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MT – Los Angeles, California:

I love Dr. Parker!!

When I got pregnant, my ob/gyn discovered a fibroid that put me as a high risk pregnancy. During my pregnancy, it grew very large and was incredibly uncomfortable. The location of the fibroid blocked my uterus, forcing me to have a c-section. I was advised to wait to see if it would shrink before considering any surgery. It did, slightly, but the pain persisted: Occasionally, going to the bathroom was painful. Sometimes, just walking around, I would get stabbing pains in my pelvis that forced me to freeze until the pain could subside. Sex was unbearable. I knew I had to do something.

My ob/gyn at the time was willing to remove it, but it would require cutting me back open – basically having another cesarean. I looked for alternatives, and came across Fibroid Embolization, which I did. In my case, it did not kill the fibroid. I was now going on 2 years of discomfort, and my poor husband had a wife who cringed at the suggestion of intimacy.

I decided to go ahead with the procedure, no matter how invasive, when a wonderful doctor at UCLA asked me if I had heard of Dr. Parker. As he put it, “…he’s THE GUY when it comes to fibroids.” I called Dr. Parker’s office from my car before leaving the parking lot.

At my first appointment, I knew I had finally made it into the right hands. His staff was lovely, helpful, professional, and ran on time : ) During our consultation, I felt like I was with a dear friend, a dear, confident, brilliant friend. I sat in his office surrounded by photos of his beautiful family. He told me about his kids’ achievements and the holiday he had just returned from, then laid out all my options. One of them was to have the fibroid laparoscopically removed, which is a minimally invasive procedure. He really took his time and I distinctly remember the relief of feeling safe. I scheduled my surgery that day.

Even during my brief time at the hospital (laparoscopic removal is an outpatient procedure), it was clear the way everyone spoke about Dr. Parker how highly he is revered and beloved. Dr. Parker is a genius.

Today was my one year check up since my surgery. I am happy, healthy, pain-free, and so fortunate to have found Dr. Parker. He gave me my life back.

LS – Colorado:

It is with great pleasure, respect and admiration that I write this story. Like so many others here, I had a large fibroid. This was initially diagnosed during my first and only pregnancy. When that pregnancy ended in miscarriage, it was recommended that the fibroid be removed prior to trying to conceive again. Six years ago I had an open abdominal surgery during which three well-respected physicians determined that removing the fibroid would compromise my uterus significantly and a hysterectomy would then be required. Knowing that I still wanted children, the incision was closed and the fibroid remained intact. There were unexpected complications during the surgery which sent me home with a drain and a catheter. I recovered physically and emotionally and was given the green light to try to conceive again, knowing that there were risks involved with the fibroid intact.

Over the ensuing six years, attempts to conceive were unsuccessful and still desperately wanting a child, I sought the care of one of the best reproductive endocrinologists in the country. I met with my high-risk OB and while she would have preferred to have that fibroid out, she had discussed my case with the surgeon who had tried, and agreed that it wasn’t possible. My first IVF cycle using donor eggs was also unsuccessful and there were several theories as to why. One involved that fibroid. Again, it was suggested that I have the fibroid removed, this time they recommended I try a gyn oncologist. The oncologist reviewed a recent ultrasound and he too thought that a hysterectomy was necessary. After realizing my goals he agreed to go in and try to remove this fibroid but I’d be taking a considerable risk that I’d come out without my uterus or with one so damaged it would be incapable of carrying a pregnancy. I was devastated as he was now the fifth physician to tell me this.

But my dream of being a mother would not be squelched and I believed there was someone, somewhere who could do this. To the Internet I went, and who I found has changed my life! I spent hours reading all the valuable information on Dr. Parker’s website, I stayed up late one night reading all those glowing patient comments, I spent a long time looking at the pictures and was consistently impressed at the final results of the repaired uterus. I did my research and talked this over with many other important people in my life. It seemed a little crazy to think of traveling completely across the country to seek the medical care that was obviously unavailable to me locally. But I decided to make the call and have that initial consult. I was very quickly convinced that I had found the answer. Dr. Parker had already reviewed my MRI and history. During discussions regarding treatment options I was absolutely shocked when I heard him say that he believed he could do this surgery successfully and laparoscopically!! This seemed too good to be true. Dr. Parker patiently spent a lot of time with me during that initial phone consult, explaining it all and answering every little question I had.

Please let me assure you that Dr. Parker is very real. I had the surgery recently, it was laparoscopic, without complications and completely successful with a very healthy uterus intact. He removed that very large fibroid and two smaller ones and also discovered and fixed a previously undiagnosed problem that would likely have caused subsequent IVF cycles to fail. As a registered nurse and nurse practitioner for nearly 27 years I have met my share of doctors and can honestly say that Dr. Parker is top of the line. He is incredibly skilled, talented, compassionate, thorough, kind and gentle. As I told him in person….the world needs more Dr. Parkers! Never have I believed I was in better hands, or trusted a physician so completely. I will forever be amazed by what Dr. Parker has done for me!!

I realize it’s a bit scary to think of trusting a stranger with your health or traveling far distances to take that chance. Therefore, if anyone reading this wishes to speak to an actual patient of Dr. Parker’s I’d be happy to have him share my contact info. But please, please don’t hesitate to give Dr. Parker a call, even if it’s the second, fourth, or tenth opinion you’re seeking. I don’t believe one could find a more gifted, caring or amazing doctor, anywhere!!

Toni Forge, Esq – Los Angeles, California:

It may sound cliché, but words cannot express how I truly feel about Dr. Parker. Simply put, he gave me my life back. For a year, I was suffering from chronic fibroid symptoms. My holistic practitioner referred me to Dr. Parker. During our first consultation, Dr. Parker fully explained what the fibroids were doing to my body and my medical options. His bedside manner was unbelievable. He was warm, funny, caring and compassionate. He gave me such a sense of ease and confidence with my choice of treatment. By the time my surgery came, I was not worried or nervous. I knew I was in the best hands. Now, six weeks later and 21 fibroids removed, I feel great. I am so grateful I found him. I have interviewed and deposed hundreds of medical professionals throughout my 23 year legal career. I have never met a doctor liked Dr. Parker. I truly appreciate everything he has done for me.

D.C. – Los Angeles, California:

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for one year. Due to our ages, we thought it prudent to see doctors early in the process “just in case.” That turned out to be a wise move: via ultrasound, we learned that I had fibroids positioned in such a way that conception would be a long-shot without invasive surgery. After my original OBGYN ruptured my uterine wall while removing a simple cyst near my ovary, I was not only nervous about another, more significant surgical procedure, but I was also determined to find the very best doctor for this operation.

My husband and I met with a couple surgeons before meeting Dr. Parker, who came highly recommended by the team at USC Fertility as well as my fertility-focused acupuncturist. In fact, when we informed USC that we were sitting down with Dr. Parker they had the following reaction, “Well you want the best and there is nobody better.” My acupuncturist even told me that “He’s the fibroid geek, and you want the geek!”

When my husband and I walked out of our first appointment with Dr. Parker we knew he was the right surgeon. His patience, understanding and sense of calm about everything put us at real ease. After reviewing my file, Dr. Parker also realized that I have Adenomyosis that would require surgical attention and he was careful to walk us through all of our options and the steps required in great detail. When my husband asked that he consult with USC Fertility, he did so without hesitation and our team came up with a surgical plan that everybody believed would offer the best hope for pregnancy.

Ultimately, because of the amount and placement of all of the fibroids, we opted for an abdominal myomectomy. Dr. Parker removed 17 fibroids from my uterus and 95% of the Adenomyosis in a 90 minute procedure. Having never had major surgery before, I was very nervous (as was my husband), but Dr. Parker was so calm and self-assured, it really did wonders to put us both at ease – he simply has such a good bedside manner. My husband and I cannot say enough how much we like Dr. Parker. He visited me first thing every morning in the hospital to see how I was feeling. He returned all post surgery phone calls and emails immediately. It was very clear that he cares a great deal about his patients and their well-being and has a great sense of humor to boot. I’d also like to note that St. John’s is a beautiful new hospital and the nurses were great.

I simply cannot recommend Dr. Parker strongly enough. We are so, so thankful that we found him and that the surgery is behind us. We know that you will feel the same if you choose to work with Dr. Parker.

I’m sure some of you may be wondering about whether I’m pregnant or not, well I’m still in the post-surgery healing phase, but I am confident that we will get pregnant now that the surgery has been completed.

A.S. – New York:

Dr. Parker saved me from having a more invasive surgery than I needed!

