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Following Myomectomy, the Uterus is not Swiss Cheese!

Many gynecologists tell women that, after a myomectomy, their uterus will look like Swiss Cheese and there will be nothing left to put back together. So, they say, it is best for you to have a hysterectomy. Often, when I see women for a second or third or……opinion, I am often asked, “if you take out all my fibroids, will there be anything left of my uterus”?

After 35 years of practice and, for the past 20 years performing 2-3 myomectomies (laparoscopic or abdominal) a week, I have never seen a uterus that did not heal and return to normal size after surgery. I considered doing my own study to prove this point, but found a study that proved the point for me.

A Japanese study had been designed to monitor how long it takes to have the incisions in the uterus heal after abdominal myomectomies using MRI to calculate uterine volumes (very accurately). They were trying to figure out how soon to recommend that women try to get pregnant after myomectomy (answer – 3 months).

As part of the study they looked at the uterine wounds, but they also measured the volume of the healing uterus with MRI at 3, 6 and 12 months. Three months after surgery, the swelling of the uterus was mostly gone. When I compared the published uterine volume numbers with other studies that measured normal uterine size, they were the equivalent.

Fibroids start as a single cell and then produce collagen and other proteins that make the cells swell. As fibroids grow, they push away the normal muscle. A good analogy: when an onion grows in the ground, it pushes away and compresses the dirt around it, but does not destroy the dirt. Likewise, fibroids push away the normal muscle, but do not destroy it. So, when fibroids are removed with myomectomy, all the normal muscle is still there and can be sutured back together. When the uterus heals after surgery, it looks like a normal uterus.


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Fibroid Doctor William H. Parker

Dr. William H. Parker is a board-certified Fellow in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Dr. Parker is an internationally recognized expert in fibroid surgery and research. Based in San Diego, California, he is considered one of the best fibroid surgeons for abdominal and laparoscopic myomectomy in the United States and abroad. He has been chosen for Best Doctors in America and Top Doctors every year beginning in the late 90's.

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