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Question on “mini” laparoscopic surgery


I have a fibroid that is uncomfortable due to bulk and extends length of menstruation (7-9 days at least).  I recently saw a fertility specialist who did an exam and recommended a “mini” laparoscopy to remove the fibroid. The doctor said the “mini-lap” would involve a three inch (approx) incision at the bikini line.

Can you explain the difference between the mini-lap and regular laparoscopy?  Including the typical size of a bikini line incision (if one is involved)?

Thank you in advance.



A mini-lap is the term used for mini-laparotomy. As you describe, a mini-laparotomy involves a 2-3 inch incision above the pubic bone and uses standard surgical instruments and technique. Laparoscopy uses 3 or 4 much smaller incisions (1/2 inch each) and uses long instruments passed through these incisions to perform the surgery, which is viewed on a large video monitor. See the illustrations here: compared to here:

I hope this is helpful,
Bill Parker, MD


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