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I’m so very happy, 4 weeks after my abdominal myomectomy that I chose Dr. Parker as my surgeon. It truly was one of the smartest decisions of my entire life!

After being extremely dissatisfied with what seemed to be the general consensus that I needed to have my uterus out, and being terrified of having any type of surgery, I set out to find a doctor on my own. And although it seemed a bit strange to discover one on the internet, after doing lots of research, reading (and re-reading) all of the glowing reviews on Dr. Parker’s website (and several others), I decided to set up an appointment. IT WAS THE SMARTEST THING I COULD HAVE EVER DONE. If you are skeptical or undecided, I’m telling you that you will not find a more qualified surgeon or a kinder human being.

Although I am 53 years old and did not need to preserve my uterus for childbirth, I wanted to preserve my ‘original equipment’, which is what Dr. Parker advocates through his work. I had a large, cantaloupe-sized fibroid removed from the wall of my uterus, a surgery that only took 40 minutes for Dr. Parker to perform. He’s been doing these surgeries for 40 years, so the confidence and experience combined with the fact that he uses the latest technologies made everything that much easier for me.

Throughout the entire process Dr. Parker could not have improved a thing. He is so skilled and experienced and he really does listen to your every concern and question. The amount of time he takes with you as a patient made me feel like I was his only patient. I’ve never met such a down to earth, caring, gentle and intelligent doctor. He also has a wonderful sense of humor and the best bedside manner I’ve personally ever experienced.

But what keeps coming back to me is his lack of ego. I think many surgeons of his stature can have very large egos and will talk down to you as if you are a child and they are telling you what is best for you. This is NOT the case with Dr. Parker. Upon our first meeting, he took as much time as my husband and I needed to explain all of my options and to answer every question. He even had drawings and talked about medical studies in a manner that instantly put my husband and I at ease. He never pushed for one option or acted as if he knew what was best for me, but truly listened to and seemed to value all of my input as well as concerns.

After deciding on surgery, I scheduled for about 2 ½ months out. It was difficult to wait that long, but I had a feeling that it would be worth it, and it was. The morning of my surgery, he came in to speak to me when I was in pre-op and was so calming, confident and pleasant that it took my level of stress right down. The entire process at the hospital couldn’t have been better, and I was able to leave the next day after the surgery. Although I was taken care of extremely well according to Dr. Parker’s very explicit instructions to the nursing staff, I explained to Dr. Parker when he visited me the following morning that I thought I would get more sleep and eat better (I am vegan and gluten free) at home. This, to me, was just another example of Dr. Parker actually listening to me and taking into consideration my very individual needs. After examining me and making sure everything was on the right track, he agreed to let me go. Since then, the wonderful care and attention has continued and the healing process has been going along beautifully. My primary care naturopath, could not believe how minimal my incision is only 4 weeks out and even asked for Dr. Parker’s name so she could refer her other patients. I could not be happier with the decision I made and am looking forward to living my life fibroid free!


When we first found out that most methods weren’t effective for my uterine fibroids (medication, etc), my husband and I researched pretty heavily on finding an expert who can help us with my condition. After searching on many reputable medical sites we keep seeing great reviews over and over for Dr. Parker. He has great qualifications, some defining publications in the field, and keeps up with some of the latest medical procedures in fibroid surgery so we booked a consultation.

At the office after our records and medical examination, Dr. Parker showed us in detail but laymen’s terms what kind of medical procedures, risks, percentages of success, examples of each and recovery time. Since I was still anemic he took no chances and had me on a iron regimen for a month before the go ahead with the operation.

We feel that with his advanced skill we would be in good hands and we were correct in that assumption. The operation of removing my fibroids (which were in a tricky area and larger than usual) went better than expected, and as soon as it was over, he was with my husband with a detailed report on the operation.

He called us the next day to make sure everything was going according well and with the follow up 2 weeks later we are confident that I will be fully recovered in the next couple of months. We highly recommend him for his personable manner, advanced skill set, great work ethic, and attention to detail.


I had my abdominal myomectomy done by Dr. Parker in August of 2011. He removed 27 fibroids from my uterus and also removed the cyst on my right ovary which was actually an endometriosis. At that time, my uterus was about 5 month pregnancy and the biggest fibroid was about 7cm. Now I am healing well and ready to go back to work. I heard about Dr. Parker on Yahoo Uterine Fibroid Group. He is recommended by the people in the group and some of them were his clients before.

I was diagnosed with fibroids and a right ovary cyst in Jan, 2010. I have been trying conservative approach of Chinese herbs and QiGong for a year and a half. However, I didn’t see obvious improvement. Then I heard about MRI-guided Focused Ultrasound(MRgFUS) or called High Intensive Fucosed Ultrasound (HIFU). It appealed to me because it is noninvasive. I went on a MRgFUS in May, 2011. The outcome was disappointing. MRgFUS only treated 4 of my fibroids and the successful killing rate of the 4 fibroids varied from 33% to 60% due to the time constraints or the high intensity of the fibroids. Apparently MRgFUS was not suitable for my case. I wish I had known this earlier instead of wasting a lot of money on MRgFUS.

Then I met with Dr. Parker for a consultation. Before the consultation, I had wished for a minimal invasive surgery. But Dr. Parker looked at my MRI and because I want to have kids soon, he recommended open abdominal myomectomy. The rest was smooth. The surgery went well. He checked in on me each morning after the surgery to make sure I was OK. During the whole process, Dr Parker was patient and was explaining to me and my husband details of each options and risks of surgery, etc. He listened to our needs and concerns and answered our questions with scientific data. He never dismissed our question or rushed us like other doctors. I would recommend Dr. Parker to whoever needs a doctor for their fibroids.

L.L. – California:

I was 37 years old when I realized that two fibroids (one around 10 cm and one smaller) were making my day-to-day life impossible. Since fibroids continue growing until menopause, I felt my only option was surgery. I went to four doctors hoping to find one who was willing to perform the surgery laparoscopically. All four doctors informed me that in order to remove the 10cm fibroid, I would have to have a 4-inch bikini incision that involved 3-4 days of hospital stay. Knowing that I wanted to have the surgery done laparoscopically, the fourth doctor (Dr. Michael Johnson at UCLA Medical Center) suggested I make an appointment with Dr. William Parker in Santa Monica. Dr. Parker answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. He showed me diagrams and explained the procedure in detail. The website is loaded with helpful information. Everyone at Dr. Parker’s office is courteous and supportive. Dr. Parker is a very caring physician and an excellent surgeon. For the first time in years, I feel like I can function normally again; it feels great. I spent one night in the hospital and was on pain medication for only three days.

L.V. – Los Angeles, California:

I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Parker through a fibroid lecture he facilitated in conjunction with my acupuncture clinic. I thought it was so refreshing to see a specialized western doctor partner with eastern practicioners for a holistic approach to fibroid treatment. At this point my fibroid symptoms were progressively getting worse and I realized my regular doctor’s “ultrasound/ monitor and wait” method wasn’t proactive enough. Upon hearing Dr. Parker speak with such knowledge and detail about every symptom, non-invasive procedure and even psychology involved in dealing with this terrible condition, I knew I found my new doctor.

Since our first appointment, Dr. Parker has been compassionate and professional. He immediately recommended an MRI which revealed over 30 fibroids! He carefully explained where they were positioned, how they related to my symptoms and recommended an abdominal myomectomy in order to remove them all and return my uterus back to health- my ultimate goal. While full surgery is not what I wanted to hear, his expertise and impressive success rate instantly put my mind at ease. His friendly staff also made sure scheduling and preparing for surgery was as smooth as possible.

I thought I would be more nervous right before surgery but my confidence in Dr. Parker’s skills allowed me to let go and fully trust that everything would be fine. That relief and peace of mind alone is priceless! He was with me in the pre-op room, was reassuring and warm with my family, paid daily morning visits in the hospital and called me in the evenings to address any concerns along the way. My follow-up visits have been equally pleasant and I anticipate a full recovery soon. I feel so blessed and grateful to have found Dr. Parker and absolutely, whole-heartedly recommend him to any woman suffering with fibroids. Your search for treatment ends with him so you can start living your life again!


About a year ago an ultrasound showed that I have a big fibroid in my cervix. One doctor said that the surgery to remove it is needed but I can try for a couple of months to get pregnant with the fibroid. One year later I went for a second opinion and the second doctor told me that I need the surgery right away, and I cannot get pregnant with this fibroid in the way. Both doctors were telling me that because of the location, I would have to have an abdominal surgery with potential loss of the uterus. My friend was researching fibroids online and she stumbled across Dr. Parker’s web site. She contacted him through email, shortly described the situation and asked him if he can do it laporoscopically. He replied the same day that he would need to see an MRI, which we provided the next day. Dr. Parker scheduled an appointment for me for Thursday (2 days after we contacted him via email). He was very caring and accommodating. After looking at the MRI and examining me he said that I do not need an abdominal surgery and he can remove this fibroid via vaginal myomectomy with no harm to the uterus. Two days before my surgery I emailed him with some concerns (it was Sunday), he responded very quickly. He is the most caring, attentive, patient doctor I have ever met. My first appointment, he spend one hour with me and my family answering questions and concerns. He went over the procedure with us, making sure that we are all comfortable with it. Dr. Parker removed my fibroid and one week later I went back to work. I am so grateful that we found Dr. Parker.


I was diagnosed with a dermoid ovarian cyst. Thankfully, I was referred to Dr. Parker by another doctor who is a friend. Before Dr. Parker did surgery, he completely put my mind at ease. He carefully explained everything in detail and his incredible skills both as a physician and a wonderful human being made the surgery an extremely easy procedure. His office staff is totally professional. I cannot say enough about the kind, compassionate care I received from Dr. Parker. He is the best.

S.I – West Lafayette, Indiana:

The best I can say may not be sufficiently good enough to describe Dr. Parker’s knowledge, skill, and kindness. I am a woman who completed all her childbearing wishes and has several years before hitting menopause. Sadly, I am also a woman who absolutely hates going to visit a doctor. In the past 8 years I’ve been to a doctor once because I found myself being constipated for a year and in the last 6 months of the same year I was having a hard time emptying my bladder.

It turns out that visiting a gynecologist was not so bad. He examined me and felt a large fibroid and suggested that to be the cause of my problems. An ultrasound and MRI both confirmed the doctor’s diagnosis. I was relieved and impressed with what sounded like a simple cause to my problems. The shock came when my doctor suggested the remedy – a hysterectomy. I wanted to throw up. I wasn’t ready for menopause, especially instant menopause, so I asked the doctor for another option. He reluctantly offered a robotic myomectomy, where he would make 5 cuts to my abdomen and take out the big fibroid and leave the smaller ones found on the MRI alone. Since I already had a c-section scar I asked if he could go through that scar. My doctor got agitated, and retorted that a hysterectomy was the way to go. He does it all the time and his patients are all happy. He insisted that a robotic myomectomy might damage my bladder. And at any rate my fibroids will grow back. I thanked the doctor and told him I would like to think it over with my husband.