I’m a 51 yr. old woman who was suffering for a while with several fibroids, one being over 10cm. I was advised by my group of gynecologists (seven in all) that I trusted and have been with for many years, that my best forms of treatment would be to have a supracervical hysterectomy (removal of the upper body of the uterus) or hysterectomy (removal of the uterus). I even had several doctors suggest removing my ovaries as a precaution to developing any type of ovarian disease. When I expressed to them my desire to only have my fibroids removed they began to tell me that having the hysterectomy would be the shortest surgery even though my recovery time would have been between 6-8 weeks.

As a parent of a young child I expressed my concern about the surgery and the lengthy recovery time and they tried to reassure me that these treatments were in my best interests. When I asked about alternatives to these treatments a few doctors said that there were some available but that the surgery would be longer and that not all doctors are skilled in these techniques…that was all I needed to hear. I got on the internet and started doing my own research because this was my body!

I found Dr. Parker’s website and it was by far the most informative site I had come across. It was filled with information that I needed to help me make an informed decision. I began calling his office and talking with this staff members who were extremely helpful and kind. I corresponded with Dr. Parker and his office for a little over month providing them with my medical records for his review. Dr. Parker assured me that I was a good candidate for a less invasive surgery (laparoscopic myomectomy) and that my recovery time would around 2-3 weeks. Dr. Parker and his staff took the time to answer my most mundane questions with a high level of professionalism.

I flew from the East Coast and Dr. Parker made accommodations for me to feel rested prior to having my surgery. He explained everything to me, carefully going over my medical records and what I could expect before and after surgery. He has a wonderful bedside manner and validated my concerns. Dr. Parker visited me in the hospital and during my follow up visit to his office he continued to display a high level of concern for my well being. I feel so blessed to have found Dr. Parker. His level of expertise in his field is phenomenal! He was the only doctor who said that a woman has the right to preserve her organs if that’s her desire and it’s possible to do so. I have never had a doctor who I felt was so knowledgeable regarding the treatment of fibroids. I’m glad I found him! To any woman out there who might read this, I know the concerns you might be feeling, I was filled with anxiety but as I continue to recover (I’m getting around very nicely).

I know in my heart that I made the right choice having Dr. Parker perform my surgery. I know that in the future if I have any medical concerns I will consult with Dr. Parker because of his expertise. Dr. Parker is a rare gem. I wish he had an office here in NY (think about it Dr. P.) He is the absolute best!

V. Orange County, CA

Almost a year ago during my annual pap smear exam, I was diagnosed with fibroids. I had no clue what those were but was told they are not cancerous. After an Ultrasound and a CT scan, it was found I had a few large fibroids measuring approximately 19-20cm. I consulted with about 3 doctors and they all suggested a Hysterectomy. Mind you, I did my research before seeing these doctors so I asked about the Myomectomy procedure. Their response was it would be impossible because my fibroids were too large. When I said I would like to have kids one day, the third doctor told me I’m too old to have kids and gave me the statistics of miscarriages in women in my age group. I’m in my late thirties. I was appalled by her statements and lack of bedside manner that I decided to do my own research for another doctor. I refused to accept that a Hysterectomy is my only option. I went home that day and googled “best fibroid surgeon in US” and Dr. William Parker came up. After further research on Dr. Parker, I knew he would be the doctor that can help me.

Before I can see Dr. Parker, I had to get an MRI. Once that was done, my first consultation was scheduled. On that day, I brought my sister for support. We both were so impressed by Dr. Parker.
When he told me he can remove the fibroids without a Hysterectomy, I almost cried right there in his office. The procedure that he would perform is an Abdominal Myomectomy which is the same procedure the other three doctors said it would be impossible. He explained in detail the process of the procedure and even showed us some videos. He answered all of my questions and explained in detail my MRI images. It showed I may have 15+ fibroids. He was so warm, patient, caring and knowledgeable. The appointment lasted almost an hour. I was surprised because most doctors would rush you out in 15 minutes. I did not have that with Dr. Parker.

On the day of the surgery, I was feeling a little anxious but the nurses and staff at the UCLA Medical Center put me at ease. Dr. Parker also came by a few times before the surgery to make sure I was doing okay. Everyone was caring and so professional. During the surgery, 35 tumors were found in my uterus. All I can say was WOW but Dr. Parker was able to remove all of them. He is just amazing!

I stayed about 2 nights in the hospital and I have to say the nurses and staff were wonderful. They all made sure I was comfortable. Dr. Parker came by the hospital each day to check up on me. This really shows me how he genuinely cares about his patients and their well being.

Post Surgery, I am recovering well. I can definitely feel a difference in my energy and pain levels. The symptoms (pain, heavy bleeding, fatigue,) from those fibroids really affected my quality of life. They were so big that it grew up into my rib cage so I always felt the pain and pressure. Plus I was always exhausted that it was hard to get through the day sometimes. But THANKS to Dr. Parker, I’m on the road to a healthier life and I can start to feel like myself again. Dr. Parker is exceptional and I highly recommend him to anyone who has problems with fibroids. I am so grateful and blessed to have found him. He truly has changed my life for the better. Thank you again Dr. Parker!!

Lucy S:

The most exceptional doctor experience I have ever had; living many years both in Europe and in the United States. He is not just a doctor, he is a researcher, scientist in one word the best in the field.

With Dr. Parker’s magic touch fibroids are out, uterus is healthy and intact, and testing confirmed the tumor was benign.  My family and I can’t be grateful enough. He is welcoming, caring and compassionate.

First time feeling uncomfortable on my stomach area I was diagnosed by hernia back in Lawrence, Kansas. It was during my annual check up with MD, when she announced it’s hernia just by looking at it and without ordering any tests (so sad) and that I don’t need to act on it.  A year pass already in California my OB/GYN back then told me that it’s not hernia and that she thinks I have fibroids and after ordering ultra sound told me I need to see a surgeon as soon as possible, referring me to a gynecologic oncologist, who in his turn told me it’s going to be a full hysterectomy, with no delay, which is my only option and that he is not sure if the tumor is cancerous or benign and he will find out and tell me all the details after the surgery; really?  I was 37 at the time and hopeful still to have a baby. And the scary part we put trust in these opinions as being competent.  Oh, coming from an Armenian family imagine the drama going on, my mom, sister, aunts in tragedy, all crying, screaming…. I had to keep cool and calm everybody down, but setting my mind for the worst.

That’s when my aunt and sister started their vigorous research and found out about Dr William Parker. Already discouraged and skeptical about any positive outcome I went to Dr Parker, who became a ray of sunshine. He already had my MRI results, which he had ordered before seeing me and as he explained to me MRI is the most accurate diagnostic test to tell how many fibroids you have, the precise sizes of the fibroids and the position of each fibroid, he thoroughly went into details, educating me and explaining my options; he told me that he could do a myomectomy on me if I choose to and that not only I did not need a hysterectomy, I could  also go on with no surgery at all and do check ups every six months to monitor the growth and size of the fibroids. I was so impressed and relieved.

I wanted him to do the minimally invasive surgery, which turned out to be very successful. It has been already 20 days since the surgery, I feel great and have my flat stomach back and most importantly my uterus intact. I intend to ask him to go back to his office for my regular check ups too, as it will be hard to see anybody else after experiencing Dr. Parker.

KY – Los Angeles, California:

After about a year of watchful waiting I knew it was time to have my three submucosal fibroids removed (largest was 6 cm). I had very heavy periods and also knew based on the research that my particular type of fibroids (submucosal) made me 70% less likely to get pregnant. Initially learning about my fibroids was a tough process of trying to figure out the best course of treatment. I wanted to avoid invasive surgery as much as possible but at the same time wanted to do whatever needed to be done to make me more likely to get pregnant, as well as make my periods “normal.” My first step was gathering as much information as possible and found Dr. Parker’s website which alone reflects how committed and focused he is on the treatment of fibroids. Based on the size, type, and location of my fibroids, Dr. Parker recommended full abdominal myomectomy but did not pressure me and in fact I waited 4 months before actually having surgery. During that time I continued to research and even spoke with a laproscopic expert at Stanford who told me he could remove my fibroids laproscopically, however upon further research and advice from my father (who is also an MD) and his colleagues, they confirmed that laproscopic surgery would mean cutting up the pieces (morcellating) the fibroids to remove them through the small incisions which is not recommended by the FDA, longer duration of surgery, and greater likelihood of missing fibroids that were not detected on the ultrasound/MRI. I was apprehensive about full surgery but after hours and hours (probably days!) of research and speaking with different doctors I knew full abdominal myomectomy was the right choice for me.

