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I am getting married soon and am too scared to have surgery.

I am 25 and am getting married this August. Last week I was diagnosed with 3 fibroids – 10cm, 3cm and 4cms (submucosal). I have fairly heavy periods but don’t get severe cramps. My periods are always on time. I am getting married soon and am too scared to have surgery. However I do want children in a couple of years.

Also, fibroids run in my family: my grandmother, mother and aunts all have them. My mother had to have it removed three times as it always grew back after surgery. I am worried the same thing may happen to me too 🙁

What advice do you have for me?



Surgery would only be necessary if the symptoms are very bothersome, or when you are ready to have children.  The submucous fibroid may decrease your fertility, but it may not and you should discuss the size and position of the fibroid with your doctor or a fertility specialist. Also see:

The risk of needing another surgery for new fibroid growth after a myomectomy is about 25%, but genetics do have something to do with this.  I usually recommend surgery, if necessary, about 3-4 months before you are ready to get pregnant, so that no new fibroids will grow before you try to conceive.

If you do need surgery, you should get an opinion from a gynecologist who takes care of women with fibroids on a regular basis.

I hope this is helpful,

Bill Parker, MD


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