I turned to the internet and learned that a hysterectomy was not the answer to a fibroid problem. Research on the internet suggested that a woman’s uterus is not just for childbearing, it is important to a woman’s overall cardiovascular health, it helps against pelvic prolapse, and it staves off menopause by four years. Coming from a medical family I was sure someone would find me a doctor capable enough to take out my fibroids and leave my uterus intact.

I went to a neighboring state to visit a doctor in the same city I was born in – Chicago. This was a top-notch teaching hospital with doctors that have pretty impressive credentials, plus I was referred by a relative who not only practices at the same hospital, but works directly with the doctor that does myomectomies. Turns out I wasted my time because I was given the same answer as my Indiana doctor –hysterectomy. I was told that myomectomies are done for women that wanted to have children. And that for me, a myomectomy is not recommended because I would lose a lot of blood, and the fibroids will grow back, and I would come in begging for a hysterectomy. Not only were myomectomies not done for women my age, there was a strong possibility of adhesions developing after surgery. And that these adhesions could totally block my rectum. Since the surgeon worked closely with my family member he did say to me that he would do the myomectomy and go through my prior c-section scar if I forced him to. He also suggested that I look into the MRI Focused ultrasound. This is a procedure that kills fibroids through an MRI without having to go through surgery. Since it sounded so appealing, I decided not to comment on the doctor’s statement about forcing him to do an open myomectomy.

Once again back to the internet to search non-surgical removal of fibroids through the MRI Focused ultrasound. Learned a lot. The procedure is done in Chicago. I thought this was good because all of my family lives there. Talked to the doctor that performs the procedure. He even connected me with a young patient from Indiana that went through the procedure.

The MRI Focused ultrasound doctor in Chicago was great. He answered all of my questions and we emailed over several days. This is when I learned that one must ask the right questions concerning a procedure. I asked what happens to the fibroid and I was told it gets re-absorbed by the body. I found that to be disgusting, but was Ok with it. After all, who wants to go through surgery? Then I asked him how would he be sure he kills all of the fibroids. He informed me that he will only go after the biggest fibroid and will get approximately 30% of it to relieve me of my symptoms, although my internet research showed a 10 – 15% of the fibroid is destroyed. This just wasn’t good enough for me. My uterus was the size of a 14-week pregnant woman and I wanted it to shrink back to a non-pregnant size.

Being the stubborn and persistent woman that I am, I went back to the internet. This time to look for a skilled surgeon. I already learned all there is to know about my condition and its solutions. I wanted someone with the confidence and skill to take these fibroids out through my c-section scar. I was just looking for skill. At this point I didn’t care about a doctor’s bedside manner or personality.

I was hoping to stay close to home so once again I looked for a skilled surgeon in Chicago. Found one that sounded good, but when I went to read patient comments his rating was only 50%. He had way too many patients that gave negative comments and he usually does a vertical incision as opposed to horizontal. Upon further investigation I learned that although he was born and raised in the United States, he attended a medical school outside the country. I was uncomfortable with this because to me it showed that this doctor did not have the grades to be admitted to a U.S. medical school.

At this point I just didn’t care about location. I wanted a skilled surgeon. So once again I let my fingers hit my keyboard and found Dr. William Parker. Through an email I sent him my MRI reports and asked how he can help me. I received a return email with what I wanted to hear. A straightforward response of how he can remove my fibroids. I was given a choice of laparoscopic removal or open myomectomy. But of course he needed to see the MRI images to be sure. I fedexed the images and his answer was the same. Through emails Dr. Parker told me what to expect and how long I would have to be in Santa Monica. This guy was straight forward, talked to me like the intelligent human being that I am, rather than talk down to me, and he actually emailed me a picture of my fibroid and we discussed what was going on via telephone. No other doctor took the time to actually go over my reports and images with me.

The image showed that my large fibroid was probably hitting my rectum and possibly pushing my uterus up far enough where my cervix was hitting my bladder.

Well, my next step was to read patient surveys. That clinched it for me. All of his patients loved him and I enjoyed reading all of their success stories, all the while hoping that I would be the next success story. I finally got on Dr. Parker’s schedule and could not wait to meet him. I was relaxed, I knew what I wanted and I knew he was the right one to provide it.

Upon my face-to-face meeting with Dr. Parker, I knew that I did good. Remember, I was just looking for a skilled surgeon. I got that, plus a compassionate, kind man who listened to my concerns and assured me he had no problems removing all of my fibroids through my prior c-section incision. He was confident that I would not bleed to death or end up with a hysterctomy and reassured me that adhesions were rare. Well, I couldn’t wait for the surgery. It’s been a long time since my bladder and rectum acted normally – over a year. Boy was I ready!

On the day of the surgery my husband met Dr. Parker for the first time and knew instantly that not only was I in good hands, but the travel from Indian to Santa Monica would be well worth it. Surgery occurred Thursday morning. It was uneventful. But when you have a skilled surgeon, that knows how to cut, where to cut, and uses state of the art equipment, you have nothing to worry about. By Thursday evening, I noticed my urine stream was strong and I noticed that my bladder had more capacity. Now, I had to wait to see if my rectum was also relieved by the fibroid removal. I got my answer Monday morning. I had my first bowel movement and I was shaking from happiness. I could not tell anyone yet as I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a fluke. I decided to keep the news to myself. The next day I had another bowel movement, just as awesome as the day before. I wanted to cry from happiness. I suffered for a whole year with constipation and now I feel normal again.

The one regret that I have in my entire fibroid journey is that I could not take Dr. Parker home with me. His patients are lucky to have him. I am 2 ½ weeks post surgery and at home recuperating. My goal is to find a doctor close to me for follow-ups. If I don’t find one, I will be making a yearly trip to Santa Monica.

SM – Los Angeles, California:

Dr. Parker is a remarkable doctor! When you go to his office he is always on time for your appointment, answers all your questions and concerns and provides as much information to you as possible to make you feel comfortable.

Dr. Parker during surgery takes his time and takes the extra step to make sure your outcome and recovery  is as good as possible.

It is rare to find a doctor that clinically is the best in his field but also has great bed side manner.

I am so lucky to have been treated by Dr. Parker!

DJ – Los Angeles, California:

I am a 50-year old woman who had been suffering from extremely heavy menstrual bleeding, chronic bloatedness, abdominal discomfort, and frequent urination.  Because of my age, I had written off most of my symptoms to “aging” and figured that this is just how things would be until I went through menopause.  During my yearly physical however, my PCP told me that my uterus was enlarged and sent me for an ultrasound, which revealed a fast-growing, 10-11cm submucosal fibroid. After meeting with my gynecologist to discuss my options, she agreed that I could pursue Uterine Artery Embolization to help with the bleeding, but that due to the size of the fibroid I probably wouldn’t get the shrinkage I desired.  She then said that she did not recommend a myomectomy because of the large size and the amount of bleeding it would cause and that the only option left was a hysterectomy since I was past my childbearing years anywayLosing a healthy uterus was not an option for me and since I didn’t know how long it would be until I reached menopause, I didn’t want to wait any longer for the fibroid to continue to grow and the periods to worsen. I just knew there had to be someone out there who would just remove my fibroid and not insist on a hysterectomy.  I decided to start my research online and in a short time I found Dr. Parker’s website.  I could not believe the plethora of information on his site as well as the amazing photos and videos!  I was so excited to read about his philosophy of “organ conservation” and with that, I just knew I had to call him.  After having an MRI and sending him the results, he reviewed it and not long thereafter my husband and I went into his office for a consultation.  His staff was very friendly and he was great! While showing us my MRI on his computer, he explained everything and gave us all of the options for my case and never suggested a hysterectomy.  He explained the various risks associated with each procedure and took all the time we needed to have our questions answered.  Although most doctors would have considered my fibroid very large, for Dr. Parker it was “medium-sized” and would be no problem to remove laparoscopically; so that is what we decided to do. 

My laparoscopic myomectomy went very well and I was able to go home the same day.  I had very little pain and, in fact, I never even took any of the pain meds that were prescribed to me – just Advil. After seeing my post-op report as well as photos that Dr. Parker took during the surgery, I was surprised at how little blood loss there was!  Dr. Parker is an amazing surgeon and a caring man who even called me at home the day after my surgery to check on me and see how I was doing.

If you have symptomatic uterine fibroids and want to know all of your options, Dr. Parker is the person to talk to.  He is a kind, compassionate doctor who really cares about his patients and is an expert in fibroid treatment with many years of experience. No matter what your age or the size of your fibroid, he will inform you of all the options available to you (including “watch and wait”) and will then let YOU make the final decision about your treatment.  It was a blessing to find Dr. Parker and I am so thankful that my fibroid is gone, my periods are normal again, and I am back to all of my regular activities.  Thank you Dr. Parker!

Marcia H. – Hempstead, New York:

I found Dr. Parker by chance –searching online for OB/GYN fibroids.  I was extremely excited to do surgery after speaking with Dr. Parker I was told that I would have to remove my uterus because my fibroids have completely taken over my uterus and that my uterus is severely damaged by fibroids.  I was very disappointed to say the least.  Dr. Parker assured me after reviewing my MRI that he can perform a laparoscopy procedure to remove the fibroid that is causing the pain and heavy bleeding vs myomectomy to remove my 6cm, 5cm, and 4cm fibroids.  After speaking with Dr. Parker I knew I found the right physician to do my surgery.  I waited for 2 years trying all sorts of remedy to shrink my fibroids because I did not consider surgery an option, but once I spoke with Dr. Parker I was convinced that I will leave NY and head to California -my search was over.

After surgery on Jan 25, 2016, I had a total of 13 fibroids removed- my recovery was excellent.  My incision healed nicely.  My uterus is intact and so far less pain during period.  I thank God I found Dr. Parker, he is one of a kind.

R.K. – Cleveland, Ohio:

Dr. Parker removed 16 fibroids — 2 the size of softballs — and one large cyst on my ovary. He peeled back the cyst, removed it, then reconstructed the ovary. Having these finally out was life changing. There were physical changes — I could breath easier and wasn’t constantly fighting nausea — and there were emotional changes. I literally woke up happy. Many women I’ve spoken to who have had their ‘girl parts’ altered or removed (NOT what Dr. Parker does — he saves them!) said they experienced harsh emotions such as anger or sadness. I was the opposite. I felt amazing as soon as I woke up, calmer and happier than I’d felt in over a decade. It wasn’t the drugs because now, 4 months later, I still feel this way plus my energy is through the roof and I’m thinner. There were no complications.  Dr. Parker’s surgery was perfect.