My experience with Dr. Parker from the initial consultation to after surgery was excellent. Before surgery, Dr. Parker and his team provided plenty of information to help me prepare (incl. what to have at home for my recovery). During surgery, Dr. Parker’s team was frequently updating my husband so he was in the loop on my progress which was very thoughtful. They ended up removing 3 more fibroids which were not detected on MRI (for a total of 6). Yet another reason why abdominal myomectomy was the right choice. And following surgery I felt fully supported with Dr. Parker visiting and calling to check in on me. I was also pleasantly surprised by how small and low my incision is; it is truly hidden even under a low bikini and is a thin line. I must also mention how great Dr. Parker’s office staff is – they pick up the phone, are prompt when providing/processing paperwork, and are friendly. For me those “little things” were actually very important because preparing for surgery is stressful enough, you don’t need administrative challenges to make things any more difficult.

My results so far have been great. After recovery where I took a month off from work, I’m now back to being able to exercise as much as I did before and thankfully my periods are now normal! Next step is trying to get pregnant, but even without that I’m so happy I had the surgery. Once I saw what had been in my uterus and now that my periods are normal, it seems unimaginable that I would have waited any longer, in fact I wish I had done it sooner. And while I was worried about surgery it really was manageable and I felt so lucky to have been under Dr. Parker’s care and expertise. I cannot recommend Dr. Parker and his team enough.

T.M. – Los Angeles, California:

My new Gynecologist wanted to perform surgery to remove my ovaries. She came to this conclusion after noticing a cystic structure on my ovary on a uterine ultrasound. She then had me do the c125 blood test, explaining that if my numbers were elevated, it could be a marker for ovarian cancer. She called me to tell me that my numbers were elevated, which sent me into a state of terror. I was already aware that I had uterine fibroids, but they seemed insignificant compared to this potentially life-threatening situation with my ovaries. I needed a second opinion.

My close friend recommended Dr. William Parker. During my first appointment, I was immediately impressed and reassured by his warm and intelligent demeanor. I told him that I had come to see him for a second opinion because my gynecologist wanted to remove my ovaries due to the cystic structure that she said was on one of my ovaries. He performed an ultrasound during that first visit and told me that he could see nothing that would alarm him but would send me to a radiologist for a more in- depth pelvic ultrasound. The morning after it was completed, Dr. Parker called me to reassure me that my ovaries looked very healthy and that the cystic structure looked more like scar tissue that may have been a result of a C- Section I had when my son was born. This was great news and I felt relieved. Dr. Parker also noted that I had fibroids, but advised me that they were benign uterine growths that weren’t life- threatening.

Over time, the fibroids grew and, when I visited a new gynecologist, she said that she would like to remove them by performing a full abdominal hysterectomy. She asked, “why would you want to walk around with that much disease inside you?” Mortified by those words, I left her office wishing that I had a full-length, brown paper bag covering me from head to toe.

I decided to return to Dr. Parker to discuss Fibroid Surgery. It had become clear to me that the fibroids were having a negative impact on my life. I had had a kidney infection, which I suspected was caused by the fibroids. My periods had gotten so heavy that for days during the month I wouldn’t leave my house. My stomach was protruding as if I was four months pregnant, and I was putting on clothes to cover it up. It was demoralizing and depressing.

Dr. Parker sent me for an updated ultrasound, which showed that the fibroids had grown significantly. I asked him if he would recommend surgery and he told me that because fibroids weren’t life- threatening, that it was really up to me, based upon how they were affecting my quality of life. I was at first disappointed in this answer because it was going to put me in the driver’s seat. I wanted to be told that I needed surgery. Dr. Parker explained to my husband and me that there were several options to consider. He patiently discussed them with us:

  1. Doing nothing, waiting for menopause when the fibroids would shrink.
  2. Take medication to lessen the bleeding.
  3. Surgery – Three different procedures are available to remove fibroids: Laparoscopic Myomectomy, Abdominal Myomectomy and Abdominal Hysterectomy (leaving the cervix and ovaries intact).
  4. Embolization.

We discussed these options at length and Dr. Parker carefully explained the pros and cons of each of them. He told me to think about it and to contact him if I had any questions. I decided that I wanted to have Laparoscopic Myomectomy. In order to prepare for the surgery, Dr. Parker ordered an MRI, which would give him more specific information about the fibroids. I scheduled a surgery date.

On the day of the surgery, I arrived at the hospital and was immediately taken to the pre-op area where the medical staff was professional and friendly. Dr. Parker came to see me in the pre-op area and in his caring manner, reassured me that the surgery would go very well and that I was in good hands. He didn’t need to tell me that. He instilled confidence in me, and I knew that I was in expert hands. The surgery was successful. He removed a 12 cm fibroid and two smaller ones. One of these was a cluster of five that were attached together, which hadn’t been seen on the MRI but which required more skill and time to remove. This is why, in the event of something unforeseen happening during surgery, a successful outcome is more likely if it is being performed by a surgeon with Dr. Parker’s expertise. My surgery was at 10 in the morning. I was back in the post-op by 1:45PM and was able to leave the hospital about 6:30 the same evening. The first few days after the surgery, I experienced pain, but I never needed the prescription painkillers that I had. I took only Advil. After three days, the pain diminished significantly. After two weeks, I felt more like myself and healthy.

It is five weeks since my surgery. Now that some time has elapsed, I realize how much of a negative impact the fibroids had on my life. It is such a relief not to have a swollen hard stomach that was distorting my body and affecting my self-image. I feel like the person I am supposed to be, with the body I am supposed to have. I’m grateful to Dr. Parker for leaving it in my hands to make the decision about the surgery. It made me take charge of my life.

Dr. William Parker is an unassuming man, a brilliant surgeon and a kind human being.

Sara – Texas:

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with having a very small uterine fibroid less than 2 cm.  Within 6 months it had grown to an alarming 10 cm.  My gynecologist told me I could just live with it for the rest of my life, and so I believed him and just dealt with it.  After two years, I began feeling excruciating pain in my stomach and belly button.  A CT Scan showed that the fibroid had grown to almost 15 cm!  I was worried, scared, and in constant pain.  My gynecologist told me the only treatment would be to have a full hysterectomy.  So, I scheduled it and anxiously waited.  When it came time for my pre-op appointment, he confided in me that he was losing sleep over how he was going to get it out of me!  I cancelled the surgery immediately and began searching for an experienced surgeon.  I met and consulted with the best doctors in Texas, and all of them told me the same thing in that I would need a full hysterectomy.  They would all stare at my stomach in disbelief at the sheer size of it.  I looked as if I was 5 months pregnant.  They all told me they would have to cut me vertically…from my pubic bone up past my belly button.  I cried myself to sleep every night, terrified that no one would be able to help me.  Then, one day I stumbled upon Dr. Parker’s website.  I was blown away by his impressive resume.  I stared in disbelief at the pictures of fibroids he had removed in other women.  In one picture he had removed two fibroids that were both 14 cm with just a bikini cut.  I thought to myself, if he can remove two that are my size, then he would be able to remove my one without cutting me all up.  From the moment I spoke to Dr. Parker on the phone, I felt calm and hopeful.  What was even more shocking is that he told me I wouldn’t need a hysterectomy…and that he could perform the procedure laparoscopically!  I couldn’t believe my ears.  For the first time in 6 months, I felt at peace knowing that there was a surgeon who would be able to take care of me.  So, I scheduled the surgery, and two months later I travelled to California and met Dr. Parker.  He automatically put my mind and soul at rest with his kindness, compassion, and caring.  He truly has an amazing bedside manner that surpasses any doctor I have ever met.  He allowed me to ask question after question and answered every single one of them fully and patiently.  The day of the surgery, I was extremely nervous, but when I saw him he removed any fear or doubt I felt.  I knew I was in the best hands and that he would take care of me.  And he did.  The surgery was an absolute success.  It has been 3 weeks since my surgery, and I can say without any reservations that Dr. Parker has changed my life.  He gave me back a quality of life that I had been missing for 4 years.  He has truly been a blessing to me, and I thank God everyday such an exceptional surgeon exists.

T.W. – East Coast:

Dr. Parker puts his patients’ concerns and goals first and foremost. I came to Dr. Parker with the sole intention of removing  numerous and very sizeable fibroids in order to preserve my fertility. I assumed that a laparoscopic myomectomy would be the best course of treatment because it would be less invasive. However, after the first consultation and review of my MRI with Dr Parker, his professional recommendation was to perform an abdominal myomectomy considering where the fibroids were located so to remove every fibroid and restore the uterine lining and reconstruct my uterus. Although the laparoscopic myomectomy would’ve been less time consuming for Dr. Parker, he tailored my treatment based on my end goal of preserving my uterus to carry my embryos. 

