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Hysterectomy and Other Treatments for Adenomyosis

I was diagnosed with adenomyosis and my Dr. suggested to do a partial hysterctomy.. Is this the right thing to do.. I’m worried of what to feel after, if it will affect my sex life, will it really make a difference and if not what can happen if I don’t get the hysterectomy done?

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The best way to diagnose adenomyosis is with MRI, so hopefully you have had this done to be sure. Unfortunately, hysterectomy is the only 100% cure for painful periods and irregular bleeding associated with adenomyosis. The progesterone IUD has about a 60% success rate and embolization has about a 50% success rate, so those are also options.

If you do not have a hysterectomy and other treatments fail, then you will continue to have whatever symptoms you have now. You can read more about hysterectomy and sexuality here: under the heading “Is There Any Benefit to Leaving the Cervix in Place?”

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