Dr. Parker’s philosophy on medicine: Return the patient to her previously healthy state. Simple, yet not enough doctors have this view point. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio and 3 GYN surgeons told me that I ‘required’ a hysterectomy for fibroid removal. Their excuses: 1. You don’t need your girl parts anyway. 2. There might be too much bleeding if we attempt to remove ONLY the fibroids. 3. Lets eliminate the possibility of ovarian cancer. Synthetic estrogen is perfectly safe (so why don’t the male docs. have their gonads removed and take fake testosterone for the rest of their lives if it’s so great?) Finally, a doctor leveled with me. She was an OBGYN who had practiced for over 40 years. She explained that the real reason most surgeons don’t want to take out ONLY the fibroids is because they simply are NOT skilled.

Fibroid removal is a specialty. There are very essential nerves and blood vessels in that area — Nerves that keep you continent and blood vessels that feed your organs.  Dr. Parker has 30+ years experience and probably does close to 200 fibroid surgery removals/year.  Advice for out-of-staters:  Get a National Health insurance plan that covers out-of-state doctors.  I got mine through Anthem.  If you’re worried about travel expenses to have surgery done away from home, it wasn’t that bad — an airline ticket, a car and 7-10 days stay via Airbnb was about $1000. Whatever you choose to do, I would highly recommend reading through Dr. Parker’s web site before making a decision.  VERY informative.  Lastly, Dr. Parker is simply a wonderful, PROFESSIONAL, caring very smart man.  I am so lucky he was my surgeon — Dr. Parker was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my lifetime.

Michele: Los Angeles

At the age of 45, I was aware of the fact that I had fibroids.  I had had them for years according to my oby.  I was told they were the size of a pea. I could not feel them nor did they cause me any trouble.  My cycle was regular and in my opinion, normal.

In January 2015, things changed.  I went on the pill for exactly 14 days.  My body felt so completely out of control, I went off.  A couple of weeks later, I could feel something was up but had no idea what to think.  I actually thought I was pregnant.  After many pregnancy tests, I made an appt.  The fibroids had grown.  The larger of the two was the size of an orange.  The other was slightly smaller.  My oby explained a few options to me.  One was surgery.  The other was to live with them if they were not bothering me.  I could feel them but at that stage of the game, they were not bothering me to the point I would consider surgery.

I made an appointment with my general practitioner.  She prescribed bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  In my heart of hearts, I was not comfortable with this course of action but I was determined to try something.  My thought, I would shrink those damn fibroids!  Over the course of a few months, things got much worse.

I began having more and more pain.  The best I can explain the pain was I felt as if I were having menstral cramps all the time.  My menstrual cycle was getting heavier and significantly more painful.  I went back to the doctor.  The fibroids had grown again.  My oby suggested an MRI and gave me the names of a couple of surgeons to research.  I was still not ready to face the idea of surgery.

As the months passed, the pain became unbearable.  Now, on top of the continuous cramps, my back was aching, I couldn’t sleep, I had to urinate constantly and my cycle was out of control in every way imaginable.  I went for the MRI.  The fibroids had grown yet again and now my oby told me my only option would be a supra cervical hysterectomy.  I has heartbroken.

I stopped the hormones and made an appt to see Dr Parker.

I truly can not say enough about Dr Parker.  He met with my boyfriend and I for an hour.  He explained fibroids in depth, gave me several options and insisted I walk away and think about my choices.  Bonus, a hysterectomy was not even on the table.  One week later I made an appointment for laparoscopic myomectomy. 

My only complaint, if you can even call it a complaint, was Dr Parker is in such high demand, I had to wait four months for the surgery.  And I completely understand why.

Side note, I did see a Chinese Herbalist at some point along this journey.  The herbalist guaranteed the fibroids would shrink in one year.  I stayed on the (very expensive) herbs for about 6 months.  The fibroids did not shrink.  That said, the herbs helped tremendously with the pain.  They made it possible for me to get some  (not much) sleep and remain somewhat sane while I waited for the surgery.

The surgery went flawlessly.  Dr Parker and his team were unbelievable.  Never in my life have I felt in better care.  The entire team was kind, professional and highly skilled.  The surgery was tough but recovery was quick.  My back felt immediately better.  I had a rough 48 hours and then quickly turned the corner.  I took my first pilates class 10 days later.  Yes I had to modify, but I was so happy that was even an option for me.

It’s been about four months since the surgery and I am almost 100%.  You immediately feel so much better.  My belly remained sore (especially with any pressure) for a little over three months.  It’s just now feeling completely normal.  I feel normal again, yay!  I honestly felt like I was carrying around aliens for that year.  You could see them, you could feel them and they were such a nightmare.  You don’t have to live like that.  Dr Parker will take such amazing care of you.  Don’t hesitate.  I wish I had gone to see him immediately.


Doctor William Parker has truly changed my life.

In 2014 I developed symptoms of abnormal menstrual bleeding which I found out was due to a fibroid. My gynecologist at the time had given me two options, a hysterectomy that takes out the whole uterus or to wait until menopause where the fibroid will hopefully shrink itself. Although I had no plans of giving birth, I knew very well that I did not want to take out an organ in my body, so I waited.

Three years went by, my symptoms had only become worse and my fibroid only grew larger. I started developing anemia to the point where I was unable to walk to the bathroom without almost fainting. After seeing two more gynecologists who had instantly suggested hysterectomy, I had felt hopeless. Again I did extensive research online until I come across Dr. Parker who had excellent credentials. He seemed truly experienced with all the information he put out on his website and all the amazing reviews his patients had left him. I immediately scheduled an appointment with him. Dr. Parker was my last hope and I feel extremely glad that I chose to see him instead of doing a hysterectomy.

Upon seeing Dr. Parker, I was immediately put to ease. Unlike other gynecologists I had seen, he was so patient and made sure to explain everything to me clearly. His attitude and his knowledge made me certain I was in the best of hands. The amazing news that I thought I would never be able to hear was that he was able to perform a vaginal myomectomy on me. Without another thought, I immediately booked a surgery date.

By this time my anemia was so severe that my hemoglobin level had dropped down to a 6. Dr. Parker made sure that I received iron and blood transfusions before the surgery for my safety. He would call me personally to check up on me. We got my hemoglobin level to a 9 and we went through with my surgery. I was only in the hospital for one night and there was barely and discomfort after the surgery. Dr. Parker visited me both directly after my surgery and the next morning. I was amazed by this whole experience and can not help but to think of how different my life would have been if I had not been under Dr. Parker’s care. My body is healthy now and thankfully all my organs are intact.

Saying that Dr. Parker has positively changed my life is an understatement. I recommend Dr. Parker to all women out there in need of a gynecologist.

Nicole A:

I had problematic fibroids for more than 5 years. I lead a very busy life and for as long as I could manage the challenges they posed, I kept my condition on the back burner of activities in my life. Two years ago my fibroids became intensely challenging, creating embarrassing situations for me and painful onsets that sent me to the hospital emergency room. My quality of life was being severely compromised. It was at this point that I knew I had to do something about the problem.

I spoke with several doctors and considered all options to address my condition. Most doctors recommended a complete hysterectomy, something I was opposed to having. I have not yet had children and wanted to keep that as an option for my future. With the help of caring physicians, I was fortunate to find Dr. William Parker located in Santa Monica, CA. Dr. Parker assured me that he could perform a procedure (myomectomy) that would remove my fibroids while preserving my uterus. Dr. Parker took the time to get to know me as a patient and to understand my fears and concerns. These days, who does that?! Unlike some doctors that give patients minimal consultation time, Dr. Parker spoke with me and my family and answered all of our questions and addressed our every concern. One of my fears is pain. Dr. Parker made sure that I was comfortable following my procedure and that all of my needs were met.

For anyone dealing with similar issues and in need of a caring, competent and highly qualified gynecologist, Dr. William Parker is who you need. He exceeds the highest standards and gives a quality of service that is rarely found. Dr. William Parker is simply the best doctor ever for addressing fibroids and similar conditions.

S.D. – Beverly Hills, California:

Thank you for being the BEST in your field!

For over 20 years I was under the care of a well know female gynecologist in Beverly Hills who failed to diagnose and properly treat me with all the symptoms of endometriosis and adenomyosis.

After years of heavy periods and painful cycles, It was at my urging that she do an ultrasound.
It was discovered that there was in fact something there but she wasn’t able to determine what it was, so she sent me to Mink radiology for further testing.

It was revealed that I had numerous fibroids and polyps, surgery followed to remove them and they returned so I had 1 more surgery to remove the fibroids & polyps under her care.

I continued to suffer immeasurable pain and because my husband and I definitely wanted children, knowing the fertility complications related to my conditions, we decided to visit a highly regarded fertility Doctor by the name of Dr. Hal Danzer.

Dr. Danzer was amazing and immediately discovered that I had endometriosis and adenomyosis.

On top of this discovery, I had more fibroids & polyps. And they continued to return, I had to have 2 additional surgeries to treat them.

Well, unfortunately they fertility treatments weren’t working because of my numerous conditions so it was then that we decided it was best for me to have a hysterectomy. This was really my only option to relieve my from my pain and allow me to finally live a normal life.

Dr. Danzer suggested a few Doctors for my consideration but circled Dr. William Parker and said he’s the best!

After meeting with Dr. Parker, he scheduled me immediately for an M.R.I. The M.R.I showed that I had a uterus the size of a melon and nothing looked normal inside of me. We knew a hysterectomy was necessary and really my only option.

My husband and I were quite nervous and scared of some of the horror stories you hear related to this procedure, so naturally we went on line to confirm that I was in the best hands possible, and I was.

Dr. Parker’s bedside manner put us a ease right away as he explained everything.

He checked in with me a few times leading up to my surgery, which made me feel I had chosen the right Doctor.

The morning of the surgery a felt at ease as he assured me he was going to do the best job possible and not to worry.

Following my surgery, the care that I received, far exceeded any care I had previously received following my numerous surgeries.

I recovered rather quickly and began to finally live a normal life.

I can not stress enough after having 5 surgeries, truly Dr. Parker is the best in this field.

I highly recommend him and his staff if anyone is considering similar surgery or just needs an expert care regarding OBGYN matters.

Thank you Dr. Parker for your medical expertise and care. You are truly the best!

