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45 years old-Heavy bleeding due to fibroid – do not want a hysterectomy

I am a 45 year woman who has never had a child (I have been pregnant several times but never full-term) I am very active and very healthy. I live in the US Virgin Islands and I swim and do yoga daily.

For the past 6 months I have been bleeding very, very heavy – with large blood clots. Once I drove myself to the hospital because the bleeding was so severe. For the past 4-5 moths I have been taking 5-6 birth control pills a day to control the bleeding. My GYN says that taking these many BC pills is very bad and I have been diagnosed with a fairly large fibroid.

It has been suggested that I have a hysterectomy to control and stop the bleeding. I DO NOT WANT a hysterectomy – I checked on having the UAE procedure (blocking the blood supply to the fibroids) but was told the fibroid in my uterus is too large. I do not want to lose my uterus. Every woman that I know that has had a hysterectomy is overweight and has a large stomach. I know that sounds vain but having a large stomach and being overweight are unhealthy.

I just want to die right now! I feel so old and so horrible I cannot stop crying. My other half is 17 years older than me and he is a surgeon in St. Thomas and he wants me to have a hysterectomy – I DO NOT- I would rather bleed everyday than take my uterus out. Plus I have heard that Drs. just sometimes go ahead and take the ovaries also. I don’t know what to do – I want to just die – I feel old and I have nothing to look forward to. This feels like the end. I need some advice. What are my alternatives? Please.



A myomectomy is always possible and a hysterectomy should not be your only option from what you describe here. You should get a second opinion from a gynecologist who is comfortable with myomectomy surgery. A myomectomy sounds like a very good solution for your symptoms.

Bill Parker, MD


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