Dr. Parker’s warm demeanor and attention to patient concerns was in stark contrast to a consultation I had with another top surgeon regarding performing a laparoscopic myomectomy. I consulted this surgeon because I had just relocated to a new state and this surgeon was highly recommended as a leader in non-invasive surgeries. However, I was very alarmed when knowing I’m there for a myomectomy consultation, the surgeon remarked that “myomectomies take too long and are a headache”… I much prefer performing laparoscopic hysterectomies because three snips and thats it.” That is the last thing a prospective patient that wants to preserve her fertility wants to hear, especially from a surgeon whose top specialty is performing laparoscopic “hysterectomies”.

As one could surmise, I never returned to that surgeon, but chose to fly 3000 miles back to California from the east coast to be under the care of Dr. Parker and I never looked back.

I had my first consultation with Dr. Parker on October 25th and had my procedure in early December. I was up and walking laps around the hospital floor the very next morning. The pain was virtually non-existent due to Dr. Parker’s proven surgical skill and innovative pain management protocols directed at the incision location. Additionally, Dr. Parker used a closing suture on the incision that trained plastic surgeons use to minimize scarring. My incision has healed better than I could have ever imagined in just a few short months. 

Presently, I am three months post operation and feeling great. I am back working out and preparing for my next stage in life–motherhood. Thanks to Dr. Parker

As I told Dr. Parker, I was led to him. I do not believe in accidents or coincidences rather divine providence. From the very first visit I was at peace and knew I was in the hands of the best myomectomy surgeon in the country. Dr. Parker is not only an expert surgeon in the field of women’s health, he is a doctor with a great bedside manner personally visiting his patients during the hospital recovery period and phoning throughout the days as well.

I have recommended Dr. Parker to girlfriends dealing with fibroids and I hope my public testimonial can help other women make the very best healthcare decision and consult Dr. William Parker. 

Robin – Los Angeles, California:

Two years ago, after suffering debilitating pain and heavy bleeding, I found out I had a fibroid in the middle of my uterus. I saw a surgeon that performed a myomectomy to remove the fibroid, but he was unable to remove the whole thing. As a result the fibroid and symptoms came back just months later. I scheduled another myomectomy with the same surgeon and again, he was unable to remove the whole thing

About a year later (and months of pain), I found Dr. Parker and was thrilled to meet with such an expert. He was kind and explained everything to me with great detail. He explained that he could remove the fibroid with a hysteroscopic myomectomy, so no incision would be made and my uterus would be keep intact.  We scheduled the surgery the next day and Dr. Parker made sure I was seen as soon as possible so I wouldn’t have to endure another cycle. The office staff was very helpful and made everything easy. On the day of the surgery, Dr. Parker took wonderful care of me and I had a great experience with the rest of the doctors and staff at the hospital as well. I went home the same day and had an easy recovery. He called to check on me the next day and said that everything had gone great. He was able to remove the whole fibroid, including two others that had since grown in and they would not be growing back. 

The aftercare and follow up appointments were great.  After years of being unable to fully function in life from pain and hemorrhaging, I am so happy to report that I am completely pain free and the heavy bleeding has ceased. My cycles are light and only last around two days. I highly recommend Dr. Parker to anyone suffering from fibroids.  I don’t feel it’s an exaggeration to say that Dr. Parker gave me my life back! I am so thankful for his skill, knowledge and kind demeanor. If you are reading this, look no further- you’ve found the solution! 


This is an amazing doctor. Rare.  A professional committed to the care of women. This is the man you go when you find you have these dastardly and havoc causing fibroids. I became severely anemic because I was running around with life, work and kids and just assumed my changing body would eventually stop bleeding as severely as it was. Duh. 

So typical of us not to get it looked at.. when I finally did go to my loving and trusted Gyn, she told me to have a hysterectomy. “You don’t need all that in there”.. I left her office pretty freaked out.. maybe I don’t need it to make any more babies – but it’s a place holder for SOMETHING. 

Sleepless late night research found Dr Parker.. and he’s local! A bit of a bumpy ride getting the first appointment but all supportive and wonderful once in there.. 

Dr Parker sat with me and my test results and gave me carefully explained options with his photocopied almost cartoon like sketches that he scribbled over with his doctor pen and made notes. I chose “take that freaking thing out of me as soon and as bloodless as you can” option, which meant going through a hole he didn’t have to make and chipping away at my very large vampire blob until it was gone. It took under two hours. Yes, having a hysterectomy would have been faster.. but it was important to me to keep her, I don’t have cancer in my family and I’m older so the chance of it growing back is very little.. but if it does come back I can get a little shave instead of being a dummy head and waiting.

Getting a second opinion and being responsible for your own Heath care is imperative in this time of rushed surgeries and a big medical mess.. finding doctors like William Parker is what you need to do when you have been told something that just doesn’t feel right. 

I am super thankful to this man!

C.K. – Central Valley, California:

I was 40 years old. Just going to see my Gyn for my yearly visit. Had no symptoms of anything wrong. As he examined me, he found something wrong. “Your fibroid has grown to plum-size. I’m sending you for an Ultrasound, and you need to be thinking about a Hysterectomy in the future.” That was the first I had heard the “H” word, and I didn’t like it. As I was having the ultrasound, I quizzed the woman giving it to me. What did she know about the “H” word? She said (off the record) if she were me she would NOT let my doctor talk me into it.

After getting the results, my Gyn added this pressure: “You not only have a 5.4 cm fibroid, but your uterus is also enlarged. That worries me more than the fibroid, because fibroids are rarely cancerous, but an enlarged uterus at your age could be.” So, now, he had added the “C” word! Cancer??? That growth inside of me suddenly seemed like a Big Deal! That’s when I started my online research. A Gynecologist’s Second Opinion. Dr. William Parker. I put a star by this website and saved it. This Doctor did laparoscopic removals of fibroids and tidy hysterectomies ONLY if needed. I wanted HIS opinion someday…

Back in for the yearly visit at age 41. My Gyn pushed as he examined the fibroid, and it hurt. Yes, it was bigger, orange size now. He reiterated how I needed to be planning on a hysterectomy soon. He told me I could plan on $30,000- most of it going to the hospital for care after surgery; he only charged $1000 of that for his services. I didn’t like his decision for my health. It felt forced on me. It was time to contact Dr William Parker’s office. Within hours I had the Consultation Information Papers to fill out and submit. I corresponded with the office for the next couple of months. Dr Parker requested a MRI before he would call for my first appointment (phone consultation by choice). It was worth every $ to get that MRI and hear Dr Parker explain it carefully to me, showing me the pictures by Email. He asked all the right questions.

Symptoms? Still nothing really. Then, he gently reassured me that I did NOT have the “C” word. “Your uterus is perfectly healthy, and you will never need a Hysterectomy!” He then amazed me even more by adding that he would not be surprised if I never needed to have the fibroid laparoscopic-ally removed! He told me all I will need to do is Watch it together with a trust-worthy Gyn….So within 30 minutes, Dr. Parker literally gave me back everything that my Gyn had taken from me….

I was again 41 and healthy! I could just go about my life as normal! NO surgery needed! I can’t place a value on the CARE of this KIND doctor! I wish we could all send our friends and family to him! He is worthy of your TRUST.

Anonymous – Tennessee:

In short, I had an abdominal myomectomy with Dr. Parker about two months ago. He successfully took 23 fibroids out and I started working only two weeks after the surgery. I am now 100% back to my normal routine.

Our journey started a year ago when we found out our chance of getting pregnant was slim to none without fertility treatments and removing my fibroids might help increase our IVF chances. The idea of having a myomectomy was very scary. I spent countless hours, sleepless nights researching about the surgery since none of the doctors we talked to before Dr. Parker gave me the confidence and the information I was looking for (and believe me we saw a lot of doctors!). I came across Dr. Parker’s website when I was desperately looking for more answers. I was impressed by his expertise and scheduled a phone consultation immediately. During the consultation, he took the time to explain my MRI and the best surgical option for my situation. At the end of the call, there was no question in our mind that we wanted Dr. Parker to perform the surgery and we were ready to travel thousands of miles from the South to Santa Monica.

Scheduling the surgery was easy. The staff was wonderful and worked around our schedule. We visited Dr. Parker only a day before the surgery and were in his office for at least a couple of hours. Dr. Parker and his staff made sure that all our questions were answered. I was in good spirits in the morning of the surgery because I believed that I was in the hands of the most skilled fibroid surgeon in the world.

During the first week, Dr. Parker personally called me every day – even on the weekend. A week after the surgery, we flew back home. He continued to check up on me via email to make sure I was doing okay.

Dr. Parker is one of the rare doctors with a wonderful bedside manner and warm, caring demeanor. I knew I was not just another patient to him and he deeply cared about me. I feel very fortunate and grateful to have been under his care. If you need a fibroid surgery, Dr. Parker is your guy!