L.Y. – Los Angeles, California:

Prior to Dr. Parker, I had already gone through several procedures to remove fibroids. Each time I had the procedure, my husband and I thought we would have a better chance of conceiving but after 2 years, this was still not the case. When I was told that the fibroids kept growing and were contributing to my infertility, I knew I had to find someone better to treat my ongoing fibroid issues. Dr. Parker was the 3rd doctor that I saw and he was by far the best doctor to treat the situation. He is very patient, caring and seeks the best recommendation for your individual situation. He performed an abdominal myomectomy and removed 14 fibroids. Most of the fibroids were very small, less than 1cm but were in my uterine cavity, which affected my fertility. I’m very hopeful that after I heal from the surgery, I will not have to worry about fibroids getting in the way of conceiving.

If you are suffering from fibroids, he is the very best doctor! I would highly recommend him.

Amanda – Orange County:

After finding out I had a large fibroid, 7 cm, in February I was told to monitor it and that eventually I should have it removed. I went to 3 different doctors after experiencing pain and finding out later that summer it had grown to 8 cm. All the doctors I consulted told me a abdominal incision was the best way to remove the large fibroid but that they could also attempt to remove it robotically. After seeing Dr. Parker I felt extremely confident that he had the best approach for me which was laparoscopic. I decided to have surgery in late November and my fibroid was much bigger at 9 cm . I knew given Dr. Parker’s confidence in the procedure and his experience he was the best for me. When I had questions he called me right away. He was very thorough and made me feel comfortable with my decision. I met with him 3 different times before my procedure and the morning I had it done I was very relaxed and felt at ease knowing he was going to take such good care of me.

The procedure went very well. I recovered quickly and have been back twice since my procedure for follow up visits. Everything looks great and I’m feeling energetic and back to work. I’m very happy with my decision to have seen Dr. Parker and highly recommend him. He is such a wonderful doctor and I’m lucky to have met him.


I discovered fibroid while I was pregnant with my first baby. My fibroid grew to 9cm while I was pregnant with my second baby. My OB doctor say I don’t need to do anything unless I have severe abdominal pain or anemic. I was having heavy bleeding every month and, unfortunately, once I found out I was anemic, my fibroids have grown to 4cm and 10 cm from the Ultrasound.

I originally saw three OB doctors before I found Dr. Parker. One of the doctor recommended embolization, but I do not feel comfortable doing so.

The other two OB doctors recommended hysterectomy (remove my uterus) so the fibroid will not grow back. One of the OB doctor even want to remove my fallopian tube.

Most doctors recommend hysterectomy if you no longer wish to have babies because it is easier than myomectomy. Laparascopy myomectomy takes more skills, experience and patience to perform. Yet, don’t forget that the uterus still has its function. So, please don’t give up your organ easily. They are priceless.

After several months of thorough research, I finally found Dr. Parker on the website. He provided a lot of information and resources about fibroid treatment options. When Dr Parker ordered the MRI, it came out 3 fibroids; 4cm, 6cm and 8cm. I was shocked. Yet, I feel very comfortable after talking to him regarding my situation along with my concerns, including my body size.

(I am a small Asian woman who is less than 5 ft. Dr. Parker was able to perform laparascopy without hesitation)

He was able to answer all my questions and feel confident that he can help me with my problems.

He was able to perform laparoscopy to remove fibroids while other doctors do not recommend at all. The best they can do is open surgery of myomectomy or hysterectomy.

Dr. Parker is such a fine doctor with very prestige skills and many years of experience.

He is my last hope. I am so glad and greatful that I finally found Dr. Parker.


I was referred to Dr. Parker by my regular physician. At all times his staff was friendly and knowledgeable and most importantly were prompt and on time. There was no waiting for appointments (which is a pet peeve).

Dr. Parker was prepared for my initial appointment and took a significant amount of time to explain the surgical procedure which put me at ease. He never made me feel like I was just another name on an appointment book. The pre-op appointment was likewise informative and descriptive and I felt comfortable  with him and his expertise. There is nothing better than knowing you are in good and professional hands before surgery. My outcome was better than expected. After 3 days I felt like I had not even had surgery!

Dr. Parker was the consummate professional and I could not have been in better hands. I could not recommend a surgeon more highly than him.


I discovered Dr. Parker’s website after typing “Fibroid Super Doctor” into the search box.

Before I consulted Dr. Parker, numerous doctors advised I have my cantaloupe sized uterine fibroid removed by a uterine hysterectomy.

Together Dr. Parker and I looked at my MRI scans and he explained why a uterine hysterectomy was unnecessary and not the best option. The in depth consultation — not just a 5 minute visit — removed my fear of losing my uterus and ovaries. His knowledge and empathy gained my trust in his approach before, during, and after surgery. Dr. Parker personally came by to see how I was recovering post surgery and had time to answer all my questions. My post surgery recovery has been quicker than I expected and my pain levels were low thanks to the On-Q pump described on his website. Then there are 2 and 6 week post surgery follow ups with Dr. Parker underscoring that the steps after surgery are just as important.

In the care of Dr. Parker, you will join his growing family of happy patients and not feel as just another patient ID number entered into a medical database. When you receive medical attention that exceeds your wildest expectations, then chances are you are in the compassionate care of Dr. Parker.


I was told by five different doctors all kinds of conflicting information and felt trapped with something inside me that was screaming to get out. My anemia was off the charts and I couldn’t keep up with the dread of even leaving the house each month when I had my period. But… Surgery and the procedures described were so conflicting, dismissed by some completely and utterly terrifying. I googled “second opinion” and found Dr.Parker. Miraculously he had recently joined UCLA where I was being treated, and within a few minutes of my consultation he explained where my fibroid really was (as I was told different things!) and explained how it could be safely removed. Even though I was still terrified of surgery, I knew I would be ok.  It was truly the easiest thing and I wish I had found him sooner and had the courage to remove this giant (for me) fibroid. Everything in my life/ from confidence to energy to psychic functions/ is restored! I can’t recommend him higher.


Dr. Parker is a great doctor. He helped me get rid of my fibroids after I was turned down by many other doctors who could not perform my surgery. Other doctors that I saw said they could not perform a laparoscopic myomectomy; they said the only solution was a hysterectomy. However, Dr. Parker said he could definitely do the laparoscopic myomectomy with no problem. The surgery went very well, for there were absolutely no complications. My recovery went well too, and I was back on my feet in three days. If I had to recommend any doctor, it would be Dr. William Parker.


Dr. Parker is a miracle worker. I went to my ob/gyn for a regular exam and received the news I had a 10cm fibroid. While my doctor seemed very capable, she only did open myomectomy surgery and infrequently. I immediately searched for more information and received Dr. Parker’s name from a friend. Then I went to UCLA Gyn, Dr. Amy Stoddard who immediately recommended Dr. Parker as well. Dr. Parker’s first consultation was friendly, professional and informative, I was immediately set! He shared research, diagrams, my imaging and surgery images/videos. He also provided all the options available for my case. I decided and scheduled surgery immediately! The surgery was the best experience I could have imagined. Dr. Parker was both an amazing surgeon and caring. He is a miracle worker in surgery, informing my husband, and personally visiting me in the recovery room the following morning (due to the later surgery). I was pretty nervous to have surgery, and he made me feel as at ease as possible. Plus being the very best in his field, I knew I was getting the best care. I had no idea I could be fixed up so fast, with minimal recovery, minimal scaring. Dr. Parker shared pictures of the procedure. He also fixed a few other minor issues seen during surgery, resulting in the best outcome. It is so relieving to be all fixed up and able to move on to life! Dr. Parker made a challenging health concern so much simpler to deal with all around. He is worth the wait to meet and have surgery with vs. staying with a general gyn. From my extensive research and personal experience, I have found Dr. Parker to  be the best Fibroid doctor and surgeon in the world.


“If you are looking for a Doctor that is dedicated to; skillfully removing fibroids from the female body, the health, restoration, and preservation, of his patient’s health, as well as the health of all women’s reproductive systems now, and in the future, then meet with Dr. William Parker.

I  was working out and became quite dizzy…I felt myself starting to faint. I was anemic and I had no idea!  After going to the Dr., I discovered that the small fibroids I had hanging out in my uterus decided to grow quite large and multiply…I now had 5 large fibroids. One was 9 cm’s and I had a few that were 3 cm’s. The location of the fibroids, and their now larger size, begun causing me all sorts of medical issues. The fibroids were sitting on my bladder and I was running to the restroom all of the time. I was finding it more and more difficult to sleep through the night. I was exhausted, anemic, uncomfortable, having 2 periods a month and becoming more and more depressed daily about my health, expanding waist line and the uncomfortable pressure and pain of the fibroids pushing on my belly.

I met with 7 Doctors before I found Dr. Parker. Consultation after consultation, I started to get the feeling that the female uterus was “out of fashion”. When did this happen? When did tossing a female uterus in the trash become option #1 and not the last resort? Is the uterus not a major organ that brings forth a human life? Dr. Parker value’s the female uterus and will save your uterus IF possible.

Dr. Parker has the skill set and experience to perform many fibroid related surgeries that other doctors do not. It is just that simple. Dr. Parker can offer his patients more options as he has the ability to successfully perform various complicated surgeries to remove fibroids.

After reviewing my menu of options presented to me by Dr. Parker, to address my fibroids, I decided that an abdominal myomectomy would be the best option for me. I had an abdominal myomectomy with Dr. Parker in November 2015 and Dr. Parker removed 2 lbs of fibroids from my body. It’s has been almost 6 months since my surgery and…I feel like a new person!!

Save yourself time and consult with Dr. Parker first. Dr. William Parker really is one of the best and the most skilled doctors in the country performing fibroid related surgeries.”

Anonymous – Chicago, Illinois:

After suffering with the signs and symptoms large fibroids (pain and heavy  menstrual bleeding) for quite some time I was told by 4 Physicians here in Chicago the only option I had was to have a hysterectomy. After coming across Dr. Parkers web site I was convinced he was the Physician for me. I contacted his office and a phone consultation was arranged. Shortly thereafter I was scheduled for surgery. I flew in from Chicago and had my surgery on Feb 1, 2016  I had over 20 fibroids removed with no complications.

