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Will There Be Scar Tissue After a Second Abdominal Myomectomy?

Hi Dr. Parker,

Thank you so much for your website.  It is quite informative.  I have 3 very large fibroids on the left side of my uterus.  One in particular is causing a great deal of pain.  My Dr. said it was dying so it has to be removed.    I had a myomectomy about 11 years ago, so this will be my second.  I still do not have children and would like to at some point.  Is it safe to perform another myomectomy?  Will this leave my uterus with too many scars?

Have you performed more than one myomectomy on the same patient?  If so, were they successful in becoming pregnant and carrying a baby?  Any information about a 2nd myomectomy would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. W


In the hands of a skilled surgeon, a second myomectomy is likely to be successful.  Yes, I have had to do this and yes, it was fine. With good surgical technique, the scars on the uterus heal very well and should withstand the stretching that occurs with pregnancy. If the incisions in the uterus go all the way into the uterine cavity, we often recommend that you have a Cesarean section so the scars do not have to withstand the forces of labor.

Also, I use an adhesion barrier called Seprafilm to help prevent scar tissue around the outside of uterus, tubes and ovaries, so you might ask your gynecologist about this.

Bill Parker, MD

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