Dr. Parker is a gifted expert with healing hands. He is genuinely compassionate for you as an individual patient and his patience and understanding for your concerns makes him the very best!

Prior to meeting Dr. Parker, I had one gynecologist for over 7 years. In fact, I decided to stick with the gynecologist who first diagnosed my fibroid tumor when I was a student at UCLA. However, as the fibroid grew, the pain became intolerable and debilitated my life, which is difficult for anyone, especially a professional woman in her early 30s. I’d trusted my 1st gyno’s wait and see approach until I formed a blood clot and experienced excruciating pain that landed me in the emergency room. My 1st gynecologist simply abandoned me and began calling my 7 year fibroid that we measured every 4 months over that 7 year period an “inoperable tumor” and not a fibroid despite the Radiologist’s conclusion that this was in fact a fibroid.

I was stunned and lost.

Because I couldn’t get a reasonable answer from my 1st gyno, I decided that the problem was that he was a male, and couldn’t possibly understand how I felt as an African American female. So I sought two female gynecologists who are well respected and quite knowledgeable about fibroids. Both doctors independently recommended Dr. Parker, and stated, “He’s the best at minimally invasive surgery.”

When my 2nd and 3rd opinion doctors recommended Dr. Parker, I couldn’t help but heed their advice.

From the moment I met Dr. Parker I felt very confident and comfortable that he could not only remove the fibroid, but that he was also one of the most compassionate and humane doctors that I’ve ever met. I would recommend Dr. Parker without any hesitation whatsoever!

When you walk into his office, you will not only see all of the awards placed on his walls, but you will also walk away with an understanding that he truly earned and deserves each award!

I’m happy to say that I’m fibroid free, and my bladder is back to normal, thanks to the healing and compassionate care I received from Dr. Parker.


“Dr. Parker performed complex laproscopic myometomy on me 9 weeks ago and removed 8 fibroid tumors, the largest of which he described as the size of a cantaloupe. The total of the tumors combined was about the size of a volleyball, maybe larger. I am only 5’3″ with a slight frame and I felt like I was 5-6 months pregnant – and looked it too. The last year was especially miserable for me as the tumors were growing rapidly. Two other doctors had both told me I needed a hysterectomy. One said that removing only the tumors would be risky and difficult, if even possible, and would leave me with a “swiss cheese” uterus which would not be worth saving. She strongly recommended that hysterectomy was the best for me and that I needed it very soon.

I have done a lot of research on the various surgical options and treatments and learned by reading Dr. Parker’s website that a highly skilled, experienced surgeon can remove multiple fibroids safely and preserve the uterus which would heal. I made up my mind after all the research I did on other doctors that if I was going to have any surgery, Dr. Parker was the only surgeon I would let cut me open. I can say that my personal experience was similar to the numerous excellent reviews I have read from other patients. Dr. Parker told me during my initial consultation that my fibroids could be removed safely and that I would not need a hysterectomy. This assurance was a huge relief! My MRI subsequently revealed that I had 5 large tumors and numerous small tumors – I think there were approximately 20. Dr. Parker explained my options: he could do an abdominal incision and remove nearly all of the tumors and that this would require a much longer recovery time; or he was confident he could get 3-4 of the largest ones out laproscopically but it would be a difficult procedure due to the locations of the tumors and require a much longer surgery – more work for him – but would be a shorter period of recovery for me. He gave me the choice. I opted for the less invasive procedure and decided I could live with the smaller tumors remaining until menopause.

I had the surgery at Santa Monica UCLA Hospital and I had excellent care there. Dr. Parker operated on me for about 4-5 hours and he was able to get 8 tumors out and all of them laproscopically. The largest one was behind my uterus and another large one was pendunculated and pushing up around the side of my right ribs. I was happy that he gave me the less invasive option and it is amazing that he was able to remove such large tumors that were so close to other organs while leaving only 4 small incisions. I have been using the Scar Away patches he suggested and can see the scars are already flattening out and will not be too visible in a few years. I wish every woman facing hysterectomy could have a consultation with Dr. Parker. Not only is he an phenomenal surgeon, but he listens and has genuine compassion and understanding for how upsetting the prospect of hysterectomy is for a woman – and he has saved me and many, many other women from having to go through that. His office staff is also terrific and make you feel at home when you go there for appointments. I am so glad I had this operation done and wish I had done it earlier. Finding Dr. Parker was a God-send for me. ”


After 7 years of suffering from extremely heavy periods, fatigue, bladder pressure, and hairloss due to iron deficiency, I was diagnosed with multiple fibroids. My gynecologist at the time recommended that I have a hysterectomy. I was not keen on the idea, especially since I was in my early 40’s at the time and nowhere near menopause.

I sought out a second opinion and was shocked when the doctor agreed with the first one!

Although these people seemed like fine MD’s, they didn’t specialize in any alternative treatments for fibroids. At least they wouldn’t discuss any with me!

I decided I needed a third opinion. Thanks to the internet, I found Dr. Parker’s website. I made an appointment right away. Because he is of the opinion that hysterectomy is the surgery of last resort, he took the time during the consultation to discuss all of the options available to me, including hysterectomy. He also listened patiently as I told him my story and answered all of my questions. I immediately felt at ease. I knew I’d finally found the right doctor.

I bought his book, “A Gynecologist’s Second Opinion” and read it in a day.

I felt very well-informed and was ready to proceed with surgery. In December of 2004, I had a hysteroscopic resection and a laparascopic myomectomy.

I spent one day in the hospital. The following morning, Dr. Parker came to visit me and told me to call him when I got home to let him know how I was doing and to keep in touch.

How many doctors do that?!

Because of the minimally invasive surgery (I had 4 tiny incisions on my abdomen), my recovery went quickly. I went on a short 2 mile hike 3 days later. And within a month, I resumed running. I felt great!

Now 7 years later, I am in perimenopause and my periods are virtually non-existent. I’ll never have to worry about fibroids again. I’m still feeling great and I am so happy that Dr. Parker offered me alternatives to a hysterectomy. I always recommend him to women friends (and complete strangers) who find themselves suffering from fibroids and heavy bleeding.

Thank you again, Dr. Parker . I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done for me.


Before finding Dr. Parker, I had already seen three different doctors (one of whom was terrific, but was unable to perform a laparoscopic procedure on a fibroid as large as mine), but I mostly received the hurried, impersonal care that has, unfortunately, become the norm in a doctor’s office. The last doctor I went to see (who was fantastic!) referred me to Dr. Parker and, as soon as I met him, I knew that I was in good hands. He is warm and personable and truly treats you with respect and courtesy. He is incredibly accomplished, highly skilled, and, in his hands, my surgery went off without a hitch. My recovery was remarkably easy. I had no complications and, really, very little pain; I was able to stop my pain medication within two days of surgery! I truly believe that my incredibly smooth recovery was all due to Dr. Parker’s skill and talent and the level of care he provided. I would recommend Dr. Parker without hesitation again and again (and already have!). I have never before experienced the kind of care he gave me, which included several phone calls following my surgery to make sure I was healing properly and the time he took to actually talk to me (not just examine me) during my follow-up visit. I truly felt as if I were in generous, capable hands. I feel fantastic and have much respect and gratitude for Dr. Parker; he has made a lifelong fan!

Kelly C. – Santa Monica, California:

I was suffering from long term abdominal pain and discomfort. I had recently had a few back-to-back kidney infections . I went to my OB and was scanned. They found a large 10 cm fibroid. I was frustrated that a fibroid that large had not been detected prior in recent scans. I know these things don’t grow to this size overnight. My OB suggested I get a full hysterectomy! I was shocked! I was not interested in full abdominal surgery nor being thrown into menopause! Thinking about my job as a Producer, how could I take time off work for 6-8 weeks of recovery or care for my teen with special needs? So even though I love this doc who delivered both my children, I thought “it’s second opinion time!” The ray of light to this story is the day I met Dr. Parker, no joking! His office staff was my first indicator I was in the right place. While alone with one of the office staff… I said “he seems really nice”, the nurse replies, “Oh he is the best! I’ve been with him for over 10 years and he is truly wonderful!” – Come on who says that about their boss? I brought my Mom and husband along for the consult and he was so wonderful answering all my Mother’s questions, explaining everything to us and reviewing the MRI in detail. The fibroid is not even growing in the uterus it’s on the outside, laying on my bladder. He said he could perform a laparoscopic Myomectomy not even having to go into the uterus! Fabulous! DONE DONE! So here I am 5 weeks post op, back at work so incredibly lucky I found this wonderful, talented, gifted surgeon! Do yourself a favor and book a consult before you do anything! There is help out there and don’t settle for second best when it comes to YOUR HEALTH, be your own advocate – demand the best, Dr. William Parker.