I am 54 years old and the only pain I really experienced was incisional pain the Q A pump really helped to manage this pain very well . I did not require narcotic pain medication while in the hospital or upon discharge. My discomfort was managed with   Tylenol extra strength most of the time my pain level was about a 2 on the pain scale.  I stayed in the hospital for 3 days. The first and second day was a bit of a challenging  required my Tylenol every 6 hours. I think I was having more of a challenge dealing with the after  effects of the anesthesia nausea and vomiting. Once the nausea and vomiting was resolved the pain was at a minimal. Not only is Dr. Parker a skilled surgeon but has an excellent bedside manner.   I was visited by Dr. Parker daily with a follow up  evening phone call  or two just to make sure that I was ok. I stayed in the hospital for 2 days and d/c on the 3rd day.  Upon discharge I was amazed how well I was doing even after the QA pump was removed my pain was still managed with Tylenol extra strength.  I flew back to Chicago  on Feb 10, 2016 recovery is going well. I’m  back to most of my normal daily activities but often I have to remind myself that it has been less than 2 weeks post-surgery and I have to take it easy and rest.  My abdominal  incision is healing beautifully and I will follow with Dr. Parker in 6 weeks for final follow up and dismissal. I’m truly grateful for meeting Dr. Parker and allowing him to do my surgery I am so pleased with my outcome and my quality of life has improved dramatically.

Laura – Las Vegas, Nevada:

I just wanted to take time to comment on Dr. Parker. He is a phenomenal doctor. I was referred to him from a friend who was in her mid 30’s, when she found him, after seeing several other physicians in Las Vegas that told her to get a hysterectomy. She desires to have children so she did not give up until she found him. She has recovered well and spoke highly of him. I heard her story and did not waste my time with other physicians. I am in my early 40’s but still want a chance at children so I chose Dr. Parker. Due to work obligations, I had to drive up from Las Vegas the same day of my appt. because of accidents and so much traffic, I ended up a couple hours late for my first appt. time. Dr. Parker was so gracious to still see me. His schedule is usually booked up but he made the time for me. This was a huge positive upon our first meeting. He really cares about people!

He took the time to discuss options and to answer all of my questions. He does not hurry through appts. like most doctors. He totally set my mind at ease about surgery and I knew I could totally trust him to do an amazing job with his expertise. Going into surgery with total peace and trust in my doctors hands was a huge relief! My surgery went very well and recovery has been great with no issues. Even with my choice to not take antibiotics as a precaution, I still healed well. Dr. Parker, in my opinion, is one of the best doctors out there! He is very compassionate, informative, great bedside manner, clean, careful and precise. He really cares and wants the best choice for his patients. Before surgery, he even visited me to make sure I was ok with no questions.  I wished I could keep him as my doctor at home! I wish more doctors were like him! He should teach other physicians what true etiquette should be with patients along with the knowledge he can impart. He is in this field because he wants to make a difference to offer a not so common solution to give women hope. He is more than a doctor but more like a friend with our best interest at heart! No need to look further, Dr. Parker is THE Best!

O.R. – Los Angeles, California:

After ending up in the ER seven years ago for a terrifying a sudden abdominal pain, it was brought to my attention that I had multiple fibroids and two ovarian cysts.  One of the ovarian cysts had twisted. The pain went away eventually and I figured I would be okay.  At that point, I wanted kids and was not interested in having the recommended surgery.  What followed was about 5 years of watchful waiting.

Fast forward to 2014-2015, and the fibroids and cyst gave me trouble againI was suddenly in pain all the time.  During my menstrual cycle, the pain was unbearable. I ignored it, hoping it would go away.  My OBGYN did not believe in watchful waiting and so I had no one to help me keep an eye on them. 

Unfortunately, the pain never went away.  One day, the pain was so excruciating that I could barely move.  A level 10 pain doesn’t even begin to describe what I felt. I was screaming and could not even stand up.  My husband called the ambulance and I was back in the ER again due to these pesky fibroids/ovarian cysts.

The ER doctors could not explain what had caused the sudden onset of pain.  The pain just sort of went away again, however this time, it didn’t completely go away.  I felt a level 3-4 pain constantly, all day, everyday.  It was exhausting a frankly terrifying. The ER doctor used scare tactics to attempt to persuade me into a hysterectomy while I was in a very vulnerable state.  Fortunately, I refused the surgery, so they doped me up and sent me home.

After I went home, I was devastated.  I definitely did not want a hysterectomy.  I scheduled an appointment to see a total of 3 OBGYNs in hopes that one of them would have given me a different option.  However, none of them did.  One even started talking about cancer and sending me in an even more panicked state.  None of the doctor’s opinions seemed to make sense to me.  I did not have faith or trust in what they were telling me.

I spent days researching online.  I finally came across Dr. Parker’s website.  And I immediately felt a sense of calm and a sense that I had come to the fibroid guru.  I read every single inch of his website and I knew that he would be able to help me.  I hadn’t even met him and for once in my life, I felt that I could fully trust this doctor.  I made up my mind, that whatever advice he would give me, I would trust it.  Dr. Parker seemed like he had a lot of integrity, and his level of expertise seemed to far exceed that of most doctors.

My experience with Dr. Parker, from the initial consultation to post op has been excellent.  He oozed confidence, he was extremely informative and he always reassured me during all of our encounters.   He was appalled that the other doctors would recommend a hysterectomy.  He performed an abdominal myomectomy.  There were no complications and I am now pain free.  I was in the hospital for 3 or 4 days and he personally checked in on me every day.

I could not have asked for a better doctor.  He is kind and an extremely skilled surgeon.  His level of care was exceptional.  The MRI had showed 5 fibroids and a cyst.  I believe he removed 16 fibroids and one ovarian cyst.  I do believe there were some endometriosis excised as well.   I highly recommend Dr. ParkerIt is so wonderful to live pain free again.  Words can not describe how grateful I am to Dr. Parker for doing my surgery.  And I wish a big heartfelt thank you to the lovely Elizabeth, who was wonderful during the entire process as well as the rest of the staff at his office. Thank you for giving me my life back!

E.J. – Pasadena, California:

Dr. Parker was my light in the dark after being told that I should consider a hsyterectomy for an 11cm fibroid.

I was absolutely devasted to hear that opinion from a fertility doctor while looking into egg freezing. As a 37 year old woman in a relationship, but not married, I wanted to preserve my fertility. But, I was told that the egg-freezing procedure would be difficult given the size/position of my fibroid and that I may want to consider a hysterectomy. Not being one to take an opinion like that as gospel, I searched the web for fibroid experts and found Dr. Parker.

My experience with Dr. Parker was unlike any I’ve had with other medical professionals. His entire team gave me such personal care and attention, I felt like I had known them for years. Dr. Parker spent as much time as I needed to have my questions answered. His priority is clearly to provide his patients with the information needed to make the best decision for the best personal outcome.

Not only did I not need a hysterectomy, I was able to have a successful laproscoipic myomectomy. I am 3 weeks post surgery and I am feeling very good. My incisions are healing well and I was back to work after 12 days. Dr. Parker called me personally the first days after surgery to make sure I was feeling ok and responded immediately to the questions I had.

I am so excited about my future and I look forward to trying to start a family with my fiance after I finish healing. Dr.Parker cares, truly and genuinely. Stop reading and book an appointment if are looking for a first opinion or a second opinion about our fibroids. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude.

ND – Los Angeles, California:

My story began about two years ago when I had a really heavy period. I had never experience that much blood before so I immediately went online and started researching “heavy menstrual cycles” and found out that it could be from a fibroid which I had never heard that word before. I then felt my stomach and it felt like I had something in there. At the time it was pretty small I always wondered why my stomach looked like I had a little pot belly. I thought I just needed to work out more. I got on the phone with my cousin and we started researching what I should do and she had found Dr. Parker and said if you do anything you have to see this guy he seems like he is the best for fibroids.

At the time I was locked into a pretty bad insurance plan and could not see him so I researched another OB/GYN who was in  my  very small network she had confirmed that I had a Pedunculated fibroid after an MRI and said that I should get a hysterectomy since I’m 48. I have not had any children yet but but I didn’t like the idea of having my uterus taken out just in case I would change my mind about having children. I then proceeded to research all about fibroids. I thought if I would just start eating organic, or drinking special tea, taking vitamins, work out more that it would somehow shrink.  I also bought expensive pills that said they shrink fibroids.   Nothing helped it just kept growing and growing. Because of the type of fibroid I had I did not experience any pain or bleeding I only had that one heavy period so watching and waiting did not seem like a big deal at the time .

Since I needed to wait for open enrollment to change my plan I decided to see who else was in my very small network and made another appointment with a doctor that also specialize in fibroids .

I sat down with him and he said he can perform A laparoscopic aided myomectomy. I did not feel that comfortable with the surgeon and the hospital was horrible not to mention all  along I knew that I really wanted to see Dr. Parker. I had read all his patients comments and researched every article I just really wanted to see him before I made any decision even if that meant waiting for my insurance which wouldnt take effect for another 6 months.

In the meantime I looked into embolization. I made an appointment with one of the top Doctors that do that in LA. They excepted my insurance. I met with the doctor and he explained the procedure and I was not comfortable with having anything shot into my veins not to mention the fact that I may not be able to have children after that procedure was unsettling.

Finally my insurance went through and I was able to see Dr. Parker!!!!

The minute I met him it felt like I was speaking to an old friend. I felt so comfortable. He did not make me feel foolish as I was asking so many questions because at this point I had read everything on the Internet about fibroids.  He was impressed with how much I knew about them. I felt so relieved when I left his office. He answered all my questions. I was still scared to death to have the surgery so I decided to wait and see if it was going to grow. I felt like I could live with a pot belly because I was so fearful of surgery.  I had never had surgery before. After three months I noticed it just kept getting bigger I am 5’4″ and weight around 123 pounds so it was getting very noticeable I look like I was five months pregnant I barely had anything to wear that would cover it and not make me look pregnant. I would hunch over wear a big bag that I could cover my stomach.   I could not wear a bathing suit so going to the beach or pool was out of the question.     I am not married or have a boyfriend so dating was also not happening. How would I explain this bulging thing that was protruding from my stomach.My quality-of-life was not the same. I would just go to work and come home did not feel like going out especially since I had nothing to wear at this point. This was no way to live.

My fear of living like this over took the fear of the surgery. I decided to see Dr. Parker again and schedule an appointment at this time my fibroid had grown to 15 cm. I brought my mother to the appointment and she also immediately looked at me and and said how comfortable she felt with Dr. Parker as well and that he should definitely be the one to do the surgery. We scheduled a date and as it grew closer I started to get scared and did not think I could go through with it so I ended up postponing it another 2 months.  Finally got the courage to go through with it.  After 2 years of being consumed by this thing I was ready to just get it out of my body and life!

