have no hesitation to set a surgery appointment with his office right away.

Two weeks later, I was in his office, and he is everything what everyone has been saying here, the warmth and caring, how he listened to my concern, and explained medical condition in plain english that ordinary person like me had no problem understanding at all.

Surgery was done the next day, I had no worry at all, trusted Dr. Parker completely. I stayed for 2 nights in the hospital, Dr. Parker called and visited during that time.

Now, it has been 3 weeks, getting better every day, no more bloating and pressure on my bladder, and the incision is healing nicely.

If you have fibroids, it will do you wonder to talk to Dr. Parker for second opinion. He is very knowledgeable, caring, and patient physician. Thank you so much Dr. Parker !


I had been a sufferer of severe cramps and heavy bleeding caused by fibroids, which ran in my family. While trying to get pregnant, I had a myomectomy in hopes my problems would be solved. I also learned that I suffered from a condition called Adenomyosis which causes scar tissue to develop within the uterine walls. After several attempts of unsuccessful invitro procedures, I finally decided to take a break and hope my body would restore itself.

Now being in my late 40’s, the symptoms continued and because of my severe menstrual issues, I became border-lined anemic. I decided to take control of my life instead of my menstral cycle controlling it, and began research for the best doctors. After interviewing four doctors to perform a laproscopic supra hyesterectomy, I found one who had performed the procedure on my girlfriend that had been successful. After scheduling the surgery and visiting her 2-3 times, she decided my uterus, the size of a four month pregnancy, was too large for her extract laproscopically and wanted to perform abdominal surgery. I felt I had been mislead and wasted a lot time and money.

I continued my research and found the best doctor ever, Dr. Parker. As luck would have it, a good friend of mine worked for him and gave him rave reviews. After meeting with Dr. Parker one time, the 1.5 hours he spent with me gave me the confidence and trust that I so lacked with others. We researched my condition, explored 4-5 options and chose the best option for my situation.

Although Dr. Parker does not accept private insurance, it did not matter because I knew his credentials, expertise and knowledge was what I need for someone to perform the best minimally invasive surgery. I also learned Dr. Parker authored a book for gynecological questions that provides additional information for women to better understand their bodies and second opinions. I was in the right place.

My surgery was breeze and better yet my recovery excellent. I was back at the gym in 2 weeks. Today, it’s feels like I have a level of freedom never experienced. No longer do I have to schedule vacations and business travel around my menstral cycles. No longer do I have take several Ibuprofen and other pain relievers that marginally masked the pain. No longer am I anemic…..and no longer do I lay in bed for two days to manage the pain. I am free!!!!

Thank you Dr. Parker for excellent medical advice, wonderful bedside manner and continued support as I enter into a new phase of my life. I will also be indebted to you.



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