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Large Fibroids Can Be Removed by Myomectomy

Dear Dr Parker,

I am a forty year old female living in Australia and recently tests have shown that I have a very large fibroid growing on the Uterus Muscle. The fibroid is 17.5cm X 16.3cm X 6.8cm. I am worried that so far most have the notion that I would require a full hysterectomy in order to remove the mass. About four years ago I had GBS and now suffer from chronic fatigue and I am scared about having a hysterectomy. Have you removed fibroids this large from woman without the need of a full hysterectomy? I look forward to your reply…

Kind Regards



Yes, a fibroid this size can be removed by abdominal myomectomy with a bikini type incision. I have removed even larger fibroids this way. A hysterectomy is not necessary.

Bill Parker, MD


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Fibroid Doctor William H. Parker

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