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I am a 46 year old women who has had fibroids about 15 years. They now have disrupted my life significantly. My uterus measures 13.0 x 6.7 x 9, I have approx. 12-16 fibroids from very small to 7 being 2.4 cm or larger. I have anemia and have been on prescription iron for 2 years. I have significant pain for 2-4 days a month, but my worst symptom is the excessive bleeding. For 72 hours, I cannot leave my home. My pad plus super tampon fill immediately and when I stand up, I gush.

One gynecologist recommended hysterectomy and my current gynecologist has recommended 6 months of a depo-lupron shots or embolization. I am considering the depo shots as I have a long-planned cruise w/ my family the beginning of April and worry that I will be cabin-bound for 1/2 of the trip – I am worried that the menopausal reactions to these shots will also interfere w/ my quality of life. I am scheduled to meet w/ the radiologist next week to consult about the embolization, but worried that the 5 weeks from now until vacation will not be enough recovery. I just don’t know what to do – the bleeding is consuming how I live.



Embolization certainly sounds like a reasonable option and most women recover in a few weeks. But, discuss this with the interventional radiologist.

The Lupron will cause heavy bleeding about two weeks after the shot, but then bleeding should stop. There are definitely side-effects: hot flashes, trouble sleeping, vaginal dryness, and they will last until a month after the last injection. The interventional radiologist will not want you to take the Lupron, since it makes the UAE procedure more difficult to do. So, discuss this with him as well. Abdominal myomectomy is also an option to remove all the fibroids.

I hope this is helpful,

Bill Parker, MD


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