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Hurry – been told I need a total hysterectomy

I am a 47 year old woman who has never had children. I have recently been told I needed a hysterectomy after being seen by a oncolgist/gyn. I have a 2.5- 3 cm cyst on each ovary- neither are considered simple- one has some solid material and both are septated.

The MD seems to think they are benign. I have had 4 u/s’s since last July and the cysts have remained basically the same. On the last one 1 week ago, it was noted that my uterine lining was also thickened- no fibroids that I know of. I have not had a period since last September and blood work has shown me to be menopausal. I am not taking any hormones, but am taking Remifemin for hot flashes. My Past medical history includes taking infertility drugs (Clomid) X 3 cycles, with no pregnancies. My mother died of breast cancer at age 46- no other relatives with breast or gyn cancers.

If I have the surgery, it will have to be soon due to work issues. Can you please give me any advice as to other options? Thanks so much!



Most ovarian cysts are benign and it would be highly unusual for ovarian cancer to remain unchanged on ultrasound over 7 months. Uterine lining thickening is also usually benign and can be easily evaluated in the office with an endometrial biopsy.

I cannot give medical advice over the internet, but I think you should consider getting a second opinion from someone knowledgeable about ovarian cysts.

Bill Parker, MD


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