K.A. – St. Maarten (Caribbean):

I am so happy that I decided to be treated by Dr. Parker. On October 29, 2013 he performed my abdominal myomectomy at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center. Now three weeks later I happily share my thoughts on and experience with this wonderful doctor from the comfort of my home.

I first read about Dr. Parker on a number of online forums where persons were discussing fibroids and treatments. This was about three years ago. With internet no question ever has to go unanswered nowadays, so I soon stumbled on Dr. Parker’s website “”. I learned so much there – much more than from my doctors at home who had not been able to give me much information on my condition. Even though I was not yet mentally ready for surgery back in 2009, I realize I was well on my way knowing that Dr. Parker was the one doctor I would trust to rid me of the fibroids.

Fast forward four years to early 2013… I was increasingly experiencing symptoms of the fibroids: sprinting to the nearest bathroom to empty my bladder for the umpteenth time for the day, suffering from bladder infections, constipation, cramps, backache, bloating and more recently nausea, throwing up and trips to the local ER in excruciating pain. I figured it was time to oust those misbehaving fibroids and I am eternally grateful that Dr. Parker was able to help me with that.

While travelling to the West Coast of the States from the Caribbean may seem like a long way to go for medical treatment, my peace of mind and the surety that the right doctor was taking care of my health and future well-being, was well worth it.

Dr. Parker’s office staff – all friendly and professional – was helpful in scheduling the surgery and the pre-op consultations and tests. Meeting Dr. Parker in person was very pleasant: his experience, vast knowledge, patience and genuineness were so apparent. He came by before the actual surgery and introduced the surgeon that would be assisting him in the OR. Both nights that I was in hospital he called to check up on me. He also stopped by my hospital room at least twice (that I consciously remember – was a bit out of it) to visit me in person. After my release, the much appreciated calls continued from either him or one of his nurses – talk about patient care!

Any pain from the surgery was well taken care of by the medication prescribed. I was down to two painkillers a day by the end of the first week and am now pain med-free. My incision is healing nicely.

Ladies, if you suffer from fibroids, do yourself justice and at least schedule an appointment /(telephone) consultation with Dr. Parker. He is phenomenal. I truly look forward to meeting him for my second post-op consultation in a few weeks.

Thanks, Dr. Parker.

L. – Los Angeles, California:

I found Dr Parker in 2004 after already having my fibroid for several years. My previous Dr had given me little information and not a lot of options other than ultimately needing a hysterectomy.

After my first appointment with him, Dr Parker assured me I didn’t need to do anything at that point and if it got to the point where I did, I would have more than one option. My fears were immediately put to rest and he provided me with answers and knowledge that no other Doctor could provide.

Dr Parker monitored my fibroid twice a year and through the years it continued to grow and several others formed, as well.

Last years ultrasound showed the largest fibroid had become so big that it was starting to block my ureter and could eventually cause kidney damage. So, it was finally time to address with a Myomectomy.

I was extremely terrified of surgery but again, Dr Parker assured me it was a routine surgery and I would be relieved when it was over. Still frightened, but knowing it was time, I scheduled my surgery. Dr Parker and his staff were so comforting and helpful throughout the entire process and accommodated all of my requests and needs.

The surgery was a huge success and even though Dr Parker had told me throughout the years that I would question why I had waited so long to remove them, he couldn’t have been more right! Immediately after surgery, I felt wonderful and like the weight of the world had been lifted off of my shoulders. My surgery required a two night stay in the hospital and I had minimal pain. Dr Parker checked on me regularly and made sure all of my needs were taken care of. I felt so great and had more energy than I could have imagined. I told him “you were right, why did I wait so long”!!

It’s now been over 6 weeks since my surgery and I feel better than I’ve ever felt. The scar is minimal and if I could tell every girl who has fibroids my story, I would! My biggest advice is DONT be afraid and DONT wait, this will change your life for the better!

Dr Parker is a miracle worker, a genius and a true professional and I am thankful for everything he has done to make my life better.

Mona A.

I spent a total of 8 months pleading with 5 different Kaiser OBGYN doctors to confirm why I was having discomfort and pain while having to put up with their wrong diagnosis and theory for the pain and discomfort. Given that I was becoming more irritable and inpatient during this process, I demanded to have an MRI done to confirm what was wrong with me, although Kaiser refused to do so, I was able to convince them to settling this matter by offering me a CT scan and that’s when I was able to confirm that I had multiple fibroids.  Given that I was not being provided with any helpful and hopeful information from the Kaiser doctors on fibroids, I took it upon myself to find the best help and discovered Dr. Parker’s website filled with informative and hopeful information pertaining to fibroids and the cure for them. I then made it my mission to see Dr. Parker. After my visit with Dr. Parker and his review of my MRI, Dr. Parker discussed the different surgical options for me and that’s when I realized that he was the only physician who had the knowledge, experience  and expertise necessary in order to eliminate my fibroids without suggesting that I have a hysterectomy at age 38. 

Dr. Parker and his staff provided me with a great amount of comfort and care during this process and throughout the completion of the surgery. Dr. Parker also did a great job at providing after care by providing my husband with multiple updates about my progress on the day of the surgery and by following up with me during my 1 day stay at the hospital. I am very pleased to conclude that I have been fibroid free since the completion of my surgery as of September of 2015 and feel very blessed for having found Dr. Parker who’s work has made a huge difference in my life and will continue doing the same in the lives of a large number of women who should not be having a hysterectomy in order to eliminate fibroids. Thank you Dr. Parker for being the best expert in this field and for providing women like myself the option of being fibroid free without having a hysterectomy. You and your staff are the best and I know now why you have national and international patients and surgeons who are interested in working with you.


I suffered with heavy periods for many years (the “I can’t leave the house today” kind of heavy bleeding), but just thought it was the way my body was.

In my late 40s, I began having sleep-robbing night sweats, and sought the help of a gynecologist. At the intake interview, I described my heavy bleeding and night sweats. Regarding the heavy bleeding, the doctor said, “You probably have a fibroid.” He prescribed progesterone cream for the night sweats, and scheduled me for a pelvic exam a short time later. When he examined me, he cavalierly said, “You probably have a fibroid and you’ll probably have to have a hysterectomy.” I broke into tears. My fibroids then grew very quickly. In a matter of weeks, I looked 4 months pregnant. My clothes didn’t fit. The gynecologist recommended a sonogram and then an MRI. I had both. It was official: my uterus had quickly become the size of a football. (As I later found out, hormones can make fibroids grow at an alarming rate.)

I was frightened. I dropped those hormone creams like a hot potato. I sought a second opinion, and searched the web for more information. Thank goodness I found Dr. Parker’s website.

When I met with Dr. Parker, I was in a great deal of emotional distress. Dr. Parker carefully and patiently discussed all of the fibroid treatment options, including the “Watchful Waiting” approach. Dr. Parker explained that fibroids typically shrink significantly after menopause. I did not want to put myself through unnecessary surgery. Since fibroids are benign, and I was clearly starting to go through the menopausal process, I chose “Watchful Waiting.”

I had heavy bleeding for a few more years, but was willing to deal with it, and then it slowly began to subside. I learned other ways of managing my hot flashes and night sweats. I am now 56, have gone one year without a period, and am officially in menopause. And, I’m happy to say, my fibroids have indeed shrunk to negligible size. I can’t even feel them anymore.

I know every woman’s body is unique, as is each woman’s story. I can only speak for myself. But I know that it is thanks to Dr. Parker’s expertise, patience, and compassion that I was able to negotiate the menopausal transition on my own terms. I’m done with periods! And I did not “have to have” surgery. Thanks to Dr. Parker, I felt comfortable and confident with my choice to “Watch and Wait.” For me, it was the right choice.

I am not much of a testimonial writer, but I felt strongly that I should tell my story for others to hear. After all, what’s the use of suffering if we can’t use our experience and lessons learned to benefit others? Perhaps my story, along with those of so many other grateful patients of Dr. Parker which are posted here, will help other women to make their best and most informed fibroid treatment decisions.

My only regret is that I didn’t find Dr. Parker sooner! Many thanks and God bless him.


Wonderful Doctor!

Dr. Parker is not only at the top of his field, he is also thoughtful and has a wonderful beside manner. Although the state of my fibroid wasn’t deemed an “urgent health issue,” he still gave me very clear options. I was able to evaluate all the information I had on the situtation of my fibroid and felt 100% confident that I had picked the right surgeon for me. I could not have asked for a better doctor or outcome. I feel very fortunate to have had the pleasure of being one of Dr. Parker’s patients and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for a great gynocologist or seeking a second opinion. He’s the best.