We arrived at the Santa Monica hospital which is an amazing hospital it felt like we were checking into a resort!  The surgery was scheduled for 10am. I tried to remain as calm as I could. Dr Parker came as they were prepping me and assured me that everything was going to be okay and I had nothing to worry about. His confidence made me at ease.  I remember waking up in the recovery room and not knowing if it was done or if I was still waiting. He took out the 15cm fibroid and another small one from inside my uterus. I did not feel any pain as I had the On-Q pump pumping pain medicine into the incision. I was so fearful of the pain but did not feel any pain at all. The staff at the hospital were so incredible they made me feel very comfortable as I was still so scared.

The next day Dr.  Parker came to see me and assured me that everything went great with the surgery and that I had nothing to worry about. I was still waiting for the pain to come. I was in the hospital for 3 days and he came everyday and called everynight. Every time I spoke with him I felt better as he reassured me that I was doing good. I had a lot of anxiety after the surgery and the fact that he put my mind at ease every time we spoke really calmed my nerves. When I left the hospital the pump came with.  I could not believe I still did not feel any pain at all . I was able to move on my own I didn’t need any assistance I could walk I could get out of bed on my own. I thought I would be an invalid. I was still waiting for the pain. Even my mom Who was with me day and night at this point said I can’t believe you don’t have any pain are you sure? I was so afraid of taking pain medication and the constipation as I didn’t want to have to push and and create more problems. I was so freaked out that once the pump was removed then I would feel the pain I was dreading so much. The pump was removed a few days later. I went back home I waited and still no pain I did not need to take any pain medication at all.

It has been two weeks and two days I am back at work I feel great I have a lot of energy and have not felt any pain. I was able to move around on my own and not have to rely on anyone. I can’t believe I took so long to make the decision if I knew that I would not be in any pain and would be able to move around I  would have had the surgery sooner. I am so happy I waited for Dr Parker!! If you are lucky enough to have Dr. Parker perform  the surgery please don’t wait!! These things only get bigger and become more complicated!  My stomach is flat I no longer have to wake up and look at this ugly thing that was ruining my life!! I can wear all my clothes and I feel like my old self again.

I am so grateful for Dr. Parker for giving me my life back!



Shannon L.:

I agree 100% with all of the other patient reviews here – Dr. Parker is a rare breed, and certainly “the fibroid expert”. I have never been so quickly put at ease with any other doctor, as I was after my consultation with him. I previously had an abdominal myomectomy to remove 39 fibroids in 2007, and in summer 2011 learned that my fibroids had returned and began to cause a great deal of discomfort. Having already gone through this surgery, I was looking for a less invasive alternative with minimal down time, as well as fertility preservation. My treating gynecologist (whom I respect & trust greatly) performed my first surgery, and pointed me in the direction of Dr. Parker, and I am grateful to both.

During our consult, Dr. Parker was extremely thorough in explaining all of the potential treatment options, patiently answered all of my questions and much more. He also couldn’t have been more warm and easy to talk with. I remember leaving our consult and being surprised that I learned so much about fibroids and the different treatment options during that hour. I thought I’d already had a good grasp on the subject, but wow, he was truly impressive.

Because my MRI and ultrasound tests revealed I had ~40 fibroids of all different sizes, and all 3 types, my surgery was going to be more complex than I’d hoped. Considering my objectives, Dr. Parker informed me that my best option would still be the abdominal myomectomy route. At this point, he was very upfront and let me know that he understood if I wanted to have the surgery with my gynecologist who had referred me, since he didn’t end up offering a less invasive alternative for me. He also mentioned that since he does not accept insurance that that may weigh in on my decision on which doctor I went with – it did not. I respected him even more for his integrity and professionalism.

After further consideration, I decided to go forward, and was absolutely confident in my decision to have Dr. Parker perform my surgery in November 2011. During surgery he ended up finding 67 fibroids, and removed every last one without compromising my fertility. My recovery went smoothly and I was back at work in 6 weeks. Every visit to his office is pleasant – I very much enjoy everyone I interact with whenever I am there.

Dr. Parker is a kind, compassionate, gifted surgeon who changed my quality of life. I thank him for his excellent care, friendly staff and tremendous expertise. To any woman feeling challenged by living with fibroids, I would strongly encourage you to visit Dr. Parker!

Stephanie – San Diego, California:

I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids at age 36 (2cm and another 3cm) and at the time, I was not experiencing symptoms, so I decided to do the “wait and see” approach. I was extremely worried when I was diagnosed, because I had never heard of uterine fibroids and I still wanted to have a child. I had done a lot of research on the internet and found a lot of conflicting information about fibroids and was extremely anxious and confused by all of it. I found Dr. Parker’s website extremely informative and easy to understand and I liked that it didn’t assume that each person’s situation was the same. At age 40, imaging showed that I had several fibroids, with the largest being 10cm X 7cm. I was experiencing more symptoms, including heavier periods and worse cramps. I had met with 3 other doctors before meeting with Dr. Parker and all 3 doctors had said that they would need to do a hysterectomy in order to remove the fibroids. It was then that I decided to make the the drive from San Diego, CA to Santa Monica, CA to have a consultation with Dr. Parker and I am so glad that I did. He is personable, knowledgeable and he answered all of my questions and went over my options and his recommendation. I was very fearful of having surgery, but I knew it was the right decision for me and I was completely confident that I was in good hands with Dr. Parker. I had the abdominal myomectomy and I am now 8 weeks post-op and feeling great! I am so relieved that I found Dr. Parker and that the surgery is behind me. To all of the many women out there who have been diagnosed with uterine fibroids, I strongly recommend that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Parker, even if it means you have to travel many miles to get to him. He is an expert in his field and you should not settle for anything less when it comes to your body and your health.

IG – Seattle, Washington:

Dr. Parker is an exceptionally talented and caring doctor.

I had a fibroid of 8.5cm along with several smaller ones. Before I got convinced to have a surgery, I tried many ways to shrink them naturally. I worked with a naturopath, a Chinese herbalist, even a Shaman for about a year and a half. At some point I was swallowing more than 20 “supplement” pills in a day. I visited several other OBGYNs among whom there were ones suggesting me to take Lupron, making me get several ultrasounds and no MRIs.

When my bleeding got bad so much so that every month was a battle and fear of not being able to get out of bed for two days, passing out, feeling weak all the time, not being able to travel and exercise, I realized that natural methods were not going to be enough. I am usually quite physically active and decided that I didn’t want to feel weak and scared anymore.

That’s when I had my phone consultation with Dr. Parker. He answered all of my questions (which were a lot) very clearly and patiently. He went over my MRI and said if I wanted to have kids in the future, laparoscopic surgery might be a little risky but still left the decision for me to have either laparoscopic or abdominal myomectomy. I am 33 and would like to have kids. After a few days of consideration, I decided to have abdominal myomectomy.

I flew down to LA from Seattle for the surgery, everything after that was absolutely amazing. I had my surgery on June 13th, 2016, stayed at the hospital that day and went to my mother-in-law’s home the next day. During the surgery Dr. Parker made sure that my husband was getting informed about how everything was going. I didn’t have any pain management issues even right after surgery and I am still stunned with how easy post-op for me and how quick my recovery was.

After surgery, Dr. Parker answered all of my questions and he was very accurate about how he was expecting my recovery to go. I also paid close attention to my diet and made sure I had health/nutritional foods that would help my recovery.

2 Month Post Surgery Update: My periods came back to normal 1 month after my surgery and I am happy as  clam! I gained back my strength, health and happiness. Dr. Parker is still following up with me and keeps an eye on my recovery and I am grateful for him every single day of my life.

If you would like to share your journey with a top notch doctor who will gain your trust by talking facts, educating you. being caring and kind, Dr. Parker should be on top of your list.

K.M. – Florida:

Two years after the birth of my eleventh child, I noticed that the size of my uterus was growing. I tried not to think about what could be growing in my abdomen, but after another two years of many unknowns, I sought out a physician who told me that I had a large fibroid tumor. I was referred to another doctor who said my tumor was too large for ablation and I was too young to consider having a hysterectomy, but if I waited it out, when I entered menopause, my fibroids would shrink and be gone. Well, my tumor, and now tumors, did not shrink, and eventually grew so large that some thought my twelfth baby was on the way, even though I was now pushing 50. I tried researching and using alternatives to having a hysterectomy, which included using creams, pills and all types of potions and lotions—all to no avail. I became weary of searching for a solution and it seemed all hope was gone in ever being rid of my tumors. After setting my fibroid research aside for a year, I thought I would look once again to see if there were any new developments in fibroid tumor removal, thinking that with all the advancements in medicine there had to be a way to zap/remove the tumors without doing a hysterectomy. I cannot recall how I stumbled upon Dr. Parker’s website, but when I found it I could not believe what I was reading. What a wealth of knowledge at his site. It seemed too good to be true that someone thought of a myomectomy and that there actually was a physician who was genuine in his dedication to helping women hold on to their uterus. I cannot express to you Dr. Parker’s kind and compassionate spirit. The first time my husband and I met with him he put us at ease, addressed all our concerns and questions, gave realistic options and left me with the hope that at long last I could be free of my tumors, if that is what I would choose to do. So, two months after finding Dr. Parker, I had a myomectomy where he removed forty-two fibroids – varying in size, some larger than a man’s hand! And now when I stand up and look down, I no longer see my swollen belly, but ten toes! Thank you, Dr. Parker, for the happy ending to my eleven year journey in my quest for fibroid removal.

J.S. – Los Angeles, California:

Dr. Parker is one of the best doctors I have ever had.

I have had a uterine fibroid for about 10 years and continuously complained of painful bloating to my gynecologist. She said it can only be removed open cut or hysterectomy, but to wait till menopause and it would most likely go away or decrease in size. I just turned 48 and that could be another 5 to 10 years. We kept an eye on it as it grew larger every year.

I had my appendix out a few months ago and my surgeon said when I was in the operating room they thought I was pregnant. She said I had a fibroid the size of a four month old fetus. She recommended Dr. Parker to me and told me he is the best doctor for removing fibroids. My husband and I went to meet Dr. Parker and immediately loved him and his approach. I am very nervous when it comes to anything like this, but I felt so at ease and made the decision immediately to do the surgery. Dr. Parker was confident that he was able to remove my 9 cm fibroid laparoscopically. Surprisingly even the day of surgery i was very calm. The surgery and recovery went very smoothly.

It’s been six weeks since the surgery and now and I feel great, most of my bloating has dissipated. Dr. parker has a wonderful bed side manner and my husband and I felt we were in great hands. I highly recommend Dr. Parker!

M. – Texas:

Eight years ago my gynecologist recommended a hysterectomy for my fibroids. At the time my largest fibroid was around 5 cm in size and wasn’t causing any major symptoms. I opted to wait it out since fibroids are known to stop growing and shrink after menopause.

