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Morcellation – Write Congress

Joan, San Diego

I’ve been feeling frustrated and concerned about the upcoming FDA meeting later this week on the power morcellator. My fear is that the FDA panel will get a very slanted view of the situation because not enough woman who have benefited from minimally invasive gyn surgery using a morcellator can take the time away from work and family much less afford to be present for the meeting. I’m sure many women who’ve benefited from minimally invasive gyn surgery aren’t even aware of what is going on and that women are under threat of possibly losing some if not a lot of the uterus saving alternatives woman have been seeking for so many years.

Dr. Noorchasm group is well-funded and well organized and I’m sure will be there in force. My heart goes out to Dr. Reed and her family as well as others suffering from LMS but it’s also very important that the FDA panel and the other elected officials hearing from Noorchashm’s group also hear the other side of the story — that many, many women HAVE benefited from minimally invasive gyn surgery and that women WANT these minimally invasive options!

While I can’t be in DC next week …. my Congressman does have staff in D.C. …… so ….. I’ve decided to contact both my Congressman and my two Senator’s offices to express my concern about the FDA meeting and the importance that the panel fully consider that many, many woman have benefited from these procedures and want them. I will share my letter to the FDA with them and also let them know about NUFF”s petition on Informed Consent and my petition calling on the FDA not to ban a woman’s fibroid treatment options. (Thank you to those of you who have signed the petition — I see names I recognize from the group on the petition site. 🙂 There is a growing list of comments on the petitio! n site too which is great but I’d sure like to have some m! ore sign atures and comments before I contact my Congressional Reps tomorrow.

If anyone else would like to contact their Congressperson and/or Senators about this issue (the more the better!!!) but you don’t know who they are, here are two links to help you find their names and contact info:

If those links don’t get you what you need, private message me and I will help you.



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