M.J. – Los Angeles, California:

Dr. William Parker is more than I could have hoped for in a doctor. He maintains his professionalism while taking the time to be caring. He is not only an outstanding doctor as a practitioner but also as a person.

I was referred to Dr. Parker after being told I would need to have fibroid surgery if I wanted to have the chance of conceiving. The entire experience, from the first phone conversation with his great staff to my last postoperative visit, was beyond impressive.

As someone who hadn’t previously experienced major surgery, I walked into my initial consultation worried and anxious but his expertise put me at ease immediately. I had done my research on abdominal surgery prior to my first visit and had a fairly large list of questions. Dr. Parker is so thorough that all of my questions, prior to my asking, were answered in depth as he went over my images and reports. He explained every thought concerning my condition and treatment in detail. Dr. Parker was attentive to my concerns and showed interest in what I had to say. He was focused on me as his patient. I walked out of his office relaxed and fully confident that I was in the best hands possible. I felt I no longer had to look elsewhere and scheduled my surgery before I left the office. His friendly and most helpful staff made preparing for surgery as smooth as possible.

Although my confidence in Dr. Parker allowed me to fully trust that everything would go well, I couldn’t help but feel nervous the morning of my surgery. He came to speak to me when I was in the pre-op room and his pleasant demeanor and wonderful sense of humor quickly calmed me down. He was warm and reassuring with my family, which eased their anxiety as well. His bedside manner during my stay at the hospital was the same – positive, kind and personal. During his daily visits he wasn’t rushed or distracted. He was sympathetic and supportive; he cared about my well being as a whole.

During my recovery at home I emailed Dr. Parker with some questions/concerns which he personally and very quickly responded. He is the most attentive doctor I have ever met and genuinely takes an interest in his patient’s well being.

To any woman suffering with fibroids, I highly recommend you seek out the expertise of Dr. Parker. You will have the best treatment and care possible.

Nothing I can say really does justice to this amazing person. Thank you so much Dr. Parker. You are simply the best!


I was very fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Parker. I saw him several times within a couple years as I wavered quite a bit on whether to have the surgery. Every visit I had with him was clear, honest and I left feeling like I’d gained more information than with any other doctor I’ve sat with. He even encouraged me to think hard about whether to have the surgery – I think he’s the first who didn’t try and push his services on me – and that was so appreciated. Once I decided to have the surgery, I felt very comforted through the entire process. He is aware of the very latest research on fibroids, shares all he knows, and best of all has a wonderful sense of humor that kicked in just when I needed some reassurance and a bit of a laugh in such stressful circumstances. I’m grateful to him and his staff and I highly recommend him.


I am incredibly grateful I found Dr. Parker. He performed my recent abdominal myomectomy, and what would have been considered difficult for some, seemed routine for him He was confident, kept me well-informed and managed his staff in a way that made me feel extremely well-supported. I also appreciated Dr Parker’s use of technology, he incorporated information from the office of my primary care provider in a seamless and efficient way which made me feel all the more secure.  All the i’s were definitely dotted. Currently I am recovering faster than expected and I attribute this solely to Dr. Parker’s high level skill and care.  If any of my friends or family ever need similar medical treatment, I will insist that they consult Dr. Parker.

Sangeeta M. – Foster City, California:

I found Dr. Parker through an online search for fibroid treatment in 2011. I had been recently diagnosed with a huge 8cm intramural fibroid while vacationing at home in India. We had just started trying to conceive and this news came as a huge shock. Needless to say, I was extremely upset and keen to map out all my options before I took what seemed like the radical step of surgery. All the doctors I had been to till then (and there had been many) suggested immediate surgery and only one was willing to promise that no harm would come to my uterus.

Everything I read about Dr. Parker seemed to point me in the right direction. I found his website informative and reassuring at multiple levels. Of special comfort to me was his encouragement of a ‘wait and watch’ approach unless the patient’s health was threatened. Thankfully, he was based in Los Angeles where I lived at the time though I would gladly have traveled the length and breadth of the country to be treated by him.

From my very first meeting with him he put my mind at rest. He told me my situation was not threatening and that I could choose to wait and see instead of taking immediate action. He also encouraged us to try to get pregnant in the meantime. He was extremely forthcoming about all the research that is being done in the field currently and when a pertinent new report was published, he did not hesitate to get in touch with me and advise me of what my revised options were. Even then, while he was pretty sure surgery would now be necessary, he never ever rushed me and told me to take my time in deciding. I had never been on the operating table before and the thought of having my uterus sliced open was terrifying to me.

I finally got the myomectomy done in January, 2012, 6 months after my first consultation with him. Despite my initial apprehension leading up to the procedure, I was somehow extremely calm on the day of the surgery. I had immense faith in Dr. Parker. He came to check on me both before and after the surgery and assured me all would be well. The surgery was a huge success and I suffered minimal blood loss; he was able to take out the huge fibroid through a laparoscopic procedure instead of a more invasive abdominal myomectomy. The recovery process, while tough and painful, was greatly facilitated by Dr. Parker’s constant attention and care; I saw him 2-3 times for post-op checks and he would often call and check on how I was doing as well.

Dr. Parker is not only a hugely skilled medical professional; he is probably one of the finest human beings I have ever come across. He is compassionate, sensitive and he never makes you feel like your concerns are trivial. I was under great stress while I was consulting with him but every time I would walk into his office, I would feel an immense calm come across me and that has every bit to do with the absolute faith he inspires in his patients. He is also one of the most accessible doctors I know of; he responds to emails and calls always within 24 hours and no matter how many questions you have he will never appear rushed or impatient.

I could go on describing Dr. Parker’s many virtues but here’s the absolute clincher: before the myomectomy I was unable to conceive, even with ARTs. My very first cycle after the myomectomy I got pregnant, that too naturally! It’s another thing that I lost the baby very early but that has nothing to do with the myomectomy. Dr. Parker’s treatment has given me what I had lost: hope, and for that I will be eternally grateful to him.

Janet S. – Scottsdale, AZ:

Menopause came and went – but my five fibroids didn’t shrink – so, after 20+ years, I had to address my fibroids directly. After been told by several physicians that they were too large and would require a hysterectomy – and probably not a vaginal one – I was referred to Dr. Parker to assess the possibility of pursuing a less invasive approach.

Dr. Parker took a lot of time to walk both my husband and me through an assessment of my situation and the alternative treatments available – in plain English, which was most appreciated. With both a professional and kind demeanor, we collectively determined that a myomectomy was the way to proceed.

The hospital was excellent. The care I received from Dr. Parker and the office staff was superb. Dr. Parker personally called with test results. The procedure’s behind me and I’m back to doing what I used to. While surgery should never be taken lightly, meeting with Dr. Parker and having a myomectomy was definitely the right one for me! The largest of my fibroids was pressing on my bladder – it’ a delight not to be stopping regularly at bathrooms anymore.

Robin – Buena Park, California:

I was diagnosed in 2000 with fibroids. I didn’t even know what a fibroid was! I didn’t have any symptoms so I chose the “wait and see” game. Well, by 2008 my belly was huge and I had a whole host of problems. I did my research and asked seven gynecologists for their opinion and they all said, “Hysterectomy!” I heard about Dr. Parker from a satisfied patient of his, I researched him and made an appointment. His office staff was warm and friendly and then meeting and talking to Dr. Parker was like being with family, easy, comfortable, and confident. Our visit was unhurried and informative as we discussed other treatments but we easily agreed upon the right treatment for me. After I woke up from my abdominal myomectomy I literally wept with joy. I knew I was completely fibroid free and the skilled hands of Dr. Parker made sure that I would heal well and I would have my life back. As a highly skilled gynecologic surgeon Dr. Parker realized that the low quality of life of most of his patients was because of fibroids. So this became his passion and focus and what an advantage for fibroid sufferers! With 4 out of 5 women suffering from fibroids I would say, when you have had enough of the confusion – call Dr. Parker!

Signed with eternal gratitude.


I came to Dr. Parker three years ago for a second opinion on a single large uterine fibroid. My previous doctor — associated with a large teaching hospital and in my insurance plan — had offered to do a hysterectomy but said there was nothing else he could do, due to the size of the fibroid. He did say I could look for a specialist to do one of the newer, experimental procedures. What that first doctor did not do, because he did not have time, was explain what was going on with the fibroid and what would happen if I did nothing.