Menopause came but they didn’t shrink, they grew larger and began causing discomfort. Last year I decided it was time to seek a doctor/surgeon who would give me another option besides hysterectomy. I consulted 5 doctors before I found Dr. Parker’s website.

I was amazed when I read that many women had gone thru a similar experience as I had, having to seek many second opinions looking for the right doctor.

It seems that many doctors are reluctant to recommend myomectomy to women who are past child-bearing age.

During my consults I’ve been told things that I found out later not to be entirely true. I was told that myomectomy is a risky, bloody and painful procedure. One doctor asked me why I wanted to keep my uterus. He said I have so many fibroids by the time he removed most of them there wouldn’t be much healthy uterine tissue left. I kept hearing the same message over and over: hysterectomy is the best option for someone my age.

My hopes diminished after each consultation. But I didn’t want to lose my uterus so I thought maybe I will just learn to live with the symptoms.

One day, while searching on the internet, I found Dr. Parker’s website. It contained lots of useful information about fibroids and available treatments.

I learned that he does myomectomy every week, sometimes twice a week and had been performing this type of surgery for many years with consistently good results. All the patients’ reviews about him were excellent.

My husband and I decided to go to California and consult with him. We found him to be a very kind and caring physician just as described by his patients. He sat down with us and showed us pictures and diagrams, explained to us in plain language my condition. He answered our questions. After reviewing my records he presented to us all the available options. One of the options is myomectomy and he would do it laparoscopically. We felt very happy and relieved.

The surgery went smoothly. It wasn’t a bloody, painful and risky procedure like one of my former doctors described. Dr. Parker’s skilled hands made the surgery safe, blood loss was minimal and I didn’t feel any pain after, just slight soreness and some bruising. I only had 4 small incisions each about half an inch size. I thought I would have gas pains from the CO2 but there was none. Dr. Parker safely removed my biggest fibroid laparoscopically. He also removed the second smaller one. It turned out I had only 2 fibroids, one very big and one smaller. I learned that fibroids do not turn healthy uterine tissue into fibroid tissue from Dr. Parker’s website. Pathology results showed it was a benign fibroid.

I am glad that I did not give up looking for a skilled and competent surgeon. I feel fortunate that I found Dr. Parker, who is a very knowledgeable and truly gifted surgeon, kind and compassionate, respectful, a rare gem.

Now we are back at home, I am fibroid-free, recovering, feeling much better, and looking forward to a more quality life. Traveling to Santa Monica for the myomectomy was a very good decision. Dr. Parker did an excellent job. I was able to keep my uterus.

To those who are suffering from fibroids my advice is to read up and learn as much as you can about your condition. If you have to travel out of your area to find the right doctor, do not hesitate. It is your body and your health. Be proactive.


I’m am a ICU nurse and when I was told I had large fibroids that required surgery I immediately started researching the topic. The first two doctors I saw both recommend a hysterectomy and both told me I would need a cesarean type incision in order to remove all the fibroids due to their size and location. I then asked the top doctors in my hospital for recommendations and every one of them had Dr Parker at the top of the list. After switching insurances and primary MD’s I was finally able to see Dr Parker. His office is efficient and well run. Dr Parker, himself, is wonderful. He is knowledgeable and kind. He answered all my questions and educated me on all the available options. He didn’t seemed rushed and spent a lot of time with me, he also made himself available if I thought of any questions after leaving the office. My surgery went extremely well and Dr Parker was able to remove all my fibroids, while keeping my uterus intact, with a minimally invasive surgery. I am healing well and very happy with my experience. It was worth all the effort to have Dr Parker perform my surgery. I feel confident in recommending him to everyone.

Duyen H:

I had dealt with fibroids for approximately 20 years and had managed fairly well—or so I thought—until the last four years. My fibroids and the very heavy periods that resulted had severely altered my life. As the fibroids grew I became increasingly exhausted due to anemia and physically uncomfortable from the pressure and bloating. I had a sizable pedunculated fibroid and thirteen others varying in size and location. All created for a pretty miserable existence. My life centered around my period and the exhaustion and discomfort of it all and adversely impacted not only me, but my family as well. To make matters worse my gynecologists only had one option, hysterectomy, and when I would not sign on for that, I was met with a fair amount of disdain and criticism. I am 46 and was told I no longer needed my uterus. I disagreed and held my ground. My uterus was not the problem. The fibroids were. I met with several gyns and all said the same. One even suggested that she should remove my cervix because one of the fibroids was “so close” to it. I was told a myomectomy just was not an option for me because of the number and size of fibroids. There would be nothing left of my uterus if that procedure was attempted, I was told. Well, I could not accept hysterectomy as my only option for relief. I further could not accept that I would have to sign a consent that my ovaries could be removed, if the surgeon felt it necessary. No way!

Thankfully, in my research to save my uterus I happened upon Dr. Parker’s website. What a God send!!! I submitted my MRI and requested and received an appointment very quickly. In short, Dr. Parker was amazing! He thoroughly reviewed my MRI with me and explained that in his opinion I did not need a hysterectomy. Furthermore, all the other gyns that I had seen were adamant that I could be at risk for cancer because of the size and rate of growth of the fibroids. I can only assume this was to further bolster their case that I needed a hysterectomy right away. Dr. Parker said that although pathology would have to confirm, he did not see any indications that I was at risk of having cancerous fibroids. I cannot tell you how I had agonized over this. His saying that to me brought tremendous relief to an already highly charged situation in my life.

Dr. Parker has such an indescribable excellence. He is easy to talk to and he listens. I mean he really listens! I walked away from the consultation feeling like this doctor understood me. He gave me options, and hysterectomy was not one of them. Completely opposite of how I had been previously treated! I decided to have an abdominal (open) myomectomy in March 2016. His office staff was amazing and helped me with insurance, leave of absence forms, and even provided hotel information as I was coming from out of state. I was provided with clear pre-surgery and post-surgery instructions and felt ready (although a little scared!) when the surgery date arrived.  Santa Monica UCLA was excellent and the care I received was top notch. Dr. Parker was there from start to finish. He and his team talked with me and my family before surgery. He also had the nurse call in the middle of the procedure to let my family know how I was doing. He was at my bedside when I came out of recovery, making sure everything was alright. His bedside manner is nothing short of awesome. Thankfully, as expected, my surgery was without complication. He removed 14 fibroids and left my uterus intact just as I had hoped. What I was told would be impossible was done with his skill and expertise. I also did not need a transfusion as with Dr. Parker’s technique I did not lose a notable amount of blood. I saw Dr. Parker for both of my follow up appointments and he made certain that my recovery was on track. What’s more my incision healed perfectly. It is barely noticeable! I felt completely at ease with him because I knew I was in great hands. I can assure you that you will not find anyone quite like Dr. Parker. I sing his praises to everyone because he saved me and changed my life for the absolute better. I did not have a decent quality of life prior to Dr. Parker. I can see that now because I am fully enjoying myself now. My periods are a complete 180 degrees—no more heavy flow, excessive clotting, bloating, pressure, and horribly painful cramping. I do NOT wear black any more. I am working to bring my iron levels up still, but my energy is back and I feel great EVERYDAY! My family is happy because I am happy. I have this new lease on life due to Dr. Parker. I cannot thank him enough. My only sadness is that he is not here in Arizona. I have tried, but cannot find anyone like him. A new gyn that I tried post recovery told me that my fibroids may well come grow back. Well, Dr. Parker had already discussed that (low) risk with me so I politely responded that if that happened, I know of only one surgeon that I trust to take care of me—Dr. Parker!  I would gladly make my way to Santa Monica any day to be under his care.

Thank you, Dr. Parker! You are the absolute best!

Wendy – Canada:

Dr. Parker is the kindest most compassionate Doctor that I have ever met. Over 6 years ago, I was diagnosed with a large fibroid. I began to see different specialists in Canada and did not feel at ease with the options that were presented to me.

When my fibroid had grown to 15cm, I was plagued with very uncomfortable bulk symptoms. The fibroid was affecting many aspects of my day to day life and I decided that enough was enough. During my research, I came across Dr. Parker’s website. After reading his book and searching through his highly informative website, I contacted Dr. Parker and felt hopeful for the first time in years. He patiently explained all my options and answered every question I had. He made me feel as though he had all the time in the world for me. Not once did I feel rushed or confused with any of the information given to me.

In my experience, Dr. Parker was the only doctor who took the time to review my MRI and tell me exactly how the fibroid was affecting me and the options that were available to me. He was confident that he could help me and left me feeling optimistic for the first time.

I decided to have surgery in California and I received nothing less than exceptional care. Dr. Parker removed the fibroid and went over, above and beyond to make sure that I was comfortable and received optimal care. He was able to preserve my uterus, something that very few, if any other doctors would have taken such time and care to do. I wanted to keep my uterus more than anything and am eternally grateful that he was able to do this for me.

Dr. Parker checked on me every day that I was in the hospital. He was always available if I needed anything. Two days after surgery, I was able to comfortably walk to my hotel a few blocks away. While recovering, I was able to take frequent walks and was surprised how well I felt despite having just had abdominal surgery. One week after my surgery, I was able to fly home.

I found every member of Dr. Parker’s staff to be very kind and helpful. Any time I had any concerns, someone was promptly available to answer my questions. The staff at St. John’s hospital was excellent. I was very impressed with all aspects of the care I received.

Now the surgery is behind me and I feel so good! The physical and emotional burden of having the fibroid for years has been lifted. I highly recommend Dr. Parker and hold him in the highest esteem. To find such a genuine highly skilled Doctor who also willingly offers a warm, caring, gentle and compassionate bedside manner is very rare indeed. I feel very blessed and fortunate to have been in his care.

R.K. – California:

Today is exactly 2.5 months from my outpatient laparoscopic fibroid removal surgery and not a day goes by where I am not abundantly thankful to Dr. Parker for his craftsmanship — and so grateful to me for my decision. I am fortunate to have found Dr. Parker seven years ago and see him consistently for OB/GYN visits and fibroid monitoring. During every visit, he’s been phenomenal and consistent, every step of the way – checking my fibroids, discussing my game plan, reviewing my options, and determining next steps. He’s always generous with his time. I’d never had surgery in my life, was a bit of a purist about it, and never even experienced the pain of childbirth. I believed I had a low pain tolerance and had always imagined I couldn’t deal with surgery. I definitely had fear and let it dictate. That’s never a great idea in life, but I digress. So, after seven years of a wait-and-see strategy, trying to embrace what was, the scales tipped and I became suddenly ready to get past all this and face it head-on. When I realized that most time in my life was devoted to dealing with, thinking about, and preparing for issues related to my fibroids … and that this would continue until menopause, when I’d then be faced with a whole new host of issues to think about, I decided to have the surgery. It was time and felt perfectly right.