Dr. Parker does not contract with my insurance, which probably explains why his office runs like clockwork and he does not rush you through your consultation. My initial visit went over one hour and cost me $400 which included an ultrasound. That was the best $400 I ever spent, because it saved me from getting a hysterectomy! Dr. Parker explained that the pain was a temporary effect of the fibroid’s growth cycle; that the fibroid was not twisting my organs around (which was my fear, based on the pain); and that depending on how I felt about living with the symptoms — which were likely to improve somewhat in the short term and even further after menopause when the fibroid shrinks — doing nothing was a perfectly reasonable option. I opted to wait it out, and am very glad that I did. I narrowly escaped an unnecessary hysterectomy, thanks to Dr. Parker.

My second and third visits were under $200 each, and I don’t remember how long they took because I wasn’t aware of the time: the appointment took place right on schedule and I did not feel rushed: we had plenty of time for the exam and questions.

I wish every woman with this condition had the ability to come see Dr. Parker. It’s worth the trip if you can make it from out of town.

Lisa – Canada:

I am super glad that computers exist! People have information readily available to them. I know if I could not research fibroids I would never have found Dr. Parker or his incredibly informative website. I would have been a victim of an unnecessary hysterectomy. It makes no sense to me that women are having their uteruses removed instead of their fibroids. It is unbelievable that a healthy organ is removed instead of the tumour. Yet it is happening to hundreds of thousands of women yearly!

What I do find annoying is how fibroids and the problems associated with them are trivialized by other doctors. I had at least half a dozen other health problems caused by my 4 inch fibroid. Yet my own doctor did not think too much of these problems and I had to treat myself naturally to find some relief. And how the negative life changing consequences of an unnecessary hysterectomy are also trivialized by other doctors. Women are often not told that they will go into menopause immediately after a hysterectomy.

Women will be informed about all their options for treatment with Dr. Parker. Dr. Parker gives out so much information that a woman will really understand what is going on and what type of treatment she wants to pursue. Instead of being told by other doctors what is going to be done. Dr. Parker is incredibly understanding, compassionate and sincere and just so very good at what he does. He is such a uniquely skilled surgeon and vastly knowledgable about fibroids and other womens problems. The reason other doctors are not removing women’s fibroids but are giving hysterectomies is because they do not know how to do this surgery, they don’t care to know or they don’t have the skill at fine surgery.

I have heard that women travel across the world to see Dr. Parker. I came easily from Canada. I mailed in my MRI, got a diagnosis, jumped on a plane, came to LA. It is just that easy. It would not have mattered if I had to travel the world to see Dr. Parker because he gave me my life back. You will be hard pressed to find a kinder, more genuine, more knowledable, more skilled surgeon! I also have to say that his support staff is incredible also. They are so kind and helpful and organized. They made my surgery happen so easily. I am forever grateful to Dr. Parker and his staff. I would not think of going anywhere else. Dr. Parker is simply The Best!!

Dr. Lori:

As a healthcare professional, I know that Dr. Parker is exceptional and amazing. He has skills that most doctors do not possess.  He performed what over a dozen Gynecologists told me could not be done – a Myomectomy on a huge fibroid tumor. Previously, I had been told that I required a hysterectomy A.S.A.P..  Three doctors said that I probably had cancer, a Uterine Leiomyosarcoma. 

In hindsight, these doctors did not have the surgical skills to do a Myomectomy on a very large fibroid and therefore, could only offer me a hysterectomy. It seemed barbaric to me to remove an entire organ, instead of just the tumor.  I did not appreciate the doctors scare tactics to rush me into a decision. Frustrated, I contacted the HERS Foundation and did some Internet research and was fortunate to have found Dr. Parker. I flew out to California from the South for a consultation. He gave me hope and assured me it would be a routine surgery for him.. Still terrified, I asked to wait awhile, hoping and praying my tumor would shrink with menopause.

My body looked 7 months pregnant in my fifties and I was always trying to hide my expanding waistline.  After a terrible 2 week episode with severe pain from fibroid degeneration, I scheduled surgery for the summer.  The myomectomy was quick and easy for Dr. Parker. The tumor weighed 2 pounds and looked like an alien.  I was so glad to have it out and look normal again.

The hospital staff was wonderful and helpful. Although I wanted to check out after 24 hours, I decided to relax and recuperate for another night. My recovery was quick and easy. I even vacationed in Las Vegas 2 weeks post-op, but I did take it easy and did not over do it. What a positive experience. I am so grateful to Dr. Parker. He is my hero. I am willing to talk to any woman contemplating fibroid removal without a hysterectomy. Please ask Dr. Parker for my number.

JM – Santa Barbara, California:

I am 54 years old and was diagnosed with fibroids 3 years ago; I was told that I would have to have them removed at some point. I have been monitoring the fibroids with yearly exams and ultrasounds. After the last exam in October 2012, my RNCNP announced that she recommended I seek out a surgeon to have a hysterectomy. I was shocked, it had never occurred to me that to remove the fibroids I would need a hysterectomy. A second diagnosis confirmed that to remove the fibroids, a hysterectomy would be the recommended procedure. When I inquired if the fibroids could be removed laparoscopically, the doctor replied that it is easier and less risk to have the hysterectomy. My internal dialog responded to whom – you or me? Which provoked me to seek out yet another opinion and fortuitously led me to Dr. Parker.

My experience with Dr. Parker was exceptional. I was reassured by his confidence and caring demeanor delivered with warmth and genuine professionalism. After our introductory meeting in Dr. Parker’s office followed by and examination and our return to his office, I was informed that I did not need surgery to remove the fibroids or a hysterectomy as recommend by the two previous opinions. He explained that over 80% of women have fibroids and if I wasn’t experiencing pain, bleeding or the need to urgently and frequently go to the bathroom, there is no compelling reason for surgery in his opinion. Additionally, we discussed that with no family history of cervical or ovarian cancer that I was not at risk. Dr. Parker recommended yearly exams and also stated that when women reach menopause and no longer have blood supply to the uterus, typically the fibroids would diminish in size by 40%. That indeed is good news! He asked if I had any other questions or concerns which I did not.

I would also like to commend Dr. Parker’s staff, they were extremely courteous, thoughtful and joyful! My blood pressure normally goes up significantly when taken at a doctor’s office. From the time that I entered the office, I knew that I felt calm, relaxed and in good hands and it showed with my BP at 120 over 70 something.

And to top it all off – Dr. Parker had time to chat with me about basketball. Wishing his Bruins better luck next year with a new coach.

Dina M.:

I first met Dr. Parker a few years back after I had already been to see about 10 other Gynecologists. The condition which brought me to see him was a large Uterine Fibroid – 13 cm. I had a lot of pain, super heavy periods, and a lot of other unpleasant symptoms including the fact that I looked about 4-5 months pregnant. All the other Doctors I had seen told me that the Fibroid could be removed but that I’d be left with a huge C-Section scar due to the size of the Fibroid. Several of them had even said not to bother with the surgery and just have a Hysterectomy. One told me to shrink it using Lupron. One told me he could remove it using a C-section but only if I signed some papers saying that I might require a blood transfusion, and that he could not guarantee that he could SAVE the Uterus because he might not be able to put the uterus back together again after he removed the Fibroid! When I asked all these other Doctors if Laparoscopy could be done, ALL said NO. One even laughed at my suggestion!

Finally, I met Dr. Parker. He was very calm and patient. He looked at my ultrasound and did a thorough exam and then calmly told me that there were several options but that if and when I wanted to have the Fibroid removed, that he could do it using Laparsocopy. Of course it took me a while to rap my head around it seeing that everyone else had said it could not be done. But, Dr. Parker took his time and explained how it would be done and that I had nothing to worry about. When I was ready to do the surgery I finally booked an appointment and he was able to do what he said he would do. All I have to show for it now are four teeny tiny scars on my belly area. When I tell my female friends they cannot believe it. I have Dr. friends in two other countries who cannot believe that a Dr. was able to do it. One of my friends, a surgeon in Rome, said of Dr. Parker when I showed him the four little holes and told him that he’d taken out only the Fibroid and left my Uterus… “Well, he must be God!” (In Italian of course – “Ma questo e’ Dio.”) Everyone who knew what my belly looked like before cannot believe that a Doctor was able to remove it and keep the Uterus.

Dr. Parker has great bed side manner, he’s so respectful, he gives of his time and doesn’t rush through a visit making you feel like you’re wasting his time. He is very thorough and educates me. I can’t believe how he has changed my life.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Parker to any woman who is looking for a Dr/Gynecologist who really cares and listens. To any woman who is scared and needs to find an excellent Surgeon who will look at all the options. To any woman who wants to see if Laparoscopy is an option for their condition. To any woman who is looking for an honest, trustworthy, Doctor. To any woman who is looking for a Doctor who will make them feel like they are really being heard.

The entire Office/Team is so efficient. The Nurses, the Assistants, Administration – everyone makes you feel so welcome. They genuinely care about YOU!

I can’t say enough about Dr. Parker and his whole Team!



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