I had utmost confidence in Dr. Parker. I was unusually calm. I knew I was in good hands and doing the right thing for me now. While my path to getting here took a long time, and had I made the decision sooner it certainly would have simplified my life years ago, I am joyful about where I am today. Post-surgery, the first two days were a bit tough, but only when I needed to stand which required help and baby steps. When I was lying flat, I felt no pain whatsoever. It was remarkable. I took half-dose painkillers with no side effects. I was soon very mobile and feeling great. On the fourth day, I went out, took a leisurely stroll, and celebrated with a special lunch. I had no unusual fatigue during or after. To this day, I still don’t understand how I’ve never felt a thing from the four small incisions?!?

I am still rejoicing in my new self, surprised at how much my body has changed from pre-surgery to now and remembering all the fibroid nonsense I dealt with over these years. All the mental and physical anxiety and clutter associated with this has vanished. To say it’s liberating is an understatement. I feel like I did so many years ago, before all of this. Do I wish I did the surgery sooner? Yes, but I wasn’t ready. When the trade-offs no longer made sense, and I realized I was living a complicated life only to accommodate the fibroids, the decision became clear and easy. I knew I would feel empowered by getting past these fibroids and I do. But, what still surprises me is how my body has “bounced back” and reverted to its former self. I don’t have any side effects from the fibroids other than the memory of coping with them and, as a result, feel lighter than I have in years!!! As I stated in my previous entry years ago, and maintain today, Dr. Parker is the BEST!!!! He is a highly credentialed, phenomenally talented doctor – technically and personally. He provides a remarkable service and rare gift to his patients. I wholeheartedly recommend him. THANK YOU A MILLION, DR. PARKER!!! And, thank you for giving me back my old self!!!

Randy – New York:

To experience a myomectomy with Dr William Parker is to experience the ultimate in medical care by the most skilled surgeon in his field. William Parker is a hero to women not only as an outstanding surgeon but a humanitarian who respects a woman’s right to preserve her reproductive organs. Being privileged to be one of Dr Parker’s patients was my path to liberation – both physical & emotional – feeling I was in safe hands to remove this unpleasant object inside me (11 cm /8+ years) AND feeling that I was not at the mercy of 5 New York doctors who could ONLY offer hysterectomy as an option to remove my fibroid.

From the get go – the process was affirming, educational, respectful, and most of all assured me that having Dr Parker perform a myomectomy was the right thing to do and gave me the confidence to move forward with him at the helm – Dr Parker exuded stellar competence via his mastery and experience.

When I began hemorrhaging 2 months prior to surgery & was told that I may have cancer – being loathe to having any kind of surgery, I went completely ballistic when I was alerted by a dear friend that gynecological surgeons require a hysterectomy consent form (with the exception of another retired New York specialist) I thought I was thrown back in time a century or two ago into a barbaric, primitive medical nightmare. When I was told that Dr Parker did NOT require the routine hysterectomy consent – I did not truly believe it – until I signed Dr Parker’s consent form that only said MYOMECTOMY. I was astounded & felt completely validated that I had flown 3000 miles & knew then that Dr Parker was extraordinary – and it gets better – he removed a giant 11cm dumbbell shaped tumor LAPRISCOPICALLY (the 5 surgeons I consulted with would only perform abdominal hysterectomies!) and it gets even better – it was performed as outpatient surgery! – to be able to remove an 11cm fibroid that was split into two areas – the uterine cavity and abdomenal cavity lapriscopically PLUS removing c–section scar tissue & saving my uterus with proficiency & speed is unheard of for the majority of gynecological surgeons!

And the very, very, best – is the time sensitive attention & care that Dr Parker devoted to me – answering questions of concern via email & phone. Checking in postoperatively was key to my healing and morale. The office staff is lovely & caring too – no one ever made me feel uncomfortable.

Had I known having a myomectomy with Dr Parker would have been such an amazing success – I would not have suffered as long as I had. Now I am beginning life anew!

Monica Gutierrez. – Chino Hills, CA:

I found out I had fibroid tumors in the fall of 2012. Originally, I thought I had gained weight as a result of too many margarita’s and late night eating out. Eventually, when I felt my stomach bloat and get hard every morning, when my menstrual cycle was accompanied by the most horrible cramps, and when I looked three months pregnant; I knew something was very wrong. My MRI revealed I had two huge tumors one on top of my uterus, and the other at the very bottom.

For the next three months, I took monthly Lupron injections, which threw me into medical menopause. I thought I was going to die from the panic attacks, night sweats, hot flashes and that “off” feeling. Worst of all I now looked six month pregnant!! When you stand five feet tall and know you are not pregnant, but look it, it’s totally depressing. I had to buy new clothes and missed many days at work. Overall, it was a really emotional and frustrating time.

During this time, I visited three doctors all who expressed concern over their ability to remove my tumors successfully without a hysterectomy. Two of the doctors were male and quiet harsh in their delivery of the news. No compassion. The female doctor was very understanding, but also not a specialist and not sure the outcome would be better had I chose her to do the surgery. Having never had children and just announced our engagement, my fiancé and I were crushed.

My family immediately began searching the internet and found Dr. Parker. We made an appointment after reviewing his website and his patient’s testimonials. My parents, fiancé and I all sat in his office as he explained my condition, and the surgery I needed. He took his time, was understanding and most important gave me hope of having children. He knew what the news was doing to my fiancé and me, and was so comforting. He advised me to stop the Lupron, which I was more than glad to do, since it had little effect shrinking the tumors and made me feel like a crazy person. We were beyond excited and relieved – knowing this would all be over.

The surgery was a total success. He removed 13 tumors in all, including the two large ones giving me the most trouble. I was in the hospital for two days, and received the best of care. Dr. Parker called to check on me, and came by to visit the next day. Each time I saw him I felt like that loving concern for me and my family. Now, one month after surgery, I look and feel great. I feel like I can move on with my life, and plan my wedding. As I continue to heal, I will forever be grateful for Dr. Parker; he healed me, gave me hope and laid the path for us to have a family. Thank you Dr. Parker, you are my guardian angel.

Kellie S. – Los Angeles, California:

When I decided to have surgery to remove fibroids, I sought out the best myomectomy doctor.  I even googled the phrase, “Best myomectomy surgeon in California.”  Dr. Parker’s name popped up everywhere.  After spending a good deal of time researching him and reading his website, I called to schedule a consultation.  Like everyone else mentioned, he required that I have an MRI before he met with me.  That was totally fine with me because our consultation was really indepth and he explained exactly where the fibroids were and how he planned to remove them.  He has a great personality and he understood that preserving my fertility was the main objective.

I, of course, consulted with other surgeons as well, but none could compare.  I wanted someone whose full time job was myomectomy surgery.  Dr. Parker was just the person – his full time job is performing gynecological surgeries and he also teaches the procedures.  He is the guru!  From the moment I went in for my consultation, I knew Dr. Parker was the person to perform my myomectomy.  I felt totally comfortable and confident that he would successfully perform the surgery.  He performed the surgery in about 2 hours and removed 15 fibroids.  After surgery, Dr. Parker let me know how everything went.  I stayed in the hospital for 2 nights.  Dr. Parker called me each night that I was in the hospital to see how I was feeling and he came to see me the day he discharged me.  I was sent home with a pump connected to my incision that dripped pain meds for about 5 days.  The pump was a life saver.  I literally had no pain.  I had discomfort, but no actual pain.  My incision seriously looks amazing!  His suturing technique was much better than expected, the scar is barely noticeable.  I am so happy to have found Dr. Parker and I look forward to letting him know when our little one is on the way.  If you have fibroids and need or want them removed, find a way to see Dr. Parker!


Website Comments

Barbara J:

I want to thank you for the most interesting and informative website on fibroids I have seen. The video of the myomectomy was fascinating.

Stephanie B:

As I’ve roamed the internet for information, your website is bar far the most comprehensive, well organized and informative site I have seen. Being from a science background myself, I appreciate all the abstracts and video. You have really shed a positive light on this whole process for me and I feel a lot more comfortable moving forward with my options after reviewing your information here. Thank you.


I stumbled across your website as I was researching what a 7cm fibroid would look like. I went through the entire site and read every tab. What a relief just to have found you. I have been through 6 doctors since my diagnosis a little over two years ago and they all recommended the same thing: a hysterectomy.


Thank you so much for your extremely well-organized and informative website. What I love most about your site is that you offer a perspective in easy-to-understand language – you don’t just toss out numbers and facts. That, combined with your history of achievement and highly respectable affiliations, lends much credence to what you have to say. As someone looking for answers, that has been a wonderful blessing and relief.

Marlo P – Germany:

Thank you Dr. Parker for creating this website!

Before my family and I moved to Germany from North Carolina, I was diagnosed with a 1-2 cm posterior fibroid per pelvic exam. Over a year later, it had increased to 4-5 cm per an ultrasound that my German gynecologist performed. Six months after that it had increased to about 7 cm. She told me that laparoscopic hysterectomy was my only option because the fibroid was intramural and would continue to grow until menopause. She did mention that some of her patients had seen a reduction in growth rates with diet and exercise. I believe that because I’m 44 (with no plans to have more children) she was not concerned with offering me other alternatives. After thoroughly reading your website, I have decided to cancel my surgery and talk to my German physician about “watchful waiting” since you commented that smaller fibroids are likely to grow quickly. It may be that my fibroid growth slows or stops now that it is 7 cm. Additionally, I am having no significant symptoms. I have some mild pressure in my lower back with moderate to heavy bleeding for 2 days during my menstrual cycle. It does not seem to affect my quality of life (I take iron during that time). I plan to ask my gynecologist about the option to perform an MRI for a more accurate diagnosis as well.

Thank you again for providing this information for the many women out there, like me, who have been given no serious alternatives to hysterectomy. I hope that I can go without surgery indefinitely or until we return to the states.


I just wanted to say that the information on your site is fantastic. It’s more comprehensively informative and answers many of the questions that I’ve been unable to get answers to from my GP and consultants over the past 6 years.


I found your site extremely informative and very helpful. You answered a lot of questions I had about fibroids and various operative procedures.


First of all thank you very much for the thorough and easily accessible information about fibroid treatments on your website. It is proving an invaluable resource for me and I particularly appreciate your inclusion of references to medical studies which offer the necessary scientific backing required for any serious discussion with a gynecologist.



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